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Omega 6 Content of Common Foods
While I think we should do our best to avoid animal products, I also think that some people have different needs. I can tell when she is ready to attack. You and your children will have more job opportunities because you know about two countries very well and you can assist each other. At 2 days old my son took some pictures of her. The good news is, according to a wealth of data out there including Dr. Eating meat does not make an omnivore a carnivore; eating plants does not make an omnivore an herbivore. I was home alone with my three small children.

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I didn't get to read every comment so forgive me if someone already brought this up. The thing is, nuts may have quite a bit of Omega 6, but they also have some nutrients that may help counter the ill effects, like antioxidants to protect those fragile fats. But the average fat and unhealthy Westerner isn't getting most of his Omega 6s from pecans; he's getting them from corn and soybean oil, which are far higher in Omega 6s and have no redeeming qualities to balance them.

There's also a big difference between having a handful of nuts as a snack now and then, which might raise your Omega 6 load a couple percentage points, and using nut flours to replace grain flours in all your baked goods, which could multiply it several times over.

Nuts are also expensive, so a correlation between nuts and good health may not say anything about the nuts at all, but could instead be because people who eat nuts can afford better food in general — olive oil rather than hydrogenated corn oil, for instance.

All meat is so much lower in Omega 6s than vegetable oils that trying to squeeze a few more percentage points out of your meat with growing practices that lessen the palatability doesn't seem worth it. What's the O-6 percentage of the Sikhs' apricot oil? How about Quinoa, "the mother grain of the Incas"? That might shed some light on the fresh vs. I too assumed that because nuts contained lots of vitamin E and the fats were intact that they were fine.

That may be the case. It may not be, which is why we're bringing it up. If Americans have tissue levels that are really high in omega 6, and that is as harmful as some authors and researchers believe, then you won't make progress towards reducing that unless you eat a low omega 6 diet as Bill Lands has clearly shown with his uber reliable computer program that predicts tissue concentration.

That's the idea being explored, and I don't see any major reason not to when the potential benefits are so huge. Sikhs apricot oil is high omega 6, and so was their wheat, but overall they ate a low-fat diet and were not hyperinsunlemic which triggers the formation of AA out of the omega 6 we ingest — the point of Barry Sears's Zone theory. Once again, the whole point is counterbalancing a cumulative imbalance. Perhaps nuts are healthy for someone with a low PUFA tissue concentration, and harmful for someone with a high omega 6 level.

That seems like a reasonable argument to me. Matt, you say you prefer the taste of corn fed supermarket beef well I am struggling with the raw milk thing — I don't like it. I bought some raw butter and it just didn't taste as good as pasteurized butter to me. Raw cheese is good but the non fermented dairy products just don't taste so good to me. Does Peat think pasteurized dairy is ok? And personally corn fed or grass fed, good for me or bad for me, I wouldn't eat a dead animal that had been treated as cruelly as factory farmed cows are … supermarket ribeye may taste great but what kind of life did the cow lead.

It amazes and depresses me that more people don't care about the cruelty issue … I'm not a big animal lover — I'd run a mile if I saw a cow face to face City girl that I am but I would never want to eat an animal that had led such a miserable unnatural life, whatever it tasted like … sorry, I know this isn't an animal welfare site..

I just couldn't help myself …. Dinosaur, maybe you're just getting lousy milk? You want to confirm two variables: Pasture raised, not feedlot.

A non-Holstein breed of cattle. Holsteins have been bred for quantity of milk production, not quality. Jersey and Guersey cows are two common breeds with better quality milk, but they're not the only ones. Do you have another source you can try? I get grassfed raw milk from a nice Amish fellow and it's frickin' amazing; to say nothing of the heavy cream drool.

I buy grassfed butter at Whole Foods. It's pasteurized, but the problem with pasteurization is its effects on the milk proteins, not the fats. Its like when I did this unnamed diet a few yrs back. The inventor had said that he was striving for a ratio of Omega3 to 6 of 1: I became so inflammed on this diet and my joints were killing me that I went and looked up all the foods I was eating and found that I was getting more like But the BIG issue here was that he pushed peanut butter as fat and so the PUFA amounts where just plain higher than on a different type diet.

And to think this would fit the perfect definition in mainstream nutrition of a "healthy fat. Sounds like you're getting unwashed or cultured raw butter, such as that sold by organic pastures. I refer to this as tasting like cheese that has fermented in a well-worn jock strap. Like anything grass fed beef as well , the quality is highly variable. Some raw cream, raw milk, and raw butter if super funky. Some of it is spectacular. I still consume pasteurized cream and butter most of the time though.

As for feedlot beef, I treat the issue like I do with foie gras which is 10X more unethical. Humans find ways of making things superior to their senses. It comes with being on the top of the food chain. We do lots of damage. Harm a lot of creatures. There's hardly anything that we do for our own benefit — drive cars, use electricity, take showers, build houses, eat nonlocal food, wear clothes made from crops sprayed with pesticides and shipped halfway across the world, etc.

This kind of crap used to run my life. It is considered a non-starter. Of course that doesn't mean many of the followers, on their own accord , don't believe this, but that is a different thing. As you know, there is a huge discrepancy in grass-fed meat just as there is in conventional raised meats. I once cooked two steaks, one from Whole Foods and the other from another high end grocer in the area. Both were the same grade and grain-finished, but the steak from WF was infinitely more delicious.

Even my junk food eating neighbors who I was grilling for noticed the difference. So yeah what you say about grass-finished beef is largely true, mostly because those folks have for the most part bought into the lean beef hype. Also because grass-fed beef can't be cooked like conventional beef unless you want the shoe leather effect.

But if you ever have longhorn beef Longhorn are de-facto grass-fed because they don't thrive on grains or a properly cooked steak from Northstar Bison low and slow, baby! I'll take a fresh slab of uber-tender, fatty, marbled, supermarket ribeye over that any day.

That is not a function of grass but rather of bringing the beef to the market too soon. Left to pasture longer the animal will get quite fatty, but the current market doesn't allow for that. On the other hand it is true that even at pasture cattle would consume naturally occurring grains during certain times of the year. This has long been an argument put forth by Sally Fallon for years.

CLA has been found to be highly protective against cancer when added to the diets of laboratory animals. In a double-blind study with human volunteers, those given CLA had a significant 15 to 20 percent decline in body fat compared to those given a placebo.

After 28 days, the placebo group could lift nine more pounds; but the CLA group could bench-press 30 pounds more than they had at the beginning of the program. It's no accident that the New Zealand All Blacks, the national rugby team composed of players who grew up on pasture-fed New Zealand butter, is so hard to beat, even though most of the teams they play come from countries with a much larger population base.

That is intended to make someone feel like eating grassfed beef will make them stronger and leaner, while significantly reducing their chances of getting cancer. The amount of CLA in grassfed meat is not substantial to notice the same effects as supplementing pharmacological doses.

My point is that the tiny amount of CLA is insignificant from an overall standpoint on all of those factors. Was that in the grassfed beef section? Looks to me like they are talking about butter which indeed they are fanatical about. You might have noticed that recently I, with the leads of leptin-oriented authors Jon Gabriel and Leo Galland, did some research into the fact that cytokines cause a counter-inflammatory protein to be released called SOCS This substance interferes with leptin and could presumably be the reason why the thyroid slows down and body temperature drops.

Matt, thanks for this list! It is really accessible, and also feels instinctual, for the most part. I'm curious about lard, though. I had thought that it was a healthy fat. Is the omega-6 content you've listed from hydrogenated lard we'd find on our grocery shelves? Or is that the content we'd end up with after rendering our own from grass-fed sources? Pigs like humans vary their O-6 content with their diet.

Matt can correct me if need be, but I believe the listed numbers are for factory-farm raised lard on a diet rich in soy feed. Pastured pork will be much lower in You'd be hard-pressed to find grass-fed pigs, as pigs don't really eat grass. I know what you mean though. I would think that the best pork fat would come from milk-fed pigs.

Often, near dairy farms, milk is skimmed for butter and cream and what's left over is given to pigs. Probably makes great piggy body fat. Otherwise, they do tend to have higher polyunsaturated body fat. Even pastured pigs still tpyically get lots of corn. If they don't, they forage for nuts and acorns. Either way, they will always have more omega 6 body fat than cows and other ruminants. Not the best choice perhaps, but much better than poultry fat and in a totally different league than seed oils.

That was a great expansion. I'm still new at the whole non-CW nutrition thing, and it's so exciting to me, but there's just so much to learn.

Your site especially all the give-and-take in the comments is a treasure trove of information. I only eat egg whites and would like to know if egg whites are significantly different as an Omega 6 source than egg yolks or whole eggs. I enjoyed reading the post and the comments.

I have a daughter with mitochondrial disorders and possibly a form of Autism. It's hard to get a 4 year to eat a lot of squash or veggies instead!

What's your take on these diets for gut healing. His research has brought to light the importance of omega 6 oils. He bases his research on science and little known but valid studies. Omega 6 builds the bodies most potent anti-inflammatory as well as the most potent blood thinner.

Omega 3 is found in only small quantities in the body while omega 6 is found in much larger quantities. Consuming unheated unadulterated omega 6 according to Peskin is the key to preventing cancer and keeping arteries clear as well as lowering the desire for carbohydrates which is the reason behind the diabetes epidemic. Carbohydrates are not the reason for the diabetes epidemic.

Hi Matt, is this a novel aspect of refining fat, body fat: But assume it is as said, it could well mean that bear bodies consume the fat with the shortest lifespan until rancidity first and leave the longer lasting saturates and monounsaturated.

Also that our bodies are likely as clever. If this would be correct it means: Add to the equation the enormous increase in omega 6 consumption and the scale of the problem can be better grasped.

The key points in peskin,s omega 6 recommendations are both quality and quantity. He suggests only a few grams a day of very high quality omega 6 and a bit less of alpha linoleic acid. Maybe 3 or 4 grams of them together at the most. The restricting all the other crap pufa and eating a good amount of saturated fat. This is very helpful for figuring out which foods are high or low in omega 6 fatty acids, thanks.

I wish I could find a site with the actual mg of omega 6 per ounce of food so I can calculate how much omega 3 I need to take. Omega 3 and 6. Go read abd listen. Information is based on science, not opinion, so go! Walnuts are very high in Omega3 and registered dieticians consider them one of the healthiest fat sources available.

Search the scientific literature yourself. Ok, so what about babies who cannot tolerate dairy? My little one is breastfed, and any time I consume even the smallest amount of dairy he gets way mucousy and bloated for three sleepless days and nights. Is coconut milk ice cream comparable in nutritional value? And as for the unexplained disease and sickness in our society, has anyone heard of gmos and pharmaceuticals?

I, for one, believe that gmos were in our food supply way before the general public had knowledge of them…. Ive noticed this last year that every time I eat something that I know has some Omega 6 oils in it I get leg and feet muscle pain and weakness.

That crap is in almost everything Any one eles ever get symptoms of any kind from eating omega 6 oils? Symptoms are getting so bad Im going to have to be vigilent Started eating eggs and almonds not knowing they have some in them as well and worse ANYONE??? Very very low in Omega 6 fat content. Brown rice is around 2. Most starches, especially refined starched like white rice, are great foods when it comes to PUFAs. I wonder if this is really true?

I noticed a lot more ill effects from eating deep fried foods like fries and chips. I mean the body can synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol right?

I suspect gluten and most processed meats to be more inflammatory than roasted peanuts. I consider chicken, the skin and organ meats in particular, to be extremely inflammatory. I have an immediate inflammatory reaction to rich sources of AA. Much more so than rich sources of LA which is what this post is about.

Hi Matt, did you miss my question from September 20th ? Looking forward to your reply. What about olive oil? It is mostly monounsaturated fat. Is it as inflammatory as polyunsaturated fat? I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and tasted is like wow. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. How significant is this? Susan Rubin on February 22, at You're missing a biggie. Cottonseed oil is found in all the GS cookies and many many packaged foods. Susan Allport's Queen of Fats book tells the tale well. Bette on September 27, at 1: Richard on October 16, at 4: Are you a doctor of history, social studies or what?

Your comment makes very little sense. Swede on February 22, at EL 66K on February 23, at Cusick on February 23, at So, what IS the ideal tissue concentration? Mike from the West on February 23, at How can one test tissue concentration? Vida on February 23, at 1: Cottonseed oil gives me the skitters…I definitely try to stay away from it. Would eating chicken thighs without the skin ok?

Half Navajo on February 23, at 1: This has resulted in high levels of mercury in the tissues of the Inuit people of Newfoundland, who consume seals, whales, and other marine mammals in their traditional diet Reply. DML on February 23, at 2: Dr Susan Rubin said, "You're missing a biggie. AK on August 12, at 4: She meant omega 6: Magena on June 23, at 3: Did you search for the high oleic oil?

Chris on February 23, at 2: Vida on February 23, at 3: Michael on February 23, at 4: He is coming out with part 2 soon. Anonymous on February 23, at 4: JT on February 23, at 5: Matt Stone on February 23, at 6: I wasn't trying to complete the whole list, but I will add cottonseed.

JT- I'm all about Peat on this issue. Mac nuts are great in pesto. And yep, I better get on that low omega 6 cookbook. I also added foie gras. To my relief, it shows up on the list precisely where I wanted it to.

Chris on February 23, at 6: They all seem to be in normal ranges but I suffer from a pretty whacked metabolism and adrenal burnout thanks to Paleo etc… TSH Level: Keep up the great blogging Matt! Lisa on February 23, at 7: DML on February 23, at 7: Elizabeth Walling on February 23, at 1: Looks like I'll need to replace chicken fat and bacon grease with it according to this list… Question: Peter Piper on November 4, at 4: LOL… guess we should all become breatharians, huh?

Matt Stone on February 23, at 3: Lisa- Pastured chicken and eggs may be somewhat lower in omega 6, but have more omega 3. Nathan on February 23, at 3: Eggs, popcorn, and oats are the worst offenders in my staples, so no worries there.

Deb on February 23, at 3: Here's what he emailed back to me. This list has inspired me to render all of that suet I have frozen in the basement. JT on February 23, at 3: Deb, You bring up a good point. First fat is evil, then carbs, omega 6, or sugars, or fructose, or protein, etc… I did a lot of damage to my body by avoiding carbs for so many years because of the "science" that proved they were bad.

Aaron on February 23, at 4: Markus on February 23, at 4: You would probably also need to go on a fairly low fat diet as well. Half Navajo on February 23, at 5: I also feel better with more carbs, and less fat, the fat being coconut oil, butter, and ghee.

Swede on February 23, at 5: Aaron I think you're on to something about cutting out the oils. Nathan on February 23, at 5: Without the insulin trigger, the omega 6 does not become AA per se. Matt Stone on February 23, at 7: JT on February 23, at 8: Matt, Are you against all polyunsaturated fats, or just omega 6? The biggest problem with the polyunsaturated fats is their thyroid supressive effects.

Da'Drooooo on February 23, at 8: Half Navajo on February 23, at 9: JT on February 23, at 9: Mel on February 23, at I am back to square one. BCP are not an option because they are not recommended for women with depression either.

I am taking him up on his offer. And should anyone think I am some weak woman, I would add, I have been in 3 car accidents, hit by a car while walking and have had 3 natural child births…I would do any of those again before dealing with this devil. That makes mine look like a cake walk, lol. I wish our uteruses uteri? Glad I saw this!

I have had Mirena for about 2 years now, and I hate it. I hate it because of the moodiness and night sweats. I am SOOO depressed all the time. They really should have informed people more before advertising this. I have had a horrible experience with the Mirena. I had the Mirena placed in February , then in May I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called mixed connective tissue disease, have noticed puffiness around my eyes.

Well, I guess I have had flares or bouts of panic attacks, which I have never had before, I blamed it on other things until I have had to recently be on edge and anxious for probably 2 weeks straight which is not me at all. I have researched and I feel it is due to the Mirena, my husband said he noticed a change in me as well since I had it placed, no libido, moodiness, anxiety, hair loss, etc.

I saw a cardiologist this morning because of palpitations and he said my heart is good and that he has talked to many women that cannot handle the progesterone in the Mirena, he feels it is what is causing me to be the way I am right now and to get it removed.

I went this afternoon and they had to do ultrasound guided to get it out and apparently I had so much fluid in my uterus that it flipped the iud upside down. They were able to get it out thankfully and hopefully I will start feeling better. I do not want to go through this Merina crash I have read about. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us! Im really glad to see this post. Im only 20 and my doctor had recommended to switch from my birth control pill to the Mirena IUD after I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder factor V leutin and I have had nothing but problems with it!

I have gained close to 20 pounds since I had it put in in august, in my early teens I dealt with alot of Anxiety and depression issues but I had been feeling sooo much better and since having this put in i feel like im 15 all over again!

I have no energy and ive been really irritable as well! I bleed contantly for over two months after it being put in my doctor associated it to me not having had a baby before and now after I sleep with anyone the cramping the next day is next to unbearrable! So including the changes in my behaviour, the weight gain and the physical pain I cant wait to get this peice of junk out of me!

I know now not choosing an IUD i will probably have no other choices for birth control considering I cant take anything containing estrogen because of my blood disorder! I will just have to be realy cautious and use condoms, im just hoping my body will get back to normal after I have it removed im terrified of that day because of how horific getting it put in was hoping its worth it though to be able to drop this weight and get happy again!

Inability to loose weight i do crossfit 5days a week and eat a semi healthy diet Mood swings, lethargy, adult acne, decreased libido, hair loss, the list goes on. I have also suffered from anxiety and depression to which these pms symptoms make it xs worse! I also have hypothyroid condition yet my thyroid has recently checked out just find BUT I have NO progesterone in my body which Mirena is supposed to release!

Needless to say I am having my Mirena removed in a week! Pretty bummed because this was the second Mirena for me…I had no issues with the first one. But I want to feel like myself again and not a raging B! I have had the mirena for a little over a year now and I have never liked it.

At this point I have thought about getting rid of the mirena a lot but I am scared of how much it will hurt, and what I will go through. This is my 2nd go round with Mirena. My first was placed in August , and by October , I had to have a tennis ball size ovarian cyst removed. When I approached by doctor about it, she said it was impossible for the Mirena to have caused it. I had it removed a year later. My 2nd IUD was placed about a year ago.

In that year I have gone crazy, literally. They labeled me with non-specific mood disorder, ADHD combined, depression, and anxiety. I have been put on Lamital, Xanex, Wellbutrin, Abilify — of course not all at the same time. Now after reading and researching, I am not wondering if all of this can be stemmed from the Mirena.

I am considering having it removed. Anyone else ever been mis-diagnosed with a mental condition, have the IUD removed, and mental disorders lessen or go away completely? Just had my mirena taken out today after 3 yrs….. A naturopath told me it tricks your body into thinking its 3 months pregnant…..!!!

I have just forewarned my hubby of the potential crash and told him to tread very lightly lol. I too am sensitive to medications, had PND after my children along with antenatal depression from about weeks in the first trimester. Good luck to everyone. I had my first Mirena inserted in I had it removed in , and a new one put in he same day. I drove myself home after the appointment. About an hour later I had this strong feeling of dread and panic come over me. My heart started beating hard and I became dizzy.

It felt like I was going to vomit and have diarrhea. I started sweating and felt cold at the same time. A loud ringing developed in my ears. I thought I was going to die-like my heart was going to explode. I was home alone with my three small children. I had to try to calm myself down. I grabbed the waste basket and walked to the living room and laid down.

I did vomit and felt better afterward, but my body was real shaky. The next day I felt off- like I was depressed. It went away the following day. I have never had a panic attack before. When I went back to the doctor I told him what happened and that I thought I had a panic attack. I had my Mirena taken out today, and am really hoping to be back to myself soon. Had it inserted about a year ago, and the last month has been hell. Deep depression, intense anxiety, insomnia, acne, and cramping.

Hundreds of stories of women with the same symptoms as me! Today I went to Planned Parenthood and got it taken out. As soon as it was taken out… HUGE relief. Probably the placebo effect, but I am already feeling better, about 2 hours post-removal.

For me the brain fog went away almost immediately. Within several days it was just… gone. Your post features verified helpful to me personally.

You have opened up my personal sight in order to different opinion of this topic using intriquing, notable and sound content. I had my Mirena removed 3 months ago after almost the full 5 years. I wish I had known about them years ago! I would have had the Mirena removed!! It was borderline crippling. Thank you for sharing your stories. They have been very helpful. I just have a Mirena inserted in mid-December… unsure at the time if I should even get one because my identical twin sister had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I was unsure if that would be the best decision for me, with the fear that this could increase my chances of breast cancer as well.

I have suffered for years with the pain of endometriosis and heavy periods, so this was the option given to me. I have had such paralyzing anxiety attacks and have been suffering with depression for the past month. To the point where there are days I struggle just to get out of the house and to work. I fear that if this continues I may not be able to leave my house.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety before, but nothing this extreme. Although my life is extremely stressful over the years, I have been able to cope, with the exception of being prescribed medication for depression after a mis-carriage 15 years ago, and anxiety for a short term.

Hoping she will remove it at that time. Hi there everyone, I have tried the Mirena two different times and lets just say they were both horrible experiences.

With both it took a good 8 months for the symptoms to really get me down, before having it removed. Essure is another one that after actually researching I will never do. I had mine in 4 years ago and have decided to have it removed and have been bombarded with info I should have looked up years ago!

Having it removed next week. This site has been so helpful. I just had the mirena removed roughly 1 week ago.

I only haed it in 5 months but was having achne break outs which kept getting worse each month. I had constant itching and what i thought was a yeast infection but was a bacterial infection. I was also getting sores along with the itching. I had the mood changes, tired. When it was taken out a week ago i felt immediate relief also.

I could tell all the funky shit going on down there was because of the Mirena. At the time it was removed i was on my cycle and had just finished the antibiotic for the bacterial infection a few days prior. I thought i still had the infection but since i was on my cycle he couldnt check at that appt. I thought i would see if it got better since the mirena was out and i would let my cycle finish. Well off my cycle an the mirena for a week or more and still itchy and feels like i have the infection.

I also am sore to the touch down there. I went in today and yes i still have the infection. He also check my soreness and tested for herpes. I have been with my parnter and had none of these issues before. My mood has improved but frustred with all these vaginal issues. Acne improved and is almost gone again.

My head aches have also decreased but not elimitated completely. I am hoping the herpes is negative and it is all going to get better in time with being off the mirena.. Also since taken out i have started getting sick with sore throat, head aches.

It could be a fluke and i could just be getting a cold. I am in Wisconsin 30 degrees and snow. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories it has been a huge help to me. Hope we all get better soon. Had mirena for 3 years at first i loved it and hey i never got pregnant but throughout those years i was on it was horrible i was getting bloated all the time was always nausous lost alot of my hair aggervated with everuthing had alot of ups and downs i was tired all the time never had energy what so ever..

Hi Charlotte, information like this is so helpful the doctor tells you nothing and the after effects are unobtainable! I had my mirena for just over 4 years. So since we want to start a family at the end of the year I thought it best to part ways early with my Mirena. The day I had it removed I felt quite dizzy, the next day I felt great, happy, we went away with friends and nothing irritated me, I was calm…. The calm before the storm! Fingers crossed I feel normal soon.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I found your blog because I had my mirena out two days ago because after 1. I was irritable, tired virtually ALL of the time even after our daughter started sleeping well through the night , had persistent awful night sweats, anxiety, hair loss. My brain was a foggy mess, and I felt completely overwhelmed. I spent time and money to have a therapist tell me that My issue was clearly adult ADD and he prescribed vyvanse. Even with vyvanse, I felt a fog and a fatigue — which normal people would never feel while taking an amphetamine like vyvanse.

So I topped it off with at least two cups of coffee and two diet Cokes a day. I went from needing no caffeine to needing prescription drugs plus ridiculous amounts of caffeine just to make it through the day. We are in the process of planning baby 2 and so this led me to research what to expect when I have my IUD removed. All I had to do was google it to find hundereds of women like you and I with all too similar and scary stories.

I called my OB the next day to have it removed. I made that call a week ago and had the Mirena out on Thursday. Clearly, I do as I am writing this at almost 1: I did take vyvanse today but had no other caffine as I felt like I was about to jump out of my skin from the energy I had. Thank you soooo much for this article! Now I know I am not crazy. I had the Mirena put in 5 weeks after I gave birth to my daughter which was my third child.

I have two boys and she was our third and that was all I wanted after she came. I also have random cramping and lately I have been feeling extremely fatigued. So then I came across your article. I believe it is the Mirena that is making me feel like this and its preventing me from losing weight.

I am afraid to get the Mirena taken out because of how you described it and I know it hurt like heck when it was put in so a bit of a pause on that. So I guess I will be working on my husband about getting a vasectomy which is probably not going to go over well eyebrows raised: I had the Merina removed three 3 months ago, and started to feel my sensitivity levels increase, and was able to feel loving emotions again.

I lost almost ten 10 pounds during the first two months after removal. I noticed an increase in heart flutters, and anxiety. I am still feeling the heart flutters, and anxiety. The flutters are happening daily. The anxiety is extreme. I have a history of wpw heart condition that was cured with an ablation twenty 20 years ago, but the increased heart flutters are now concerning me.

I have read on several posts that women are having heart palpitations, and anxiety. Possibly due to low progesterone levels afterbhaving the merina removed.??? I just moved to a new state, and do not want to live in anxiety, fear, and heart pounding chest pain that has been sending me to ER.

All of this started a few weeks after having the merina removed. I really hope all of this stops soon. Adrenal complex, ppmp potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate st. Also changed my diet to a whole food diet. Thank you for responding. I have hot flashes now, too. My hormones have to be lacking something or producing to much of something or both.

The anxiety, and heart flutters increase during the hot flashes. It makes sense to have my hormones struggling a little to be normal. If like to give my body time to see if it will balance everything out without meds but the anxiety is to intense. Hopefully lo loestrogen can help get things back to normal or something else. Thank you so much for sharing your information. I do really appreciate it. Can you please post the address to the Canadian website?

I am having trouble finding it. You keep your Mirena box? But this site http: Stumbling across this blog has only reconfirmed my suspicions.

I had my Mirena removed last month after 4 months. I have been a wreck for the past 2 months. I have been to 3 doctors and my blood levels are normal. How long does this last? Is there anything to do for it?

I had Mirena inserted in Feb Other than hair loss, I have the same symptoms you describe. Prior to that, no symptoms at all. I eat right, exercise, and generally take excellent care of myself. The doctor that I saw was not my usual doctor. I told her my insurance covers one well visit per year, I might as well consolidate. She convinced me to begin taking Wellbutrin, which I have taken previously for depression.

She asked me some personal questions, and said that she really thought I had a lot going on in my life at the time, and perhaps getting older, 33 at the time, just turned 34 two wks ago , was keeping me from being able to deal with stress as much. I still asked that a complete battery of bloodwork be completed, hormones, thyroid, etc. Everything came back normal. After a couple of months taking the meds, I felt better. By the end of the summer, I felt crabby, easily irritated, not sleeping well.

I toughed it out and ignored it. Entering the new year, I began to feel very foggy again. Agitated all the time. I decided maybe I wanted to go off the Wellbutrin. I carefully weaned myself over a period of 5 weeks. The anxiety was intensified.

I have now been back on it for 7 weeks. Symptoms are getting worse. My hands feel half asleep as I type this. One week ago, I decided to check into the link between Mirena and anxiety. Could this be the answer?! Will I finally stop suffering? I am distracted from my family, my children, my job. I want my life back. I want to enjoy it again. I scheduled an appt for removal tomorrow. I have now just passed the 4 yr mark, symptoms began at 3 yrs.

I have since read other posts, and I find a lot of similarities in myself with how you relate to yourself and your emotions, feeling intrinsically flawed, etc. I am looking forward to tomorrow and hoping that this is the answer.

Now I need to make a list of people to email my story and a link to your blog and other articles I have found. Well, I finally got mine yanked out today too. I was a blubbering mess in the office and downright shaking afterwards.

I was so afraid that I might have made the wrong choice. I feel so bad now though, that I just decided how could I feel any worse? I did start on the pill immediately to ease me off of hormones he said. I am to take them for 3 mths and then reassess.

I am hoping and praying that I will be feeling like my old self again and soon! So glad I found you earlier this year and I got inspired by you r story to take mine out too. I have gained another 5 pounds since starting the pill which puts me at an all time high of which is what I weighed when I gave birth last time. The good news is that little by little I am starting to feel like the old me again. I keep getting these little twitches in the ovary area.

Kind of makes me think they are firing back up again. Also, I have some brief moments where I have felt almost panicky. I took my last pill 2 days ago, going cold turkey from here on out. Will most likely have the worst period ever coming soon!! I can almost see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am by no means not there yet emotionally or physically, but I am getting there. I will update again in a few weeks.

I believe that its moms like you who are honest and brave for sharing your life online who are helping moms like me feel like im not alone. It has been 11 days since my Mirena was removed. I still feel foggy. I have had a couple of days where I feel in and out. I feel little blips of myself here and there, but the general fogginess and irritability remain. My husband is so patient. It just makes me fall asleep. I went ahead and got an Rx for the birth control pills I took for seven years before kids, Ortho Tri-Cyclen , and I will probably start those after a month or two of letting my body rest.

I had Mirena for 4 and a half years and just got it removed today because me and my husband decided we are ready for another one. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. I still had periods but they were really light…I only needed a pantiliner and it lasted two days.

As soon as it was out though, I felt better more like me if that makes sense. Not that I was depressed or unhappy before but now I just feel more relaxed and carefree. Is this normal for other people getting it removed? Christy, I felt more like me at first, too.

I felt like I had a lot of loving feelings. Way more sweet emotions than before. Two to three weeks later I started getting heart flutters, hot flashes, and anxiety.

I thought it was all related to stress even though I was on vacation at the time. All of the symptoms I mentioned above got worse. I have up to 50 or more heart flutters a day.

The hot flashes come, and go depending where I am on my cycle. So I just went, and had my hormone levels checked. I stopped drinking caffeine, stopped eating sugar, and have changed the way I eat. Leaving me estrogen dominant at the moment. Hence, causing these symptoms. If you start to feel any of these symptoms go talk to your doctor right away.

AB, Thanks for replying to my comment. I have heard from other people on other forums that they have had some of the same symptoms as you.

I am on Day 17 since removal. On day 13, I felt okay, really weepy, but not terrible. Day 14 was horrible. I was just empty. It feels so horrible to have no control over my emotions and the physical symptoms as well. I hope that everything will get better after that. I am going to go ahead and schedule an appt with my regular doctor to have my hormone levels checked.

I will keep checking back in as time goes on. The first couple years I had constant bacterial infections finally solved with daily…ummm…use of hydrogen peroxide — since this seems an appropriate place to overshare it might help someone else. My anxiety is through the roof. My thoughts and feelings are so far from their norm that it has me freaked out.

I dont have any other explaination for why I feel like this. Nothing in my world has changed. The Mirena was a nightmare for me. I developed reactive hypoglycemia, which I never experienced before. My doctor tested my blood sugar, and it was not good. I also started having anxiety problems. While it was great skipping my period and not having to worry about birth control, it was making me nuts. I just cannot do synthetic hormones. I went to the gyno to have it removed.

The doctor tried to talk me out of it. She actually said that. From what I understand, it releases the hormones every month. I told her to take it out anyway. No more anxiety, hypoglycemia gone and blood sugar tested normal. Some of these doctors have no idea what they are prescribing, then think its all in your head when you go for help.

It does work for some people, but not for me. It has been a little over a month now. The crash is over, lasted about 10 days. I went back to my regular doctor, just a few days before crash was over, and it was at its worst , and gave her the update on my visit to the gyno, having the Mirena removed, etc.

She prescribed Celexa to take in addition to the Wellbutrin I have been on for a year. I am still drinking coffee in the morning, which does cause a little amped up feeling, and maybe one tea or diet soda in the afternoon, but mostly water all day.

I am trying to exercise as much as I can motivate myself, and find the time in between trying to focus on all my other work and parenting responsibilities. I feel better than I have felt in months. Almost my old self. I think I am just a little sensitive to stress given the events of the last year, and especially the last few months. I truly believe that the Mirena was the issue, and I am so glad I made the decision to have it removed from my body and my life.

I started to have cycles from hell around the time I was 17, super heavy flow that lasted forever. No one could figure out why, I also grew large twisting ovarian cysts like they were going out of style. For lack of any good option and finding out I have a blood clotting tendancy amd cant take estrogen around the time I hit 20 I went on depo.

I had a total hysterectomy at 30 with no children this past February cervix and uterus 9 days before my mirena was due to come out. Turns out on top of heavy bleeding and cramping the mega pain over the past couple years was probably due to the fact I had a small spot of endometriosis on the back of my uterus, just enough the scar tissue pulled my uterus back and my ovaries were sitting in front of it. It was worth my sanity my husbands too! Started my period last Friday, so exactly 5 weeks to the day after removal.

Very heavy, lots of cramps, tired, about what I expected. Now, I am on day 6, and hopefully it will be going away soon, and I will see a normal schedule return next month. Anxiety comes and goes, but I still think a lot of it is the regular stress of a hectic schedule. Also, I have had a terrible sinus infection for the last four days, as if I needed another inconvenience to deal with right now.

I am on the mend, and hopefully will continue to improve. Now, time to talk hubby into that vasectomy….. Your experience is VERY similar to mine.

That is the only thing that I have changed in my life since all my symptoms started. I was wondering how you are doing now? They are getting worse and I feel like I am going crazy. I am a shell of the person I was. I am very great-full for your follow up posts.

I am now exactly 4 mos since removal. The brain fogginess is mostly gone, but the anxiety lingers. It comes and goes in waves, never as severe as before, and I never did have any panic attacks , but I still do not feel normal. I assume this is still due to a hormonal imbalance. I have discussed this at length with both my gynecologist and regular doctor. Sometimes it spikes, and I feel kinda jittery and adrenaline-charged, but it is not as severe and constant as it was before removal.

As of yesterday, I have started taking the pill, I took it for many years before children and the Mirena with no issues , in the hopes that I will balance back out. I am still exercising regularly and eating well, so I think I will continue to just try to practice some meditation and yoga as well to keep the anxiety at bay. I also have just started a new job, so that may be keeping the anxiety level up a bit, along with the usual parenting, back to school, etc.

I like to go, go, go. I still move fast, but not in what I consider a productive way. Also when we try and get up close and personal to get him to repeat a word he gets very frustrated. On his own accord he mimics actions like hugging, kissing or being on the phone, however he does not respond to mimic actions under encouragement like waving hi or goodbye. He is not good with identifying putting shapes in the correct location in simple puzzles, he is unable to identify the difference between colors or shapes when asked which is blue or which is square.

He has been developmentally slower across most things like walking and has reached most things with a little extra time. Justin — Thanks for your comment. But that being said, his receptive language is moving along, and research tells us that children who live in bilingual homes do speak later than those growing up hearing only one language.

In the meantime, read the articles here on the website for ideas. You can also check out my DVD Teach Me To Talk with easy to implement strategies that you and your wife can use to work with him at home. Sometimes SEEING someone else implement the recommendations makes it easier for you to do those things with your own child. Hi my 38 month old has maybe a — word knowledge. Often her words come out wrong.

If you talk loud you might get her attention. If you get down to her level and make her make eye contact the results are a lot better. Now how many 2 year olds can clearly say backpack?!! She just started running and loves it! However she does trip often while running and walking.

She does really well. She does not like to perform for people. She does have a bad gag reflex and is still glued to the pacifier. She rarely makes eye contact with anyone on her own. Sometimes i worry she could have a touch of autism or md. What is your advice on this? One thing everyone agrees with is that something is wrong.

Have you had her formally evaluated by a private SLP or your local public school system? Keep knocking on doors until you find someone who will see her for therapy and teach you things you can do with her at home to move her skills along.

Thanks for your questions! I stay home with her and read to her, play with her, etc. I have watched your clips and they have taught me how to be a little more expressive, but for the most part I feel like I do those things, but she is still not said any words.

I have talked to the Early Intervention Program and they are coming out to do an Eval her this week, but told me that she is too young to have SLP. Faith — She is very, very young.

Read the ideas here on the site and work to include those in your play. My son is 17 months old. But when we ask him to go find a cup, bottle, his brother, mommy, daddy, ect ect he will do these tasks.

My wife and I read to him everyday. Sean — By 18 months old he should have a minimum of about 15 words he says on his own. There are many things you can do with him at home to work on language. Keep reading here on the website for ideas in the expressive language section. Thanks for the question! My daughter is 2y and she is not talking. Her vocabulary consists of 10 words; she does not follow comands either.

EI evaluated her and did not qualify based on the overall score since socially, motor skills etc…she is well within the limits; however, her vocabulary is not improving, she does not point to obj.

She watched a lot of tv when little and we are a bilingual family. I stopped speaking my native language and we are speaking english only now. Sometimes i think she does not want to talk, other times i think she does not understand language. The only words she uses daily and in context are mama, come,up, hi, baby and no but she knows also nose, wow, tickle, mouth, eyes, oh oh.

I insisted in a re-evaluation and now it seems that she will get some help throught ESD. I live in a little town with only speech therapist available. I also wonder if i should just speak engligh to my 8m baby boy. Erika — When toddlers are having a difficult time understanding language, I do recommend that parents stick to one primary language.

Kate and I are going to talk about this at length on our show next week, so tune in for that disucssion. I am very,very glad you had her re-evaluated since she does sound like she needs the help.

Good luck with her! Hi well my story would start with one of my twin boys who is aged is basically 3 years and 3 months old, We have been to many doctors and all is said he is a late bloomer but i will tend to disagree. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am kind of leaning towards Apraxia, thank you. Has he a speech-language eval? It sounds like you might be outside the USA, and this might be more difficult for you.

You can find info about starting that by reading articles in the sign language section. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Otherwise — keep reading! I am waiting patiently for your DVDs to arrive and am listening closely to your shows. Thank you so much. I am trying but I really want to watch your DVDs.

My little guy has just turned 17 months. I am like rushing to meet the 18 month deadline. He says juice, fish and cheese of an on but not often and can go for days without saying any of the above even though we prompt constantly. Other words I think he may have said are like ma ma ma, ball, bye bye but I almost have heard him said that in a long while.

The funny thing is that he can mimic animal sounds like dog, elephant, bird, duck. He will do it every time we say an animal sound without a problem. I am almost sure his receptive language is ok as I have said to him things with no visual cues and he understands and loves music and nursery rhymes and will do the twinkle twinkle or insy winsy spider or wheels on the bus.

Is there something to be worried. I see you mentioning that 15 to 21 months old is when toddlers start stringing 2 words and he is just working on getting one word out.

Do you think I should be alarmed? What can I do to make him speak more often. It is just sometimes discouraging working with him for a long time and not get any new word. Please tell me what I should do and if there is something I should be concern about? Sherry — The DVDs will answer lots of these questions and show you exactly how to target language during play.

In oru experience over the last 2 years, international orders have sometimes taken up to 4 weeks to arrive in Asia. Today Johnny sent you an email to talk with you about this further. I so appreciate your concern about your little boy, and I love to work with go-getter moms like you! Watch the DVDs and focus on being really, really playful, connecting with him, and having fun. Have you looked at this section of the website?

I wish I could give you a hug to reassure you! Watch the DVDs and then get back to me if you need more help!

I have a 20 month old born at 36weeks…he says about 8 words but rarely spontaneously…I usually have to say can you say.. He understands everything we say.. What is your thoughts? I tried your playfulness approach and he has added words in one day. I hope you can give some advice thanks in advance. That has been my problem he will say them once and rarley again. Maybe I am putting to much pressure on him. You can listen live from here on the website, or better yet, call in and discuss it with us yourself.

The call in is Thank you Laura for anwsering my question on air. I appreciate you clarifying that spontaneous words are what counts…that has helped a lot in being clear of what to say to the doc. He was saying approx. I was wondering while I wait for the referral and use your wonderful tips and techniques if I can ask….

What qualifies as a word that we count per se….. How often do they have to say the word to be considered using the word. The other question is My son has added several words from utilizing your techniques around words words used more often, 35 words that he has used more than once… my question he seems to have trouble with oo words…. Mooo is mmmm and oops is Ops…etc… Is this something he will correct over time or should I work on getting him to say oo properly.

Thanks again for having videos and a website that helps this first time mom make sense of the langauge development goals. He is 21 months. My child is 33 months old. He has yet to put two words together other than uh-oh. He will often babble ma ma ma ma ma or say da da. We currently meet with a speech therapist once a week, but he seems totally uninterested.

He will not even try to immitate simple words but is very good at following directions. He knows the names of things and is able to identify them when ask.

At times he can immitate animal sounds when ask. Doctors have tested his hearing more than once and say it is fine. I have a son who is 7 years old, he has downsyndrome. He has had speech therapy since he was born. He has had tubes put in his ears 4 times and the have done hearing test on him and say he can hear. If anyone has any advice for me on what I can do to try and get my son to even say mama or anything please help me. I just want to hear my son talk! Christie — How is his language comprehension?

Is he signing or using some other alternative communication system? Does he vocalize at all? Does he try to imitate words? What does his SLP say? You can still use the strategies here on the website for him. Even older children who are still functioning at a younger developmental level will benefit from these strategies in both the receptive and expressive language categories. Take a look at those articles for ideas. I have a 15 month old boy who is playful, interactive, outgoing, and babbles almost constantly.

I, however, am worried about the number of spontaneous words that he uses, and uses correctly. He says Mama, Dada, GiGi grandma , no, and uhoh pretty regularly and seems to know what the mean especially no. He says other words here and there and will sometimes say things for a couple days and then we never hear it again. He has said bye bye once or twice but not consistently.

He has been a late bloomer in some other aspects crawling at 9 months, walking at 13 months but has always fell into the normal category. He plays purposefully throwing balls and rolling cars, it is just the speech I worry about.

Should I look into speech therapy now, or wait until the 18 month mark? Melissa — Thanks for your question. How are you working with him to learn new words? Are you consistently and purposefully modeling single words so that he can learn to consistently imitate you? Have you introduced any signs? Is he pointing to any body parts and identifying any objects — Go get your ball, Bring me the book, Where are your shoes? Have you tried any signs with him?

By 18 months the minimum of words he should say spontaneously is 15, so shoot for that. Kid 1 — My son is He was a preemie and is He babbles ALL the time but has few real words. At this point, could his lack of expressive language be due to him being a preemie? He knows 6 signs and is attempting more. Kid 2 — We are adopting a little boy who has down syndrome. He will be 4 in April. Is there any advice you have for me to help facilitate his speech development before we come home?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! Kid 1 — We correct for prematurity until a child has his second birthday. Keep reading ideas here on the website for ways to work with him at home.

Take a look at my DVDs for more specific ways to play with him to target language. I have a question. My son has a considerable speech delay but i dont know whether its apraxia or any other disorder.

Can you suggest me? I have a son who is 2. AS of now he dont have speech. He says papa, mama baba but not always. He loves to be cuddled by me and my husband. We are working with speech therapist from last one month but not much improvement in speech. Therapist says he has few traits of autism like hyperactive, aggresive at times, tactile to socks and shoes, poor response. BUt he says cant say autism till 5 years. His eye contact has improved with therapy. But he tends to ignore most of people other than us.

But i have seen him seeing other children from distance and seems scared to mix up with them or ignores them and play alone. He loves to see songs on tv, hear rhymes, see himself in mirror, loves to see books for good 30 mins, use crayons well. He is aware of his safety well and gets scared from some horrible cartoon or any violent scenes in songs. He undersatnds our gestures if we gets angry at him or we laugh or smile.

He tells his needs by taking me and pointing my hand to what he want. He sometimes do lining of objects, otherwise do puzzles of his age very well, play with his toys well. I am totally confused why his speech is not coming although he keeps talking meaningless most of times. Sometimes he repeats words phrases behind us but on rare occasion. I keep on telling him nose eyes by pointing or making funny sounds from nose.

Can you help me what can i do to help my child? I am desperately waiting for your reply. I want to add few things. My son used to do head banging when he was 1 and half but then he left it by age of 2. He is an active child. He keeps on moving his body even when he is relaxing on bed but i guess how much of restlessness is normal in toddler. We are moving to Singapore soon.

I will be looking for new school and therapist there. I tried showing him famils pics but even if he pays little attention to that he never tries to repeat if i m saying nani,nana or dada grandparents in our native language I saw him practicing words times only in front of mirror or when he is alone.

I have searched a lot about different disorders but i dont know exactly in which his problem falls. What should i do as parents to help him and i badly want my son to develop his communication, social interaction, speech like most of his kids do. Doesnt mean i expect him to say all genius things but atleast he can express himself, his needs,address his parents and common objects correctly. What kinds of things does your SLP recommend that you work on at home with him?

One month is not very long to be in therapy and measure progress. Focusing on helping him connect with you and learning to understand your words are the first steps in helping him learn to communicate. Those will give you more ideas as you work with him at home in addition to what your SLP recommends.

Are you in the US? Another recommendation would be working with an occupational therapist in addition to his SLP since he does seem to have some sensory processing differences as well. I am really grateful for your reply.

Actually we are in India. We consulted one occupational therapist here who diagnosed him with ADHD with tactile. He said it could be diagnosed as mild autism but at this stage we cant say.

My son used to get very cranky there. I tried in sessions but I found out Occupational therapist was not much proficient enough with his techniques to treat. So i switched to SLP. He said its speech delay with hyperactivity and slow response. He said try to make him repeat vowel sounds, and combine 2 words like papa come by looking into his eyes and showing him family photos to make him recognize his grandparents who dont live with us.

We are soon moving to singapore so will be consulting therapist there. Will he be able to recover with speech and sensory issues with proper occupational therapy. I really value your opinion. I am totally confused what exactly is his disorder. When will he recover? Will he be able to attend normal playschools and develop speech normally. His attention and eye contact improved considerably with sessions of therapy.

He completes his activities like making bead necklace, board puzzles. Loves to color with crayons, can open lids of any jar, stacking tower. One more thing are these disorders anyway related to MMR vaccination. My daughter just turned 3 years old at the end of January and for a while I have been wondering if she is behind in her speech.

I have noticed friends of mine that have similar children her age seem to speak clearer than she can. We did just enroll her in a dance program so she would have regular interaction with other children but I still am concerned it may be something else. I read about receptive language disorder and I felt like everything hit the nail on the head with my daughter. I was wondering if this would apply to a 3 year old?

She does say some sentences and puts words together but then other times she jumbles a few of her words in her sentences but we can figure out what she means by picking out the other words. I do plan to talk to her Dr. My son is four years old and has still not said a single word even Mama. Does anyone have any thoughts about this or know who I could call for help.

My 27 month old boy does not talk as much as he should for his age. The few words that he say will not be complete words. For example our dog name is Dino. He calls him Dio. Instead of mommy he says magie. Daddy he says Daee. On the other hand he takes my iPhone and can easily operate it as an adult. I have him schedule for next month with a speech therapist.

What can I do to help the meantime. This is very frustrating for me. Since I see other kids his age are so much advanced in speech than he is. The SLP can help you sort all of these things out.

Good luck with him, and let us know how the eval goes! Hi Laura could u please help me. All he does is talk baby talk and sometime say mama…,and dada.. I went for his 18 months check up doctor refered him to go get his ear test but not until April. At the mean time wat can I do to help him talk? He is perfectly normal very active kid love to play with other kids. He makes car sound when he is playing with his toy cars and train sounds when playing with train.

He understand some of the things u ask him to do like for example if u ask him to throw something in the garbage he will do it. He will pull u to get wat he wants and copy wat u do like if u are dancing he will dance if u clap ur hand he will clap his hands etc..

Thank you very much. Lisa — This whole website is dedicated to helping you know how to work with your child at home. Read the articles here in the expressive language section. When he wants something, he just points and grunts.

He seems to understand everything and points to his eyes, ears, etc. Is there something developmentally wrong with him? Have you spoken to his parents about this? All states have an early intervention program where his communication skills language can be evaluated for free, but parents must make the referral. Many grandmothers have emailed me to say that watching this helped them teach their grandchildren to use more words, particularly if they see the child often.

You can also read through the articles here on the website for specific ideas to use with him. Try reading articles in the expressive language category first. You can find the categories on the top of the page in the yellow menu bar. I hope everything works out for all of you! He will grunt and point. He understands what you tell him. My niece has had his earing checked and all is well. There are no speech delayed issues in the family.

Leigh — You are right. His mom should be very concerned about him, BUT I know from first hand experience how difficult it is to talk with someone in your family about language delays and other developmental issues. Good luck to you all!

Hi My son chase just turned 2 in Nov, so hes bout 28months.. We have been with Early On for almost a year now. Our doctor said for us to enroll since chase was not talking. We have even been to the hospitals developmental clinic.

I get no answers for why my son dont talk or even possable reasons he may not. Just random sounds really. And he does say Mama, Bye bye, hi, and thanks you. But those are recent and even sound off.. Kinda like he is not anunceating like caveman speak. But i really find them NO help at all. They seem to just come and play with him, then help.

And chase just dont seem into it. He dont seem to care at all. Chase does let you know what he want by pointing and making noise. And he does alot on his own. Infact his motor skill are VERY high.. I can barely keep his attention and the tantrums get worse with age.. I just dont know what to do??? It could be that they are reluctant to formally diagnose him yet. If they are working to establish a social connection with him, and it sounds to me like that might be the primary goal right now, it will look a lot like play.

I have just found this page and hope you can help. I have a five year old grandson who can say only five words. At the age of eight months, he had met all of his milestones, he crawled, stood, rolled over and walked by age eight months.

He had acid reflux for about seven months before he was put on medication. He never babbled or made any sounds other than crying. He went to speech therapy for a year with no results.

He had home training for about four months, with the result of being able to say up, stop, hep help , and no. He has been in pre-school for two years and his teacher is a speech therapist. He gets along well with kids, loves puzzles, painting, riding all types of vehicles, such as razor scooter, bicycle, battery operated cars.

He can bat and kick balls, anything a normal boy his age can do and better than a lot. He understands commands, can put on his clothes and shoes. Sometimes, he just stares into space for several seconds and I think he may be having a seizure. He also is not potty trained but will urinate in the toilet if you take him there. If I try to get him to say words, he will stop looking at me and refuse to look up.

I guess he has heard the same thing for so many years. The school system has not helped very much. They have him scheduled for pre-school again. Please, if anyone can help me. Is it possible that he may talk one day? He has a three year old brother who talked very early and has a great vocabulary. He has a seven year old brother who talked maybe a year later than normal, but is fine now but having trouble with reading.

Thank you for any help. She should be able to make some recommendations since she knows him. Again, ask his therapist. I always encourage parents and grandparents not to give up. Thanks for your question, and good luck with him.

My daughter is 24 months old. I have seen her doctor about her language issues and he told me to give her 6 months then go back. She can say some words, Mom, Dad, bowl, back pack. In all I would say that she around 15 words that she uses regularly. She uses them in the right context and I know she hears me because she answers two part commands. If I say a word and ask her to say it she just ignores me.

My son is 18 months old and he has no words yet. He was a very quiet baby and is still rather quiet. We saw a Speech Language Pathologist 2 days ago and left feeling very uneasy. She said she has some concerns about his developmental communication skills but did not elaborate any further.

She said it was concerning to her that he can occupy his own time and entertain himself. His sister is only a few weeks old so he was an only child til then. My nephew is 38 months old ,I am not sure what could be the problem 1. Though he understands his name when I try to call him with his name he responds 3. If he needs something he can communicate for e. If this is her concern for him, it is very important that you work on this now so that you consistently engage him. Did he follow directions for her in the assessment?

If not, then you may be overestimating his receptive language skills, or he may be relying on visual cues or your routines to get himself through the day rather than understanding words. If you feel the SLP was off the mark, see someone else for a 2nd opinion, but it is important that you follow up. Developmental issues hardly resolve on their own. Pin the SLP down to find out exactly what she meant by asking lots of questions.

The thing to do would be to have him evaluated by a speech-language pathologist who works with very young children. Of course his parents will have to do this for him unless you have custody. Do you live in the USA? If so, then begin with your local public school program. Let me know if you have other questions. Hi Laura, my 26 month old daughters some speech delay,she says around 30 words. She is joining a very few two word combinations.