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However, in August of , she began using Weight Watchers. Since her marriage to Prince Andrew, and continuing after the divorce, Sarah has been involved with a number of charities. I'm a PC " series of adverts. For related commentary on the same subject, click here. Shop with an easy mind and be rest assured that your online shopping experience with SapnaOnline will be the best at all times. Retrieved 23 May Some women's activists had worried that by opening up the law for debate might risk it being watered down or even repealed.

Woman, 24, 'seduced boy, 15, in tanning room as his mom worked out in the gym'

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On inquiry, the family members told the police that she had committed suicide by hanging and nothing was suspicious about the death. The police shifted the body to hospital for autopsy. The autopsy on the body showed that she was four months pregnant. Besides, injuries were also found at nine spots on the body, including neck, cheeks, chin and hands. According to the police investigation, the victim had fallen in love with a year-old boy living in the same locality some two years ago and got pregnant a few months back.

In the light of the autopsy report and circumstantial evidence, the police registered a murder case. The paternal uncle of the deceased is a driver by profession. The police said the family did not want to register a case, so it was lodged on behalf of the state after making a policeman as a complainant. They also feared that if the killer s was a family member, he would be pardoned by the legal heirs.

The police said the samples collected from the body of the victim, including the foetus, were sent for DNA test to establish the parentage. After establishing the parentage, the man would be arrested on the charge of adultery. Legal experts and senior police officers are of the opinion that honour killing should be considered as a crime against the state to curb the practice.

As the complainant in an honour killing case is the legal heir of the victim, who is also the relative of the killer s , so the issue is settled out of court. For more news related to the "Innocence of Muslims" video clip, click here. The hearing had to be postponed for nearly half an hour after the prosecution and defence consulted Ms Milledge, with the case eventually continuing after Issaka waited outside the courtroom as everyone stood for the magistrate.

Constable Allan Simon, who helped arrest Issaka during the CBD protests, told the court he first noticed the man take a "boxer stance" in front of a police line, where he was "jerking backwards and forwards" and "hissing" at the officers' dogs. He said he next saw the accused rioter about 15 minutes later when he was violently lashing out at riot squad police. Constable Simon said three officers brought Issaka to the ground but he continued resisting them and the man kicked him in the knee before he was bundled into a police van.

Sgt Catherine Sadler said she saw Issaka dragged towards the police van and she heard him yell out: Issaka, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, has claimed he only acted in self-defence to being violently restrained during the protests. He produced a bloodied beanie during his last hearing date in February as proof of the injuries he allegedly suffered in the confrontations with police. A court in the eastern city of Al-Ahsa had registered a waiver by the plaintiff's family, and would now proceed with the release of Khawahir, who has already spent 10 years in jail.

Last month Amnesty International said Khawahir had reportedly been sentenced to Qisas, or retribution, and could be paralyzed from the waist down if he failed to pay compensation.

The London-based human rights watchdog said Khawahir had stabbed a friend in the back in , and paralyzed him. Khawahir was 14 years old at the time.

Amnesty said a Saudi court had passed another sentence of paralysis in , but it was unclear if it had been carried out. For earlier news and updates on the same subject, click here. However, the middle-class Muslim convert from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, has since risen to a senior status in the Al Shabaab movement in Kenya and Somalia, a terror group affiliated to Al Qaeda.

Believed to be behind its funding and propaganda, the year-old has assumed cult status among her jihadi followers for her characteristic street-slang rants at non-Muslim "kuffar". An arrest warrant was issued for her last May after she failed to appear in court in Kenya to face bomb-making charges.

Her alleged co-conspirators are two other Britons, her second husband Habib Saleh Ghani, from Hounslow, west London and Jermaine Grant, from east London, who remains in custody in Kenya after his arrest in December They are all accused of possessing chemicals and "conspiring to improvise an explosive device with the intent to cause harm to innocent civilians".

The chemicals found in a raid on her home in Kenya in December included acetone and hydrogen peroxide, two of the key components of the terror attacks in London eight years ago. A security source said: It might also explain her seniority as a top-rank Al Qaeda leader and the suspected chief financier of Al Shabaab.

Lewthwaite is also a suspect for a grenade attack at a hotel bar in Mombasa, Kenya, in which three people were killed last June while watching an England football match on television during Euro She has boasted of rearing children to become Mujahideen terrorists and is now one of the world's most-wanted women.

She is thought to be behind a "press office" Twitter account for the Muslim Youth Centre, which distributes announcements exhorting violent jihad and has even called for the assassination of a fellow jihadi, US-born Omar Hammami, also known as Al Mansoor Al-Amiriki who angered former colleagues by saying violent Islamic struggle was failing in Kenya.

A law banning violence against women, child marriages and forced marriages was passed by presidential decree in , but did not gain MPs' approval. Some had said opening it up for debate in parliament could pave the way for conservatives to amend it and weaken protection for women - or even throw it out altogether. She told the BBC after Saturday's events in parliament that her fears had been proved right. President Karzai has come under fire from women's groups for frequently changing his position on women's rights.

In , he endorsed a "code of conduct" issued by an influential council of clerics which allows husbands to beat wives under certain circumstances. Ms Koofi and fellow activists have argued that the law is similar to those in many other Islamic countries. The existing law will now remain in force while further discussions on procedure are held, our correspondent says. According to the official police explanation, the Copt Basem Ramzy Michael was seen by the Muslim Hamada Alloshy, a registered criminal, allegedly extending his body from his balcony to gaze at the flat of Alloshy's sister, who lives on the ground floor.

A quarrel broke out and when the church was attacked, hundreds of Copts hurried to the area to defend the church, among whom was year-old Sedky Sherif, a father of three children.

According to his nephew Rabah, who was with him at the time of his death, Copts were present and were attacked by over 20, Muslims, who were firing bird shots at them and throwing bricks. While the church was being attacked the Muslims were shouting "Allahu Akbar. They made several arrests on both sides. According to the Security report, the Copt "died of fright," suffering a heart attack after hearing the sound of gun fire.

According to his family and those who saw him, his body was full of bruises and marks from bird shots. The family and relatives of Sedky Sherif waited this morning at Kom el Dekka morgue to receive his body and the results of the autopsy. A death certificate was issued quoting cause of death as "under investigation. Coptic Mina Milad Saber, 19 years, was severely injured in yesterday's attack and underwent brain surgery, but this morning he was found shackled to his bed by the police for fear he might escape, although he is still in a coma.

Most Christians who were injured during the attack either went privately for treatment or quietly left hospital, "as it will end by them being arrested too," said Weesa Fawzy. She was in the living room while the pair were in the bedroom. The Kiss bassist, who was in Australia on tour, continued on his anti-Muslim rant for over a minute stating that dogs were treated better than Muslim women, and insinuating that the West was under threat.

You can send your dog to school to learn tricks, sit, beg, do all that stuff - none of the women have that advantage," Simmons stated. Hajat, 33, of Winchester Street, Blackburn, pleaded not guilty to two charges of assaulting the boys while in a position of trust.

The magistrates directed the cases should be heard at Preston Crown Court. According to the report, Afridi applied for asylum after a terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Islam, stepped up its operations in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt. Sarijan said that while three people — mosque attendant Japar, Ahmadiyah member Edi Susanto and Ahmadiyah preacher Rizal Fazli — were inside the mosque ahead of the attack, no one was killed.

Three hours before the attack, Imam Muslim, the local Indonesian Ulema Council MUI head, and police met with the trio to request that they shut down the mosque and stop spreading Ahmadiyah teachings. They also demanded Rizal leave the village immediately. Edi and Rizal had been taken out of the mosque by the police before the attack, but Japar insisted on staying inside to close the doors and turn off the lights.

He did not leave the mosque, which was built on land donated by his family, until the mob started to stone it. Imam evacuated him out of the mosque when the attack began. At one point, Dominik Neubaur told Austrian magazine News, he was taken out for what he thought would be his execution — but believed he was spared after he recited verses from the Quran.

The year-old, whose British father is a Christian, is set to give evidence against seven men arrested in Mulhouse, eastern France. All are accused of removing a child from her parents' care while running a sinister online dating site for Muslim converts. After being introduced to young girls on the internet, men who subscribed to the site were allowed to wed them over the phone.

In the case of the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, she completed her marriage vows and then immediately left home to live with him. Detectives believe she was forced to convert to Islam in secret, along with three female friends aged 17, 18 and The girl's father informed local prosecutor Herve Robin after his daughter started wearing a burka and expressing 'extreme Islamist views', according to prosecutors.

Mr Robin confirmed that the schoolgirl was forced to marry the unnamed Muslim man, who is 28, 'over the phone'. It was on May 6 that the girl's father first called police to tell them that his daughter had run away.

Using a signal from the year-old man's mobile phone, police were able to trace him to an address in Valence, some miles from the girl's home in Mulhouse. She told investigating officers that it was her second 'marriage' on the site, and that her 'first husband' had denounced and rejected her. The girl is now back in the care of her parents, while assisting police and prosecutors with their enquiries. For related commentary on the same subject, click here. Earlier this week seven members of a child sex ring from Oxford were found guilty of forcing under age girls to commit acts of "extreme depravity".

Their victims, aged between 11 and 15, were groomed and plied with alcohol and drugs before being sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution. They targeted "out of control" teenagers. Dr Hargey said that the case brought shame on the city and the community and is a set back for cross community harmony. But worse still is the refusal to face up to its realities, he wrote in the Daily Mail. That attitude has been promoted by religious leaders, he believes. But the dire result can be the brutish misogyny we see in the Oxford sex ring.

She defended her sons — Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 — and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a catalogue of vile offences last week. The two brothers were part of a group of mainly Asian men who groomed girls as young as 11 before giving them drugs and carrying out humiliating attacks, then hiring them out for sex with others.

But Mrs Dogar said: If they start [having sex] at ten, by 15 they are proper ladies. She said one of the girls was looking for a boy at a station in London and no one had pressured her into having sex. Are they not old enough then? Also on Monday, the Boko Haram sect claimed responsibility for the recent major assault on Baga and Bama, in Borno state, in which up to people, including soldiers, policemen, prison warders and civilians, were massacred.

Over the past few days, chatter on Islamic web sites indicated that the groups would be met by rioters. The decision came only a little while before the tour was set to begin, at 8: Over Shavuot itself, the groups reported, hundreds of Jews were able to visit the Mount — but they were a small percentage of the thousands who sought to get in. Police severely limited Jewish access to the Mount, with visitors being allowed to enter only in small groups beginning on Tuesday, the day before Shavuot.

In several instances, dozens of Muslims sat and blocked the entrance of the Mughrabi Gate, used by non-Muslims to ascend the Mount. Those Jews who did manage to run the Arab gauntlet — with little, if any, police assistance — were followed and harassed by Muslims, and verbally assaulted the entire time they were on the Mount. On Monday at around 8 pm, Father Grégoire from the parish of Saint-Jean was attacked by an individual. Struck on the face, the priest was unconscious on the ground until two other members of the parish arrived.

This Tuesday morning at around 11 am, Monsignor Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon, denounced growing insecurity in the district of Saint-Ruf while the local authority official in charge of public safety claims instead that there has been a decrease in crime in this sector , as well as the proliferation of thefts and threats towards members of the parish.

The leader of the Catholics in Vaucluse went even further: Giving it a religious dimension seems counter-productive to me. The reason - tech blog Extremtech claims the picture underwent massive manipulation and was put together from a number of different photographs with the help of photoshop. Despite the fact that Operation Pillar of Defense ended with a considerably low number of civilian fatalities in comparison to Operation Cast Lead four year earlier, upon publication, Hansen's picture hit Israeli hasbara missions hard.

Neal Krawetz from Extremtech, claims that a lab analysis — in which he specializes — revealed Hansen's photo underwent serious "enhancement" and is a fake or at least "digitally modified. Krawetz further claims the picture was reedited not long before the World Press Photo's submission deadline in January. While the Federal Constitution upholds the right to freedom of religion, nearly all of the 13 states have enacted legislation that allows for control and restriction of the propagation of non-Islamic religions.

Issues concerning religion and race in this country of 28 million, where 60 per cent are constitutionally defined as Malay and Muslim, touch a nerve and have sparked violence in the past, leading to attacks on several places of worship nationwide in following the landmark judgment. The Labour councillor voiced her concerns at a meeting called to discuss which flag should be purchased to fly atop the town's repaired civic flagpole.

A history and geography teacher in the southern city of Luxor, year-old Dimiana Abdul-Nour paid L. The decision comes four days after a judge ordered her detained for 14 days during the investigation. Parents of a student had accused the teacher of showing contempt to Islam while talking to fourth-graders about religion. Three pupils allegedly complained the teacher showed disgust when she talked about Islam, something the family and lawyer of Abdul-Nour denied.

Christians have long complained of discrimination. Emboldened by Islamist electoral gains since the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak in the uprising, members of the fundamentalist Salafi movement have recently been linked to a spike of violence against Christians. Just like cases of insulting Islam have been on the rise lately, instances of Egyptians investigated over insulting Islamist President Mohammed Morsi have also spiked.

In one recent case, a Muslim English school teacher was summoned for questioning on Tuesday by police over a question in the final exam he wrote that was deemed an insult to Morsi, according to the state-run Al-Ahram daily website.

For earlier news and video on the same subject, click here. Erwin Antonio Rios admitted guilt Tuesday in U. District Court as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. In an affidavit filed with the court, FBI Special Agent Frank Brostrom said the year-old from Fayetteville holds extremist Islamic views and told a government informant he would like to kill Fort Bragg soldiers.

They then shot dead 12 people in multiple adjoining alcohol shops nearby, the ministry official said. With alcohol forbidden by Islam, Baghdad liquor stores are an attractive target for fundamentalist groups, made more so because they are often staffed by religious minorities.

A security source said 30 low rank officers took part in the campaign and some of the arrested persons are believed to be residence law violators and others wanted by law for committing petty crimes or on civil charges and yet others for gambling. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates. With the attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, there is growing concern that Boko Haram is receiving backing from al-Qaeda-linked militants in other countries.

The solution, according to Rahmat, is a complete ban on the religious sect. Local MUI head Mursyid Kamil urged the central government to either shut down all Ahmadiyah places of worship or strip them of Islamic symbols.

All Ahmadiyah members should convert to mainstream Islam, Mursyid said. They were temporarily released, but were summoned to court on 1 May and re-arrested. Hussain al-Khawahir, 33, arrived at the Detroit airport on Saturday and was questioned about why he had brought a pressure cooker with him. The man's name was spelled al-Khawahir in the criminal complaint, while a spokeswoman at the U. Pressure cookers packed with explosive powder and shrapnel were set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, where they killed three people and injured The bombs, left on the ground, caused gruesome injuries with more than 10 people losing limbs, either directly from the blasts or when doctors had to amputate the badly-mangled limbs.

The New York-based group said an amateur video posted on the Internet on Sunday shows Abu Sakkar, a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade who is well known to journalists as an insurgent from Homs, cutting into the torso of a dead soldier.

The video has caused outrage among both supporters of President Bashar al-Assad and opposition figures. But the even more serious issue is the very rapid descent into sectarian rhetoric and violence," said Bouckaert. He said that in the unedited version of the film, Abu Sakkar instructs his men to "slaughter the Alawites and take their hearts out to eat them", before biting into the heart. Iranian electoral law bans individuals from supporting candidates in an official capacity, while the use of state resources on behalf of or against any candidate is also banned.

A conviction could bring a maximum punishment of six months in jail or 74 lashes, according to Iranian press reports. The president had accompanied Mashaie on Saturday to register at the Interior Ministry.

Photographs in the Iranian media showed them making peace signs. However, the move by the Guardian Council could be a tactic to ward off the president from future interference in the elections. Ahmadinejad cannot run for a third term on constitutional grounds in the June 14 presidential polls. Thousands of faithful gathered in St Peter's Square to attend the service to formally bestow the sainthoods, which had been approved by Francis's predecessor Benedict XVI.

His arrest comes after the sentencing to death last week of another Islamist party leader for wartime atrocities. That decision brought a wave of violent protest from supporters, and police say they are concerned about the risk of a backlash from Jamaat activists. Dubai is being promoted as a luxury high-class paradise in the desert, but the reality is brutally different, as Australian Alicia Gali discovered.

What happened next makes this story a must-watch for every Australian planning on travelling through the region. She awoke to a nightmare beyond belief: Alone and frightened, she took herself to hospital. She was charged with having illicit sex outside marriage, and thrown in a filthy jail cell for eight months.

The same court sentenced a Saudi man to two years in prison and lashes for having helped the young woman flee the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, local daily Al-Watan said. A court delivered the verdict in Khobar in the kingdom's east, where the woman and the two accused worked for an insurance company.

The July case caused a stir in Saudi Arabia, which applies a strict version of Islamic Sharia law that stipulates Muslims who convert to another religion must be sentenced to death.

She had appeared in a YouTube video last year in which she announced that she had chosen to convert to Christianity. Her family's lawyer Hmood al-Khalidi said he was "satisfied with the verdict," according to the press. Both men, who could also be prosecuted over other charges including corruption and forging official documents that allowed the woman to leave the country without her family's agreement, will appeal.

Over 10 African countries have troops in the African Union mission to Somalia the majority of those troops are from Uganda, Burundi and Kenya who joined in AMISOM have made significant gains against Al Shabaab in their 7 year deployment, capturing major cities and towns in southern and south central Somalia.

According to sources in the region, Al Shabaab did not resist the allied forces and vacated Awdinle situated between Baidoa and Bardaale. Until her arrest, Demyana Emad was a year-old social studies teacher at the Sheik Sultan primary school in south Luxor. She became a case in April, when the head of the parents' association filed a complaint against the teacher for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in front of her pupils, a charge Ms Emad has rejected, calling for more evidence to be brought to the fore.

What is known is that recently, several Islamic "extremists" pushed their way into the school to press the pupils to testify against her.

Edam's case is not unique. With the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, more and more people, especially minority Copts, have been detained on allegations of blasphemy and insulting Islam. Despite the resistance of their parents and the local priest, who pointed out that the two kids were illiterate, the imam of their village put pressure for their detention.

In another case in September in Sohag, Bishoy Kamel, a Coptic religion teacher, was sentenced to six years for posting blasphemous cartoons and insults against President Mohammed Morsi on Facebook. He has always maintained his innocence and said that he is the victim of a plot.

On 13 September , police arrested Saber Albert, a year-old Coptic man for posting an anti-Islam film that caused demonstrations all over the world. The case against Dimyana Abdel-Nour in southern Egypt's ancient city of Luxor began when parents of three of her pupils claimed that their children, aged 10, complained their teacher showed disgust when she spoke of Islam in class.

According to the parents, Abdel-Nour, 24, told the children that Pope Shenouda, who led the Egyptian Coptic Church until his death last year, was better than the Prophet Muhammad. Blasphemy charges were not uncommon in Egypt under the now-ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak's regime, but there has been a surge in such cases in recent months, according to rights activists. The trend is widely seen as a reflection of the growing power and confidence of Islamists, particularly the ultraconservative Salafis.

Khalid demanded that Satpol PP and the police take strict action against minimarts that openly offer alcoholic beverages. Grogol Petamburan subdistrict head Denny Ramdhani said that out of the 12 minimarts operating in his area, only the 7-Eleven and the Indomaret continue to deal booze.

Hysen Sherifi, 29, was one of six Raleigh-area Muslims convicted in of planning to attack the Marine base in Quantico, Va. Shortly after starting his year prison sentence in the terror case, Sherifi approached another inmate to help him hire a hit man to behead government informants and FBI agents.

He recruited his younger brother Shkumbin Sherifi, 23, and former special education teacher Nevine Aly Elshiekh, 48, to help pay the hit man and organize the murders.

But the inmate whose help Sherifi sought turned out to be yet another government informant. FBI agents then staged an elaborate sting that involved secretly videotaped meetings with a woman posing as the go-between for a fictional hit man named Treetop and doctored photos that appeared to show the corpse of a beheaded witness in a shallow grave.

Federal prosecutors recommended leniency for the two coconspirators, who pleaded guilty last year and agreed to testify at the elder Sherifi's trial on nine felony counts. Citing their extensive cooperation, U. They had faced as much as 10 years each. Tsarnaev was buried under a shroud of secrecy Wednesday evening at the Al-Barzakh Cemetery in central Virginia, about 15 miles from Richmond.

Mullen said she coordinated the clandestine burial with the help of the Islamic Society of Greater Richmond after a number of cemeteries refused to take his body. Within an hour of contacting the group, she got a response saying a plot had been found. So she called the officials overseeing Tsarnaev's burial and arranged to have the body, which was being held at a Worcester, Mass.

The development has infuriated some residents of the rural Virginia town as well as members of the area's Islamic community who say they weren't consulted in the decision.

It was all done secretly behind our backs. News of the burial comes several days after a Massachusetts police chief went on national television to plead for help in finding a plot for the year-old suspected bomber, as number of cemeteries and lawmakers in three states had turned down requests to bury his body. The attacks have had limited success so far but threaten to undermine international calls for elections to be held across Mali in July although security is not yet fully restored to a zone that was occupied by Islamists last year.

The suicide raids took place nearly simultaneously between 4 and 5 a. A car bomb entered the military camp, but the soldiers The three bombers were killed," he said. As the men exchanged fire with soldiers, a fourth member of the group entered a nearby military camp and blew himself up, slightly wounding two soldiers, a second military source said. A bus driver passing through Gossi, km 90 miles southwest of Gao, told Reuters he saw dismembered body parts strewn along the road, which links Gao and the capital Bamako.

Hours after the attacks, France's President Francois Hollande and Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou reiterated calls for elections due in July to be held across the entire country.

Earlier, in a letter to media personnel, Mehsud had written that his group was focused on jeopardising democracy by hindering elections. In another letter issued by the Shura of pro-government Mullah Nazir Group in Wana subdivision, all group members have been warned to maintain peace and avoid siding with any election candidate.

The letter says that the Mullah Nazir group should struggle to ensure that polling is carried out in a smooth and stable manner, adding that all candidates contesting for NA are equal for them.

Kazal says she is 18 but looks much younger. The marriage lasted one week. He treated me like a servant, and didn't respect me as a wife. He was very strict with me. I'm happy that we're divorced. When I got engaged I cried a lot. I won't get married for money again. In the future I hope to marry a Syrian boy who's my own age. The vast majority of refugees are women and children.

Many of them are not used to going out to work, so survival sex becomes an option. His office in central Amman is surrounded by hundreds of newly arrived refugees, waiting in long lines to register for aid.

He says the UNHCR has intervened with some families who have been offering their daughters up for early marriage. The director of Kitab al-Sunna, Zayed Hamad, says that he is sometimes approached by men who want to marry Syrian women.

They're motivated by helping these women, especially those whose husbands died as martyrs in Syria. Arab men see Syrian women as good housewives, and they find them very pretty, so traditionally it is desirable to marry one. Um Mazed is a year-old Syrian refugee from Homs who has started earning money by arranging marriages between Syrian girls and Arab men. They want them very young, no older than As far as I'm concerned it's not prostitution because there's a contract between the groom and bride.

Um Mazed means "Mother of Mazed", one of her three children. She doesn't want her identity known because she's ashamed of what she is doing for a living, but claims she has no choice. For articles related to the "Innocence of Muslims" video clip, click here.

He handed himself in two days after being exposed in the media for his actions, which included pushing over a female constable, kicking police dog "Chuck" in the ribs and hitting an officer's riot shield. Eid previously served 15 months of a two-year jail term for a reprisal attack after the Cronulla riots and he has a string of convictions for assaulting and resisting police.

Defence lawyer Elie Rahme said Eid had religious beliefs he held "very dear" but clearly he had unresolved problems with "communicating his thoughts into words", "anger management" and "impulse control". The riots began as a protest against a YouTube clip mocking Islam before degenerating into angry clashes in which police were pelted with bottles, timber poles and other missiles.

Ms Culver sentenced Eid to at least 33 months in jail with a total term of just over four years. She said she would have given him four years for rioting alone if not for local court rules which imposed a cap on the length of sentences. The fresh details came to light Thursday as American authorities revealed an FBI sting operation scooped up a third man in connection to the foiled plot to derail a train between Toronto and New York.

Ahmed Abassi, a Tunisian citizen who previously lived in Canada, has been charged with two counts of knowingly making false statements in an application to immigration authorities for a green card and work visa, in order to facilitate an act of international terrorism.

Abassi came to the United States to pursue terrorist activity and support others in the same shameful pursuit. Abassi didn't know was that one of his associates, privy to the details of his plan, was an undercover FBI agent," said FBI assistant director-in-charge George Venizelos in a statement.

In its release, the U. Department of Justice alleges Abassi was responsible for radicalizing Esseghaier and met with him in New York City after travelling to the U. It is unclear where Abassi lived in Canada or how long he was there.

In recorded conversations with Esseghaier and the undercover FBI agent, Abassi allegedly talked about his desire to commit terrorist acts in the U.

However, when the police officer realized he was being filmed by the detainee, he approached the cage and started threatening the prisoner. The newspaper reported on Wednesday that al-Sayed originally went to the police station to report a car accident. Al-Sayed and a mini-bus driver collide on the streets of Egypt but upon reaching the police station for legal procedures agreed to reconcile. Kamaruzzaman, who denied the charges and said his trial was politically motivated, is set to appeal.

Jamaat says the government is using the trials to curb opposition activities ahead of elections due next year. Street battles In a packed Dhaka court room, Kamaruzzaman - the assistant secretary-general of Jamaat - was convicted of mass killings, rape, torture and kidnapping, said Attorney General Mahbubey Alam. He was found guilty of masterminding what the prosecution described as one of the bloodiest single episodes in the independence war - the killing of at least unarmed farmers in the remote northern village of Sohagpur which subsequently became known as the "Village of the Widows".

Three women widowed as a result of the killings testified against Kamaruzzaman during his trial. They described how he led Pakistani troops to the village and helped them to line up and execute the farmers. The BBC's Salman Saeed, who was in court, says Kamaruzzaman looked tense throughout the proceedings, and when the verdict was announced he stood up to declare it was the "wrong judgement".

Thursday's announcement of the verdict and death sentence prompted cheers of celebration from crowds gathered outside, says the BBC's Masud Khan in Dhaka.

Kamaruzzaman, who would have been about 18 during Bangladesh's secession war, was charged in August , a month after being arrested in a separate criminal case. He was accused of being a key organiser of the al-Badr, an auxiliary force of the Pakistani army which killed Bangladeshi intellectuals during the conflict. His conviction comes at a testing time for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has made prosecution of war crimes one of her government's key goals.

Analysts say the death sentence will only exacerbate an already febrile situation in a country where police and Islamist protesters have this week been fighting deadly battles on the streets of the capital Dhaka. But now the promoters have found a new place for the "Lanterns of Tears", which - instead of lamps - are intended to hold tears made from steel. Now the memorial is to be in Ariana park, right next to the UN building Turkish circles are not going to the barricades over these plans.

In recent weeks they have not only interceded with the Geneva authorities, but tried to mobilise the management of the UN building against the project. Some people approached the police officials of the area who have ordered action against the persons issuing the diktat but no one has been identified so far.

The school teacher, who requested anonymity, said that as soon as he booked marriage hall for the wedding, representatives form the outfit came to his house and began pulling him out for the whip lashes. Almost overnight, we decided to shift the venue of the wedding to Kanpur where my relatives made all the arrangements within two days.

AFP saw a copy of a letter apparently sent from Mehsud to Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan, mapping out the plan for bombings. Attacks on politicians and political parties, most of them claimed by the Taliban, have already killed people since mid-April, according to an AFP tally. A separate pamphlet distributed by a previously unknown group in the most notorious Taliban and Al-Qaeda-stronghold of North Waziristan has warned people of punishment if they allow women to vote. According to Mohabat News correspondents, Vahid Hakkani, a Christian prisoner in Shiraz, is suffering from internal bleeding of his digestive system.

As told by doctors in prison, he needs surgery urgently. However, prison officials do not seem to care and have not taken any action to accommodate his transfer to a hospital for the much needed surgery. Hakkani's condition has been reported as critical.

Unfortunately, prisoners of the ward known as "Ebrat" meaning edification , Mr. Hakkani being among them, are not given even minimum care and time to get fresh air. This has caused physical and mental difficulties for many of them. The ward is especially dedicated to prisoners of conscience.

Also, because these prisoners are taken to medical centers with their hands and feet chained and are humiliated, they do not readily express personal interest to be transferred to hospital.

They do not go shopping, they do not work outside the house and they only go to hospital in a dire emergency. Out of a population of million in Pakistan, 37 million women and 48 million men are registered to vote in the May 11 polls in a country that has been ruled by generals for half its life and where military coups have repeatedly interrupted democracy. But in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, adjoining tribal areas on the Afghan border and Balochistan, few women voted at the last election and officials fear it will be the same again.

According to PMW, two other senior PA officials also expressed open support for the murderer who killed Evyatar Borovsky, an Israeli who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist last week as he was waiting for a bus at the Tapuach junction in Samaria.

The delegation will represent Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for his role in the Darfur genocide. Heading the delegation will be Bashir adviser Nafie Ali Nafie, a prominent participant in the mass killings.

The letter of protest was organized by The David S. It is the latest in a series of Wyman Institute initiatives seeking U. Let us not repeat that tragic mistake. The victims of Darfur must not be abandoned as were the Jews of Europe. The signatories on the letter, who come from the United States, Germany, Canada, Israel, England, South Africa, and Sweden, include the most distinguished figures in the field of Holocaust and genocide studies.

Existing laws mete out the death penalty to individuals convicted of murder, spying, homosexuality, or selling land to Jews. The new legislation will expand the crimes for which individuals can be executed to include disloyalty to a spouse — having sexual relations outside the context of marriage. All the punishments are derived from sharia, Islamic law. Five Tanzanians have also been arrested following the Sunday attack on a packed church in the northern city of Arusha that killed three people.

They are only suspects at this time. They can be released or brought to trial, it will depend on the results of the investigations. The bomb attack, which no group is known to have claimed yet, was described by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete as "an act of terrorism" and was one of the worst such incidents to hit the east African country in years.

More than 60 people were injured when attackers hurled a bomb into the compound of the newly built Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic church.

The church, in the Olasti district on the outskirts of Arusha, was celebrating its inaugural mass at the time and was filled with worshippers, many of whom were sitting on benches outside. Arusha is a town popular with tourists visiting the Serengeti national park and snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Vatican's ambassador to Tanzania, Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla, was among those attending mass at the church but was not harmed. Officials have given no indication as to who might have carried out the attack, but tensions have been high between Tanzania's Christian and Muslim communities in recent months.

Kikwete, who said he was "shocked and deeply saddened" by the incident, has called on people to remain calm while police investigate the attack. The proposed bylaw received the support of the deputy mayor, who bemoaned the fact that police were unable to punish same-sex couples under current regulations.

Couples meet in rented rooms and pursue relationships under a veil of secrecy, she said. Six of them face the death penalty if convicted in one of the most high profile cases since sectarian violence first flared nearly a year ago. A seventh suspect, who is under 16 years old, will be tried in a juvenile court in connection with the murder of the monk identified as Thawbita who, according to reports, was pulled off his motorbike, attacked and burned on March If found guilty, the maximum sentence that could be imposed on the teenager is seven years in jail.

The monk was among at least 43 people killed in a wave of violence stemming from a quarrel between a Buddhist couple and a Muslim goldsmith in his shop. Last month the goldsmith was among three Muslims sentenced to 14 years in prison each for various offenses, including aggravated assault, attempted injury, and aiding and abetting crimes.

A total of 70 people have been held in connection with the Meikhtila violence, the Irrawaddy journal reported.

For more on Honor Related Violence, click here. In a ruling issued on Tuesday, the Malmö Court of Appeals Hövrätten , upheld the teen's guilty verdict, but discarded the lower court's eight-year prison sentence.

The court instead sentenced the boy to four years in juvenile detention because he was 16 when he killed his sister. As the boy was only days away from his 17th birthday at the time of the attack, the lower court had decided to punish him as a year-old rather than as a year-old, allowing for a longer prison sentence. The appeals court verdict stated that had the the crime been committed by an adult, it would have warranted a sentence of life in prison.

The appeals court's verdict also confirmed that there was enough evidence to tie the teen to the murder, restating that the apparent motive was the notion of protecting the family's honour. The year-old's sister had previously fled a forced marriage in Iraq and returned to Sweden. Her body was found with multiple stab wounds in her Landskrona apartment in April Representatives of the Malmö-based organization Tänk om, which works to stop honour crimes, told local media at the time that the woman had been in touch with them for one year since returning to Sweden and that she slept with a knife under her pillow for fear of reprisals over her escape.

They claimed local authorities had ignored their warnings that the woman was under threat and needed protection. After being found guilty in district court, the victim's brother appealed his sentence and argued he should be set free.

Upon learning of the verdict, attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz, who represented the victim's sister, claimed the question of sentencing for violent crimes committed by young people should be tried in the Supreme Court Högsta domstolen.

There are a number of complicating circumstances," she told the TT news agency. She added, however, that she was happy that the appeals court had confirmed the "honour" motive for the killing, seeing the verdict as a sign that the Swedish courts are starting to deal with a matter facing many young people in Sweden. A spokesman for the rebels in Homs told the Al Sharq newspaper that Hizbullah forces carried out yet another massacre Monday near Al Qusair, in which they used knives to murder twenty people — most of them women and children who had been fleeing the battle zone.

At the end of the trial, the Christians were acquitted by a unanimous jury verdict. The lawsuit was later amended to add the Arab Chamber as a defendant.

The legal claims against the Arab Chamber defendants will proceed. Wood, Qureshi, and Rezkalla were subsequently charged with breach of peace, a misdemeanor offense. The decision to arrest these individuals was based in part on information provided to the Dearborn police by Arab Festival attendees, workers, and volunteers. When all of the information—including the video captured by Wood, Qureshi, and Rezkalla—was presented to a Dearborn jury, the jury found that these individuals were not guilty of the criminal offense of breach of peace.

The City of Dearborn regrets and apologizes for the decisions to arrest and prosecute David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, and Paul Rezkalla and the hardship caused to everyone involved.

Through this apology and its acceptance by David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, and Paul Rezkalla, the parties seek to build a bridge and to confirm to the community that members of all faiths are welcome in Dearborn to peacefully share their views and to engage in religious discussions.

And despite their acquittal, they continued to be treated as if they had committed a crime. With this settlement and apology, our clients have been vindicated and this dispute with the City will finally be put to rest. Giza Police Department received a tip from 6th October Hospital about the arrival of a housewife and her two daughters suffering severe burns which led to their death upon arrival at the hospital. Investigations revealed that an altercation had broken out between the mother and her two daughters because they stayed away for long periods and had multiple boyfriends, which led to bad reputation among neighbours.

The angry mother poured kerosene on the body of her two daughters and her body and set fire to them and in herself.

The fire spread to their apartment alerting the neighbors who broke the door of the apartment, but could not save them.

Mulongo said two people died in Sunday's bombing of a newly opened church in the northern city of Arusha. Nearly four dozen people were wounded in the blast just before the church's inaugural Mass, which was attended by the pope's envoy to Tanzania.

New information has come to light regarding the treatment of the young girls rescued from madrassas earlier this year. Some girls were also forced to work as slaves in the homes of Muslim families and were only fed one time a day. The rescued girls were told they would study at a Christian school and receive training to become beauticians. However, after completing the grueling travel from their villages to the capitol city, Dhaka, they discovered it was all a lie.

Suspicions Lead to Rescue. Last year Akash was selling bus tickets for a transportation company in Bangladesh when he noticed that a man named Norbert Tripura frequently traveled to Dhaka with groups of children.

Akash began to investigate the matter and soon discovered that countless families had sent their children with men, including Norbert, who were later discovered to be traffickers. With the help of an ICC ministry partner, Akash arranged for the rescue of the first twelve children in July More were rescued in October , followed by over rescued since January How Does This Happen. As minorities, Christians find it difficult to locate jobs and obtain quality education.

They are sometimes even banned from using community wells in the villages. As a result, many Christians, specifically the Tripura people, are extremely poor and desperate for a better life for their children.

This, in turn, leaves them vulnerable to traffickers like Norbert. The unidentified assailant opened fire into the air seven times before walking off on foot. The attack caused huge panic among those attending the service, but no one was injured.

The church located in Arusha's Olasiti suburb was bombed just before a mass in the presence of Bishop Josaphat Louis Lebulu of Arusha Diocese, who was accompanied by a representative of Pope of Vatican. Police in Arusha said one man was arrested in connection with the incident, which caused a lot of panic in the tourist capital of the East African country. Casualties are yet to be updated. He said the man was arrested following a tip-off from people at the scene when the explosion occurred.

Regional Commissioner Magesa Mulongo described the blast as horrific and unique in Tanzanian history, calling on the public to remain calm.

A witness said, "I saw more than 30 people, taken by a police vehicle, which took them to the Mount Meru Regional Hospital. Another witness said the bomb hit the church at around Last night one source said: This will come as a huge shock to everyone.

Asep Taufik Ahmad, a member of the Sukamaju village in the Singaparna subdistrict, said some hard-liners from a mass organization stormed the village at 1 p. The police tried to persuade the villagers to not go through with their plan, citing security issues. Some 60 police officers were standing by to secure the event. However, Asep said that hundreds of hardliners came to the village Sunday afternoon and broke past the police barricade. Tasikmalaya Police chief Sr. Wijonarko told Indonesian news portal portalkbr.

He said even though the attackers did not wear any identifying articles, the police believe they were members of the Islamic Defender Front FPI. Asep said on Sunday around 3: Singaparna Police chief Comr. Nono Suyono told Indonesian news portal Detik. The news was picked up by the media because the two Capuchin friars who lived there, with the help of the Lebanese and Syrian International Red Cross, and the nuncios of Lebanon and Syria, left with the Sisters of Mother Teresa and about ten seniors who lived in our place.

They were the last remaining Christians in the area to leave. His attempts to get to the scene did not succeed because of intense gunfire. Until recently, our church of Deir Ezzor was the only one left almost intact. But then a few months ago there was a video on YouTube in which you could see the church with the door and side wall gutted and soldiers entering.

Of course, the problems started within Egyptian society long before the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak, but they do appear to be worsening. And just when the issue of sexual harassment needs decisive action, Egypt's Information Minister Salah Abdul Maksoud has caused outrage by making remarks to a female reporter that appear highly derogatory, though the minister himself is unrepentant.

If Muslims are sympathetic to any cause at all In America, politically-charged, divisive, special-interest groups regularly make headlines with their claims of victimization at the hands of "intolerant Christians". It appears there is a tremendous disconnect with reality but many are waking up to the reality that political correctness has draped the entire country like a soaking blanket. Recently, comedian Bill Maher an atheist openly spoke out against the absurdity by the political left in America, which continues to paint all religions with a broad brush, insisting that Christians and Muslims are all the same; that they pose the same kind of threats to society.

Bill Maher, however, expressed that that kind of reasoning is nothing but "liberal bullsh There's only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounced the faith.

An ex-Muslim is a very dangerous thing. Just ask Salman Rushdie after the show, about Christian versus Islam. CBN News' report is an obvious confirmation of this. As CBN also reported, so far in , there have already been Nigerians murdered, most of them Christians and at the hand hands of Muslim radicals. The cleric's unusual explanation for quakes follows the prediction made by the country's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that a quake is certain to rock Tehran and many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate to save their lives.

Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi told the country's media that women who do not dress in dignified manner "lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society". According to Sedighi, the only way to escape the disaster is to take refuge in religion and adapt to Islam's moral codes. Windows were broken on the parish premises, the panel with the church name torn out and taken away and parts of the decoration in the entrance area destroyed.

Chicago's Ideas Week from October is an appropriate context for PRWeek to convene the PR industry for its high-profile and inspiring annual conference. The lawsuit alleges Whetstone smeared colleague Eric Alexander, who was fired from the ridesharing company for obtaining the medical records of a rape victim. Investors and board members have reportedly been disappointed in MDC's performance under Kauffman.

Almost all consumers expect brands to act ethically, but when it comes to what drives a purchase decision or brand support in these uncertain times, rational considerations trump emotional - and increasingly so, a study by WE Communications has found.

Martin Sorrell has unveiled S4 Capital's stock market prospectus and claimed the content production business will win clients by cutting out ad agencies. News to know on the leadership transition at CBS and Nike's performance since making Colin Kaepernick a campaign star. Taking a stand is fraught with risk and potential downsides, but iconic brands such as Nike and Levi's are embracing danger and drawing a line in the sand on issues as various as immigration, race relations, gun violence, and trade tariffs.

Consumers are divided on Nike's 30th anniversary campaign for Just Do It. But communications executives say it will place the sportswear brand on the right side of history -- and in the good graces of its diverse customer base.

Speculation about who is the author of an op-ed in 'The New York Times' is Thursday morning's big buzz. Communications consultancy MRM has acquired specialist media agency Capital City Media to build its paid media capabilities. The news this week that Mark Read had been appointed CEO of WPP came after a painful interregnum following the abrupt departure of the charismatic Martin Sorrell after more than 30 years at the helm.

But is Read a thoughtful and safe pair of hands or a dull accountant with little in the way of leadership skills? Should President Donald Trump's suggestion that public companies report earnings every six months come to pass, financial comms pros say it would result in a significant shift of the IR function's workload.

Marketers are still in the experimentation stage when it comes to interacting with consumers via home speakers. The learning curve is steeper than ever for reporters, editors, and producers entering the communications field.

The good news is they're used to rapid change. Boosting the bottom line versus protecting an agency's reputation is a dilemma in the spotlight amid the Papa John's crisis. Including one clothing brand that stepped away from its most prominent team sponsorship years ago.

Other companies are likely to face the same dilemma as Harley-Davidson as protectionist measures loom. Important societal issues affected the tenor of the event this year, starting with the moment Keith Weed stepped on stage. But experts questioned the long-term benefits of the "rebrand. Corporate communicators and former colleagues of the outgoing Starbucks chairman discuss why they think he should run for president. Pramana Collective rolls out new offering By Thomas Moore, September 14, The firm is breaking out a popular service provided as part of broader offerings since its inception.

Do former journalists still make good PR executives? It's the end of an iconic car brand with its roots in the s. Rachel Whetstone sued by fired Uber executive By Sean Czarnecki, September 13, The lawsuit alleges Whetstone smeared colleague Eric Alexander, who was fired from the ridesharing company for obtaining the medical records of a rape victim.

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