Les bienfaits du thé noir sont liés à une bonne santé et une perte de poids

Understanding Lean Mass

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Les vertus du thé noir pour la santé


In he traveled with in kms from where I live, 18 years before I was born to bring home the gold. He was sick at that time, high temps and ear infections ect? The genius of Paul Anderson, natural talent combined with intelligence. Most have one or the other, not both. To keep those interested up to date its now been almost four 4 months of rest since I lifted for less than two 2: No other system recognizes the fact recovery is far from a fixed predictable schedule.

I could lift as early as January but I already know that would be waaaay too soon. To me it seems you cant rest long enough. Even if I was fully recovered a month ago, if i wait an extra month it only helps and ensures that the muscle grew.

I only train the Bench press hold and an abbreviated seated row which basically acts as a deadlift. What kind of muscle gains have you made doing this type of workouts? Charlie, You might find what you looking for here: Its about scientific, rational, drug-free training principles. I thought this forum was for an intelligent discussion on muscle building, not about insulting me about going to some gay nude website the link you provided.

I WANT to look remotely like a bodybuilder! I want to look good in a swim suit! As for Arthur Jones, he was nothing more than a brash exercise equipment SALESMAN who made millions and did not produce the widespread results that he implied he could do because there never was a new generation of bodybuilders that came along using his HIT methods. My opinion is that Arthur Jones is often spoken of as if he knew it all — and so far my research is showing that he clearly DID NOT know all there is to know about building muscle.

Anybody that has been so vocal about making such an outrageous claim of gaining 35 lb of muscle and working out only once every six months had better have some darn good evidence to prove it. If not pictures, then what is your proof?

Whether you believe me or not is up to you. You have records that indicate your weight at different times. So obviously the question to ask is how exactly did you determine how much of that bodyweight gain is muscle gain? A hugely important factor never discussed that only Arthur Jones discovered is the 2 types of individuals who exist in the world. The possible benefits of this hugely important discovery go far beyond a superficial display of impressive muscular development.

Pete responded with his opinion that the Colorado experiment was a Fraud. Skeletal muscle has a plentiful blood supply whereas connective tissue does not. I stand just as big a chance of being wrong on this subject as I do right but my limited medical knowledge I feel I am right.

Check out how long a torn ligament requires to completely heal. This mode of thought has to be in the right direction. How does Drew measure the objective intensity of every exercise on every workout? And how does he make certain he gets progressive intensity every time he returns to the gym? Its clear to me now that local muscle cell recovery takes a relatively small amount of time. Your CNS like a pond and training is like throwing a rock into that still pond.

Totally ridiculous beyond words! Wondering how the Power-Factor-Minimalism-study is going. Since presently only set up for Static contraction training looking forward to the results. Soon will be getting the equipment to apply the results.

Check out this pic of 1lb of fat compared to 1lb of muscle. Mark — Thank you Mark for sharing your progress and showing it is not that hard to gain muscle and strength if we listen to our body. You continue to Inspire and look forward to hear of your progress. William, I can tell you I plan on using lbs more in august than I did in January for at the same of reps done in the same amount of time I did January. He complained how he shrunk away to nothing and got weak.

Why do you think people training the typical extremly high volume way shrink after long rest.. Or they claim they did…. Which they likely never keep. Maybe they confuse chronic inflammation and edema with growth and size gains. I practise SCT and can not do static 90 degree biceps curl in beginning I progressed or 2 times then I no longer made progressed.

How can I fix it, to make progress. I make progress in other exercises. There are always areas that lag. Whenever you are not making progress — and all other factors diet, illness, technique are unchanged the ONLY answer is to allow more time to recover and grow new muscle. The time you need in April is not the same as it is in June. I have trained for months but still have not progressed in 90 degrees SCT biceps curls.

I only made progress the two first biceps workout of all workouts I have done. What angle should you have when doing weigted sit-ups. I do it with EZ curl bar behind neck or head. Wolf, IMO your biceps more than likely simply cannot handle being directly trained. Especially so on highly sensitive people. Wolf, To get the maximum yield for your effort you or anyone else needs to use absolute least amount of volume done at the maximum level of intensity.

Others may need more. I need 0 no warm-up whatsoever before lifting maximum weights. So thats 40 — 44 weeks per year of no productive training to be the best of the best. Mark William Winchester Sr is right in it is not more is better. Recovery is highly undervalued. Mark William Winchester Sr — Thank you for your continued inspiring progress and links you share with us.

Well William the only thing I can say re: How much someone hypertrophies in response to strength training is impossible to calculate. Mark William Winchester Sr, through your success and progress, you inspire others to open their eyes to the blind dogma surrounding training showing anyone can gain strength and muscle. Each of us having the potential within us to find out how far we can take it.

Especially by not relying on some bogus supplements, living in the gym, or other such nonsense. By using ordinary food, unwavering desire to become the strongest, largest, healthest you can be, all the while enjoying life outside of the gym.

If its not accessible someone please let me know pft50k gmail. Wolf, Overtraining in Try dropping everything but the partial-range DL. I no longer make any progress in the exercises in Static Contraction Training in fact I am weaker.

What should I do to make progress in my training? You wrote do a partial in your post but you meant Static Contraction Training. With DL you meant deadlift or? Will squat alone be as well as deadlift in each workout. Is it effective to train Static Contraction Training with squat instead of deadlift as only exercise? Trust me I learned the hard way. This is what your hands are for. Mark William Winchester Sr.

I assume Pete used this basic horsepower formula since the only smaller universal measurement of time is a second which would be too small. Besides the human anaerobic window of time is in the majority of cases no more than 90 seconds and can be as small as 30 seconds. There is no everyone should do 1 set or 3 sets or whatever. Use whatever weight allows the max of reps in a minute for most people. As far which style to use my personal opinion is that across the board SCT provides a much more intense muscular contraction which of course is going to result in a stronger growth signal being sent to the CNS.

This is the only factor thats important. Not idiotic testosterone level. Trust me when I used steroids I had my Test. Is Mark William Winchester Sr. I have noticed they contradict each other nothing bad meant. Wolf, Thats my fault. Just use the partial-range DL and nothing else. Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Pete Sisco, is one to do 1 rep Deadlift and no more training. I would like Sisco himself to answer. Your body is telling you its tired, its overtrained.

Its like getting the flu. Only time will fix it. OTC meds will treat the symptoms but not fix it, only time will do that. Anderson would probably need in excess of 2,lbs if not 2,lbs to provide enough resistance for him to reach failure in 10 seconds. Then rest again for a month or so, maybe 4 -6 months. As Arthur Jones said this stuff is as old as dirt and just as simple.

What do you do in between these every 6 month workouts to meet your daily needs for movement, increased circulation and to promote the good feeling that exercise provides over a sedentary lifestyle? He has experienced great success using the deadlift only and seems to recommend it to everyone. I, however, have learned that extrapolating from what works best for one human does not always apply to 7 billion humans.

The variation between individuals is staggering. Most people failing in the gym are keeping no records of their objective intensity or their total work per unit of time as a ratio of recovery time.

Do that, with the deadlift or a dozen exercises, and you are doomed to inefficiency at best, and abject failure at worst. Which should I do rest or Deadlift alone at workout? When I have rested enough should I do deadlift one rep only per workout or everyother workout compared to before having rested?

There is no other exercise that comes close the muscle building potential of the DL…. It is only in the completed position that activation of the highest of muscle fibers is possible. Yes they could do that but those machines made conventional free-weight exercises seem like a vacation. IMO Jones was mainly wrong about the need for full-range resistance but very, very right about the absolute need for high levels of resistance in the fully contracted position.

The DL does this beautifully. In fact, it was Anderson who pioneered using partial-range reps. Then return to the gym. The need for daily exercise is a myth.

I have learned MUCH more listening to Pete Sisco and applying his principles in the past 4yrs once I grasped them than I did in the 20 before that listening to the absolute garbage that fills Learn from my hard, painfully learned wisdom.

The DL is all you need. I now require a minimum of 8 months to recover from less than 1: Wolf, No offense to ya but my amateur advice is free. Pete pays for the bandwidth to keep this blog running. Would Sisco agree to your answers to my questions? What frequency should I do deadlift workouts?

My opinion is the partial-range DL is the only exercise you or anyone else needs. But bear in mind to squeeze this incredible exercise for everything its worth you must train it much heavier than you ever believed possible ,lbs. But it one helluva goal to aim for IMO. Do as many 2in. One tip is to use cushioned supports and fully terminate the movement of the bar on each rep. Cap Mega Hex bar source: What frequency should I have when I start training again?

Rest for 90 days no exercise whatsover besides a brisk walk once or twice a week. Then return to lifting no more frequent than once every other month or so maybe 3 months or more. Counting sets is wrong just like me focusing on 1,lbs on the bar as a sole goal is wrong. Lifting it 25 times in less than: SCT is easier to do. You can easily screw your spine up permanently using very heavy weights like this if your form is not absolutely impeccable.

Your body has to be ready for shit this heavy bro. Just do PFT for a year or better yet two. Its not IF you have all the right safety equipment in place. How do I do that? Or how do I train after rest to not overtrain? Well my next workout sucked and I quit PFT. At 55 I figure I have 40 more years of lifting to do so patience with loading seems smart. I had the same issue years ago with kettlebell training in that the higher reps and my motor moron skills kept my back in a state of soreness.

Height, weight, age, lifting experience also. Even having spent the better part of the last couple years focussing more on bodyweight exercises, it took almost no time to get to once every days with a shorter version of the SCT beta workouts. Shorter in that I do:. I keep track of each exercise and weight and times religiously. And I focus on adding weight each time. So far I find the OH press aids the bench and the shrugs and deadlifts feed off each other as well.

Why do I do the beta? But patience is required. Werewolf — Speaking from my own experience, and believe that is what Mark is too, you need to build up to the level of intensity it takes to do a Static Contraction Deadlift or any exercise for one 1 minute. Just as Mark pointed out previously, Static Contraction training is the next rung up the ladder of intensity from Power Factor Training. Even Mark has shared how he progressed to where he is now. Learn from those that have already done it.

However, if you do start with the Static Contractions, just as Pete points out in his book on the subject, you build on the amount of weight as well as time. One does not simply walk up and start doing a lbs Static Contraction Deadlift without building step by step to that.

Let that fire of wanting to progress fuel your vision to one day accomplish that goal, then take the steps to get you there. OK, now for the 9 months of SCT training, what have you done?

Something like this as an example:. On the made up schedule above, if your next workout was 7 Feb and you could only do the bench with x 3 sec hold…you needed more time off. As Mark would likely say, work damn hard, rest like crazy, add weight and do it for years. It takes time and you will make mistakes. Just keep at it! His spine is permanently shot to hell. I failed to make progress that is why I stopped training. Could you please tell me again what frequency one should train deadlift after resting months?

How quickly do you recover? I do know all strength gains are to your disadvantage leveragely speaking. All strength increases are created behind the point of tendon attachment. If you train the partial-range DL heavy enough your going to delivering a HUGE amount of growth stimulation which will create an equally HUGE deficit on your body which will take a comparatively much longer time to recover from than say a set of curls or presses.

The bottom line is there is no human sense that will tell you your ready to train again. I have have quickly went over the whole site but can not find answer to my frequency training. Could you please tell me what frequency one should train deadlift after resting months?

So for your first bench workout, use kg and shoot for a 5 sec hold the latest SCT advice is 5 seconds not or 20 nor the old seconds. Are you going to get this exactly for 5 seconds?

Probably not as the SCT process involves some learning. All the lift factors…grip, position, comfort. If you got 5 seconds…great! One week later try kg for the same 5 seconds using the same process described. And keep doing this. Then someday in the future, might be 3 workouts from now or 7 workouts each with a week off in between …you are either not going to feel like benching or your benching session will result in you not making your new weight x 5 second goal. Either of those results is a sign of needing more rest and recovery.

So go to 10 days off after each bench day. Then it will grow to 15, maybe 20 whatever. This increasing variability in the rest times is the only that enables so many readers to make progress on most every workout. BUt sooner or later you are likely to miscalculate or just have a bad day and miss. You wanna bench, DL,shrug, and leg press every day? Go ahead, do it. But record your numbers and post them for all of us to see.

My last suggestion, actually buy the latest SCT ebook and read it. Get clear on what Pete actually recommends at this time. Then get busy lifting ever-heavier weights and rsting like crazy. Remember…everybody has to start somewhere. Pump them cheeks son! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I only have four 20 kg plates eighteen 10 kg plates kg which perhaps is all that fits on my barbell. I also have lower weight plates. What to do when I need more weight to progressively increase resistance.

I find the PFT to complicated. Is it OK I only workout same and only exercise when training i. In SCT book it is written that you aim for second hold not 5. When you car is stuck do you lower your body all the way down until your butt is on your heels, as in ATF squats? Your skeletal muscles don't have a f'in clue what a so-called "full-range" rep is. All they know is the amount of force they are being required to produce.

Tell whoever knocked PFT he's full of shit. You can afford a 1 cent book right? Remember Pete experiments with the lifting variables and makes changes to his recommendation in accordance with observed results. And get yourself a pair of kg plates…you have plenty of small plates already. But for now based on your bench of kg, you have plenty of weight for the next months, maybe longer. Get busy being successful by starting this weekend.

The book you recommended me to buy was for PFT. I actually prefer the ebook to the original paperback book as I tend to find books with pictures of the drug users annoying at this point in life. Set your smartphone up so you can time the set s and get busy lifting. Sooer or later you hoist some iron for the talk, questions and answers to have any meaning. If you really want to be stronger…you really got lift weights. I have not trained for 24 rest days.

That I have rested 90 days is some kind of misunderstanding. I know that when you progress you remain with same rest. But if you fail to progress how many more rest days should you have? Could or should you train Benchpress and deadlift to hit all muscles or it takes to much recovery.

The best part of this routine? When I want ot do OH presses and the Hammer Row I have to go to the base gym, wait for people to get off the smith machine etc…what a pain. And my grand-daughter helps me by holding the smartphone timer so I can see it while benching…all good stuff.

I found the post that made you think I had rested 90 days. What I meant was what to do when I finished resting. I would prefer doing the Deadlifts alone SCT style if I still would get overall body hypertrophy from it.

What is your opinion? I meant if it is effective to train deadlift alone compared to training benchpress and deadlift together. And because the DL-only should be easier recovery-wise than trying to recover from 10 exercises, maybe you can maintain that once a month progressive pattern for the next 4 years. But what if it takes 10 yrs to accomplish that instead of just 5 yrs? Maybe you then in my 10 year example weigh solid pounds.

I intend to do deadlift only SCT-style once I start training again. How often do you think I should start training? Will I gain more strenght and size from a Deadlift only training compared to a combined Deadlift and benchpress training. I think I should do the seconds since that is described in my SCT training book I am used to that. Can I start training already even if I have not rested 90 days?

The author talked about this oldimer from the civil war era who did only the health-lift with enormous. Apparently this old guy was amazingly well built, powerful, etc. Not a great summary of his 28 page article but it works. I would also do the 5 second hold instead of the second.

His data collection tells hims that a longer hold is ridiculously less intense than the shorter 5 sec hold. What was your last DL weight and for how many seconds? Would it not be 2 sets of 5 second holds one DL and one benchpress.

How am I adding 2 minutes to the exercise session every 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 days or however long your recovery cycle is! My last deadlift before 90 day rest was 95 kg x 13 seconds My last benchpress before 90 day rest was kg x 20 seconds. Can I do DL one workout and next workout Benchpress or should both be at same workout? I find I will be most fresh for each exercise that way. You said one should do 5 second hold. What does that mean? When should one increase weight and when should one decrease weight?

A doctor named Ford wrote an excellent book on it. I can send you a pdf copy of it. Jim and Mark, great input. Which is better for building muscle, strengthening muscle as fast as possible? I apologize for the confusion with the 2 minutes. In the latest SCT ebook Pete offers two programs…I do the second one which is called the beta and involves doing four sets of 5 second holds within 2 minutes.

Go DL kg x 5 second hold 2. Take as long as you need to switch to the bench press 3. Bench press kg x 5 second hold. Just do…no need to anguish over it. Add a few extra days when needed and get on with it. Wash, rinse, repeat for years. Thought for sure I nailed your reference on that story. I think I can train earlier since I believe I am only slightly overtrained, I reviewed my training pappers and saw that I was only overtrained in some exercises. I intend to start SCT train and see if I progress.

If I progress I am no longer overtrained. If I am overtrained I can start resting knowing I am really overtrained. Is the deadlift and bench press enough to train entire body? How about deadlift alone is it enough to train entire body? Is the deadlift and bench press enough to train the entire body? DL — lift bar inches off the rack about mid-thigh for me.

Hold it right there without moving…for 5 seconds! If you get the full 5 seconds, great!! Next time days later add a bit of weight and try again. If you can only make 3 seconds, wait for now days and shoot for 5 seconds with the previous weight.

The only way to get there is to build up your body and you do that by putting together 10, 30, 40, 80 workouts, appropriately spaced for full recovery, with small increases in weight. Trust me on this…it adds up! Even if you only added 2. Jim makes a great point re: I should add the actual weight on the bar is really meaningless.

I could go lighter e. Conversely I could go heavier e. I will start where I ended last time I trained with 24 rest days. I will do this Sunday 8th May. Could you please explain. Do I do both again even if you only fail to progress during one of the exercises or do I the non-progressive alone or how do you do?

In the SCT paperback I have, I recall the standard was seconds…when you held a weight for 15 seconds that meant you increase weight next time around. That next time you might only get 4 seconds. You then shoot for 8 sec, or 12 or 15 seconds the time after that. Once you get 15 seconds back then …you added weight. So the answer I gave in the last reply is somewhat different than the older SCT instruction of Now Pete says 5 seconds.

If you get the full 5 seconds add weight the next training session. Injury potential is part of any lifting.

You could have all kinds of injuries…not from the SCT protocol, but because your DL form sucked and the weight was way too heavy for you. Appreciate the healthlift download! The book itself reminds me of the Blaickie book on how to get and stay strong.

Is it OK if I rest more off the exercise I failed to progress. I did it with seconds SCT. I get it with that methodology. Is it OK if I rest more off the exercise when I failed to progress. One guy lists a 6inch chest increase in just a few months. Start spending the majority of your time thinking about success! So you take a couple extra days…big deal.

If your numbers are stuck and backsliding add more rest. Shoot for success each time and deal with failure if it shows up. Final thought — screw waiting until May 8…go get some positive action in your lifting today!

Erase thsoe failure doubts today! When I progress I add weight when I fail to progress I add rest between all workouts? What if you fail to progress during e. In fact, over the years of reading the superslow, Baye, BBS and others, I think the biggest mistake they all make in their application of HIT, is they have almost completely forgotten how strong Casey Viator and Ray Mentzer were!!

I bring this up because I was thinking about your comment of the sweet spot from doing more reps upto with fewer reps in your: I admit to having some jealously with your ability to make the big jumps with the long break periods. As you said…individual differences! According to SCT you should increase 3 rest days every time you fail to progress and keep it every workout til you need even more rest. Then use that rest period etc. Is that not right? Also appreciate the healthlift download!

Looking forward to reading it. Agree with Jim, it reminds me of the Blaickie books regarding getting strong. Jim I want to be clear I am not in any way posting my poundages or performances to boast or brag. Never anything earth-shaking broken backs, major pec tears, blown out knees but annoying things which would eventaully lead to training stoppages. Additionally with the partial range exercise, I get to use heavy, satisfying weights for me.

Whoever administers the test should test each site in round robin fashion at least twice. They should pinch your abdomen, then other areas, then return to the abdomen for a second pinch.

If the results vary greatly, they should take additional measurements to narrow down the precision of the answer. I prefer the calipers over other methods for testing body fat, when your Body Mass Index indicates that you are not in the obese range. The majority of equations for body fat percentage were not computed from obese or heavier people, and therefore they can be wildly inaccurate.

Body fat percentage is sometimes used as an estimate of how healthy or fit you are. With obesity on the rise and recent changes with the health care reform tax credit , many are seeking to shed excess weight and furthermore, keep it off.

Statistically, someone with a lower body fat than someone else is probably more fit. This is not always true, however. A person with an extremely fast metabolism who eats junk food all day long may maintain a low body fat, but make no mistake: Perform the test yourself, or have someone else do it. If you have different people perform the test, even trained professionals, the results may vary widely.

Someone who looks great and feels good but has a higher body fat has no reason to drop any lower. Someone who appears to have extremely low body fat based on measurements but looks overweight and feels terrible should probably consider dropping weight. There are many different ways to measure body fat. Operator error can make the measurement inaccurate and ruin any precision.

If you are interested in seeing what various body fat percentages look like, check out the Body Fat Percentage Guide for Men. It is common for obese individuals to assume they have more muscle on their body due to an inaccurate body fat measurement. I use the scale as the primary tool until you are in the overweight range but not obese on BMI, and then start to use the calipers for body fat. While other methods, such as body fat scales and hand-held devices are useful for measuring trends, they tend not to be as accurate or consistent as calipers.

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