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Meanwhile, the sell-off and benefits from tax reform mean that UPS now is trading at just 15x the midpoint of its guidance for Apache Corporation APA has declared the regular cash dividend on the company's common shares. Not all publicly traded securities are ranked; data may be incorrect or out of date. The stock still trades at less than 11x EPS estimates. A lot of people ask about my investment theses, so that seems to justify this post. VMI offers a diversified portfolio — and across the board, business has been relatively weak of late.

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I am here to tell you that I will challenge him this fall for leader of retail — as I am a man of extreme style and panache — who has a keen eye for all things to do with high end and retarded end fashion. Having the advantage of cavorting amidst both classes, I consider myself to be a foremost expert in knowing what people want. Courtesy of Exodus , here are some things that have me interested in this trade.

The overbought-oversold oscillator is at the lows, an implication that the apparel stores are in fact stressed to the downside.

From a seasonal perspective, September is a bag of dicks for apparel. This is typically a good time to barrel into high end fashion. And here are the only high growth companies in the sector. Jeffrey Macke says and only focus on these merchants of Chinese manufactured textiles. But in my head, at this moment, it seems like a nice windy narrative to travel down — the type of story you might tell your grandkids 30 years from now — when the Captain of Bloggeries, the best trader alive, decided it was time to pivot away from SAAS and into Apparel and killed it in the process.

Our stories will live forever. Fri Sep 14, 3: I sold the whole position for a loss of 9. The hurtful thing about this trade, obviously, is that I lost money in a manner unnecessary. Hence, today I am a gigantic mammoth fucking loser. I was already in a pretty dour mood — feeling like an odious stock trading gorilla. Now with this loss, I am a confirmed ape tucked away in a dark corner of stupid, somewhere in central NJ — where the people are misfitted and the tree are old and bleak.

Fri Sep 14, 2: I am just about cashless now and involved with several high octane trades that I have no business in right now. I mucked up this NIO trade 10 ways till Sunday. Second, I knew QTT would lift off. So here I am now, holding my dick in hands — looking at my past 9 booked trades and feel dreadful about it. It has since started functioning again. I may stop using these sheets altogether, but they are still there. The pricing updates for QQQX has failed once again in yet another area of the spreadsheet.

Google will soon discontinue some parts of Google Finance, so there is an existential threat to my Google spreadsheets. From the Silver Lining Dept.: This TDM software pulls all the dates and dividend amounts into the program automatically so all I need to do is input any buys and sells and the dividends are calculated automatically for me!

I can pull up the ex-dividend list and it even shows ones in the past month I may have missed on my sheets and calendar. Mostly, though, I just use it now to forecast a week ahead for the ex-dividend dates, and subsequently the dividend amounts.

It should be noted that the sources Dustin uses to get dividend information has changed a few times recently but he has quickly responded with updates. On my Google spreadsheets, you can find portfolio holdings, dividend amounts, dates dividend pay dates, record dates, declaration dates, dividend amounts, ex-dividend dates, etc.

I have moved the cash and withdrawal amounts to the Google spreadsheets as well as the dividends spreadsheet. I will still post screenshots on the Dividends Received page.

There are usually 6 posts in the series when posted. The sharebuilder updates are issued roughly twice a month. The withdrawal update is issued monthly. Of course, if something major happens I might be tempted to throw something up about that. At current levels, however, the market is pricing in close to zero chance of Exxon hitting its targets. Any improvements in production, or pricing, provide upside. In this market, recommending a restaurant owner — let alone a hot dog restaurant owner — might seem silly at best.

NATH at the moment. NATH, too, has seen a sharp pullback of late. Fiscal Q3 earnings in February were solid. Foodservice sales similarly are increasing. The restaurant business has been choppier. But it remains profitable. YUM , among others, all of whom are getting well above-market multiples. Investors would do well to buy NATH ahead of that report. Earnings growth should be solid for the foreseeable future, given rising Fed rates and a strong economy.

BofA itself has executed nicely over the past few years. And tax reform and easing capital restrictions mean a big dividend hike could be on the way as well.

The stock still trades at less than 11x EPS estimates. Unless the economy turns south quickly, that seems too cheap. NTRI is another candidate to buy on a pullback. In a disappointing Q4 earnings release at the end of February, Nutrisystem disclosed a rough start to But marketing missteps led to poor results from Nutrisystem. Still, Nutrisystem is now priced almost as if growth is coming to an end for good.

ROKU undoubtedly is the riskiest stock on this list. And there certainly is a case for caution. But management also detailed a really interesting future on the Q4 call. Margins in the platform segment are very attractive and should allow Roku to turn profitable relatively quickly.

International markets remain largely untapped. BC is due for a breakout. Despite a boating sector that has roared of late, BC — the industry leader — has been mostly left out.

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