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Although the Williams sisters are closing in on these marks! Macy failed in retailing seven times before his store in New York became a success. This was after having spent two years in residency camp in California with the National Teams Program.

He was so upset he went home and burned his boots in the fireplace. He bounced back, made the Team, and played in the and World Cups. Consider the times when you tried to learn a new game or sport.

Did you get it perfect the first day? A high school friend of mine one of the two goalkeepers on my high school soccer team once told me when we were in our late twenties that he did get one sport right the first time he tried it. I was so elated; I felt so good. Is an easily accessible RSS feed necessary for the audience?

Do you launch an e-newsletter to push new posts out? How do you collect all of the email addresses? Will you simply share the link or will you frame the potential conversation depending on the social network? Do you share links to every post on every network? Do you stagger your frequency?

Golic says it was good that his dad taught him to drive at an early age because it came in handy for one of the road trips in May of from Notre Dame back to their Cleveland home.

He was 15 and his brother Greg, who was about to turn 17, took their parents car to Notre Dame to pick up their brother Bob at the end of the school year. It was the last night of school, so everybody went out and Bob and Greg over-indulged," he says. I did not have my drivers license, but my dad had taught me to drive. Bob started driving home, and Greg was in back seat asleep or passed out, and I was in the passenger seat and Bob looked tired. It would be a four and a half hour drive, and they weren't even 20 minutes into the drive when Golic had to take over.

Dad taught you to drive. I got in the driver's seat. I started to drive. Bob stayed awake as long as he could, which was 15 minutes, and he said, 'Just stay on this road until you see a sign that says 'Cleveland. About four hours later they arrived safely home, with a year-old Golic piloting their parent's car. We did shows together for a number of years," Golic says.

It's the same time slot. It's morning radio, so we'll have some morning radio fun, bits and things like that. There'll be sports talk, social talk, like movies, fun stuff.

This show marks a new chapter for Golic, who fans got to know on Mike and Mike over the years. It's an exciting new start to a new show with people that I know—Trey who I've worked with and my son who's just getting into this business.

Golic says the transition to this new show with Wingo was easy. We've known each other for a long time, so sitting with him four hours a day has been fun as we continue to develop what we truly believe will be destination radio each morning. Throw in the opportunity to sit next to my son on the other side of me, and this show has been a true pleasure to develop. Golic and Wingo airs 6 a.

Super Lap Battle Wang December 22, See all 8 photos.