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African-American Grants
October-June, annually Pell Grants, based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA, remain a reliable source of funds for eligible low-income students, including African American males who may fall in this bracket, as well as other underrepresented minority groups. Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation. EHTP gives youth access to educational resources that are not available in their JRS seeks projects that increase the access to and use of biodiversity information relating to freshwater biodiversity assessment and the conservation of freshwater ecosystem services in targeted countries in eastern and southern Africa. Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. People for the American Way Foundation.


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Grant amounts typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Students applying to African American grants for education must be African American.

Graduate students of African American or other minority descent who are studying accounting full time and plan to pursue CPA credentials are eligible for this fellowship. The Ford Foundation Fellowships provides three years of support to African American students and other minority groups who are pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy or a Doctor of Science in postsecondary education. These African American college grants are awarded at two levels to African American students and other minority Iowa undergraduates seeking their first degree.

Open to female African American students and other women in historically underrepresented minorities, students in their second, third, and third-fourth year of business administration, law, or medicine are eligible for the Focus Professions Group Fellowship. With more than 16 grants for African Americans available, the NBNA aims to encourage African American students, especially women, to pursue a career in nursing and nursing-related fields through higher education.

Offering more than 12 African American college grants to students and aspiring journalists within the black community, the NABJ funds specialized awards named after notable women in the industry, including the Patricia L. Wells Award, to honor black females pursuing this professional field. I want to start a Cattle Fattening Farm in Swaziland, any suggestions where i can get financial help. Home Call for Applications Call for Proposals: African Development Foundation grants for African enterprises.

Nigerian Conservation Foundation Chief S. United Nations Public Service Awards Iam searching a PhD scholar ship in Pharmacology. I am looking for scholarship to study aviation related courses home or abroad for masters.

Goodday sir, Kindly furnish me with information on how to open the link below to enable me complete the Grant Application Form.

I need a research group on mathematical modeling on biomathematics. I need a scholarship grant for Ph. GCSSRP is a long-term large-scale structured and coordinated research funding instrument implemented to address the identified fundamental research questions and provide research-based evidence required for socioeconomic development, sustainability and social cohesion. This funding instrument is aimed at researchers at South African higher education institutions or national research facilities working under the rubric of multi-wavelength astronomy, including optical and gamma-ray astronomy and the supporting theory.

The IFRR funding instrument was created with the aim of incentivising excellent research. The collateral objectives of the funding instrument include encouraging researchers to:.

These grants are aimed at collaborative research in a country that is a signatory to a binational or bilateral agreement between the NRF and a funding agency in that country e. This funding instrument award 3-year development grants to early career researchers in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. These fellowships are aimed at supporting the training of individuals for research leadership in all areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematical Sciences STEM at public universities.

RISP supports the acquisition, maintenance and development of state-of-the-art research equipment. This is a special intervention aimed at addressing the decline in the number of full-time university academic staff with a Doctoral degree and the inadequate supervisory capacity that currently characterises the South African academic landscape.

It seeks to accelerate the training of Doctoral candidates in order to improve the qualifications of employed academics and enhance their research and supervisory capacity and is aimed at addressing this problem for individuals in the final stages of their Doctoral studies. SARChI is a strategic intervention of the South African government designed to attract and retain excellence in research and innovation at SA universities.

In particular, it is aimed at increasing scientific research capacity by developing human capacity and stimulating the generation of new knowledge. Thuthuka aims to develop human capital and to improve the research capacities of designated researchers black [African, Indian or Coloured], female or persons with disabilities with the ultimate aim of redressing historical imbalances.

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Please provide a client satisfaction rating by clicking on the appropriate score below: By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. These scholarships are targeted at SA citizens and permanent residents only with the following exceptions: Postdoctoral fellowships allow applications from all nationalities and are awarded to applications of any nationality, based on a pre-determined quota, and the awarded funds have to be used in South Africa.

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