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By contrast in other locations transport costs are much less, such as Beijing , Bangkok , Zaragoza , Phoenix , and, of course, coastal cities like Tripoli. Market Update, This study presents an in-depth analysis of the key trends impacting the Business carrier services m Hermetic, sulphonated nano-composite membranes have shown to be capable of removing a various contaminants to the parts per billion level. The facility reached capacity only in Communications research includes the social and cultural implications of the media and technology; audience studies and ratings research; and the implications of communication in building community. Retrieved June 29,

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The Australian Indigenous Health Info Net is working to 'close the gap' by providing the evidence base to inform practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The Systems and Intervention Research Centre for Health SIRCH undertakes research into Aboriginal and Community Health, working with the community to develop and evaluate innovate models of care, and challenging models of healthcare provision.

Our research is diverse, including dating sediment cores around the globe, discovering biomarkers in clinical settings, and monitoring plant metabolites.

Our researchers, through the exciting emergence of metabolomics technology, are examining complex biochemical processes that form the building blocks for life, and determining how this knowledge can be applied to solve issues in both health and the environment. Our researchers create intelligent solutions in various domains such as computer games and biometrics, and are improving business decisions through the use of web-based intelligent decision support systems.

Researchers have strong links to community, industry and government agencies thus ensuring they tackle real-world problems. A newly established laboratory will focus on neuroplasticity post-neurological damage through the use of robotics and non-invasive brain stimulation. With a focus on business in society, nationally and internationally recognised researchers undertake a range of applied research that influences government policy, organisational behaviour and decision-making, and develops frameworks, processes and skills for businesses and individuals.

Social marketing research concentrates on issues such as mental health, positive parenting and positive ageing. Sustainable tourism research focuses on social and environmental impacts of tourism, sustainable destination management and eco-tourism. ECU education researchers are recognised nationally, particularly for their expertise in research and program development in literacy and science teaching. Education research and development is conducted in collaboration with state and national education bodies to improve policy, curriculum, teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes.

Other strengths include research on school resourcing, school effectiveness and the improvement of student retention and participation, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Civil engineering research at ECU aims to provide practical solutions to real-world problems related to geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Researchers use a multi-mode approach to studying human athletic performance using techniques in the fields of physiology, biomechanics, psychology, motor control and learning, neurophysiology, biochemistry, medical imaging and others to improve understanding.

Researchers in the creative arts have been proactive in the development of a practice-based research culture. Outputs include public exhibitions, performances, musical recordings, installations and publications. Research in psychology includes clinical, forensic, developmental, community and social psychology. Skip to main content Skip to global navigation Skip to local section navigation Skip to supplemental navigation. Our campuses We have three campuses in Western Australia.

Campus facilities ECU provides a variety of services and facilities that go beyond the classroom, with opportunities for personal development and social interaction for students and staff. How to get involved There are several ways to get involved with research at ECU.

Graduate research ECU has a lively research community that is committed to supporting research students. Apply for a research degree Research scholarships Graduate Research School. Supporting researchers Our Office of Research and Innovation provides comprehensive support services to researchers.

Office of Research and Innovation. Series Researcher testimonials Contact. Help us improve our content by rating this page. Page rating system Please leave a comment about your rating so we can better understand how we might improve the page.

Areas of expertise include: Aphasia rehabilitation; Infectious diseases management; Simulation and professional preparation; and Nutrition as medicine. Computer network and systems vulnerability testing; Network attack modelling; Honeypots; Digital Forensics; and Critical infrastructure security. Ecology; Environmental Science and Management. Engineering Chemical; Electrical and Electronic; Materials. Chemical Engineering research includes: Electrical and Electronic Engineering research includes: Materials Engineering research includes: We undertake innovative research to develop knowledge, evaluate effectiveness and implement change in healthcare through interventions, treatments and knowledge to transform and shape policy and practice in three key areas: Exercise Medicine and cancer; and Circulating Melanoma Cells.

Aboriginal Culture, Education and Health. Other examples of our research include: Strengths Environmental radiochemistry; Biogeochemical cycles in the ocean; Sediment dating; Metabolomics; Data Science; Biomarker discovery; Mass spectrometry; and Plant chemistry. Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing. Strengths Artificial intelligence; Games; Mobile technology; Optimisation and simulation; and Image and signal processing.

Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Business and Management; Tourism. Strengths Finance and capital markets in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region; Services, especially financial services, marketing and tourism; Information and Communication Technologies and Innovation; and Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises.

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