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Some clients come to us tall and thin. This one is giving better results. Get the complete system shipped directly to you. He says Precision Nutrition coaches can work with anyone and whether you want to eat vegan or paleo, want to gain or lose weight, they aim to help you be healthy and hit your goals. Also, each exam corresponds with the chapter you just studied, and completing the exam unlocks the next chapter. What information is most important?

It's no big secret:

Precision Nutrition’s Guide to Portion Control Using Your Hand

I've also done some not-so-nerdy things like work with pro athletes and show personal trainers how to get better results with their clients.

Plus, several peer-reviewed research papers have documented the safety and effectiveness of our approach. Helping people take control of their own health and fitness is meaningful work we truly love and take a lot of pride in here at Precision Nutrition. Which is why I'm a little saddened — and, honestly, a little angry — with the state of the nutrition and fitness industry right now.

It's way too confusing for most people to figure out. And that bothers me. Especially whenever "the next big diet" comes around. I'm saddened because I see a bunch of hopeful people put their trust in a diet or philosophy that will end up failing them in the long-run They're people with real lives and jobs and responsibilities to focus on.

All they want to know is how to eat better so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives. And in my opinion, everyone deserves access to the best information.

No, the people I blame are the "experts" who crank out diets or claim that one way of eating is superior to every other way of eating.

And on and on and on. Now of course, not all of those diets are bad. In fact, many are quite good, especially the ones that help control appetite, improve food quality, and raise nutrition awareness. You're either gonna eat low carbs and high protein or all raw veggies and no meat, or whatever But here's the thing everyone seems to be missing: There is absolutely no "best diet" that every person should follow.

And if the people who write diet books spent enough time actually working with clients — like we do at Precision Nutrition every day — they may start to feel the same way, too. There's simply no way to help all those people eat better and get healthier if you're militant about a single diet or nutrition paradigm.

But if you sell your vehicle, or maybe one of your children, you'll be able to afford the organic and free-range whole foods we recommend in our program. That's the only way to get healthy and fit. We all like 'em. But this program is all about cutting way back. Low carb is what works, period.

So say goodbye to pasta. But eating animal foods You need the protein and the fat. And it's how our ancestors ate. So suck it up, throw a steak on the grill, and let's get this party started.

While these responses are a little extreme, they're not that far from what I hear every day in the gym or read on Facebook. And when people are confused Or worse, they do nothing and never change. As you can probably tell by now, here at Precision Nutrition, we know it's possible to get healthy and fit whether you eat high carbs or low carbs, meat or no meat, large meals or small meals There is no one "best way. So important, in fact, that without it, most people don't have a chance of actually fixing their nutrition and getting in shape, no matter how much information they have.

That's what we use at Precision Nutrition. In some ways, it's the direct opposite of a diet. And it's why our clients have been so successful. If "doing a diet" means overhauling your life on Day One and adopting a set of "rules" to follow, a nutritional progression model builds habits intelligently and sustainably over time. At Precision Nutrition, we've spent the past few years refining and perfecting our approach.

So much so that our system is known by some of the top coaches in the fitness industry as "the best-kept secret in nutrition. We don't just give people information and send them on their way. Instead, we teach them how to use that information, and put it into daily practice. And when people have the best information, specific habits to follow, and know how to fit it all into their busy lives Learn how to take control of your nutrition and transform your "bad habits" into a healthy lifestyle.

After working with nearly , clients with the Precision Nutrition method, we've learned what truly works when it comes to getting in better shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. The trouble was, unless you were a coaching client of Precision Nutrition and worked directly with us, there was no way to get all that useful information. With the nutrition industry confusing everyone by pumping out diet after diet and arguing over who's "nutrition philosophy" is better, we felt morally obligated to give people another option.

So recently, we worked hard to put everything we've learned about nutrition, eating well, and lifestyle habit-change into one complete program: If you're someone who wants to take control of your own health and fitness, make a lifestyle change, or just learn our best-kept nutrition secrets In other words, not only do you have access to our online fitness and nutrition blog, we actually ship you a package with everything you need to begin your journey toward making change and taking control of your own health and fitness.

Before beginning any nutrition plan, it's important to start with the right mindset. In this introductory guide to Precision Nutrition we provide an overview of the program and present 10 success strategies guaranteed to help you stick with the plan.

After a whole page of me railing against the word "diet" you're probably surprised to see the title of this guide. This isn't a "diet" as you know it, but rather a complete, beginning-to-end system that fills in the blanks and puts everything into proper perspective. We cover everything from food selection to meal timing to nutrition program design. In short, it's everything you need to start making change.

I'll show you the exact steps you need to take right away if you're going to succeed. Every step is laid out in detail, and in less than 45 minutes you'll have done precisely what most people never think to do. Most of us are on-the-run all day long and don't always have time for a "healthy meal. Filled with healthy recipes that fill you up and taste great, our Super Shake Guide is customizable depending on your body type and goals.

All you need is a blender. You've got a job, a family, friends, hobbies, and more. What you don't have is endless time to plan and prepare meals. With the 5-Minute Meals Guide, however, you'll have dozens of delicious Precision Nutrition meals that can be made in under five minutes. Great nutrition has never been this convenient. Everyone can improve their health and fitness by eating more plants. Unfortunately, many vegetarians don't eat that well. This section helps those who choose not to eat meat adapt the Precision Nutrition principles to their way of life.

Just like the 5-Minute Meal Guide, we give you a complete list of dozens of delicious, perfect plant-based Precision Nutrition meals that can be made in under five minutes. As your body changes, your needs change. And so your nutrition plan must change too. There's only one way to continue to get results, and that's to tailor your diet specifically to your body, your goals and the results you've gotten in the past.

This guide shows you how. At Precision Nutrition, we have a battery of assessments, questionnaires and tests that our clients undergo regularly. Coupled with the Precision Nutrition System, these assessments allow us to get rapid results with clients. In the Measurement Guide I'll teach you exactly what to do Believe it or not, the most challenging aspect of eating well for most people is not changing their body in the short term, but rather maintaining it in the long term. In other words, it's easy to lose weight.

It's hard to keep it off. In this Maintenance Guide, we'll show you exactly how to keep the body you've worked so hard for. From the very beginning, Precision Nutrition has incorporated what we've learned is the critical component of a successful nutrition program: In the Support Guide, we show you how to make use of the support around you.

And if the people around you aren't as supportive as you'd like, we show you how to make use of our circle: No, these are NOT e-books. While we have released books in the past as downloadable PDF e-books, that's not what the Precision Nutrition guides are.

The Precision Nutrition System is a print product that will be sealed and delivered to your door. It contains all 11 guides, conveniently separated by tabs so you can quickly flip from section to section. The beauty of the binder system is that it's completely "modular," in that you can add more sections to it as your needs change. In our online fitness and nutrition blog, you'll find hundreds of articles, worksheets and much more.

That's a good question. But let me turn that around on you real quick: How do you know your nutrition plan is good? Is it because you "try to eat healthy? If you don't already have the body you want, then your nutrition plan is not good enough.

So if you want to know whether the Precision Nutrition System is right for you, then just ask yourself this question:. But if you answered no, then I can say without the slightest hesitation that the Precision Nutrition System is exactly what you need.

The Precision Nutrition System is in stock and will ship within days after your order is placed. Shipments within Canada are shipped from our Toronto warehouse via Canada Post. And overseas International destinations are sent via FedEx International. All orders are trackable. North American orders typically take days for delivery and overseas orders typically take days for delivery. However, you have immediate access to our online fitness and nutrition blog, so you can start learning immediately.

The information in the Precision Nutrition System is something I want everyone to have access to because it's so powerful and different. I honestly believe it will change the lives of thousands of people. That's why for the next 2 hours, I'm going to give a big discount to the people who are ready to learn the best information science and real-world research has to offer.

At Precision Nutrition we like to reward people who stop talking and start doing. So here's the deal: You have 45 days to review all the material, and if for whatever reason it's not for you, just return it and we'll give you your money back. Very disappointed that we wasted our money. Preserved, November 7, Trdcx, December 31, No errors for me. I first used a CVS one with really cheap strips. These are about 8 bucks more than CVS's cheapest. But I had a coupon and I wanted to test between.

CVS is always higher. This one is giving better results. I believe to be more accurate even if I go off an Avg between the two. Honestly, it has to do with people not providing enough blood or the correct Angle. They then overcompensate with a huge blob.

I find even with the smaller. I have not once gotten errors on this one by Freestyle. Instruction booklet was all english, big, easy to follow. Cons are the touch screen is weird to me since its not truly touch you are pushing something underneath. And no back light. Just bear in mind some people with error complaints may not have steady hands or bleed good and are not able to get the accurate touch. The strips are solid and I don't drop them fumbling anymore like I do with paper thin ones.

I wish they came in a round tube not Foil. But it allows me to be more hygienic when I pull them out the foil.

I don't let skin oils touch either end like the tube causes me to do. I just add the blood horizontally at probably a 45 degree angle and instant read. The 5 seconds count down longer than the "5 seconds" the CVS one claims. It just feels like a more accurate reading for the Money.

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The Precision Nutrition Certification has a single purpose: