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Learn how to decipher food labels and choose healthy foods with ShopWell. Once it is downloaded and installed, instructions for the application's use can be found by left single-clicking on the 'Help' button on the application's upper left corner. Learn more about Cost Brain Restaurant food cost management solution, taking invoices and turning them into real time costing data for restaurants. This software aids in the design and analysis of center pivot and traveling lateral sprinkler irrigation systems. The mining algorithms available in MOA can be extended and achieve new stream generators or evaluation measures.

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The first package is the Python whose general purpose is acting as the programming language in SciPy. The python provides users with an interactive interface with the ability of interpretation and dynamically typing and suited for interactive work and fast….

SciPy is an open source software that has a complete collection of features that are used in solving engineering, mathematics and science problems and is also ideal for technical computing and computing scientifically. Julia is a sophisticated programming language that is of high performance used for numerical computation. Julia provides a comprehensive compiler, parallel execution that is distributed, a function library that is extensive mathematically and numerical accuracy.

All of Julia programs encircle several dispatches by defining and compiling up functions used in argument types of different combinations which in other cases can be defined by the user. The multiple dispatch provides scientists with the ability of defining function behaviors across several combinations of arguments.

Julia also features a dynamic type system which is able to deal with various types of documentation, dispatch,…. Julia provides a sophisticated programming language that is of high level and performance used in distributed parallel execution, extensive mathematical calculations, in getting numerical accuracy, and as a sophisticated compiler. Data Applied revolutionizes data-driven decision making by integrating rich analytics, data mining, and information visualization capabilities - all using a zero footprint Web interface, collaboration features, and a secure XML Web API.

By extracting valuable knowledge from data in domains as varied as Web Analytics, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Social Sciences or Non-Profit, Data Applied help organizations make better data-driven decisions and improve efficiency.

Perform collaborative analysis by securely sharing data sets with others. Decide who has access to what, and with which access level. This helps the company in better management as the right people are given their own tasks to…. Data Applied automatically discover broad categories of records using a cluster detection algorithm. The clustering algorithm finds groups of records sharing common traits, and generates profile information for each group.

Tanagra represents free data mining software for academic and research purposes. It provides several data mining methods from exploratory data analysis, statistical learning, machine learning and databases area. It is a successor of SIPINA which means that various supervised learning algorithms are provided, especially an interactive and visual construction of decision trees. Because it contains supervised learning but also other paradigms such as clustering, factorial analysis, parametric and nonparametric statistics, association rule, feature selection and construction algorithms, Tanagra is very powerful.

TANAGRA is an "open source project" as every researcher can access to the source code, and add his own algorithms, as far as he agrees and conforms to the software distribution license. The main purpose of Tanagra project is to give researchers and students an easy-to-use data mining software, conforming to the present norms of the software development in this domain especially in the design of its GUI and the way to use it , and allowing to analyse either real or synthetic data.

Fusion Tables is a web application for visualizing data that allows users to share data sets and combine them together to build data visualization online. The application is still experimental and its API has released V2.

It allows users to easily create data visuals and publish them online instantly with provided subsets and an easy format similar to online files. Fusion Tables supports the ability to work through larger data sets including filtering, sorting, summarizing them in collaboration with other users online.

Fusion Tables lets users combine multiple tables between users and publicly available data then merge them into one…. An experimental application to store, share, query, and visualize data tables. Make custom maps, charts, cards, and tables with your data or public data. NodeXL is a graphic application of networks.

NodeXL comes in two packages; basic and pro. NodeXL pro, on the other hand, extends features of the basic NodeXL and provides additional features such as access to social media network data streams, text analysis as well as sentiment analysis and advanced network metrics. Both the basic and pro-NodeXL features Graph Metric Calculations, the only difference is that the pro can calculate the degree of centrality, PageRank, clustering coefficient….

Node Excel is a graphic application that allows data generated from other websites and social media platforms be analyzed through graphical presentation by making use of graphic calculations, task automation as well as dynamic filtering.

Dataiku DSS is the collaborative data science software platform for teams of data scientists, data analysts, and engineers to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data products more efficiently. Dataiku develops the unique advanced analytics software solution that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more efficiently. Dataiku DSS is a collaborative and team-based user interface for data scientists and beginner analysts, to a unified framework for both development and deployment of data projects, and to immediate access to all the features and tools required to design data products from scratch.

The visual interface of Dataiku…. The visual interface of Dataiku DSS empowers people with a less technical background to learn the data mining process, and build projects from raw data to predictive application, without having to write a single line of code. Scilab is an interpreted programming language that is associated to a detailed collection of numerical algorithms that solve many aspects of scientific problems. Users do not pay for Scilab therefor making it a free software.

The binaries used in Scilab provide users with a good platform to process the 32 and bit type of data. Scilab has main features that enable users interact more and easily with Scilab. They include optimization, statistics, maths and simulation, signal processing, application development, 2-D and 3-D visualization and the control system design and analysis.

Scilab through the signal processing feature provides users with the…. Scilab is an open and free software that uses interpreted programming language that offers platforms of 32 and bit data processing and solves many aspects of scientific problems using the collection of numerical algorithms. DataPreparator is a free software tool which is designed to assist with common tasks of data preparation or data preprocessing in data analysis and data mining.

DataPreparator offers features such as character removal, text replacement, date conversion, remove selected attributes, move selected attributes, equal width, equal frequency, equal frequency from grouped data, delete records containing missing values, remove attributes containing missing values, impute missing values, predict missing values from model dependence tree, Naive Bayes model , include missing value patterns, Z-score method, Box-plot method, create binary attributes, replace nominal values by indices, reduce number of labels, decimal, linear, hyperbolic tangent, soft-max,….

DataPreparator includes operators for cleaning, discretization, numeration, scaling, attribute selection, missing values, outliers, statistics, visualization, balancing, sampling, row selection, and several other tasks. DataCracker does all the work of data analysis and gives users choices that they can understand.

Datacracker lets users import data to the survey data analysis software where it mines the data for more insights then a report is automatically written. NumPy provides a comprehensive package for scientific computing using a python programming language.

The NumPy library provides support to big multi-dimensional arrays and matrices. NumPy fully integrated package contains several features that makes it ideal for scientific computing, calculation of multi-dimensional arrays, matrices and even high level mathematics calculations.

The first feature of NumPy is the powerful N-dimensional array object that is used in the multi-dimensional arrays. Data scientists and developers performing broadcasting are also sorted out as NumPy provides detailed and easy to use functions. NumPy is a fundamental and complete suite library used for scientific computing by data scientists when using Python programming language and supports large matrices and multi-dimensional arrays and high level mathematics.

OpenRefine is a sophisticated tool for working on big data and perform analytics. OpenRefine is able to perform various tasks on data. The tasks are, cleaning data, transformation of data from one form into the other format, and also extend with web services and data that are external. OpenRefine provides the explore data feature that enables data scientists go through large data sets with ease.

The explore data feature is easy to be used as it also comes with a video explaining how it is used. The clean and transform data feature provided by OpenRefine enables data scientists also clean…. OpenRefine is a sophisticated tool that is able to clean data, transform data from one form to the other format, extend data with web services and data that are external, work on big data, and also perform analytics.

Massive Online Analysis consists of a collection of machine learning algorithms such as regression, classification, clustering, detection, outlier, recommender systems, and concept drift detection. Massive Online Analysis also features tools used in evaluation of data stream mining. Massive Online Analysis is ideal for data scientists as it performs big data stream mining in real time and also perform large scale machine learning.

The mining algorithms available in MOA can be extended and achieve new stream generators or evaluation measures. Massive Online Analysis features…. Massive Online Analysis consists of a collection of machine learning algorithms and an open source framework that enables data stream mining, regression, clustering, classification, outlier, detection, concept drift detection, and recommender systems.

DataWrangler is a web-based service which is designed for cleaning and rearranging data so it is in a form that other tools such as a spreadsheet app can use.

DataWrangler offers features such as exports transformation script as code which is a useful option for handling large data sets where the users first transform a sample of their data in the Wrangler interface, then run the resulting script on the full data set and supports output scripts in two languages such as Python for data-crunching on the back end and JavaScript for transforming in the browser, or using node.

EasyReg is an open source software that conducts several testing tasks and econometric estimation on all Windows platforms that use 32 and 64 bit form and also the Windows 7. EasyReg is configured to be used in teaching econometrics and empirical research.

The software is referred to as international because it is able to accept commas and dots as delimiters in decimal…. EasyReg is a free open source software that users using Windows platforms such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 are able to perform a number of testing tasks and econometric estimation. Matplotlib is a library for making 2D plots of arrays in Python which produces publication quality figures in a variety of hardcopy formats and interactive environments across platforms.

Matplotlib can be used in Python scripts, the Python and IPython shell, the jupyter notebook, web application servers, and four graphical user interface toolkits. IPython is open source BSD license which provides an easy to use, high performance tools for parallel computing.

We as consumers are inherently lazy. For example, there is virtually no cost to switch from Coke to Pepsi. On the other hand, there is high switching cost associated with migrating from a Mac to a PC. Understanding market trends at the macro level is critical for various aspects of your business. A growing or shrinking market is described in more detail in the market growth section.

Below are some of the other factors that will affect market trends:. The overall economy has a disproportionate effect on some businesses.

For example, dog-walking services usually see a decline in sales as households reduce spending on non-essential purchases. Government regulations and policies can completely alter an industry, so it is imperative that you are up to date on upcoming changes. For example, the Jobs Act of allowed for the first time non-accredited investors to participate in private placement of securities. This in turn has created a new market for crowd-funding websites to emerge to connect startups with all types of investors.

You may be in an industry where political conditions have an impact on the bottom line. For example, if you count the Dept. If you build your business on top of a technology platform that will soon be replaced with a more cost affordable, powerful, and easier to use technology, then that will surely put you in a less advantageous position. Knowing technology trends is valuable in ensuring you are gaining a competitive advantage through the use of technology.

Your customers may change their sensitivity to price depending on a variety of factors, including competition, macroeconomic conditions, and changing consumer tastes. Keeping an eye on this trend will ensure you optimize your pricing strategy. Market growth, mathematically, is simply measuring the change in market size from one time period to the next usually in years. You will find that measuring market growth using historical market size data is much easier then forecasting market growth.

Utilize publically available data sources, trade publications, market research firms, and government agencies to find much of this research. Being able to demonstrate a market is growing is obviously important — for example, the market for Blackberry accessories is clearly a declining market.

Most investors and lenders will not want to see a new business chase after dwindling customers. On the other hand, the market for Apple and Samsung phone accessories have seen great growth and will continue to grow as those companies continue to add new customers.

For example, Ford and Nissan are both in the automotive industry. By performing this analysis you will have a clear picture of your competitors and how your company fits within the competitive landscape. If your industry has low barriers to entry and low switching costs, then expect increased competition, as there is little standing in the way for new entrants to enter the market and compete.

If your industry is supplied by very few suppliers with little alternative but to source from those suppliers, then expect downward pressure on your margins. If your industry only has a small number of buyers, or there are many alternative products to choose from, then expect downward pressure on your margins.

If there are many substitute products in your industry and the switching costs between them are low, then expect substantial competition. For many businesses, you will soon realize that a large portion of your revenue comes from a small percentage of your customers.

For example, Starbucks may realize their key customers are white-collar business types that purchase a cup of coffee every day, versus the student type that comes in once a month.

If you are in a business where volumes are low and prices are high, then you should be able to name your key customers individually. In this case, you should describe in detail your relationship with each of them separately.

Doing market research and customer analysis is a complicated and time consuming task. Time to move on to the next chapter! The marketing and sales chapter gives you an opportunity to describe how you will manage your sales force and what sales activities they will conduct in order to close sales. It will be easier to write this section after you complete the subsequent sections as the overview section summarizes key findings from the other section.

Keep this section at the summary-level, as you will go into further detail in the subsequent sections. Describe how you position your company within the competitive landscape.

Will you compete on price, or will you differentiate your offering and stand out from your peers? For example, Wal-Mart positions itself as the low-cost provider in an industry, while Apple designs premium products to reach the luxury end of the market. There are three primary ways to achieve this:. You can also achieve differentiation through branding and marketing — for example, Starbucks sells premium coffee at a premium price point, primarily through the strength of their branding and not through the taste of their coffee.

If you are going shooting for the low cost provider strategy, then you will want to price yourself accordingly. Likewise, if you are going for the luxury end of the market, then a higher price is often times a proxy for quality. How price sensitive are your customers? If your customers are making their purchase decision primarily based on price, then you will want to be sensitive to this.

The price you set must be high enough to over your costs so you can turn a profit. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, you might want to achieve economies of scale by maximizing units sold, or you might be maximizing revenue to achieve dominant market share. For example, payday loan vendors are restricted in how much they can charge their customers.

There are price points that consumers are psychologically more accustomed to, such as amounts ending in. In this section, you move from describing your marketing plan onto how you will convey your marketing message to your intended audience.

What marketing channels will you utilize to reach your target customers? Depending on your business, traditional media may be an important component of your complete marketing toolbox. These would include television, radio, billboards, flyers, etc. There are a myriad of options available. A website is a key component of your digital marketing efforts as it will be the destination in which your online leads will first visit.

Word of mouth marketing is by far the most profitable and powerful marketing channel available to any business. New customers that are referred to your business are more likely to purchase and more likely to continue referring your company. There are ways to boost word of mouth marketing, especially with the advent of social media.

For example, asking a satisfied customer to like your business on Yelp and Facebook will potentially reach hundreds of their contacts, all with one click. Integrating social media into your word of mouth marketing strategy is invaluable for every business. Having a leading voice in your industry will help your business gain credibility from customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.

How will your products be available? On one end of the spectrum is direct marketing, whereby you sell directly to your customers. Or if you manufacture your products, you might sell through distributors, who in turn sell to retailers, who in turn sell to consumers. Product is stocked in mass-market distribution channels.

Examples include soft drinks, magazines, etc. Product is specialized and sold through specialized channels. Product is only sold through an exclusive channel. Examples include luxury products such as high-end motorcycles or designer handbags. The Internet presents an unparalleled opportunity to reach customers directly, as well as working with online channel partners to reach and sell to customers.

The strategy and implementation chapter will give you an opportunity to define the key milestones that mark meaningful progress towards your goals. It also includes sections that further elaborate on your competitors. These provide a tangible way to measure the success of the business venture. Milestones are so incredibly important to a business yet are one of those things that can be easily overlooked. Why are milestones so important? Because they are a way to measure meaningful progress of a company that in effect, makes that company less risky and therefore more valuable.

It becomes more apparent that the venture will succeed. Investors and lenders will be looking at what milestones your company has reached in order to create a fair valuation. Competitive edge can be bucketed into four primary areas: This is a straightforward competitive edge that is very difficult to deliver.

Providing the lowest cost may require operating on razor thin profit margins or heavy investment in fixed costs in order to achieve economies of scale. Do you provide superior time to market or customer service?

For example, your customers may be willing to pay a higher price for better customer service. Forging strategic alliances is a commonplace occurrence in business. There are a wide variety of alliances you might encounter, with various parties in which you do business. Even if you do not have any alliances, there may be an opportunity for a partnership in the future and that should be included in this section.

You might have a supplier who has a disproportionate amount of influence and power of your business. Striking a partnership in this case may decrease those risk factors and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors.

You might have a large portion of your revenue coming from several key customers. Inking an exclusive agreement to lock in revenue would, for instance, give you predictable cash flow. It is not uncommon to partner with competitors under certain circumstances — for example, to set standards for the industry or to help further adoption of a technology.

Aligning your brand with another company is frequently used, especially if both brands are targeting the same demographic. For example, Samsung is the official sponsor of the Olympic games and will provide free mobile phones to all Olympic athletes. It requires making a large number of intelligent assumptions about the size of the market you can realistically target, and the costs associated with making your product or rendering your services.

Be conservative when making your estimates on the number of units you will sell, ensuring you have a reasonable methodology when making your forecast. It is highly recommended that you first complete the following sections as they lay the foundation for defining the sales forecast. Your sales forecast should sync with your Sales and Marketing plan. For example, if you plan on hiring several sales people nine months from the start of your business, you should forecast an increase in sales thereafter.

Otherwise known as cost of goods sold COGS. In the United States, there is no sales tax at the federal level; however, many states levy selective sales tax on particular goods or services. Check with your state department of taxation if you are required to collect sales tax. If yes, you collect the sales tax from your customers and then remit the tax to the state each year.

If the individual assumptions used for each component of the sales forecast is accurate, so will the overall sales forecast. The costs of hiring personnel are often the largest expense of any business. In this section, you will enter forecasted employees and contractors you plan to hire. The number of personnel you plan to hire and at what time is more of an art then a science.

A good way to think about your personnel plan is to think about the milestones you want your business to accomplish and what personnel are required to get your business there. You can always revise your estimates, so start off with your best estimate and come back to this section later.

Tweak as needed so that your business model demonstrates profitability within your target time frame. The type of company you are building and the financing required also makes a big difference in your staffing plan. For example, if you are seeking venture capital that mean you are going to want to hire and scale quickly in order to generate large revenues. Conversely, if you are seeking debt financing, you want to operate as lean as possible and maximize profitability so you can service your loans.

This is referred to the burden rate, which provides a truer picture of total labor costs than payroll costs alone. Burden rate only affects employees and not contractors. Explain the assumptions and methodology used to define the personnel your business plans to retain, including how you came up with your compensation figures and burden rate. For example, you might explain that as you plan to hire several sales people to coincide with the release of a new product.

Enter expenses you plan on incurring for your business. Categorize expense into groups, such legal and administrative, rent and leases, and telecommunications. Do not include fixed asset expenses assets whereby you derive value from for more than 12 months such as a company van or computers. You will enter these in the next step.

Enter long-term asset expenses here. Long-term assets are comprised of two types: Fixed assets are tangible assets that provide value for more than 12 months, such as a company van or computers.

Fixed assets are depreciated over its useful lifetime. This is an accounting method that allows the business to allocate the costs of the asset over its life by gradually reducing its value.

Intangible assets are long-term assets that are not physical in nature. Intangible assets are amortized over its useful life. Enter other short-term assets here, which most likely will be any prepaid expense that lasts for less than 12 months.

Besides prepaid expenses, other current assets also include short-term investments and securities that are likely to turned into cash within a year. A prepaid expense can be described as such: This type of expense is better described as a prepaid expense, since the use of the office is spread out over a month period of time and can be considered an asset on the Balance Sheet that is expensed over time.

Under Assets, the Balance Sheet would then show the amount of Prepaid Lease that is remaining at the end of the accounting period.

Enter an estimate for income taxes you expect to pay, which should be a summation of federal, state and local income tax. Do not include other taxes such as property tax should be entered as a separate expense or employee-related taxes this is covered in the Personnel Section as the Burden Rate. Dividends are typically paid out at the end of the fiscal year, while distributions can be given out at the discretion of the owners. Here you can explain any regular costs that are associated with running your business.

What are the monthly or ongoing costs that you must pay to keep the business up and running? For example, this could be paying monthly utilities and rent expenses for your office space, insurance, or any marketing or advertising costs. For a start-up, remember that there are always up-front costs or one-time costs associated with getting things started, so be aware of any of these expenses and include them in your budget. Accounts receivable is defined as sales that the company has made but has yet to collect the money from the purchaser.

Most companies operate by allowing some portion of their sales to be on credit. These types of sales are usually made to frequent or special customers who are invoiced periodically, and allow them to avoid the hassle of physically making payments as each transaction occurs.

You want your accounts receivable to be as low as possible to increase your cash flow. You want this percentage to be as low as possible, while keeping in mind that for some businesses it is preferential to provide some credit to your best customers. Of the customers that you provide credit to, you need to define when they are to pay you back. The faster, the better your cash flow will look like.

It is typical to provide net, which is 30 days. Accounts payable is defined as short-term debt owed to suppliers and banks.

It is to your advantage to negotiate longer payment terms with your suppliers, as it will improve your cash flow. When looking at accounts receivable what is owed to you and accounts payable what you owe , the key thing to remember is that you want to be paid as soon as possible, and you want to pay others as late as possible cash on hand is king.

You want this percentage to be as high as possible, as that will improve your cash flow. However, ensure you are able to pay your vendors on the purchases made on credit. Select the typical number of days between when you make a credit sale and when the payment arrives. Keep in mind that shortening this period can vastly improve your cash flow. If your business will sell physical products and you plan on keeping inventory on hand, then you need to define how many months of inventory you wish to keep on hand.

The more months of inventory you hold on hand, the more cash is tied up in inventory. This will affect your cash flow. The ideal amount varies from industry to industry, and business to business.

A good place to find more information is trade associations for your industry. Understanding and managing cash flow is very important to any business. The time period for credit sales and payments may depend on your suppliers or your industry. Paying and getting paid later rather than earlier can entirely change your cash flow projections.

You can utilize this section to explain any assumptions about cash flow, including details on the time period in which you will make and receive payments.

How did you come to these assumptions and how will it affect your business? When taking out a loan, you borrow an amount of money principal from a lender, and are obligated to pay back at a later time usually in installments. You will typically pay interest on the loan. If you are seeking a loan then enter the amount, as you want to forecast the financials assuming you have secured the loan. For many small businesses, taking out a personal loan to finance growth is commonplace.

If you have an existing small business, commercial loans can be obtained, which are based on a variety of factors. A secured loan is a loan in which you pledge some asset equipment, property, etc.

Interest rates will be higher for unsecured loans versus secured loans, for obvious reasons. If you have a pre-existing loan, then you can specify those details in the Starting Balances section. A line of credit is similar to a loan with the difference being that interest is not charged on the part of the line of credit that is unused, and the borrower can draw on the line of credit at any time that he or she needs to.

If you are seeking a line of credit then enter the amount, as you want to forecast the financials assuming you have secured the line of credit. Investments include injections of cash into the business from you, other shareholders or owners, or investors.

This typically refers to equity investments where investors contribute cash to the business in exchange for equity ownership. In this section, you can describe how your business will be funded. For existing businesses only. If you are an existing business, you can enter past financial data here. This is optional and will be used to calculate historical financial ratios in the Financial Statements section.

Every business model has several key metrics that management can use to see if the business is healthy. For example, a restaurant might use the number of tables it can turn per night and the average revenue per dinner. Think about what levers make the most impact to your business. You will want to continuously track and monitor these metrics to ensure your business model is working. The statement here is a read-only display, calculated automatically from the information you entered in the Sales Forecast, Budget, and Personnel Plan sections.

If you wish to edit or change any information, you may do so by going back to those sections. The statement here will update automatically. The balance sheet here is a read-only display. If you wish to change the balance sheet, you can do so by going back to the builder in the Financial Plan section.

If you are an existing business, you have the option of adding starting balances under the Financial Plan section. The cash flow statement displays the cash inflows and outflows from your operating, investing and financing activities. Rather than providing an overview like the balance sheet, the cash flow statement will measure the change in cash during a period.

In other words, how much money did you start and end up with? The statement here is a read-only display. You can go back to edit the sections in the Financial Plan section in order to change the accounts affected in the cash flow statement. Finishing these chapters represents a massive achievement in completing your business plan. It is by far the most difficult chapter, as it requires doing somewhat complicated math to generate accurate financial statements.

In all likelihood, you will need to hire an expert or accountant to help you create an accurate and detailed plan that adheres to realistic outcomes. Your blog is one of the best out there.

Love your enthusiasm for real food-very inspiring. I was wondering about the calorie count app. Have you used this lately? I just checked and it is working. I also used sugar and stevia.. After much prodding from friends I started a wordpress blog but am having a hard time finding time to figure out the menu setup.. I have definitely not tried a cannellini bean cupcake! Am working on new projects right now to formulate recipes for the Ketogenic Diet..

So, focused on low carb, relatively low protein, very high fat.. My soups will be sold to the public. Calorie Count will be shutting down on March 15th. Please click here to read the announcement. Data export is available. Thanks for pointing that out. I just updated this article with the new tool from VeryWell. New links and screenshots above! Had a look at that wonderful site. MFP is way off when it comes to counting calories. But had a look at Calorie Count and saw this.

Hey Shannon, thanks for the link. I loved this feature myself but was unable to find any news if this feature was being hosted elsewhere. Hello Andrew — I only discovered your site today, when looking for a nutrition label generation tool. BTW — your recipes also look superb. I have also discovered a similar tool at http: Does this allow you print a label?

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