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One night I added almond flour to the recipe and cut down on the flour. I have been making bran muffins all my life, but love this easy recipe. I used Shiloh Farms bran from whole foods, got the eat-with-a-spoon muffins someone described earlier. Julie Ruble July 16, at 4: Jennifer March 15, at 8:

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In , the Kellogg Company announced that most of its factories would shift towards hour work weeks, from the usual Kellogg stated that he did this so that an additional shift of workers would be employed in an effort to support people through the depression era.

This practice remained until World War II , and continued briefly after the war, although some departments and factories remained locked into hour work weeks until After underspending its competition in marketing and product development, Kellogg's U. A prominent Wall Street analyst called it "a fine company that's past its prime" and the cereal market was being regarded as "mature".

Such comments stimulated Kellogg chairman William E. LaMothe to improve, which primarily involved approaching the demographic of 80 million baby boomers rather than marketing children-oriented cereals.

In emphasizing cereal's convenience and nutritional value, Kellogg's helped persuade U. During this time, the company maintained success over its top competitors: General Mills , which largely marketed children's cereals, and Post , which had difficulty in the adult cereal market.

In March , Kellogg's made its largest acquisition, the Keebler Company. Over the years, it has also gone on to acquire Morningstar Farms and Kashi divisions or subsidiaries. Presently, Kellogg's is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation. Kellogg brand of organic, vegan and plant-based cereals such as granolas, organic wholegrain wheat, and "super grains" with no added sugars.

In , Kellogg decided to cease their operations in Venezuela due to the economic crisis the country is facing. Various methods have been used in the company's history to promote the company and its brands. Foremost among these is the design of the Kellogg's logo by Ferris Crane under the art direction of famed type guru Y. Kellogg's is a sponsor of USA Gymnastics and produces the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics, a city tour held after the Olympic games and featuring performances by recent medal-winning gymnasts from the United States.

Kellogg was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal. The marketing strategy that he established has produced thousands of different cereal box prizes that have been distributed by the tens of billions. The book was originally available as a prize that was given to the customer in the store with the purchase of two packages of the cereal.

In , Kellogg's inserted a prize in the form of pin-back buttons into each box of Pep cereal. Pep pins have included U. Army squadrons as well as characters from newspaper comics and were available through There were five series of comic characters and 18 different buttons in each set, with a total of 90 in the collection.

Licensed brands have been omitted since the corresponding mascots would be obvious e. Kellogg's placed Dale Earnhardt on Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes for six-time Winston Cup champ and seven-time Winston Cup champ, as well as Jeff Gordon on the Mini Wheats box for the rookie of the year, Brickyard inaugural race, Champion, and three-time champ, and a special three-pack racing box set with Dale Earnhardt , Jeff Gordon , Terry Labonte, and Dale Jarrett in Kellogg's has used some merchandising for their products.

Kellogg's once released Mission Nutrition , a PC game that came free with special packs of cereal. Kellogg's has also released "Talking" games. The two current versions are Talking Tony and Talking Sam.

In these games, a microphone is used to play games and create voice commands for their computers. In Talking Tony, Tony the Tiger, one of Kellogg's most famous mascots, would be the main and only character in the game. In Talking Sam, Toucan Sam, another famous mascot, would be in the game, instead.

Some [toy cars] have the Kellogg's logo on them, and occasionally their mascots. Kellogg's frequently partners with the Olympic Games to feature American athletes from the Olympic Games on the packages of their cereal brands. Some of Kellogg's marketing has been questioned in the press, prompted by an increase in consumer awareness of the mismatch between the marketing messages and the products themselves.

Food bloggers are also questioning the marketing methods used by cereal manufacturing companies such as Kellogg's, due to their high sugar content and use of ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup.

On June 25, the company voluntarily began to recall about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks , Corn Pops , Froot Loops and Honey Smacks because of an unusual smell and flavor from the packages' liners that could make people ill. Kellogg's said about 20 people complained about the cereals, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. Consumers reported the cereal smelled or tasted waxy or like metal or soap.

Adaire Putnam said some described it as tasting stale. However, no serious health problems had been reported. The suspected chemical that caused the illnesses was 2-methylnaphthalene , used in the cereal packaging process. Little is known about 2-methylnaphthalene's impact on human health as the Food and Drug Administration has no scientific data on its impact on humans, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA also does not have health and safety data.

This is despite the EPA having sought information on it from the chemical industry for 16 years. Kellogg's offered consumers refunds in the meantime. The products were distributed throughout the U. Products in Canada were not affected. Kellogg's issued a voluntary recall of some of its "Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size Original" and "Mini-Wheats Unfrosted Bite Size" products due to the possibility of flexible metal mesh fragments in the food.

The affected products varied in size from single-serving bowls to large ounce cartons. On June 3, , Kellogg's was found to be making unsubstantiated and misleading claims in advertising their cereal products by the Federal Trade Commission FTC. It is a common substrate and food source used for feeder insects, such as mealworms and waxworms. Wheat bran has also been used for tanning leather since at least the 16th century. George Washington had a recipe for small beer involving bran, hops , and molasses.

It is common practice to heat-treat bran with the intention of slowing undesirable rancidification. However, a very detailed study of heat-treatment of oat bran found a complex pattern whereby increasingly intense heat treatment reduced the development of hydrolitic rancidity and bitterness with time, but increased oxidative rancidity. The authors recommended that heat treatment should be sufficient to achieve selective lipase inactivation, but not so much as to render the polar lipids oxidisable upon prolonged storage.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Baseline of Health Foundation. Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 9 February The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Almond Delight Cereal Cookies. To four cups raisin bran flakes cereal add 2 cups milk to soften flakes. I had used this recipe many years ago and recently looked for it again. I couldn't find nutritional info on the original recipe. These muffins were a slam dunk hit at our house, 5 stars.

We are thinking about adding chocolate chips to a batch. I have been making bran muffins all my life, but love this easy recipe. Will make it often. These are so quick easy and fantastic! I had a bunch of slightly state bran flakes and found this recipe. Within an hour we had these great muffins for breakfast instead of stale cereal: Love that they are not too sweet, and not oily. Plus the recipe says 18 muffins, and sure enough it filled exactly 18 spaces in my muffin trays! FYI They don't puff up much in the oven but the texture is good, so that doesn't matter at all.

And have added cranberries and rasins lots of times so goooooood and easy.