Obese man from Charlottesville, Virginia loses HALF his body weight

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How 2 People Lost Half Their Body Weight
Click to give Responsiveness 1 star. About the new site: No more sodas and these Atkins shakes, I drink them a lot. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Austin, who runs after school clubs, said:

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Austin Shifflett, Virginia

He was inspired to begin his weight loss journey in high school after being consistently bullied. After losing 80 pounds on the Atkins diet, he began working out regularly. He appeared alongside actress Alyssa Milano to promote the Atkins diet. Austin Shifflett Instagram Star. Birthday March Mar 19 , Birthplace Charlottesville , VA.

Age 24 years old. Birthday March Mar 19 , age Popularity Most Popular Born in Charlottesville, VA Upon graduation, Austin started going to an all-night gym in Ruckersville, where he would work out at one, sometimes two in the morning - away from judgmental eyes.

At his all-time heaviest, Austin tipped the scales at pounds. But that monumental weight loss left mounds of disfiguring skin on his newly-slight frame. Enter local plastic surgeon, Dr.

Neil Zemmel and his partner Steven Montante. They were contacted by producers for the TV show, The Doctors - who were hoping they'd help out Austin, and perform the needed work, pro bono. There was so much excess skin, one procedure wouldn't be enough - it would take two. Zemmel, "skin has its limits in terms of its limits to snap back.

One procedure focused on his upper body - the chest - the more difficult procedure was his mid-section. So not only did we take tissue from his abdomen, we went all the way around his hips and even across the lower back and buttocks, and basically pulled everything up," said Zemmel.