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Raw Food Diet Recipes for Our Pets
The information in this web site is presented for the educational and free exchange of ideas and speech in relation to health and wellness only. I was born, grew up, lived and worked on ranches until I was 27 years old. Don't use anything that has actually gone sour or rancid. My dogs were ill a lot, had bad, scratchy coats, allergy symptoms, icky teeth, really bad breath, some were fat, and some very, very skinny. Remember that these fats are from natural sources.

The Vegetarian Diet Pyramid

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The calculator does the rest. This works great in tandem with the budget calculator to show how your spending compares with national averages and recommended percentages.

Expense Calculator Enter your income for whatever time-period you will be entering expense amounts for: If you are using the "Envelope System" to manage your money, enter an amount of cash below to disperse to your envelopes and the calculator will determine how much cash to place in each of the above expense envelopes. Plug these expenses into the Expense Calculator to determine if net savings results because money is left over, or debt results because you have more month than money. Your objective is to plan your spending on a weekly or monthly basis so that you can stay within budget and build wealth through saving instead of building debt through spending.

The first step for managing your expenses is creating a proper plan for your estimated regular expenses. Second, make a list of your actual expenses so you know where your money is going. The reason people have so much trouble handling their expenses is because they have no idea what their expenses really are. Finally, allocate money for every expense.

Some people use the envelope method for allocating money for each expense and some maintain separate accounts for drawing expenses. If you find yourself with more month than money there are really only two solutions. You must either increase your income or reduce expenses until your budget balances.

While both options are possible, most people find the latter is the quickest and easiest path to a balanced budget. Start by organizing your expenses using this Expense Calculator. Identify which expenses are necessary and which ones you can live without. Then rank your expenses according to priority.

Top priority expenses are necessities like rent, utilities, and food. Medium or low priority expenses are entertainment, magazine subscriptions, and anything unnecessary. Get creative when looking to cut expenses. Look for ways to get greater value from your money rather than just trying to live without. For example, you can borrow a book from the library rather than buying it.

This gives you the same value without paying a dime. Eat whole foods which are cheaper and more nutritious than processed foods. Sometimes the biggest budget impact can be made by changing just a few large-ticket living expenses. For example, do you really need your own two-bedroom apartment or could you find happiness sharing a place?

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