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Had a couple of bunches of semi withered asparagus and made this soup. This looks like a really easy soup! Hi Dana, I just love your recipes!!!! Add nutritional yeast and whisk. Super easy and fast to make. Super simple to make and delicious.


Nutritional yeast

Used the woody ends and still was very smooth. I made this soup for my family and they absolutely loved it. I am not much of a cook so I followed the recipe to the letter and it was amazing! I was skeptical with my husband but he ate the most and asked me to please make it again. Thank you and I will check back to see what other items I can make.

I live in a very rural area and my local store did not have fresh or frozen asparagus. I used jarred and also used the asparagus flavored water they were stored in and added chicken bouillon granules.

Plus, I had to add an additional cup of water. Like another reviewer, I upped the garlic and cheese a bit, and also added a pinch of red pepper flakes. My husband loved it, too! Thanks, for a fantastic recipe! How does this soup do making it in advance? Would you hold off adding the lemon and cheese until shortly before serving? Hi Esty, It will be fine if made a day in advance and refrigerated.

You can add the lemon when preparing the soup,but I would add the cheese when you reheat the it. This was so good and easy! I added the tops to the soup and allowed to simmer for a bit on low and they cooked on their own while keeping a tad bit of bite. It really helped with the consistency. Will be making again but doubling the recipe!

This is the first time I have ever commented on a recipe on any website. It was that good. Husband made soup using immersion blender and Meyer lemons.

He also used homemade chicken stock. I loved this soup and brought some over for my neighbor and she raved about it. I gave all credit to Jenn. Although fresh asparagus would be better, I know, but can frozen asparagus be used instead of fresh?

What would be the outcome using frozen asparagus. I also cooked the tips with rest of the veggies. I almost licked the bowl. Can I have the recipe? My response was, Thanks. I did not strain it through a screen and added a few fresh basil leaves while the asparagus boiled. It helps to be able to go out in the yard and pick a lemon off a tree. Had a couple of bunches of semi withered asparagus and made this soup.

Since I am pureeing the asparagus, can I use the whole stem or does it still need to be broken off? Patti, I think you could probably get away with using the whole spear, but if you feel any particularly woody ends, I would discard those.

I used all but the hardest part of any stems. I did not have much waste. I had to add some cream to it. Next time I will try using the blender instead. This is fantastic all on its own! I did not strain it and it was smooth and creamy after after pureeing in a standard blender. It needed nothing added or modified, which is really rare for me to say. It was delicious after 3 days in the refrigerator. This soup was so delicious.

I added fresh rosemary and basil. I made this lovely soup tonight. I had roasted asparagus the night before for dinner and knew I would have leftovers. I also saved the woody stems because I knew I would make soup. I did have home made chicken stock. I usually have that in the freezer. I also used my ninja blender and there was no need to strain. We actually served it with chicken -apple sausages.

It made a delicious light, yet satisfying, supper after the indulgences of the holidays. Thanks for this easy delicious recipe.

This was delicious I had to share it with my own readers http: Made this for lunch today — delicious! Had to strain the woody ends despite blending. Roasted the tips per another reviewer.

Tastes like Spring time in a fine Parisian bistro. I could live on this and would be healthier for doing so! What a great bunch of reviews! Iwas looking for a new recipe to make a lighter asparagus soup for round one of first thanksgivings no. Got to say I a, making this now and really can wait. Which I think I have used before but who knows all of these great reviews give me confidence that this will be a hit.

Nice to see people reviewing something they have actually made. I will have this done and ready for thanksgiving. Might just have to have a bowl or two first. I made this for thanksgiving but held it back. I froze the soup prior to adding lemon juice or parmesan cheese. Just thawed it out and finished the soup this week. It really is a great recipe. Adding the woody parts to the broth and staining before cooking only the most tender parts really made a difference passing this through the sieve and chinois.

Never again will I do it the old way. This easy to make soup was adored by all. Though it was not the creamy consistancy shown in the picture, the taste was fabulous. This soup is quite delicious and amazing. The lemon and parmesan cheese add a level of texture to the soup that brings it from delicious to off the charts. I added lemon rind while serving and it made it even better.

Would definitely make this again. This soup was delicious! Like nothing I have ever made before. Everyone could enjoy this. I recently added 2 kale leaves fresh from the garden here in the Finger Lakes, and with just those two — Wow! Thanks again for this recipe. And my latest variation also got rave reviews: Tried your grilled asparagus variation — what a fantastic twist on a great original recipe!

Made this soup at my sisters in Virginia last week!!! OMGgone in an instant!!! Can I use leeks instead of onions? Need more of your recipes as I live in farm and fishing country on the east end of Long Island come visit!!! This soup is wonderful. I added a small jar of frozen tomatoe from my garden and half a can of leftover coconut milk along with a sprinkling of pepper flakes and it was wonderful.

Tip for asparagus, peel or if they are thick enough run a knife down the side of the woody ends. They are good to eat then without the toughness. After all, it turned out delicious! This is really delicious!

I used an emulsion blender. For serving, I topped with crunchy, garlic parmesan bagel chips they make them gluten free. Asparagus soup has been one of my favorites to eat and make. This is the best ever and now my favorite.

The lemon adds such a perfect touch, and of course Parmigianino, well do I need to say more? This is a delicious soup and the cheese in it made it hearty enough for our Soup and Salad dinner. My husband added some leftover plain jasmine rice to his bowl.

The asparagus tips garnish made it so pretty. I put some thyme out as a garnish, too, but no one used it. It was great as is. This was so good! This was perfect 1st time out….. I made this tonight, and it turned out great! I made 2 changes — first i roasted the tips instead of steaming them for more flavor.

I also served this with a dollop of marscarpone cheese for some added creaminess. It was a delicious meal! I added a Tbsp. Came out great Jen! I tell people about your website girl. What an awesome recipe! I made and just finished devouring a bowl of your asparagus soup.

Some Oka Classique cheese with crackers and a hard boiled egg made for a perfect lunch! Great website with easy to follow directions. Will be making your beef and brocolli entree for dinner tomorrow night. If you added nutrional yeast flakes which add a cheesy flavour instead of the cheese it would be suitable for lactose intolerant people like me! I really enjoyed it! And it delightfully left me feeling very full and with extra calories in my daily allotment.

A definite win in my book!! I think I will serve on Easter. I did forget to strain the soup, but I pre-cut the ends off the asparagus where it naturally bends and snaps, and I had no fiberous threads in the soup at all. The soup was delicious , easy to make. The instructions simple and everyone that was being served that evening enjoyed the soup very much and the lemonade taste made it delightful thank you.

The straining of this soup is key and worth the extra effort to reduce the fibers. This is a great recipe and the last time we had it we served it with a crusty French bread and gave the diners options of either butter, or a creamy brie and jam. I have made this delicious and unique recipe twice so far to glowing reviews.

Once for my parents I was over generous with the lemon juice beyond the recipe and my dad would have preferred a little less and once for my friends and their one year old who all loved it! Instead of straining the soup to get out the fibers I snapped off the bottom part of the asparagus where it naturally breaks. I do this while steaming asparagus too and it worked very well.

Easy to make and very light and elegant result. I made parmesan crisps to garnish, and it looked like a restaurant dish! This recipe is so delicious. I have made it twice this week. I did add 2 small potatoes to the mix just to make it a little thicker and since we like spicy food I sprinkle hot pepper flakes when serving..

Followed the directions to a T! It is so flavorful and creamy. I have been making a lot of soups lately and this is my favorite so far. So many delicious layers of flavor, recipe so easy to follow. My family also gave it a huge thumbs up. I used a vitamix to blend and it came out silky smooth. Will be making this again and again! Very easy and delicous soup. I am on a Beach Body Reset cleanse and am always looking for new recipes to compliment this program.

I made a minor change and added organic dill in the tube from produce section because it adds just a tad of oil. I also added the 1 cup of water I cooked the asparagus tips in, so the soup was not as thick as it was meant to be, but still yummy.

May try thickening with a little arrowroot. I used very thin stalks and sauteed the cutup aspargus with the onion to ensure softness I served the soup with a dollop of greek yougart. Will definutely make again. And so easy to make! I would like to know the calories per serving. I would give it five stars.

The asparagus soup was fast and easy to make. I particularly liked that cream was not needed. My husband and I give it five stars. This recipe looks great, could I use lemon zest instead of juice so its not as strong lemon flavor? Im thinking of serving this with either your grilled salmon and cucumber dill salad or the the mustard glaze salmon, I cant decide. I might just make both sauces and let the family decide which they want.

The soup was great! I did serve it as a first course. But even in a very large bowl it would have to much. I added shredded chicken for a complete meal! I microwaved the tips until al dente and added back to pot after purée.

Do not strain soup! This is so fresh and delicious. Shared some with a friend and she loved it. Thanks Jenneifer for your outstanding recipes and website. I loved this soup! I added potato to thicken it and also cooked salmon- something I had when in Switzerland that I never thought I would like and ended up loving. Very easy to do and had wonderful flavor.

This is a keeper! I love this soup……I added carrots to give a slightly different flavor… So healthy and no cream needed!!! I just had a bowlful of this and it was just divine. Thank you for sharing such a lovely recipe. I love this soup!!

I also added some micro green alfalfa sprouts to the top. Doubled it the first time and tripled it the second!! I even caught them eating the small amount left as a snack. Made this for dinner tonight, and even my skeptical son loved it.

He had two helpings. I made pan fried garlic croutons to go on top nd they were a great finishing touch. I am planning to make this recipe for a wedding in June. Do you think it would freeze well enough that I could make it a couple weeks in advance? Also, do you have any idea how much it makes in volume — I am planning to serve in 8oz glasses and need to figure out how much to make for 60 people. I will be identifying your site as the recipe source! I adore your recipes!

My husband bought 5 pounds of asparagus yesterday. Just made this awesome and delicious soup, so glad I found this recipe. Gonna share the rest of my bounty with friends. I added a small spud, and substituted the nutritional yeast with sesame oil. It was super easy to prepare, and the color turned out great.

Such a simple, beautiful, tasty, and healthy dish! Thank you so much. Hi Dana, I love your vegan recipes on your website!

I have a question about nutritious yeast. Which brand do you recommend for beginner vegan people? Love love love this soup, color, texture, taste, nutrition and simplicity!! I have 2 bunches of asparagus and some frozen peas so I used the first bunch and it was absolutely divine! A new go-to soup recipe. A lovely soup, beyond delicious to divine!

So easy to do and healthy, too. This soup is bomb. The most amazing mix of refreshing yet filling! I also appreciate that when it says that it is going to take about 30 minutes it actually does. I have a small nutribullet and even requiring a couple rounds of blending was no big deal.

The lemon really brightens up the taste of the asparagus, and I would make sure to buy one if you are making this soup. I just used an onion to make this instead of a shallot.

What is the difference in flavor and why do you choose one over the the other? I had to make the lunch for 25 attendees to a workshop today well, I actually volunteered so that I could make it all vegan!

I chose three soups and a salad. The most popular soup was this one! Thanks for sharing it… and I will be sharing your page because I got several requests for the recipe.

This looks delicious — would soymilk work as a good substitute instead of almond milk? You will not be disappointed! And it was so easy and quick to make. Perfect recipe to keep in your spring repertoire! The flavor was ok but nothing to write home about. This soup is amazing!! I steamed the asparagus and green beans I had no peas placed everything in my vitamix also I used coconut milk … Wow its so tasty Love it! It was so delicious. It was super delicious. I blended twice BC some bits were still stuck.

I also kept it in the fridge for a couple of hours so it could be sort of like gazpacho we had an unexpectedly warm day in the rainy PNW. I squeezed half a lemon right before serving! Super delicious and creamy and amazing.

What a great recipe! Unbelievably flavorful, and easy to make, used both the Nutritional Yeast and the lemon. My husband and I really enjoyed it. Will be making again soon for friends. Hi Dana, I just love your recipes!!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. This recipe is a HIT! I make it all of the time and even made it for my in laws this past weekend.

This soup is really delicious in flavour: It sounds like it may have been your blender! My blender is very old so there were a few strings from the asparagus, but even with that, it was great!

Super easy and fast to make. I used flax milk and added the nutritional yeast and the lemon, I think they both added a lot. And the croutons…OH the croutons!! I am eating every meal with those croutons now. I am in LOVE with them! I also added some crispy chickpeas for a bit of extra protein. My husband loved it! This soup is so great! I used coconut milk in place of almond milk and it turned out great.

Blended it in batches in my Nutribullet. I made this with the roasted vegetable salad tonight and it was quick to put together! Or if I reduce the amount of dill would the soup be balanced in flavour? Hi, thanks for taking the time out to reply, very much appreciated and also Greetings from the UK. I will give the recipe a try! Just thought I would jump in here! I make a soup very similar to this but without dill, instead I add a bit of mustard powder and thyme.

Wow, this soup looks stunning. Making it today for a cozy Saturday lunch and plan on adding nutritional yeast for extra cheesy too!

You could stir in a few tablespoons to taste while blending if you wanted to. Made this for three generations last night and received rave reviews! It was so so good! The lemon and dill finish off the soup so nicely and the roasted broccoli and bread on top really make it a meal. Per the comment above, I did not presoak the cashews. Thank you for another yummy recipe! I made this last night and my spouse and I both loved it. I decided to add 3 T of nutritional yeast to make it extra cheesy — it adds a nice dose of B12 too!

Made it last night. The roasted broccoli on top is so delicious that next time and there will be a next time I will make extra. My spouse is allergic to cashews. Is there anything I could substitute for them? Hi Samantha, you could try blanched, peeled almonds. I find them in the bulk section already blanched and peeled — or you could use slivered almonds.

They should be close to the cashew texture! I hope that helps! Made this soup tonight and it was so delicious! The lemon and dill shine through in this soup. It was light yet substantial with the addition of the cashews.

Asparagus Soup with Lemon and Parmesan