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It changed my life. Here is the link to my review and results of the MAX: Check out the meal replacement shakes and other weight loss supplements by Nutrition on their website at www. Just make sure to take every workout at your own pace, following the modifier at first, and pause the workout or walk it out to take a breather whenever you have to. I thought oh I can do this, could barely move for four days after the first session. I just have a simple question, on the veggies, do you use the size for raw, uncooked, or if you are cooking them is it cooked size? The rep looked into the issue and said that he will contact me.

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My Unexpected Experience With NUTRISYSTEM !

While it's possible to lose weight on Nutrisystem, you should always talk to your doctor before starting the program be Nutrisystem is a weight-loss system that provides users with a meal plan and a community to help with weight loss. Although some of the food items from Nutrisystem do not have gluten, the plan itself is not gluten-free and is not recommended for anyone who needs to follow a gluten-free diet.

The program know as Nutrisystem is based on the premise of portion control and low glycemic response foods. This means that its prepackaged meals are created in a ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that promote health and weight loss. The foods and ingredients used with the Nutrisystem progra Medifast and Nutrisystem offer diet programs for weight loss that use a combination of packaged products and fresh foods in their meal plans.

The Nutrisystem Diet Plan. The Nutrisystem diet is a prepaid meal plan with 28 days worth of meals breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert delivered to your door. Menus provide a mix of low-glycemic carbohydrates, plenty of fiber, and lean protein. The plan encourages dieters to supplement the provided meals with fresh produ What is a Tasting Menu?

A tasting menu is a special menu offered in many fine dining establishments. The program consists of 14 days of Nutrisystem menu, free shipping, access to weight-loss counseling Read on to get all the facts and pros and cons behind this popular diet. One of the first you want to know about any diet program is how much weight you are likely to lose on the plan.

It's important to find a diet plan that offers realistic weight loss instead of unhealthy diets that result mainly in the loss of water weight. I always receive email notifications. Also, when I run into a problem, LiftLock rep has been very helpful and they take care of my issues. For example, a few years ago i got a notification that someone has used my SSN to open a bank account.

I clicked "NO" it wasn't me on the notification and I called them right away. The rep looked into the issue and said that he will contact me.

Within the same day, he contacted me back and everything was resolved. I didn't have to do anything. When I moved mid last year, I updated my info with my bank and I immediately got a notification of account update. Also, I just leased a new car this month and I got a notification that a company had run my credit within a day or two.

Again, I have been happy with LifeLock and I will continue with be their loyal customer for many years to come. When reviewing a major credit card statement online, I found 2 transactions that were unfamiliar and way out of character for my purchase history Lifelock has never sent a legitimate alert other than sex offenders thou I have several fraudulent purchases made on cards a year requiring cc changes.

I now see that my current upgraded plan does not exist and has been replaced by the advantage plan which has diminished benefits and have been encouraged to upgrade again to the next higher plan to receive the protection I had initially paid for and continued to upgrade to receive.

I am finding that my membership fee is simply paying the premium for the insurance company that is ultimately responsible for fraud losses if you can get them to cover them. Prices continue to go up with new and wonderful plans but coverage if it really exists is degraded Will be canceling as I see no evidence of monitoring the several fraudulent transaction I get a year with extensive use of one credit card.

Just happened to check my credit this evening. Said I had TWO mortgages. A huge bank gave me a credit card after my application and never heard from Lifelock. They can't tell me if the bank is within their network or not, NOR will they monitor every exchange with an institution. I get that for smaller organizations, but for a huge national bank, it's a flaw in their system. Horribly unhelpful agents 2 calls becoming very defensive.

Dropping this service and changing to another. You can make the experience better by posting this review for me and by making it so that I can login without use of social media. I had LifeLock for a very short time. Whether or not their services are effective, I cannot say, but use of my identity was rendered unto me alone before, while, and after giving them my business. I leave them one star because they sent me a letter through the post and in bold print was the phrase, "We miss you I recently opened a home equity line of credit.

Both Discover and Credit Karma sent alerts about a new account on my credit report. Both services are free. Lifelock never sent an alert. I contacted LifeLock and ended up talking to someone overseas who read from a script. Every email I sent was met with boiler plate verbiage never addressing me personally. I finally cancelled the service as I lost trust that LifeLock has any ability to proactively protect their customers.

I have used them and I get instant notifications when my SSN is used. I think the price is a little high though. I called to give them another credit and the girl kept asking questions for verification. After several questions I explained I was just calling to give them another credit card. She was very rude so I just canceled. Absolutely horrific customer service! I had fraud on my bank account where someone started a bank account in my name at a different bank and made transfers, Lifelock took 2 months to even investigate and then said they could not help in any way.

Not to mention customer service was rude and unconcerned. They also get paid by the credit bureaus so they really are not on the consumers side. Complete waist of time and money. Put a credit block on your credit reports which is free and way more effective. I didn't find LifeLock to be that useful and it was way more expensive for not much in the way of getting any useful help. I am a current paying customer of LifeLock.

LifeLock, even though they claim to have your back and notify you of such inquiries did not and has not since that date. I attempted to contact LifeLock by phone, good luck!

They claim they are too busy right now due to the Equifax breach, I tried every which phone option to speak with a live person and kept getting their inept computer robot, when I finally got to an option I could wait to speak with a live person, I was told it was a 55 minute wait. I sent them a memo through their website, they have not answered, I tweeted to them, they have not answered and I sent a message through Facebook, they have not answered.

This company is profiteering from the Equifax breach, they are instilling false security and they are not available to their consumers. It's obvious that they have not brought on additional people to handle the volume of calls and are just operating business as usual.

I have filed a complaint with the State of California Attorney General for fraudulent business practices and with the BBB and will continue to post everywhere I can to warn hardworking people to not waste their money or time as this company does not do what they claim to do. You cannot even just go onto their website and cancel your subscription, you have to send them a memo and they will get back to you. Its a sham and they are a fraud people, save your money and use a company that actually does what they claim to.

I joined Lifelock and on the site, there is a place to read your credit score. It says if your score does not show up in 24 hours to give them a call. It didn't and I did. I called at 5pm after work and after pushing through prompt after prompt was told to say my name clearly. They could not find my name, so I was put on hold. After 60 minutes was told approximate wait time was 40 , I had to just call back another time; later at night this time and went throught the same thing, only this time I was told my approximate wait time was now 67 minutes.

All I got was fast talking and "um Now on the site, it says "US based customer service" So after not being able to find me in the system, which was odd since they charged my card after all, he said he was going to pass me onto someone who could help. I got more prompts and was then told that my approximate wait time was 80 minutes. It was at this point that I said "forget it" and requested cancellation of my service.

It wasn't worth the headache. They say the recent data breach with Equifax is the cause for such long hold times and I get that, but they should still have a team of people to deal with everyday membership issues so those of us who were not affected don't have to wait for almost 2 hours to get something done that takes less than 5 minutes.

Really wanted to like this place, but I'm afraid it's a no. Pulled up the Website and it came back that my service was canceled. Called Lifelock and was put on hold for an hour and 25 mins. I was not very happy, 1st of all that I was canceled and 2 nd of all the wait time to be on the phone with them.

Then I was told I was only thru Norton that it was showing canceled, but yet I was in Lifelocks website. Used to be an ok company but I continue to have issues with their website and their customer service has seriously gone down hill.

I just received a response that basically said they had addressed my concerned when they obviously have not. It is just one problem after another and I will not trust such a company with such a critical service. Ugh where do I start?? How many staff members do you actually need to get an enrollment correct? I could not open an account on their website because "They could not verify my identity". Hm, normal, I changed my name, moved to several different locations within the last few years. I was on hold for about 30 minutes before someone answered.

The rep had me spell out every single piece of personal information. Read me a ton of disclosures. She said she couldn't sign me up for the Ultimate Plus plan and could only sign me up for the Basic plan. But she could transfer me to Member services who would be able to upgrade my plan. So I got transferred, waited another 30 minutes on hold, and finally connected to someone.

Member services told me they could not upgrade me to the Ultimate plan. They said they would delete my basic plan and start the process all over again.

After all that, she still couldn't sign me up for the Ultimate plan because they couldn't "verify my identity". So we nixed the signup process. She said to call a credit bureau and confirm my information so next time I call Lifelock, I could give them the correct information. All my information has been updated including my name on all government documents.

Credit bureau not Equifax - got to someone right away. The rep confirmed my new name, address, and phone number. Called back Lifelock, waited 40 minutes this time for someone to take my call. I had to repeat ALL my information twice to the rep. The rep said the same thing, sorry we can't sign you up for the Ultimate plan but we can sign you up for the basic. They went to confirm with their supervisor.

Was on hold for 30 minutes again, the rep finally picked up, I said I had 5 minutes before my meeting started, I said I'm going to hang up. She said, "Its okay I can speed read the disclosures" She proceeded to read the disclosures extremely SLOW and took about 3 mins to do so. I gave her some of my information but had to go for my meeting and didn't have time for their shenanigans this time.

On hold for another 40 mins this time. Rep picked up and proceeded to go through the entire enrollment process again. She said she still couldn't sign me up for the Ultimate plan. She talked to the supervisor and said "Maybe we can trick the website and sign up your spouse as the primary and you as the secondary".

So we did that. I gave all of the information and she said that now my spouse was the primary and I was the secondary on the account. But I wanted to be the primary, I didnt want my spouse to have to call in whenever I needed them to etc. I handle everything in the household. So she said she could transfer me to member services who could help me change the order of primary vs secondary on our account.

Transferred to member services on hold for another 40 mins. Joe the first coherent rep I spoke to throughout this whole process said I didn't have an account setup for me. She didn't sign me up for an account, just my spouse. So I went through the whole enrollment process again with Joe who actually helped me get a separate Basic plan I am basically annoyed with everything and just settle for this plan already.

He said I could cancel my spouse's plan if I didn't want it. BUT they needed my spouse to grant me third party access so I could cancel the account And I didn't want a plan for my spouse they didn't even want one after hearing about my issues with Lifelock so I said I would call back with my spouse on the line later. Call 8 Bonus call: I call back with my spouse on the line. Waited 30 minutes on hold, got hung up on, called back again, waited on hold for another 30 mins.

I told the rep that my spouse was on the line this time and we needed to cancel the account. The rep needed to confirm a few qualifying questions and then I was given third party access to cancel. The rep said he couldn't find my billing information and needed to talk to the billing admin. I just gave all MY personal billing information to the rep yesterday to start the account, why did Lifelock not have it? Where did the information go? So I confirmed MY card that I used yesterday to start the account for my spouse.

The rep still "couldn't find my information" but could "update the account" for me. He then proceeded to ask me whether the full amount billed could be charged on my card and for me to respond with "Yes" or "No". I said "Well if there are no charges because I started this account yesterday then Yes" He said "I have to read the question again and you can only respond with Yes or No" At this point I am livid, the entire process was terrible.

Finally got things taken care of and was happy to hang up, hoping never to talk to Lifelock again. In my opinion, the reps at Lifelock need training and they need to all be on the same page with procedures. Who ever manages this company really needs to learn how to operate an actual company.

This type of situation would never fly with any company I see out there nowadays. I canceled my membership with LifeLock due to someone stole my identity. LifeLock handled my case like it was inapplicable. They informed me that its going to take three days for an investigator to call me. She opened an account and drivers license using my social and you want me to wait three days? During that time she can buy a car, open more accounts and take out a loan.

No, Im not going to sit here and wait three days!!!! After the train-wreck election i asked lifelock 4 voter identity theft protection. He unfortunately did give his personal information though.

What do I find today? We try calling to find out how they could charge our account and they keep wanting to send us to an automated system, to which we do not have a passcode for. After a 15min phone call they claim they will reverse the charges they did not have authority to pull. If they don't, I will be reporting this to my bank as a fraudulent charge! Tried to enroll online lifelock.

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