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The average person loses 11 pounds on the day Go plan. You will need to choose one of these options and then you will register for the corresponding meal plan. How many people can fit that into their busy schedule? In the initial induction phase, pounds of weight loss can be anticipated. Medifast is going to cost a little extra, but they offer online support and guidance.


Medifast Vs Wonderslim – Which Is Best?

WeightWatchers online resources provide delicious Weight Watchers recipes, tips and strategies. South Beach Diet Online provide a free diet profile and can help you lose pounds while eating delicious food.

The SouthBeach Diet is different from Atkins, since it is about eating good fats and good carbs. Sign up for The South Beach Diet Online and get a customized meal plan, tools to track your goals and progress, 24 hour online support and an online community to join. She offers a seven-day free trial of her step-by-step weight loss plan. For seven days, you'll receive absolutely free a customized meal plan designed to meet the nutritional needs of your body type, exercises selected specifically for you, and the use of an interactive tracker that will help to motivate you as you strive to obtain your health goals.

Other tools available on the website include a fitness diary, a calorie calculator, a weight loss buddy system, well over printable exercises, and a chance to "Ask Jillian" your fitness questions. The online version even allows members to communicate with each other and share experiences and ideas. Like other low-carb plans, South Beach is geared toward improving cholesterol and insulin levels. But unlike other low-carb or no-carb diets, South Beach allows a well-balanced diet of fruit, whole grains, nuts, and vegetables.

Some say the diet is a lower-fat, better nutritionally sound plan than that of Atkins. The plan is made up of three phases. In the initial induction phase, pounds of weight loss can be anticipated. In subsequent phases, this settles down to an average of pounds per week. Some feel the induction phase, consisting mainly of lean meats and specific vegetables, is too restrictive to maintain. With South Beach you're not counting carbs; instead, you learn which carbs are better choices.

This information is conveniently provided through the online service. The diet is geared toward eating healthy fat, and bans the unhealthy choices. Education for long term success gets a plus! Another important characteristic of South Beach is the approach to keep off the extra pounds. Long term studies of the success of this diet are not yet available, but its focus on teaching weight management is a big positive.

This stress on education, combined with the plan effectiveness, sets South Beach above many other diets that allow you to walk away with nothing learned. The premise of the diet is to assign a number system to foods to identify the effect on blood sugar. Higher valued foods are digested quickly and create a quick rise in insulin levels where as lower numbered foods take longer to process and are absorbed slower keeping the dieter feeling fuller longer.

Keeping the insulin levels steady also reduces the production of foods turning to fat. While the diet is recommend for diabetics and heart patients it's considered healthy for all patients. This two step diet includes a weight loss phase which is more restrictive than many diets and then a maintenance phase that allows for more variety.

During the weight loss phase you can anticipate losing one to two pounds per week. For those on the go, eating out is more of a challenge than some of the other diets reviewed. While stricter than many diets, the on-line e-Diets system allows for you to easily follow the plan and successfully stay on each phase. Exercise is not required to be successful with the Glycemic Diet but will improve your results.

Overall, the e-Diets online service makes this a manageable plan to follow. You'll learn to eat foods that are healthy for heart patients and diabetics alike. Several people have reported feeling more energy as a result of a reduction in eating refined sugars. The exciting news about Medifast is that it's by far the quickest weight loss plan of all of our diets reviewed within this category. This diet option receives high scores for the impressive weight loss and convenience, but also low marks for the expectation to eat small prepackaged snacks for most of the day.

The company boasts average losses of up to 20 pounds in one month and an average of pounds per week. Rapid weight loss without the hunger. What you may not know is that Medifast has been around for 25 years, has been used by over a million dieters, and is often recommended by doctors.

Medifast works by allowing the dieter to choose five prepackaged, convenient products per day, and one meal of their own consisting of lean meat or poultry, and vegetables. The five prepackaged choices include shakes, pudding, bars, drinks, oatmeal, chili, and so on.

Medifast meal replacement foods are clinically proven and designed for safe rapid weight loss with all the daily nutrients required to remain healthy and energetic. We'll also point out the usefulness of the Medifast interactive website, which provides tips for holiday success, daily food charts, and information for diabetics.

This online support group allows dieters to ask questions of the experts and their peers, and to share success stories. The plan specifically takes you through the maintenance phase to ensure that the body is prepared for increased calories, and to allow for long term success. If you are looking for a jump start, find frequent smaller meals acceptable, and don't have the patience or time for a slower weight loss regimen, then Medifast is an option to consider.

For those interested in learning how to eat proper nutrition while losing weight, this is not the right plan. We've all seen the commercials of the latest celebrity losing weight via Jenny Craig. For those earning non-celebrity pay checks we might ask ourselves if the cost is worth the value of the food and counseling provided by this program.

What you can expect is pre-packaged foods that are either shipped to you at home or picked up at a local Jenny Craig shop. Depending on how picky you are will determine if you enjoy this food or not. Everyone of course is different and some can stomach the packaged foods and stay on plan while others have reported the opposite.

The counseling involves either a quick phone call with someone or a stop in the shop for a weigh in and discussion. The counseling is 1 on 1 and lasts about 15 minutes.

Weight loss is anticipated at 1 or 2 pounds per week and several programs exists for those looking to stay on program for as short as 30 days to up to a lifetime. Overall we thought the cost of food was expensive for the tiny portions received. The convenience of the program was excellent but the cost proved too prohibitive for us.

For those not familiar, this well known diet is marketed as a low sugar, high fiber plan that teaches a savvy approach to ingesting carbs. Theoretically, Atkins says our bodies burn carbohydrates first before other products; by reducing our carb intake we switch the body to burning stored fat instead of carbs.

However, skeptics say that Atkins doesn't create a better fat burning body but simply allows the dieter to take in fewer calories by eating dense foods that make them feel fuller longer. The diet generally consists of meat, eggs, and some vegetables until the maintenance phase kicks in. Studies of long term success are marginal and this diet may be too restrictive for success. Debates also rage on whether the plan is ultimately healthy for the dieter. Unlike The South Beach plan, Atkins steers clear of many fruits and nearly all grains.

For those meat lovers out there, and those wanting to focus on controlling hunger, you may find success - but the overall nutrition of the diet is in question. The Zone diet was created in and is now making a come back with a twist - an online diet management tool. Thank goodness, we say, that something was created to help dieters with this complex program. Medifast has some less restrictive plans so you could check those out as an alternative.. I can't answer your specific question as I have never done WW myself.

I have observed several people on these boards attempt to do what you are contemplating, only to come back months later with gains and regret.. I also have a dear friend who had great success on Medifast, switched to WW with the illusion that eating "real food" would be better, and now cannot seem to make any progress at all.

I have never quite understood the "real food vs Medifast" argument, because we DO eat real food on Medifast!.

Without understanding what is going on in your life right now, I think it would be good exercise for you to contemplate exactly how or why you believe that such a change in your diet program would be helpful to you. What is it about WW that you find more appealing than Medifast from the other side of the fence. And don't just think about what you get to eat Visualize how a WW day will go compared to a Medifast day what and how much you will eat, how you will track, how you will shop, how you will dine out, etc.

I know you have been on WW before, but it may be different for you after your Medifast experience.. I wish you the best, whatever path you choose!. If the issue is financial and you can no longer afford to be on MF, then switching to WW would be better than quitting. If you do switch to WW you might want to consider the Simply Filling I think that's what it"s called. Also be prepared for a slower weight loss, which is ok.. But any other issue I would say to stick with MF, it is quicker and simple..

Since we don't know your reason for the switch, we can only give general advise.. But, if it were me, and if the reason was financial, this is how I would handle it. I would try to mimic the Medifast plan as closely as possible with more of a transition, maintenance mode so as to keep your carbs low as possible and to reduce the sudden blood sugar spike, which will probably cause the rapid weight gain people can see. So that means, no breads, sugars, potatoes, most fruits, high sugar veggies, pasta, rice, etc.

Just like we are eating now. You will have to do alot of label reading and shop pretty much lilke you do now. But it is doable, if you are willing to put the extra effort in the research. Again, I would follow the guidelines like a transition and maintenance Medifast diet and see how it goes.. Check in with us if we can help along the way.. Also, some folks have done a mini "MF transition" program instead of stopping Medifast altogether.. Honestly, only you know if WW will work for you.

I used to love the WW program; however, it ended up not being restrictive enough for me in the long run as mentioned above. It's a good program though if one doesn't manipulate it.

Unfortunately, I didn't seem to have that willpower. Although after being on Medifast since Janunary perhaps I would now. It's worked so well for me. This has been what I have seen as well.. What I have see for most of us that have made goal and are now maintaining is that we really have to watch our carbs. I firmly believe that all calories are not equal and yes, it's calories in vs.

I would do a full transition if at all possible. If not, ask Nutrisystem about a quicker transition. But then be very careful of the carbs. Good luck and keep us posted as to how it's going. If you decide to switch horses midstream, do make sure you transition for the full 6 weeks.. Good luck with whatever you decide.. I've been double-tracking my foods in both WW and Medifast just to see how they compare these days.. I don't see how the folks doing the on-line version get enough support.

The point system has been changed, and the look-up program is the only way to know for sure what the food you are eating is worth. There is much more work involved in planning meals, staying within your points, and not going crazy with the weekly additional points everyone gets. If I was following WW alone, I'd be gaining weight instead of losing. Plus I am loving my convenience factor and the choices I have for Medifast foods.

Only you can decide what is best for you. But whatever your final decision, follow a plan and stick with it without cheating or using those extra points for sludge you'll stop your weight loss..

Wishing you the best..