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Both the Pahlavi regime and the leaders of the Islamic Republic have gone out of their way to emphasize their willingness to have women operate as full participants in government and public affairs. Bill's situation is a common one for many men seen by psychotherapists for help with relationship problems. Just stumbled on your podcast! At the same time, black men have historically been portrayed as the greatest threat to white women that exists in this society. He acknowledges that he is uncomfortable without his usual coping methods of using alcohol and drugs. A History of Modern Persian Literature , Some may argue that all of psychology is the psychology of men.

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Male socialization issues often keep a man from fully acknowledging the impact of relationship loss. A façade of self-reliance and strength often belies the anxiety, uncertainty, and depression that have brought him to therapy. It is more likely that his emotional response is being acted out in other venues.

The clinician needs to take a slow approach to uncovering grief in men. For many men, it is much easier to access anger than it is to access sadness, especially in interpersonal relationships Brooks, a.

This might involve asking what he is doing in response to the relationship issue. Later, it might mean discussing actions that he might take in a more cognitive way. Rich, 27, had recently found out that his wife of three years had been having an affair after he had noticed her withdraw from him over the past six months.

Early in their relationship, they had talked of having children. At that time, Rich had been hesitant since he was just beginning his career as an accountant with a big firm. He knew he would be working long hours. Rich, who often worked six days a week and hour days, was shocked when he came home unexpectedly and found his wife in bed with another man. Without saying a word, Rich had left the house and driven his car five hours to Las Vegas, where he spent the weekend drinking, gambling, and going to strip clubs, things in which he had never allowed himself to indulge.

When he returned, Judy had moved all of her belongings out of the house with a note that she was not in love with him anymore. The bitch betrayed me big time.

I was working my ass off for both of us, and then she has to go fucking around. It seems like you have really been able to feel your anger, but you lost someone you really cared about.

The way she did it, too…screwing some guy in my bed. I never touched her in a violent way ever. The rest of my life? The house is empty. I just figured we were working too much. She always said she was tired. I thought that made sense. I was certainly tired. But she lied to me. I wonder where you would be without that feeling?

I got to keep going to work. At this point in therapy, Rich makes it clear that he does not want to deal with his grief. Fueled by his anger, he is determined to keep up the facade that everything is okay. His denial of the loss keeps him from feeling as if he is going to fall into the abyss of pain.

His socialized sense of self includes denying his dependence, avoiding grief, adopting a tough guy identity, and keeping himself busy for fear of approaching the depth of his wounding. I was looking forward to talking to you today. I was really distracted at work.

I guess you could put it that way. Usually I can work out and feel better. You lost a lot. I lost my whole dream. Having a family with her. In this later session, Rich is no longer dominated by his anger. He is beginning to feel the loss and looks forward to being able to talk about his feelings with a therapist he has come to trust. In the safety of the therapeutic relationship, Rich has the opportunity to differentiate his bodily sensations and learn the vocabulary of his emotional being.

Levant suggests that using a psychoeducational approach to discuss male socialization and the physiology of emotion are important elements of helping men in therapy come to accept their reactions to life events. Men who have been have been verbally, physically, and sexually abused as children are more likely to have higher rates of all types of mental illness including affective disorders, substance abuse, and certain personality disorders.

Because of traditional masculine gender role prohibitions on acknowledging victimization, many men do not willingly reveal the extent of their abuse to others. Therapists need to approach childhood abuse issues patiently and with empathy for the shame that many men feel in revealing these episodes in their lives. It is not unusual for a man to downplay the psychological damage done by childhood abuse and to not reveal the extent of the abuse until later in treatment.

Even when abuse is disclosed, therapists must be sensitive and supportive to the sense of foreignness or strangeness that may be experienced in the revelation. Jason, an overweight year-old married man, had been referred for therapy by his family physician, who had been treating him for depression and anxiety.

Jason, who had been taking buproprion for the past six months, complained to his physician that he was still having trouble sleeping and that he often had intrusive thoughts that were interfering with his relationship with this wife. These thoughts also affected his relationships with his coworkers at the manufacturing company where he was employed as a shipping clerk.

Sometimes I feel spacey. Sometimes I miss periods of time, like I have been somewhere else. The bad thing is that I really liked this guy. He listened to me. He seemed to genuinely take an active interest in who I was. He would be really friendly. He told me he was making sure it was clean or dried off. I felt kind of creepy and dirty when he did this. Sometimes, my penis would get hard and it felt good. I think it scared me really. So on one hand it felt great to get some attention from a father figure, but there was something disturbing and scary about it.

During those times, I just blanked out. She had enough to worry about. I rationalized that he just was being helpful to me at bath time. Jason, do you think that your intrusive thoughts are at all related to these incidents?

This whole memory thing is pretty overwhelming to me right now. I know it happened. But it seems unreal. I can feel myself shaking. Your reaction is normal for what happened. It can be out in the open here. In this session, the client has revealed sexual abuse for the first time. The therapist listens and validates his dissociated feelings. Rather than being judged, Jason is allowed to talk about the disturbing images from his past. By connecting his current symptoms to the sexual abuse, the client is able to make some emotional sense of experiences he has had to repress.

While it appears to be overwhelming, the therapist reassures the client that this will be a safe environment in which to explore what might be bothering him.

Although it is difficult for any client to reveal childhood abuse, it is especially difficult for men who have grown up with the code to keep painful and shameful experiences to themselves. There are some reports that suggest that a mixed therapy group of men and women who have been abused in childhood might be a facilitative modality to get at the expression of pain, loss, and anger for both sexes Knight, Trauma that occurs after childhood also has the potential to be debilitating for men.

Victims of violent crime and destructive accidents; individuals who serve to help others in traumatic situations such as police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, and emergency room personnel; and soldiers involved in combat situations are susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Not only are men directly affected by the trauma, but many are also guided by their traditional male gender role socialization that tells them to keep the fear, disturbing mental imagery, and emotional pain to themselves.

Often stimuli in the environment that remind a man of the traumatic situation can trigger intense physiological reactions and send an individual into a dissociative-like state of re-experiencing the trauma American Psychiatric Association, Many men work hard to avoid talking about or participating in activities or relationships that may bring the trauma into consciousness.

Relationships toward family and friends are often marked by general irritability, outbursts of anger, and a tendency to withdraw from intimacy. Many with PTSD have difficulty falling and staying asleep at night, a hard time concentrating, and are prone to excessive vigilance of the environment for threats to their well being. The reader is referred to the DSM-5 American Psychiatric Association, for a more detailed description of the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Men who have experienced trauma not only battle the aftereffects of the traumatic situation in which they have been involved, but also the normative male socialization that has told them to keep their emotional reactions to themselves. When symptoms do emerge, not only does a man feel the impact of the trauma itself, but also the shame for not being able to contain his reaction. Therapy with men who have been traumatized is fraught with a push-pull dynamic of self-protective defensiveness along with a desire to be free of intrusive thoughts, hyper-arousal, and pessimism Egendorf, Brooks describes a model for working with combat veterans that requires therapists to be empathic to the underlying emotional pain and the shame that covers it.

He believes that men need to reevaluate their gender role and make life changes that counter the destructive messages they have learned about masculinity. He warns therapists to be patient and reinforcing of small steps of progress while also expecting resistance to change. Successful therapy with combat veterans involves being compassionate about the sacrifices these individuals have made and the emotional wounds that may not be visible Brooks, He was addicted to speed and alcohol, and had served some time in jail for assault.

Clay was initially admitted to the substance abuse ward. Once detoxed, he went to inpatient group and individual therapy. The following is from an individual session in the working phase of his treatment. I used to think that being a man meant being the toughest son of a bitch I could be. A lot of good that did me. It got me some jail time and a life as a drug addict. I sure hope this therapy can help me. To be honest, it is pretty painful. The source of my rage. I can fly off the handle so easily.

I guess I used alcohol to deal with my pent up anger. Now, I have nothing to save me. I was a hothead. I actually thought that enlisting would give me a job that let me go crazy on people but I was actually more constricted.

All the damn discipline just kept it pent up. When I let go, it was worse than I could imagine. Can we back off? Go over it another day? You got closer to talking today than you did last week. The realization that traditional masculinity has had negative consequences is an important insight for Clay, who must change how he defines himself. He acknowledges that he is uncomfortable without his usual coping methods of using alcohol and drugs.

The therapist is able to stay with Clay as he experiences the flashback without pressuring him. In previous sessions, Clay would avoid speaking of anything having to do with his combat experience. Not only is the flashback frightening, it is also shameful to be so exposed in the presence of another man. In general, therapists working with men who have experienced severe trauma will have to deal with denial and anger in the early stages of their work.

Pushing too hard for resolution at this phase will likely result in more resistance. A testing phase is also likely to occur to ensure that the therapist can handle the depth of his emotional pain. This may take the form of confrontation or cynicism about the therapeutic process. Once a man feels trusting of the therapist, he is more likely to take the risk to reveal his inner emotional cauldron.

Therapists are encouraged to stay patient, emotionally neutral, and accepting during the process. In environments where the work is with those who have been traumatized, it is important for clinicians to have their own support systems in the form of supervision, personal therapy, and outlets for emotional expression. It is common in warrior cultures for there to be a sanctioned masculine ideology that encourages toughness, independence, fearlessness, and aggressiveness toward others Lisak, a.

This cultural encouragement may have its advantages when fighting wars, but has a steep price for men who engage in this type of behavior under more civilized circumstances. While men may have a biological predisposition to act aggressively, it is our culture that encourages men to act this out more often Lisak, a. Men are more likely than women to commit acts of violence. Higher rates of substance and alcohol abuse among men are also linked to increased rates in violent crime National Crime Victimization Survey, The impact of acting out violence against others affects not only the victims of these actions, but also places the perpetrator in danger of losing employment, family relationships, and future success in life.

Often, those who commit violence against others are incarcerated. Initial encounters with the legal system sometimes offer men the opportunity to remain out of the prison system. The ability to remain employed or maintain status in school will often be contingent upon receiving treatment for anger management, domestic violence, or violent behavior.

Many treatment programs for men utilize group interventions to address these issues. Both highly structured cognitive oriented groups e. The cycle begins when a man who has insecure attachment from childhood and adolescent experiences, encounters rejection in his main interpersonal relationship. This rejection leads to a sense of inner shame that he defends against through denigrating his partner and rejecting the message she is sending.

Therapists should be cognizant of this cycle as they intervene with men who are act out in this way. The most popular approach for men who have anger or violence problems is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Many men who come to counseling or therapy for anger and violence concerns may initially deny the severity of their actions. They may seem to lack intrinsic motivation to change. There is still an opportunity for clinicians to have an impact by gently reminding the client about the consequences of his actions on others and himself.

Through empathy and respect, and a focus on changing damaging thoughts and behaviors, many men will respond favorably to treatment. The essence of the cognitive-behavioral approach is that violence as a response to anger is a learned behavior that can also be unlearned Hollenhorst, The cognitive approach encourages the therapist to help the client to first become aware of the underlying thoughts and cues in the environment that lead to an escalation of anger, verbal abuse, and physical acting out.

By gently challenging distorted and misguided thoughts in a collaborative therapeutic relationship, the client is able to become aware of the consequences of his perceptions, thinking, and emotional reactions. In the process, a man learns that he is responsible for his actions even when he is in provocative situations. Dom agreed to see the therapist alone if it would save his relationship. The following occurred in the first individual session.

So where do we start? You must see guys in here who are a lot worse than me, who beat their wives. Tell me what circumstances bring it on. Stacy knows how to push my buttons. I try to blow it off but she keeps harping on me and then sometimes I lose it. I feel really bad saying this out loud. We get along most of the time. What do you say to yourself when you feel this way? I feel like a bad person. Like I am no good. I wish she would stop.

I feel so bad. My dad used to vent at me a lot. He was an asshole. Always made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I guess I internalized that. By reminding Dom that he is not accusing him, but rather trying to help him, the therapist makes some headway in getting the client to acknowledge his actions and begin to take responsibility. A cognitive approach encourages Dom to reflect on the steps that escalate his anger, and opens him to talking about the feelings that he is trying to avoid.

Many men react with anger to cover feelings of vulnerability and hurt. It is not unusual for men to enter the therapeutic environment because of a problem with addiction. This might include difficulties with alcohol and other mood-altering substances. Addiction may have its roots in both neurochemical predisposition and traumatization. The numbing of painful experience and the conversion of a negative mood state to one that is pleasurable are often the motivators and reinforcers of addictive behavior.

Because our culture makes it difficult for men to express vulnerable emotions, outlets are often limited to legal and illegal addictive substances and activities. Brad came to counseling following a two-week crack cocaine binge. He used most of his savings to pay for the drugs. Brad had been through two day stints in a drug rehabilitation center in the past three years. He had been clean for over six months before his recent binge. Brad is employed in a family business owned by his uncle, who has let him return to work after each of his treatments.

I am so damn stupid. And I am so friggin' selfish. How stupid is that? You are really beating yourself up right now. What if we separate out the part of you that is feeling really angry with yourself from the other parts? I was thinking you could identify the various parts of yourself that exist inside.

I was thinking that you could have a dialogue with yourself. All the different parts talking to each other so we know where each is coming from. He never has enough. All he wants to do is escape into pleasure. He wants to be high, to have sex, to indulge himself with reckless abandon. Man, I would call him the hanging judge. Those are intensely negative self-statements.

What is it like to just say them here? I can feel myself getting uptight and ready to run. Like I could run out the door right now and not come back. I guess that is the addict. Is there a part of you that sits on the side of the conflict? Not the addict or the judge? Yeah, the part that is coming for help.

I just want some help in this war. Maybe if I can learn some techniques for catching myself before I act out, I might have a chance. The therapist uses a gestalt technique to get the client to differentiate various elements of his personality.

By separating the parts of self, the client is able to speak freely from each perspective. In this session, Brad has identified in his own words three aspects of himself that can be addressed in his quest to live a more moderate existence. The therapist will be able to refer to these aspects of the client when he notices their appearance.

By increasing awareness of these parts, the client already is beginning the process of gaining some cognitive control over his behavior. Twelve-step support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Sexaholics Anonymous might help with ongoing behavior and emotional control for some individuals, especially middle-class Caucasian men. The emphasis on giving up some of their control to a higher power seems to resonate with this group of men who tend to be more control-oriented Isenhart, The results are mixed for women and for men from ethnic minority populations.

Cognitive methods that emphasize moderation and personal control also show efficacy in combating addiction. Motivational interviewing, for instance, focuses on the client discussing the benefits and costs of making changes in a permissive and open atmosphere. This also seems to fit a more traditional masculine model of weighing alternatives and having choices. It is recommended that clinicians not trained in working with addiction be careful in treating men who report addictive behavior.

Individual differences in the severity, scope, and nature of the addiction must be assessed to ensure that outpatient treatment is the best route. For some, inpatient treatment is necessary to remove the individual from the environment so he can detox and be engaged in daily intensive treatment.

On the other hand, therapists who themselves have difficulty with accepting the tenets of the step model should be up front with clients who are seeking this kind of treatment. Gay and bisexual men are more likely than heterosexual men are to seek counseling and psychotherapy Haldeman, The life development of gay and bisexual men often has been marked by harassment, discrimination, and even violence.

Unfortunately, a large segment of society does not embrace homosexuality, leaving many gay men feeling marginalized and stigmatized. While men in the early phase of their acceptance of their sexual orientation might seek therapy, many gay and bisexual men come to counseling for issues other than their sexual orientation.

Issues around relationships, self-esteem, work, and emotional conflict are more often the focus for this population Haldeman, Boys and men who are struggling with their sexual orientation may come to a therapist to deal with the complex array of feelings and consequences that come with acknowledging their circumstance.

Mark, a year-old male, came to therapy to deal with the aftermath of the break up of a year gay relationship. Mark had been married to a woman when he was 19, even though he had felt homoerotic attraction since his early teen-age years. He had believed at the time that he could overcome his feelings and become heterosexual.

During the three-year marriage, he found himself having fantasies about men and eventually could no longer be honest in marriage. He and his wife parted amiably after Mark told her he thought he was gay. During the early years of his experimentation, Mark sought counseling with a gay-affirmative therapist, who gave him support as he came out to friends and, eventually, his family.

Mark met Steven in his early thirties. They settled into a committed relationship, sharing a house and a life together. Recently Steven, who is four years younger, announced that he no longer wanted to be in the relationship. He was in love with someone else. Mark was devastated and sought out the therapist he had worked with earlier. I still find it hard to believe he would do this. We had an agreement that we would talk to each other before acting on our attraction. You bet I do.

I never wanted to mess that up. I have a hard time getting out of bed to go to work. We had our issues like any couple would. We were having sex a lot less and now looking back on it, we should have talked about that more.

I have put on a little weight. To make things worse, my dad just went into the hospital with heart problems. He collapsed when he was on vacation with my mom. When it rains, it pours. I feel like things are really out of control. At least I have my health, I hope. He told me he engaged in safe sex, but can I trust anything he says at this point? You know in my job in sales I have to be personable and up all the time.

In here, I can tell you but out in the world I need to show that I am still in control and have it together. I have to be strong out there. I understand you feel like you need to be confident at work. In this case, anyone who has gone through a breakup like this would be upset. Easy for you to say. You deal with emotional people all day.

My world is way more formal and uptight. Sounds like you are buying into the traditional male stereotype of having to remain strong and stoic. The themes that the client brings to the session have to do with relationship loss, but they are influenced by the context of being a gay man.

Even sensitive clinicians need to be aware of how their own biases including heterocentrism, which supports the notion that heterosexuality is the norm for behavior Haldeman, Men who are comfortable with their sexual identity are likely to be in therapy about an issue that is not related to their sexuality.

Yet, it is important to be sensitive to the cultural environment from which the client comes, and the degree to which he can be open about his lifestyle. While a gay therapist may more readily serve as a role model, a heterosexual therapist with sensitivity, imagination, empathy, and experience can be very effective with gay male clients Lebolt, Gender identity is distinct from sexual orientation. Transgender boys and men were assigned as female based on genitalia at birth, but deeply feel an inherent sense of being a boy, man, or male American Psychological Association, While the identification with maleness may feel natural and healthy, many transgender men experience distress associated with the discrepancy between their biological sex assignment and their gender identity Coleman, et.

In addition, prejudice and discrimination around basic rights like bathroom choice, healthcare access, and workplace treatment add to feelings of alienation. Clinicians working with transgender men should become versed in the developing literature around transgender individuals in order to be most effective American Psychological Association, Singh and Dickey describe how to best approach and support transgender individuals in the therapy process, carefully tackling underlying mental health issues that may accompany, but not necessarily be caused by transitioning.

Price, 19, sought therapy as a part of his transitioning process from a biological female to a transgender male. He had begun hormone treatment and had been referred by his primary physician to talk with a therapist about how he was handling the process. After all I have been through, I am really hoping that I will finally feel some sort of closure. More that I was always alone with my internal thoughts and feelings. You could say that. I still fear that everyone thinks I am pretty crazy.

I mean who goes through all of this to change their gender identity? Well, I am sure betting on the hormones and surgery to make me who I really am. To be honest, I sometime have some doubts. Well, what if I am just a lonely, confused person who is counting on a gender identity transition to make me feel normal? Sometimes I wonder if I could pull off being kind of gender ambiguous. That way I could lean one way or the other based on who I am with but this would leave it up to them to project onto me who they want me to be.

You know, I tried it. What ended up happening was that I gave all the power to others to define me. It was definitely a safer option, but in many ways made me more anxious about myself. It sounds like it feels better to you to make a definite decision about your identity than to leave it up to those around you. But I am still a little scared that I am being drastic. Most things in this world are rarely so defined in a binary way.

It seems like you are feeling like you must choose an identity even though most of us have some gender fluidity in our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

It feels like I need to do this, but in reality I am not some extreme version of a guy. I am still pretty sensitive to others and appreciate my relationships, and the aesthetic parts of life. Sometimes I fall into the trap of having to prove my maleness by being some extreme version of myself.

All men struggle with this. The gender role norms sometimes make us feel like we are supposed to be a certain way, even though most men only fit the stereotype superficially. It is good to hear you say that. It is easy to fall into that trap. I know I have a long way to go to figure all of this out. Men are likely to be cautious entering an arena in which they feel they are out of their element.

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Sorry about typos- have my 13month old in my arms. Who was there before and whose land was suddenly expropriated.. Not easy and I commend you for even touching the topic.

I just started listening to your podcast, and just have to ask… are you a former SLP? So glad I pushed through those feelings! I was so encouraged for listening to it. Thank you for having tough conversations. Heather, I discovered your podcasts a few weeks ago, and have been thoroughly enjoying listening!

Good morning Heather, Would like to say thank you for being transparent and for allowing God to use your podcast to bless others. I am really enjoying the Summer Mentorship Series and all the good nuggets that are being shared. Heather, Thank you so so much for your podcasts! I know that you put a ton of work into it, which is a big feat in the midst of family life. I have learned A TON from you and your guests, and look forward to it each week.

Plus, as a Dallas-girl now transplanted in Seattle, I just about flipped when I first listened and found out that you are in Big D. A Seattle friend introduced me to your show, so I was not expecting that. A coworker of mine told me about your podcast and I have been listening for about 6 months now. My dad passed away unexpectedly in December and it has been a really hard year so far. The podcast is a source of joy as I listen to women share what God has taught them and how He continues to move in their lives.

Thank you so much for doing what you do in helping us all keep the focus on Jesus in this crazy world. It means more to me than you will know. I so so so enjoy your podcast. The guests you choose are always wonderful and offer convicting and encouraging.

You have a real gift of connecting with people and the interviews are always well structured and flow easily as the conversation progresses.

I had a quick question, I was hoping you could answer. I was listening to older podcasts last week and there was a Bible study mentioned that involves color coding verses. Thanks for all you do! The age of the domain shows how long it has been since the name was registered by its current owner.

I started listening to your podcast in May of — a month or so before my twins were born. Your podcast makes my Monday morning drive much more bearable.

Oh Heather, how your words and heart resonate with mine. The continual revelation of the ugliness inside me through the sandpaper of mothering and marriage!

May He continue to use your life and words to equip and encourage women worldwide! Thank you so much for having this podcast! I remember an episode where the person you interviewed gave advice on how to help someone who was grieving.

Our very dear friend died on Tuesday, and he leaves behind an amazing wife and two little boys. Do you remember which podcast it is? The episode you are remembering is the one I did with Jenn Clouse. So many great ideas for helping friends going through hard times.

Thank you for listening faithfully! Thanks for listening and understanding. I have enjoyed your podcast for over a year now after a friend introduced me. I want to post a voice message to the Not Alone topic, but I am not gonna lie, the legal stuff scares me.

The topic I want to mention can be pretty touchy and controversial even in Christian communities. I was like YES… that is what it feels like! Is there a way to see if there is a GCMpodcast club near where I live???? Thank you for doing your podcast. God creates boys and girls with very different bents, personalities, and confidence levels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I really do welcome your perspective and feedback. Sweet encouragement — Thank you for taking the time to minister to moms…I find your guests and topics wonderful.

I recently listened to an older podcast done in March of with a momma of 3 kids four and under. Do you have any recommendation of podcasts youve done relating to lots of littles.

I have a recent 4 yr old, a 2. Thanks again for your ministry…you are a blessing. My name is Brittany Schultz! I have two boys and our 3rd boy on the way!! I have been SO greatly encouraged by your podcasts! Oh i am so grateful I did!!! We have already been implementing what he had to share! It is such an encouragement to me! Hi Heather, I wanted to let you know that your podcast has been such a blessing to me! I have been listening for about 6 months now and I have gone back and listened to several of your earlier episodes as well!

I tell every mom I know to listen because I have been so encouraged. Is that available and where can I find that? I would love to get some! Thank you for your ministry! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and having the guests share theirs. Have you heard of the enneagram personality typing? Just stumbled on your podcast!

Keep up the awesome work! I love your podcast! Thank you for the time and research and love you put into it. I have a few questions: If so, how are they doing it?

How could I contact Ashley who did the technology talk? I have a few questions for her? Hi Heather- is there a way to send you a direct email instead of a semi-public post?

I found your podcast a year ago, and your ministry has poured into my life ever since. Your email address will not be published.

Add your message here GodCenteredMom Join in the conversation on Facebook: Julie Hyatt Hi Heather! I will let you know if the humbling moments ever stop… HA! If you are interested, please fill out this application: I look forward to reading more. Hi Heather, I can so relate — I too had 4 boys in a little over 6 years and so badly wanted a little girl, especially with 4. May God bless you both!

I just found you on podcast just want to say thank you!!!!!!!!! My absolute favorite podcasts ever!! We lost him on December

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