Two Guys Lose Weight: Dan Marino talks Nutrisystem (and football)

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Dan Marino and Nutrisystem – The Secret Behind His 2018 Diet & Weight Loss?
The foods do not contain any t rans fats, flavors, colors or sweeteners. The joys of the Tapeworm Diet Don't cut off your limbs to lose weight Sylvester Stallone is the greatest motivator. As one of their most popular celebrity endorsers, Dan has been featured in many ads over the years, including a commercial for the Turbo 10 program just last year:. A study done by Indiana University reported that individuals who work out alone are more likely to quit. My wife loves the way I look and all my family is amazed at how much younger I seem.

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Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Dan's Team' Featuring Dan Marino

The Colts seemed to have the full package-a great running and passing attack, a solid offensive line, and a fine defense. Everything was aligned for Manning-Mania to take full effect, especially after such a spectacular regular season. But once again, under the glare of the national spotlight, in a huge playoff game, and under the kind of pressure he had rarely seen all season, Peyton Manning crumbled. In eight seasons the Colt QB has led his team to the playoffs six times where he is There are quarterbacks, most recently Tom Brady, who usually manage to rise to the occasion in the big game, ably dealing with a panoply of adversity.

And then there are those like Manning, usually able to run like finely tuned, precision machines, which means when everything is copacetic they hum along but let something like a blitz throw off their rhythm and they breakdown.

Some blame others on the team. Against the Carolina Panthers Eli Manning completed 10 of 18 passes, threw three interceptions, was sacked four times and lost one fumble as the Giants were humbled by their opponents 23 to zip.

At one point in the game it seemed as if Eli Manning thought his job was to get the ball to the Panthers as boos echoed throughout Giants Stadium and fans hustled for the exits. Coolness under pressure-is this a Manning characteristic?

Or do Peyton and Eli share some sort of panic gene? This article was written by Paul Mrocza sponsored by http: Reproductions of this article are encouraged but must include a link back to http: Post about it here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share on Buffer Share.

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About Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Dan's Team' Featuring Dan Marino