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Hello Donnie, First, let me say, I love your site. I need to lose weight for my wedding and will not go wedding dress shopping until I lose the weight. How to decalcify the Pineal Gland? The suggested amount is mg. Nigella Sativa is a herb that originates from Western Asia.

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This has been such a big help. I have a soccer team family picnic Friday. Bryan, if you eat anything solid it will take you out of your fast.

Bring a juice or two with you. I Love your blog! You are very knowledgeable. I am doing a 10 day fast with a group of friends from church. This is day one and I must say that it went fairly well. I experienced light dizziness a few times but I know that is the norm.

Well thank you Tera-Aileen! Congrats on starting your 10 day fast! Just keep a strong mind and look towards your goal. Those days will fly by really fast! The first few days are often harder for people with caffeine addictions. But you can take tylenol or ibuprofen for the headaches.

Keep me posted on your fast. After a few days reading and finally coming to this blog. I decided to take on a 30 day juicing today: My main reason for this is getting healthier.

And getting rid of the horrid water retention that seems to be around during summer time, although I drink lots of water and no sweet sodas. Thank you for the well explained facts around this adventure: Hope all will go well. IR, thanks for your comment on congrats on deciding to do a juice fast! It will be a great change for your body! I have gained considerable weight because of medication I have to take.

Hence I am wanting to start a Juice Fast out of desperation. My question is…will this help with weight gained because of meds? Hopefully it will also help with my pain too. Jodi, welcome to JOJ and thanks for your comment. Juicing can make a huge difference with your health and health related issues.

As far as your medications you should get in contact with your doctor and see if any meds should be adjusted while on your fast. Schedule regular checkups and keep your doctor informed. Hello, I read your website and am ready to jump on the band wagon. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I did the HCG unsuccessfully and each time I lost the weight but gained it back plus pounds. I believe this will be healthier for me. I am going to have my son do it with me.

My goal is to do it exactly as you say. My son however, who is 19 years old will have at least one meal per day. What suggestion do you have for someone such as myself who work 8 to 5 in a office environment? If I prepare the juices in the morning and take them to work, will they still be just as fresh or will it seperate and look oooky?

Carolyn, welcome to JOJ! No solids while on the fast. I did that for the first 2 weeks in my fast. Just store them in a thermos, keep them in the fridge, and shake them up good before you drink them.

They should hold out just fine. This was so informative, easy to understand, and answered so many questions I had about juicing, such as what kind of juices to make, and why use a juicer instead of blender. Thank you very much, I look forward to starting my juice fast and sharing this healthy life style with my friends and family.

I had a couple of question regarding this juice fast which by the way I have already started. I am doing a 14 day juice fast and was wonderins, is there any negative impact this could have on my muscles or bones?

And how much protein intake do I need to make sure that I am getting the proper nutrition my body needs is the protein in spinach enough?

Besides spinach there are plenty of other things that will provide you with protein. If you lift weight you may want to include a protein supplement such as an unflavored protein isolate. I am on day 10 of my juice fast and after 7 days I had lost 14 pound! I still feel really good and not have not felt hungry at all but food sure does smell super good. I had another couple of questions my wife just had a baby and she is currently breat feeding.

When, if ever would it be ok for her to start a juice fast? After she is done breast feeding? And the second question is would it be ok for me to any kind of cardio right now like running or riding a bike for 30 or 45 minutes a day? Tim, congrats on 7 days and 14 pounds! Listen to your body. Just thought I would keep you posted on my juice fast.

It has been 19 days on my fast and I have lost 23 lbs. I am super happy with the results thus far. I have not had time because of work to do any serious working out but I plan to start next week. Once again thanks for all the help. Tim, congrats on 19 days and 23 pounds lost! I bet you feel really amazing and very proud of yourself.

Lloyd, congrats on ordering your juicer and deciding to do your juice fast. It will be very rewarding! Interested in any advice. I have a vitamix. Can I use that or do I need to use my juicer?

Thanks in advance Alan. Alan, thank you for your comment. Read this article for a complete understanding of why you must use a juicer on a juice fast: Hi, What is your documentary called? I am going to buy my first juicer and begin my first cleanse! Hi Rachael, congrats on planning out your juice fast! Maybe sometime in the future. I have been having green smoothies for past week, two per day with a light evening meal with no carbs.

I have two questions would I lose weight if I did the juices twice per day and light meal later. Will the juices give me enough energy to get through my shifts or should I stick to smoothies until I have completed shifts.

I feel as though I have kinda gone through a semi detox already. However I must add , having just juices would give me lots more nutrients then I normally have when eating as I get few breaks and found myself just grabbing the odd biscuit and crisps here and there.

Many thanks again for your fab site. Working your schedule I would juice and if it gets to be too much, add a light meal or a smoothie. Try this out a few times until you can go straight juice. I would be starting my weight loss with just juicing tomorrow.

I need to reduce 50Lbs. Any idea how long will it take. And can I continue doing it till I achieve my target weight. BTW it was a helpful blog!!!! Indrani, thanks for your comment. It really depends on how much you start with, how many juices you drink and how well you stick to it. If you keep juicing you will lose that 50 pounds Indrani. Just stick with it, the weight will come off.

Soups are fine as long as they are made of stuff you juiced and warmed up. Stay away from soups out of cans or boxes, or soups that include anything other than raw vegetables and fruits. My husband and I just ordered our juicer and we are anxious to start our 14 day fast! We live 2 hours to the nearest farmers market. Will buying fruits and veggies at our local grocery store still benefit us? Just make sure you clean your produce very good before you use it. Congrats on deciding to start your fast!

You and your husband will love it! Firstly I wish you done something like this here in the UK. I think I have the will power and determination to go through with it. Fingers crossed I can find something here in the UK. Secondly, your website and your story has inspired me. You can do this Laura! Is it not dangerous to elimate all the insoluable fibre from ones diet, will the colon not become lazy if it is not used regularly? It will get hydrated, cleaned out, and then start to function better.

The main function of fiber is to help clump up waste and pass it through your digestive system. When you are juicing, there is nothing to digest since juice gets absorbed into your system and not digested. I hope you will take the time to answer this question. So for someone who has never juice fasted before, are 1 or 2 or possibly 3 day fasts still beneficial?

These are usually the total amount of days I can get off in a row. I think perhaps its best to avoid work while juice fasting at first as I cannot afford to be ill or irritable or whatever reaction I may get from fasting at work as it is working with people, lots of running up and down, etc. Natalie, 3 day fasts are the smallest fasts I would recommend. But after 3 days you may not want to go back to solids. Shoot for 3 days, then try to make it 7 or more.

After my first week of juicing I was laid off from work. I have been on many juice fasting websites. My questions is that almost all of those sites recommend drinking some type of herbal laxative tea at night to help eliminate the toxins from out body.

Needless to say, my digestive system needs help. I am also doing the juice fast for weight loss and cleanse. If anything, it would be more beneficial to add a night time tea that helps you sleep.

Toxins will get eliminated with or without the herbal tea if you stick to the juice fast. Another thing to consider is that generally after days there is nothing in your system to digest. Since juice is absorbed into your system and not digested any bowel movements you have are from stuff that was in your system before you started fasting.

My mom, brother and I are beginning a 10 day juice fast tomorrow. My big concern is somehow not getting enough nutrients or somehow hurting myself by leaving something important out of the fast. I have not attempted kale, parsley or romaine yet. What do I do? Is there something I can use instead? Also I have a tough time getting veggie juices to taste good, I much prefer fruit.

I understand your concerns so let me help to clear them up. When you juice, you are loading your body with nutrients in order to cleanse. You get all the nutrients you need plus plenty more. Spinach provides little juice but the little juice that it does provide is super healthy for you. Try two big handfuls instead of one. I usually get about a half shot glass or more out of the handfuls of spinach I use. The taste will grow on you, and there are a few things you can add that really help to give your juice some flavor.

Lemons, Limes, Carrots, Grapes, Pomegranate seeds, and Raspberry really help to mask some of the harsher veggie flavors that you may not like. So use those to your advantage when juicing. Just remember, you will get the nutrition you need including proteins. There is no need to add anything else to your juices. Good look on your fasts, please keep me posted. My husband just told me I quit snoring the first day of the fast! Thanks for being here.

I noticed I was sleeping much better while on the fast. Hope you got a good nights worth of sleep! Thank you for this helpful article. I am 15 years old, and would like to lose weight before the end of the summer.

Would it be ok for me to juice for dinner and breakfast, and have a salad or something similarly healthy for lunch? Please get back to me. Caillean, You can have juice a few times a day along with fresh veggies and fruits. Just make sure you are eating only fresh veggies and fruits. What the heck are the leg cramps about?

Starting early morning, from day 1, I wake up with severe cramping and having to pee at the same time. Not a good deal. Hope, thanks for your comment! It sounds like you are just going through detox.

The cramps should go away soon. In the mean time, juice more tomatoes as they tend to help alleviate leg cramps for a lot of people. Or will I get sickly skinny? Will I have to stop taking them for the fast? Michelle, thanks for your comment. You can do the juice fast you may consider adding some protein to your juices. I suggest a pure unflavored protein isolate like this one on Amazon http: As far as the sleeping pills, keep taking them if you need them.

I am really motivated by your blog and your personable approach, thank you. I am a 40 year old man, and 40 lbs over weight. I am pre-diabetic and do not have full flash diabetes yet. What would you suggest as far as how many fruits should I have in my juice? Also, can I consume tomatoes and carrots or should I limit those as well?

Ed, I read your forum post and commented here http: Be careful with the carrots as they have a good amount of sugar in them. Also, make sure you are including ingredients such as spinach, kale, and romaine lettuce into your juices as they contain the proteins that you will need. For instance I tend to freeze my kale because I feel it tends to spoil quickly, what do you suggest?

Dee, you can use frozen if you like. Just make sure they are thawed before you juice. How many times a day can you drink the juice? Or can u have the juice more than 3x a day? Hi, I just started my juicing 3 days ago, is not that easy, I have headaches is that normal? Ebony, headaches are a common sign that you are going through detox. You can take tylenol or ibuprofen for your headaches if you want.

As far as how to eat after a juice fast I suggest you read this article http: That will just help to put it back on. My wife and I did the 3 day juice fast. Is it ok to keep on loosing weight by switching to a routine of juicing for breakfast and lunch then have a light dinner as a routine? I would love to hear your opinion on this. The juice plan is awesome. Thank you for this site and putting this all together Donnie!

Marc-ee, you will most likely still lose weight if you continue to juice and add a light meal to your routine for dinner. I did that and continued to lose weight and so have many others that I know of.

I use a lot of cucumbers and spinach I noticed. I have done the mean green and green giant today. I noticed ginger kind of gave me a little heart burn. But over all for the past four days I have noticed a difference. I wanted a recipe that has beets in it too try. I heard and read beets Re suppose to be really good for you. Is there any other veggie that gives you a source of protein. I thought too much spinach was not good.

Shirley, there are plenty of veggies that give you protein. Here are a few that I use for protein: Are you referring to Brussel sprouts or alfalfa sprouts? I love them both but who knew you could juice them?

Never tried alfalfa sprouts though. I bet that would be interesting! Thanks for the idea Trixie. I started juicing bc my trigliclerides and cholesterol were too high and borderline diabetic but not there thank god. I already lost 4 lbs in two days.

I am going to do it for 30 days. So far I love all the juice I have been trying. Shriley, congrats on starting your juice fast! You should head over to the JOJ forums and post your fast for us to follow. Hello, today is day 14 for me.

I juice 3 times a day now. As I dranked a lot of water in between and after. Each juice gives me 20 oz of juice, I fill a 32oz bottle with juice and the rest of water to the top to reduce oxygen. I am on day 14 today and Im down 20lbs.

I feel great and with a lot of energy. Anything else I should be doing differently or suggest anything else? You are doing fantastic! What are your goals? Thank you so much for publishing the juice fast and the shopping list, it will make things so much easier.

I have been contemplating this fast for a while, but I have been too much of a chicken to try it. Many thanks for the amazing tips on how to juice fast, Donnie. I loved your tip 3. I actually use 2. And also never forget to drink plenty of water along with it.

I get the necessary nutrients and energy from the added dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals in VidaThin. I have been advised to consume fresh fruits and continue light exercise besides its regular consumption. Andy, thanks for the comment. A persons metabolic rate will drop with prolonged starvation making weight loss hard. Since starvation is a severe deficiency in caloric energy, nutrient, and vitamin intake, it would be impossible to starve yourself on a juice fast. How is VidaThin working working out for you?

OMG, Thanks so much for your blog! I found this right on time. Recently I decided to take the plunge and try a five to seven day cleanse. However, in three weeks I am riding 45 miles for a fundraiser. In the mean time you could do a partial cleanse with meals of fresh fruit and veggies for meals. With that heavy of a training regiment you might exhaust yourself more than usual.

I would start by trying juicing everyday and adding a light lunch or dinner in between. This way you will better be able to tell if you can handle a full out juice fast during your training.

I wish you the best of luck on your 45 mile fundraiser. That is a great thing to be part of. Keep me posted and let me know what you decide to do and how the training goes. I want to make sure I do it safely. Thank you for your site! Christine, congrats on deciding to start your juice fast! As far as workouts go I would suggest you keep it light during your first three days to let your body adjust to the fast.

After that feel free to continue your normal routine if you feel up to it. If your workouts are very grueling and muscle mass is something you are trying to build I would suggest adding a pure unflavored protein isolate to your pre and after workout juices. I would like to thank you for all the great information you have listed here. For a person who is just planning on starting on a juice fast this information is really vital.

I see that you recommend three juicers here http: Which one of these is a Masticating juicer, so i can take advantage of the wheatgrass? Thank you for replying! So, just to be clear, to fully reap the benefits of juice fasting, all that you can consume is juice that you have juiced, right? So no eating whole veggies or fruits that you would normally juice? Yes Mary, to fully reap the benefits you should only consume the juice.

Hi and thanks for all the info. Can you please tell me if there is anything you need to change in your diet prior to starting the cleanse or you just dive in? The best was to ease into a juice fast is to eat only fresh fruits and veggies a few days prior to your fast.

That seems to be the best way to ease into it. It gets your body prepared for the fast by consuming the same stuff you will juice in a fast. Or you could just dive right in like some people do. Today is day 3 of my juice fast. Gonna keep it up for at least 7 days to see how I feel. I am so glad I found this site. It has answered lots of my questions.

Congrats on starting your fast Kidknees! I am on day 2 of the 30 day juice fast, and my only concern is that I am not getting enough fiber.

Is it okay to add flaxseeds or chia seeds to the juice. If so, which would you recommend? Hopefully this will help clear up the issue of fiber and juicing for you. There are two types of fibers; insoluble and soluble. The insoluble fibers are what remain in the pulp.

Insoluble fiber helps to bulk up stools and promote regular bowel movements. Also, you have to realize that the insoluble fibers help to promote digestion, and when your juicing, there is really nothing to digest after a few days since juices are absorbed and not digested. Taken from the Juice Faq http: I would not suggest adding flax or chia into your juice fast. The straight fruit and veggie juice is all you need. That is one of the functions of the juice fast as it rests and cleans your digestive system.

Kelly, I did an experiment and tried to do a three day fast on just naked juice once. The reason being is that while you are still getting nutrients the naked juice is pasteurized. That cuts down the quality big time as a lot of the health benefits are taken out.

Yes Kelly, if you juice right and correctly you will lose weight. Everyone is different but when you lose weight it generally starts from the head down. So you will lose stomach fat if you juice for a week or two. I have been interested in juicing for quite some time now, but I have a LOT of stomach issues…..

Does this juice fast effect stomachs a lot? Any fast you do will effect your stomach since you are completely changing your eating routine. There are certain things that will make it better and some that will make it hard on your stomach.

If you have plenty of lemon, ginger, and celery in your juice it would help your stomach issues as they promote good digestion and relief of stomach problems. I recently bought a juicer and my husband and I are going to try a 7 day fast. I have quit smoking and gained 40 lbs. My husband has severe arthritis in his back and hips he also is overweight and I thought juicing would be good for both of us.

My question is my granddaughter is 14 and obese we have been walking 2. She wants to juice with me is it safe for her to do so. She is very motivated as she has lost 4 lbs last week just from walking. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks for all the tip and tricks. She should be fine. You all sound very motivated and ready to go! If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Pam, coffee contains caffeine and wine contains alcohol, during a juice fast you are trying to rid your system of both of these.

This is an awesome post! This has been extremely helpful, thank you! If I can be of any help just let me know. Hi, I have some questions that I hope you can answer. I am 47 and my hair is thinning, enough so my hair dresser suggested we change my style. I had noticed I was seeing more hair in the drain a few months ago. I have decided to do a cleanse to see if this will detox my system, but I take medication.

I take Lyrica and I am concerned that cleansing will not work since I take that med. Jenny, cleansing will work just fine with your meds. Strawberries are great for hair growth. Im excited to say im going to be trying your three day juice plan, eventually working my way up to the seven day plan and so on. I recently got diagnosed with pre cancer abnormal cells, I hv two small children and run low on energy all the time. Im hoping this journey will not only improve my health but also give me the energy I so desperately need!

You should post in the forum http: What are your thoughts on food combining? How much of a difference do you think it makes. The reason some people do say not to mix fruits and vegetables together is because your body breaks down fruits and vegetables differently. Juice more fruits in the morning and mostly greens in the afternoon.

Is it healthy, if so how many days? Valeria, thanks for your comment. The best way to know what is best for you and your baby is to check with your pediatrician. I would say they are more user-friendly generally. People are still buying it today which is remarkable.

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