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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Fat loss and maybe inch loss is more reliable. There are many different thyroid medication options. I read somewhere that we have never seen her real hair! Temple thinning and some receding. In attempting to get away from unnecessary fillers in my thyroid medication, I switched to WP Thyroid the end of August.

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It is also an important component of hair, and an adequate intake of silica is thought to prevent baldness and stimulate hair growth. Silica is present in substantial amounts in a wide range of foods, including strawberries, green and red peppers, millet , barley, wheat, cucumbers, oats, rice, bean sprouts, potatoes, and asparagus.

Processing of foods as well as chemical treatment of the soil can significantly decrease the silica content of foods. Therefore, in order to ensure an optimal intake of silica, it is advisable to opt for organically grown and unprocessed foods. Although our bodies require only a small amount of copper, it is crucial for the proper functioning of the body, including healthy hair growth. Sufficient levels of copper can prevent hair loss and contribute to hair thickness. Copper is also thought to intensify hair color and prevent premature graying of hair.

Another trace mineral that is important to hair health is zinc, which plays an important role in the production of new cells including hair cells. Zinc and copper should be consumed together as the balance between the two is crucial: Black sesame seeds, which are used as a remedy for hair loss in Asia, are an excellent source of both copper and zinc. Sulphur is a mineral that is found in all cells of the human body and that is particularly abundant in our hair, skin, and nails.

Sulfur is often referred to as "nature's beauty mineral" because of its capability to aid in good blood circulation, reduce skin inflammation, and promote hair growth. It also plays a role in the metabolism of several important B-vitamins including B1, B5 and B7. First signs of a sulphur deficiency often include loss of hair, brittle hair and nails, and dry skin. Although present in the human body, sulphur can only be obtained through diet.

Sulphur is found in all protein rich foods, meats, fish, eggs, milk and legumes being particularly rich sources of this mineral. Garlic , cabbage, onions, turnips, kale , lettuce, brussels sprouts, kelp, seaweed and some nuts also contain sulphur.

Iron carries oxygen to the hair, and an inadequate intake of iron may cause the hair follicles to starve of oxygen. In fact, depleted iron stores appear to be one of the most common causes of hair loss in pre-menopausal women. Interestingly, iron deficiency is also the most common form of nutritional deficiency. Women who are menstruating especially if they have heavy periods , women who are pregnant or have just given birth, long-distance runners, and vegans have a particularly high risk of being deficient in iron.

To prevent or correct this deficiency, consume iron-rich foods such as dried fruits, egg yolks, liver, lean red meat, oysters, poultry, salmon, tuna and whole grains. Hi Lynne and sally, I have lost a little weight on this eating style which is good; think calories doesnt matter how you make up your cals I decide my fast days as to how i feel in the morning of that day.

Hello all, Just arrived, and starting 5: Hi, I have just found out about this diet, so I have a few questions: I'm vegetarian, would this be a problem? Do you have to stick to calorie counting on the non-fast days? Any help you can give would be gratefully received. Hello everybody, I googled the 5: I have absolutely no idea how to set about this diet, let alone what foods add up to calories. Can you pick and choose the cal days, or do you have to do the same days each week?

Tip of fast day: Teaspoon of low cal hot choc 35 cals topped up with proper coffee and hot water. Not need for milk or sugar! Even stuffed up my fast last mnute twice but the effort was there. Had a day of yesterday with friends and ate picnic lunch and an indian take away last night so fasting today. Didnt honestly think I wolud have lost anything but a walking regularly as usual so it all adds up on a fast day if you do go over at the last minute!

James ; Days arent consecutive just pick two days in the week that fit in with your shedule. Weight loss depends on what you eat after the fast day I suspect and where you are in your cycle. I know my weight can go up and down daily, even hourly never mind weekly. A glass of water weighs a pound! I try to stay off bread on a fast day as well. I feel better after fast day and mentally quite righteous so choose to weigh myself once a week but to also use the trouser test and try on a tight pair of trousers once a week as well.

Think whole picture not pound by pound slog! It becomes too much. Just have a go if anyhting else it makes you feel better. Hi I am a new starter, and already my stomach sounds like an volcano. Do you think everyone puts on weight after first fast day? I shall be so disappointed if I do. I work similar hours Laura and can eat my way through cals between 8pm and bedtime! So what I do is fast from either lunch to lunch or dinner to dinner or 7pm - 7pm etc This works for me.

So last night i finsihed my fast at 8 pm and then ate a dinner. I have thyroid probs so I dont lose the weight easily but i have to say I am doing this for health reasons and weight loss is a bonus!

That said, try it cals over a 24hour period is do able. Soup for lunch, porridge for breakfast if you eat it, couple of snacks or good coffee! This programme isnt rigid it flows iwth what and where you are at! If you blow your fast day then pick another day. I am getting married at the end of this year December and I want to try a healthy eating plan that will not just help me fit into my wedding dress! I have never really stuck to a diet plan before, as my work has me returning late to my home each night and the temptation to just make a sandwich or pasta is difficult to overcome!

If so, from experience, what is the best way of working the fasting days? I can make a lunch to take into work, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to stop myself from eating when I get in? Do I need to fast all day, or can I make small meals to keep me going? I just desperately want to find something I can stick to, not just for my wedding but also for a healthier lifestyle! I make a dressing using a spoonful of plain low fat yog with a good squeeze of lemon juice and a little harissa paste or curry paste or any spicy flavouring you like.

I find it's good to keep busy but not too physical on those days. Hi everyone going tostart the diet on tuesday and also going to go to Zumba class after work that day so lots to look forward to. I have ben looking for a nice salad dressing for fast days but cant find a nice spicey one that takes my fancy, anyone got any ideas? It has been great reading all the comments and advise, I will certainly be logging in regular to get inspiration and see how eveyone is doing, Ive tried on a pair of trousers that are a size 14 and can only just get the edges to meet, so these will be my mearure of how I am doing.

Good luck to everyone!! Well hit the scales metaphorically speaking this morniing and havent put wieght on after BAD two days! On fast at min and off for a walk- Actually find moderate execrcise ok on fast day. Hi Erin, basic rules seem to be ish calories over 24 hours beginning and ending as you wish. Ie by time 10am am , lunch to lunch etc. Doesnt matter how or what you eat as long as you have a 12 hour or so period food free i.

I think this is why it seems too easy to stick to totally adaptable to you as long as you stick to I sympatize with scales lark and as you have probably read in earlier posts, i use scales once a week after fast, have a tight pair of trousers and top which i try on once a week as well.

I think you need a range or criteeria to inform your weight loss rather than depend on one -the scales- as for women especially it just isnt a true relection of your work. Hi everyone I'm going to give this a go starting tomorrow. I have been using My Finesses Pal to loose weight and saw that some days I can easily stick to or cal so figure I could manage the 5: Can I drink black coffee and diet coke on fasting days I know they are bad but don't think I can kick the coke habit!!

Also the scales are killing me was doing so well until I got on the scales and realized I hadent lost as much as I though even though I did loose some weight, it made me eat chocolate and drink wine!! So no more scales I think. Just be wary as I get munchies when i drink!

I am startng again after lunch today-BAD two days after my online food shop! Pre mentrual does not help either. However i have walked so dont feel toooo awful or failing. Congratulations of WW loss as well. As far as I know you have have alcohol on non-fast days I may be wrong but that's my understanding Hi - I have lost 22lbs on weight watchers and maintened my weight for nearly a year. However, I would like to lose another half a stone and despite sticking to my WW plan my weight seems to have hit a plateau so I was thinking of starting this next week.

Does anyone know if you can drink alcohol when doing this - obviously not on the fasting days! My advice, for what it's worth is to keep busy on a fast day but nothing strenuous. Also avoid food shopping. I also find lots of mugs of hot water helps see above. The great thing is knowing that the next day is "normal" It's literally taking it one day at a time and it can be different days each week to fit in with what you are doing We are all in this together!

Started reading the book on Kindle last night and actually feel I might "manage" this!! Any "Starting out" tips?? Hi everyone, Thanks so much for your comments and sorry for the repeated posting - we've got a glitch in our system so haven't been receiving notifications or been able to clean up duplicate posts, but we're working on it!

We're loving all your tips and support here and so glad you're finding the 5: Good luck with it and we'll try to answer questions where we can - you can also follow Vicki on Twitter on VickiEdgson if you have questions about the meals. Keep us updated, we'd love to know your progress! Judy x GTG team. Please ignore spelling errors above- its the tablets making me stupid- God knows what my teaching will be like next week when i go back! I wont be driving! More snow forecast I see rather than the expe tced rain!

Ok chowed down big time on all goodies i had stupidly ordered so starting fast today earlier! I find fizzy water my god send. Havent had fizzzy drinks for years because they say not to drink fizzy drinks. But I have locked onto fizzy water and alovely elderflwoer cordial dash of! Dont worry about multiple blogs jo I have emailled them to ask if they will remove them we shall see if any one repilies.

I find it interesting for a blog that noone from the website has said anything or replied to any of us or indeed just said Hi and good luck. It could just be us! Huge apologies for multiple comments yesterday.

I must have accidentally hit a "Repeat - till - you - drive - everyone - nuts " button that I didn't know existed! Good luck with your fast Hannah. I find in this cold weather that numerous mugs of hot water , some with a slice each of fresh ginger and lemon or an inch or so of a cinnamon stick help to keep the body warm when food isn't there! Hi Jo, got shingles on boxing day and still trying to get through the night with no pain! Drugged up to the eyeballs which means my knitting is all over the place.

However snow has overtaken any concerns and I await my food delivery from a well knwn brand with anticipation!

I read the Michael Moseley book and watched the show. I have looked at the recipes above but find that I choose to eat the foods i normally do but just divide it up on fast days into 3 lots of cals or so I also tend to do breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch or indeed 10 am am for example.

I also have a selection I my fridge so if i dont fancy something i can call on another and I log on fitness pal. I am on week 2 and am finding it do able.

All the food can be got at the supermarket and on fast days the limit is cals. I'm splitting it into 2 mini meals breakfast and supper drinking green tea and hot water between There is a book "the fasting diet " I think is what it's called by Michael Mosely.

My initial question was related to hair loss, but reading through all of the information tells me that all of the questions I have seem to have been addressed here and it appears that if I have any questions, those of you here are more than willing to answer as best you can without any mean spirited comments!!!

Thank you all so much for contributing! I realize this is not the same as a visit to the doctor. I came across your article while searching the internet for answers. About three years ago I found out that my hormone levels were low and my thyroid was just a little under normal. I started hormone pellets and was put on 30 mg of nature throid. Within a few weeks my hair started falling out in large amounts.

After a couple of months of this I stopped all medication. I stayed off of the medication for a year and my hair loss got better. In December I had a partial hysterectomy and I have not had any energy. In June, I went to have blood work done through a wellness center and was told that my hormones were non functioning and my thyroid was low so I went back on medications. Within two weeks my hair started breaking off because it is so brittle.

They thyroid medication is the same milligrams and type that I was on last time. I had my pharmacist look at my blood work level and they did not know why I was even on medication because my levels were JUST below normal range and not too far off. I have stopped the thyroid medication because I believe this is the cause of the brittle hair. I am looking for some kind of help and advice to get my hair to stop breaking off and falling out.

I am not Debra, but what helps me is something very simple. Spending a little time in the sun or outside generally, like 40 minutes or so. Lack of it affects thyroid. Also, fish, shellfish, turkey, and chicken, But definitely seafood. Iodine supplements definitely help. And other supplements mentioned above. When I get busy and I forget all this, I get super tired and my hair falls out.

When I get back on track, the improvement is almost immediate. It is important to be vigilant about this when you have a thyroid problem. Let me know if you find anything that works!

I have the same breaking and falling out issue. Thank you Debra mendoza. Sorry, forgot to ask my question. The multivitamin that you take, do you take ALL 7 capsules at once?? I thought my was high quality Shaklees but yours seems way better. I know Pure has a good reputation. Thank you in advance! Hi Lil, Yes I take all 7 capsules at once as directed on the package with my lunch.

I love the Pure Encapsulations Energize Plus Pure Pack because it combines many of the ingredients that I would otherwise have to purchase and store multiple different bottles. It includes omega-3 as well as ingredients to help the mitochondria of the cell with energy production. In addition I take a probiotic every day. Here is the one I take regularly. I also took adaptogenic herbs every day for years to help reduce chronic stress which can wreak havoc on our thyroid.

I still keep this product on hand and take it during times of stress or illness to maintain my adrenal health. Thank you for this info. Gosh you were lucky to have that much. Hi Lil, I was born with tons of hair. While I have so much hair before and after I know that it was particularly thin when I cut it all off in The most obvious is that I no longer have wads of hair falling out in chunks that clogged my shower drain all the time.

I am a 77 year old female who had beautiful hair. I am on synthroid. I want off this drugh so bad but people warn me it is very dangerous. My doctor say i am fine and i disagree when so much hair is falling out? Hi Lynda, Get multiple medical opinions. Our hair tells us a lot about our health overall. Here are resources to help you locate an open-minded thyroid doctor. Good to have you at Hypothyroid Mom. Everyone of mine have blown off my hair loss due to my metastatic thyroid disease.

Like your lucky to be here attitude. I found this article because I was googling not only hair loss but specifically eyelash loss. Is this possibly related to thyroid as well? I do have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.

Has anyone found anything to help with this? Thank you Also highly stressed. I was born without a thyroid which was discovered when I was six months old. From that time until I was 17, I was on Armor Thyroid, a natural hormone from animals. Around 17 is when they thought I might be hypoglycemic or diabetic because I could practically eat an entire buffet and not gain weight. When all the tests came back negative, they started looking at my thyroid medication and they switched me from the Armor over to Synthroid.

Within 2 months I was fatigued, I put on a considerable amount of weight I adjusted my diet to counteract the weight gain but it still kept coming and my nails got brittle and my hair was thinning.

For 15 years I begged various endocrinologists to take me off of the Synthroid and put me back on Armor. After 2 months back on the Armor not only was I feeling amazing, but hair came back thicker, nails were growing strong and weight was coming off without lifestyle change.

There was a period of a few years where Armor was off the market and I was put on Cytomel and Levothyroxine. As soon as Armor came back on the market, I got put back on it and I feel great again. Not only is there no hair loss for me but my weight has stabilized as well. I spent a ton of money on supplements endos naturopath etc etc just praying for some relief.

I here undiagnosed thyroid after a lot of years hair loss can look almost look male pattern related. Temple thinning and some receding. I too tried ndt and wow the loss and breakage was extreme and never recovered after being off them. I also was just rescently prescribe 5mcg of t3 terrified to tried it because of the side effect of more hair loss.

The breakage is horrible too. Bless everyone who found relief in their hair loss and I pray for Mercy for all of us still losing the battle. Hi, just want to say I have hypothyroidism 6 years and have tried literally everything for the hair loss. Last year I was put on an Ssri for pmdd anxiety and depression which I def feel is caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain from my under active thyroid.

No bald patches, not scarecrow straw fluffy bron cloud!! Actual regular texture hair!!! Sadly, that describes me. I pass my hands through and hair comes off.

I always wear it in a loose bun because I have no other way to wear it without dropping hairs everywhere. I pray in Jesus name to be healed and I also pray the same for everyone.

How is this feasible for a normal person? Since I told him I was eating mostly plant-based Really ticked me off as I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid. Feeling incredibly overwhelmed and kinda hopeless abt this whole thing. Meds that can cause more hair loss and maybe not regrowing scares me too i was also recently prescribed t3 only….

Heather if u are eating mostly plant based it is likely you have a copper zinc imbalance. Your zinc levels could be low. Vegetables potatoes avocado etc are all super high in copper. I hope this helps. Look up Suzy Cohen, she talks about her own battle with thyroid disease and she has supplements and books for help and answers. Dana, You said your scalp was showing and temples were thin.

Thyroid meds made it worse each time i tried them…different brands and all. You respond to this and can give me some hope that there is hope for me too.

Thanks oh in advance. In my case we share symptoms like skull tenderness, swollen blood vessels and hair loss in the temporal area. The treatment is nearly the same. Lots of prednisone to start. Beware it will totally screw up your carefully managed blood sugar. Do nothing, you will go blind. Then strokes, next comes more horrifying symptoms. Get it under control now. But I keep wondering why taking all the supplements?

Did you try something natural or diet? So many supplements seem scary. But I do highly recommend finding a good functional medicine or holistic doctor who understands thyroid issues to run all the blood panels or other tests necessary to see what YOUR body needs. That I just gave up trying to proceed with any diagnosis.

This article is by far one of the best I read! Angry face lol x. Could you put it all together in a list of things to do please? Including where to get the products and how much to take? I really appreciate this article. Unfortunately doctors blamed it on mouth breathing at night, because I had flu like symptoms along with it. I went on the pill at one point in order to slow the hair loss and bring my blood levels back up.

They ordered the test along with the usual anemia tests and when I was told I needed to speak to the doctor about it, I assumed it would be my iron levels as usual. They told me it was borderline hypothyroidism, described the symptoms and I had every one of them. I looked this up online and found that in the U. They vary from country to country apparently… So, I had the choice of taking meds or leaving them. I have about a third of the hair I used to have and the quality is dreadful.

I am so used to a good handful of my hair coming out in the shower now that it seems like normal life. But being only just into my thirties, I really want to get on top of this and reverse it! I never part my hair in the middle anymore, as it is too sparse in that area and when I tie it back I feel very self-conscious. My way of dealing with this is to joke about it, but I really hate what this has done to my hair and skin. I am awaiting fresh blood test results and will be speaking to my doctor shortly.

Once started on Synthroid my hair started to fall out and become exceptionally dry. Ferritin levels are good, evening primrose made no difference.

I have just started taking biotin to see if that makes a difference. Hello, my dad showed me this a few months ago and i was wondering, i have had hashimotos hypothyroidism since last june and that is when my hair just fell out in clumps till november when i decided to shave it all off. I have hair that tries to grow back around the sides and back of my head in patches, but only gets to be about a cm or less and then falls back out again.

I am 24 and have lost all of the hair on my body except those tiny ones that come back and fall out and come back and fall out again. Is there anything else that can be recommended?

I have been hypothyroid since having my daughter 12 years ago. I have been on brand name Synthroid since then, with no real issues. It literally comes out in handfuls. I try to only wash it once a week now, because I lose and extra 5 handfuls washing and brushing. Can no longer use blow dryer on it. Has anyone else has this reaction to generic, and if I pay out of pocket for brand name will my hair grow back?!?

In FL, pharmacies are not allowed to substitute a brand name Thyroid medication such as Synthroid , with a generic thyroid. This code DAW 7 means that the brand name must be dispensed due to state law. The reason for this is because other generic versions may not have passed state testing, for example. This requires that the brand version of the product is dispensed ie: Each brand and generic medication have their own unique fillers, dyes, some even contain gluten and lactose. Sometimes this can cause a negative reaction in some people, such as hair loss.

If NJ does not have a DAW 7 for Thyroid brand name medications, I would have your doctor submit a Prior Authorization to your prescription insurance company, explaining that you need this brand name in particular, due to your specific thyroid diagnosis. If approved, the Prior Authroization will allow the prescription to be covered by your insurance company. Thanks so much for the informative article.

I totally agree with primrose evening oil for preventing hair loss. This makes me feel better. I tried 90mg of NP thyroid for the past 7 mos, and only a slight improvement. I tried raising my dose, but this made me have heart palps.

I think a slow release t3 might be the answer for me too. Why did your doc decide to do this instead of raising your NDT dose? Lisa, I hope you see this. I was on 90 mcg of NP, also, for about 4 years. Good success, too, until very recently. Just hypo symptoms, mainly sore feet. She took 15 mcg more, but no change. With some detective work to eliminate what it could be, stumbled on that NP now adds maltodextrin as a filler.

The reason I was so happy with NP was that it was natural. Apparently, no longer, and they are hiding it. I would have never thought I would be in a position to resort to synthetic thyroid except in the case of an apocalypse. Further, I read that the NDT companies buy freeze-dried pig thyroid. Falsely packing it with t3 so we think we feel energetic, but, like me, all I got was heart thumping and sore feet. At 62 my hair is long and not thin. Now that NP changed, I am left scrambling for my health, as is my daughter.

Neither of us have our thyroid. I need a good Dr. For my thyroid issues. I live in Western PA. Do you have any. This is awesome information, thank you!

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