Quiz Human Digestive System
The digestive system of modern reptiles is similar in general plan to that of all higher vertebrates. Columba and Oryctolagus are warm blooded animals. But labial glands are open at the lips which do not play any role in digestion. The analysis was conducted on individuals of 60 species from 13 orders of mammals. In the wood eating termite Reticulitermes speratus , for example, intrinsic cellulase gene expression is much reduced in reproductives compared with workers , and protease levels are much reduced in colony members of ants, wasps, and honeybees that are fed amino-acid-rich excretions of other colony members , You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. For example, the bacteria in the GI tract of Drosophila fruit-flies with a natural diet of rotting fruit are dominated by Acetobacter and Lactobacillus species 98 , , while the related tephritid Med fly, Ceratitis capitata , feeding on unripe fruits is colonized principally by Enterobacteriaceae, including Klebsiella , Pantoea , and Enterobacter species


Comparative Digestive Physiology

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Digestive System of Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds