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How much meat do you think I need to cook up for the pulled pork? Rachel, you need pounds, which means at least 3 full time roasters hired. These days a lot of people add a couple of cases of bottled water, especially for summer functions. Office professionals in our school district are hosting a family game night. I brought a Full Sheet cake for dessert and was thinking of a Pretzel tray too Meat varies; can be as little as pounds shredded for adding a meaty flavor, up to pounds for lots of chunks of ham or sausage.

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If it is included in the event price, I suggest you add baked beans or cowboy beans of some kind to help fill plates at a lower cost. Here is a start on your shopping list, assuming price included in the event: You will need coffee setup too. This is a 5 hour event. To serve to people cafeteria line style which is faster than per order during a three-hour event requires 40 to 60 on-site volunteer servers. This does not count the cooks or kitchen crew, or the clean up after.

If you try to serve people per hour, quite difficult with the size staff you are considering, no one will get seconds and the last people will get nothing for the first hours. Not the best plan. Think about the amount of food serving booths you see at a county fair- way more than one! So first things first, the staff will become frustrated and exhausted, increase the size of the staff.

For example, the fryer needs a bagger and possibly also a server for the fries. Also, all staff including the cooks needs to be switched out at least every hour for a minute break! If the booth is too small for more staff, set up auxiliary serving stations for the items suggested below. You need people who are just runners going back and forth to the kitchen and supplies and keeping the condiment tables filled. Here are the changes I would make: Add a staffer for these.

Have a third roaster for warming the buns. Put the relish table near but away from the booth so they pick up their buns and fries and move away from the serving line. Add another staffer just for these. If someone doesn't want steamed they can ask for grilled. People love grilled onions, they make the place smell great and you can use a 4 ounce patty instead of a 5 ounce patty without it looking skimpy.

Basically, it depends on whether it is for appetizers or sandwiches or a main course. How many gallon's of punch will I need to serve people? How much Potato salad, condiments etc for this qty? Sharon, I just posted a bunch of info about cakes. Start on the quantities for page or desserts and teas page and go to the new pages page to find simple yellow cake for from scratch. Any recipe with that amount of flour will be about right for your amount.

I am cooking thanksgiving dinner for the mission this year. I will work on it this week and post it under Big Pots planning next weekend. In the meantime, see the cooking for page- link is on the new pages page- You start with 1 pound whole raw turkey per person.

Also, you will need about 60 volunteers, at least, for the day before and day of- Becky blandrum garlandisd. How much Ice Cream will I need to purchase to serve 70 people ice cream sundaes??

Half of which are children Double that if teenagers scoop their own. I would truly appreciate your help. Assuming it is NOT, for example 1 PM wedding with a 2 hour reception to follow, you want to allow about 12 pieces per person, with ounces of cheese counting as 1 piece. If it is am AM wedding, you basically have to double everything, as people will be eating lunch.

All the items including beverages you mention are discussed on the planning for pages in the big pots section. If you prepare an estimate and email it to me, I will go over it for you. Are you bride ofr family, or is this a job? How much butter and sour cream should we purchase for approx.

If it is buffet service, you can provide part of the butter as a soft tup margarine such as Smart Beat, and part nonfat sour cream, but they need to be labelled. Do you have a table for the number of people 1 gallon of coffee serves? If you are counting in puny cups, it is 20, but if you are serving 12 ounce cups as most people do these days, it is just 11 servings. At breakfast this is good for about 8 peuple and about 1 in 6 will look for decaf, at dinnertime it is fine for 12 to 15 and most will be decaf.

Menu is Turkey, Ham, Mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, collard greens, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potato pie and pound cake. How do I figure out how much of everything I will need and how many to help cook and serve? This is a new project for our church and we want it to go well. Any input will be appreciated. I need to know how many gallon cans of fruit to buy to make a fruit compote for people. It will be one of the side dishes. I am planning to serve peaches, pears, pineapple, grapes and cherries mixed.

Frozen peach slices, partially defrosted, are very tasty and will keep the whole salad cold. This is the usual size for a dished up little dish of fruit, such a s a hot spiced fruit dish. The fruit tray page in the Big Pots Planning section has the cup and pound measurements for lots of different fruits.

If it is a cold fruit compote and you are using some fresh fruits, melons, especially large watermelons, are a good economy. Just get rid of the seeds as you slice and dice. You will find most foods covered on this page and the related pages. We are having a symposium with workshops, posters and speakers. The event will last for one day and people will be in and out of the building. See the beverages list and do breakfast coffe for , plus soda for Then in the afternoon do coffee for 50, iced tea and soda for I would split the snacks into two parts so they were not the same selection with cookies in the afternoon and muffins in the morning.

Cheese both times- your audience will do better with the proteins- and a big basket of hardboiled eggs is cheap and popular. General idea of amounts on the breakfast and dessert planning pages. When you have an estimate email me and I will give yopu some feedback. This will be for adults and there will be another appetiser and snacks around. Hamburgers, hotdogs and chips. This is for a business function so I need estimates on all of the fix'ins also Zelda Randle zelda hotmail.

Please give me an idea for a thanksgiving wedding day menu and how much food to prepare. What would be appropriate colors and table setting? Zelda, are you trying to not use the taditional turkey menu? Check the quantities for page and you can make up almost any menu. Usual colors are gold, orange, browns and yellows. Wanda Krumpelbeck wjkrump aol.

We are serving chopped barbeque with a roll also. Also doing slaw mix that comes in 5 bags and I need to know how many bags are needed to serve Salad info including is at the top of the Quantities for page on Big Pots, or check the recipes for slaw for Mashed potatoes, start with pounds potatoes.

Pies, 1 pie for each 4 people for these big eaters. I would make some sheet cakes insread of all pies. You need 7 gallons of gravy Turkey, whole, I allow 1 pound raw per person.

Boneless ham as a second choice, 4 people per pound. Check my large recipes for mac and cheese, etc. How many lbs of fresh cut up red potatoes would I need for mashed potatoes and how much fresh brocolli for steamed brocolli?

That said, at least 35 pounds fresh potatoes per people. Broccoli, depends on whole or cut up, about 3 people per pound. Eleanor Linda classylaa aol. A 10 can of green beans makes 20 people's-worth of servings, 12 cups cooked.

If you offer broiled chicken as well, some folks will prefer that SFC Michael Isaza michael. Turkey and Ham, I will probably go turkey, ham, I am not sure how many of each to get. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, you want to allow 6 oz cooked turkey and 3 oz cooked ham for everyone except little kids.

You will have some control since you are carving and I presume serving. You do know that turkeys 16 piunds and over have more meat in a pound of raw than the samller turkeys? So 2oo pounds raw whole large turkeys and 50 pounds boneless ham, more or less My favorite memory of an overseas military thanksgiving as a kid, they gave every kid a whole box of Whitman's chocolates to take home. Thanks again, this is a great site. Also, if you have a lot of kids, you can get turkey legs only, they weigh about 1 pound each and come in cases of 40 pounds.

Always a good backup if you are worried about quantity. I have found that when I am using very large turkeys the lower amount is fine, but just want you to have a heads up on this.

Janet Otte jotte pmt. I need some ideas for a meat recipe and the side dishes. They need to be easy to fix because Iam the only one preparing the meat.

It can be fancy, such as a cassoulet or stroganoff, pork chops or cutlets in gravy, etc. The catering company offers the menu items by the pound. How much turkey would you suggest per person, and how much of the sides would you suggest per person. We are considering stuffing, au gratin potatoes, cranberry relish, roasted vegetables, gravy, and green bean casserole. I woud consider adding one non-casseroled light vegetable. Write me and tell me how you did. Janice Prickett jimjan50 alltel.

Don't worry about serrert, that is all planned. One pound per person seem like a lot. This is a free monthly meal and the drressing will be under the turkey with gray on top.

This is for adults, teens and children who will be dancing at an outdoor powwow in November. We are trying to write out shopping list for the stew and coleslaw. How many pounds of the basics meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage will we need to purchase? For the stew, allow 4 ounces raw boneless meat, ounces potato and about ounces other veggies onions, carrots, celery, etc to start.

Mary Thompson mtscatering insightbb. It is in the big pots planning section. Wendy Land landotiggers ns. Lori Fuentes DDayFamily comcast. Check the link at the top of the big pots page. Lori, Since April , I no longer do whole plans for people; too many requests. So I posted a bunch of planning pages in the bi pots section for BBQ, beverages, salads etc.

What I WILL do is check your estimates if you email them to me at the link at the bottom of the page. How much gravy will it take for people. This will go on top of mashed potatoes and turkey. I also need to know how many heads of lettuce for a salad and I am fixing roast beef and turkey breast for sandwiches - haw many lbs of meat.

I am serving all adults. Salad is covered in the quantity pages. I have my menu as follows and need to know how much to buy for persons. Salad - Combination of iceburg, romaine and radicchio lettuce. How many heads of each to serve ?

Bruchetta to go over the salad - Tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic and olive oil. How much of each item to serve persons. Will italian rolls be enough for option of pork sandwich?

How many ranch dressing bottles needed for persons? Thank you so much Ellen for your kind assistance. I am a chef and I don't want to just "wing" it. Can you help me with how to make the gravy - that thick white stuff that tastes so good!

Even how much salad and salad dressing is covered, including thick versus thin. Dwight, the sausage gravy recipe was one of the over ready to post recipes that disappeared forever when my old computer died over Christmas. You MUST use the black pepper. You MUST use whole milk.

And yes, you actually add the bacon grease to the sausage grease. It's just a heart attack waiting to happen This is for people: Brown sausage in a roasting pan over medium-high heat. Set aside, leaving the drippings in the skillet. Mix bacon grease into the sausage drippings.

Reduce heat to medium, combine with flour, and stir constantly until mixture just turns golden brown. This take at least a half hour.

If you burn it you have to throw it away and start over, so do not turn your back. Gradually whisk milk into skillet. When the mixture is smooth, thickened, and begins to bubble, return the sausage to skillet.

Season with salt and pepper. Reduce heat, and simmer for at least 25 minutes, stirring, covering. Use good sausage, of course; sage or hot is nice. If you have no bacon grease, butter is a possibility, but for heavens sake, if it is a feast, get the bacon grease. Some people add a little garlic or sage, or Tabasco, but die-hard sausage gravy fans will notice. Any help would be appreciated. They had julienned carrots almost the length and about half the diameter of the green beans steamed and tossed in.

The sauce was a browned real butter sauce with the blanched slivered almonds toasted in. It did not need venegar for flavoe and it was beautiful. A sauce of fresh dill and olive oil is another option. Greek style cooked in a freshly simmered sauce of cherry tomatoes and slivered celery is also great.

This varies hugely by age, region of the country and local preference. Finger foods of wings, meatballs, dips, etc will be served. How much do I food do I need, how to determine the cost for labor and etc. Go to the appetizer quantity planning page for help on your appetizer amounts. I am also serving a green salad. I would buy 3 pounds raw trimmed for each 4 people to allow for generous portions and cooking shrinkage.

Green beans ounces fresh for each person 1 pound for 3 to 4 people. The menu is Semi boneless ham, 6 turkey breast 3 whole turkey ran out of breast green beans buttered red skin potatos regitoni with meat sauce salad. Go to the plan for page and use the quantities to figure out how many servings you have, you need about 6 ounces cooked boneless skinless per person.

For my wedding reception about people we wanted to serve family style: Platters of fruit grapes, apples, maybe peaches or nectarines Cheese and Bread. The reception will be around 7: I found some of your articles on cheese and fruit but not bread. How much food do you think we'll need? There will be a lot of children most likely. There is specific info for quantities on the planning pages for desserts, appetizers and beverages.

With the wedding cake you will want 1 dessert serving per person, but cut or portioned into smaller portions so people can try several different ones. Lots of children at 8PM? Sounds like a plan for trouble. Consider setting up a rocking room or quiet room for the tired out. Like ham, lima and brown sugar, navy and onion, blackeyed peas and snaps. I like to use picnic hams, simmered to shredds, for the meat.

I would use white beans navy, pea if I did only one. One secret to really good bean dishes is to use half a head of celery and an onion to each pound of dry beans. Heat covered on low until heated through, preferably at least 2 hours; keep warm to serve. You can also add: Could you please help me? You do not indicate how any people. I can no longer do individual plans from scratch, that is why I posted all my charts and tables, but if you prepare an initial estimate and email it to me at the update address below, I will review it for you.

Unless it is a VERY small wedding you need a lot of help. And probably a good dessert. But if my budget allowed, I would start by adding 1 more bag of chicken. I would like to know how to cut the fruit that is to be cut in slices.

You need 6 times the tray for There are some cutting. Also, how many fish filets would you fix for that many people? I am also fixing 3 gal. Do you think that is enough? Thanks so much for your help, because I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to serving that many people.

The event is this Sat. Tea, you have plenty. Ice, you want 1 pound per person for drinks and chilling. Meat and cheese trays, you want ounces meat and ounces sliced cheese per person. See the sandwich event page for more info, condiments and pickles, etc.

I am sorry for that. I await your response. Thank you, Becky becbec. All these items are covered. Mary Kay, the usual for chips is 6 pounds potato or 8 pounds corn chips per hundred people. For teens, add a counple pounds more. I am having meatballs, cooked chicken sandwiches and barbeque beef sandwiches. How many lbs of each would you recommend? Also, how many lbs of potato salad would I need for that number of people?

If you have no other side dishes slaw, beans, etc you will use up to 20 gallons of potato salad. The meats are harder. You have to decide how to split it up- I don't know what is more popular in your area- but if you stick to this total you will have plenty. Get really good buns bakery fresh,maybe and look on the sandwich events page for amounts of condiments.

Could you give me an estimate on the number of watermelons it would take to feed a lite breakfast to kids every day for a week? Get small apples and bananas. How much food do I need for the following? You can estimate quantities using my recipes also, for example you want 2 time my mostaciooli for to feed We will be cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, marinated chicken breasts and chicken feta spinach knockwurst.

Half of the people coming are children ranging from elementary school age to high schoolers. I plan on having several salad selections, fruit, baked beans, two pasta selections,roasted vegetables, and desserts including a cake. How much of each meat should I get? Obviously the hamburgers and chicken will be the most popular choices. You want ounces total cooked meats for each adult or teen, per younger.

I would get 1 sausage per adult, 1 hot dog per kid, 1 patty per person and 1 3 ounce piece of per person that's a half breast. You will have plenty. Jo, First of all, use the plan for tables for quantities, that will help. Actually easier to cook, nuch nicer and not much more expensive if bought in bulk. You don't mention the kitchen arrangements or whether you are cooking or assembling from deli. If assembling, I would get two cakes a white and a chocolate and great rolls 1 per person from the best bakery in town onion, sesame, rye, etc.

Buy frozen or fresh cut up fruit for a fruit salad or melon boat. If you can recruit 2 Nesco roasters have one full of really good beans and one of scalloped potatoes or hash brrown casserole; if not, you want a potato and a pasta salad. Pickles, olives, onion rings and condiments are covered on the sandwich event page, I would also add some sauerkraut and about 6 pounds of sliced cheese jack and cheddar. Slaw stays fresher than tossed salad, many good recipes on the site. We will be using the picnic tables decorated in the visitation area, and actually cooking on a very large grill oil drum cut in half I do have 2 Nesco roasters.

I will look at your tables. Should I assign dishes for people to bring or take up money and plan to do everything? I cook for our family outings all the time 20 people but this is above my average scale. Thank you so much for your response. You supply the meats, desserts beverages. Or how many pounds of potatoes do I cut up to make french fries?

This is for a church function This Sunday May 21st. I am so glad I found this web site. Thanks for your help!!!! You do NOT want to get into frying that many French fries, unless you like a hot spattery mess Gloria, for quarter chickens, you need 82 pounds of quarters per people for 1 quarter each. I am serving roast beef and salmon and wonder what salads to have with it and how much??

This is for a outdoor wedding. Should I pay to have the salds done. Said four bowls would be enough What do you think??? You could cut your cost in half or less easily. I might use a marinated salad such as my artichoke condite instead of the plain tossed salad. Can be made ahead, great with the salmon and keeps well if nt eaten up.

You want about 7 gallons total, 3 should be potato, 2 of each of the others. Ellen, I am trying to find out for my mom and dad how many bags of beans they need to fix ham and beans for people. They are in a tractor club and they are having a big tractor event and this is what they are fixing. Meat varies; can be as little as pounds shredded for adding a meaty flavor, up to pounds for lots of chunks of ham or sausage.

There is a beans for page on the site. I am planning on preparing and seving the following. You might calculate the number of people's worth you have and add some additional sausages- 1 pound for servings. Otherwise it looks good. I would definitely add a slaw, green salad, marinated vegetable salad or second veggie side dish, but I am a veggie lover. I have another question.

I would like to cook babyback ribs the day before in the oven and finish with BBQ sauce on the grill the next day. Do I need to reheat the ribs before putting on the grill. Is this an acceptable practice or should I use a different method for cooking ahead of time. The info is quite extensive.

Unless you have help, fresh pineapple will be a problem- slow to prepare and the acid can burn the hands after doing many. Consider ading other fruits to reduce the amount. See the note on watermelons, consider the comparative ost of seedless versus your time removing all the seeds. How many pounds of pork ribs would it take to serve 65 MEN? Raw, boneless chicken, you want about 1 pound for each 3 persons for a good size portion, but for a stir fry or other similar dish, 1 pound for each 4 to 5 persons is enough.

For chicken quarters, you would need about 17 pounds for 1 quarter per person. Fish is usually served in smaller portions, so 1 pound for each 4 persons is enough for fish steaks, pieces or filets. Lynn, There are a lot of pasta casseroles fopr posted in the website.

Do consider using a tri-color rotini as the pasta- very pretty in the dish and a little different. The graduation party was very sucessful. Can you please tell me if the below menu was catered what would be the approximate cost per plate.

If you could turn back the clock to the 's You don't say how long this is for or describe the population of eaters or the facility. It would require a full time commitment to shopping and from scratch food prep on your part to do this on a long term basis, as well as volunteer help in the kitchen. It would be mostly vegetarian menus, lots of grain and bean dishes. You would need to grow sprouts, make bread and yogurt, no tea or coffee, etc.

You could email with further details. We are having spagehtti salad, bread and cake. How much of each will I need. Of course it depends on what else you are serving as to how much of any one thing gets eaten. There are some interesting rice dishes on this website under Big Pots, including one rice and bean recipe. I need to know how many pounds of dried beans to prepare.

I am also planning 80 pounds of slaw, along with condiments of sliced onions, sweet relish, jalapenos, and sliced dills. Please advise about condiments also. On the chili page, pickles and so forth are covered- these quantities will be close for your amounts.

You might like the garlic pickles recipe there. The menue is turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, cranberries and desserts and I have no idea how much food we will need.

Do you have any suggestions? If you will make your own estimates, I will be glad to check them for you and advise. For example, you need different amounts of ham for dinner, lunch, sandwiches, receptions- different amounts of fruit for dessert, fruit salad, or fruit trays- I don't know what your party plan is, but all these are covered in the tables. I would add 1 gallon baked beans and double the chicken.

The cake will make 50 servings. How about a second half sheet such as a chocolate cake or chocolate on yellow or marble? The pleasant alternative would be a selection of cookies and bars- about a hundred pieces. Check the sandwich event page for a list of condiments lettuce, tom, mayo, etc. Lengthy discussion on turkeys and turkey parts.

It has amounts and recipes. That said, for appetizers you want at least 2 to about 3 ounces per person, the number of shrimps depends on the the size per pound of the shrimps you buy. For example, if the shrimps are the per pound size, it works out to about 4 shrimps per person. At the bottom are simple instructions for a large fundraiser spaghetti dinner including al the quantities. Just multiply to get the amounts. There are LOTS of hints on this page to make this big sticky job a little easier.

I was just wondering how much ice cream i would need for my daugters sweet sixteen she is inviting people Thankyou so so much!! We expect people. My order must go to the distributer by Thursday Feb. This is for a day camp. I will be feeding adults chidren and youth. Two boxes will leave no leftovers. I would make pounds fries. Buffet or plated service? Will the gumbo be served as an appetizer or an alternative entree?

Are the other items all alternative entrees? Who is actually doing the cooking, and where?? This is NOT a one person job? How many peppers to buy? How many tomatoes to buy? Veggie tray page for raw veggies. Thank you in advance. There is a good quantity list for salads at the top onf the plan for page in Big Pots. Essie, about 20 pounds would be generous.

Rice with a chicken gravy and things like cheese, pineapple, tomatoes, chinese noodles, olives, mushrooms, etc. How do I plan how much to serve. How many pounds of navy pea beans should I purchase? I always soak the beans over night and know the expand. I want to be sure to have enough food but don't want an overabundance either Thanks for your help. We'll also have corn bread,a relish tray and sloppy joes and hot dogs for the children and of course a big birthday cake.

Hi, My church is having installation dinner for our new pastor and we want to serve baked Turkey and I want to know how many pounds of turkey should I buy? There is going to be a 4-piece jazz group to entertain us. See my fruit tray and veggie tray pages for more help. Marilyn, see the beans for recipes for some guidance on amounts, You want at least 8 pounds ham per persons,, but double that if you want nice meaty chunks and not just the presence of ham. Happy birthday , Monm. Valerie, there is an actual article on shopping for big turkey dinners in the holiday cooking area at the top of the Big Pots index page.

It will answer all your questions. Good choice for tatse and economy for the dinner. Spebser, what kind of party? A big chili fest or a baked potato bar or a taco bar is cheap and easy, there are budget casseroles for in the Big Pots section. Jan yo probably want bar type food- chicken wings, little smokies, maybe queso dip or nachos quweso is easier.

If veggies sneak in, it should be spinach or artichoke dip or a relish tray- olives, pickles, etc. How many canned sodas would I need for a party of 50 ppl? Can you tell me how much I will need for both sliced or chopped brisket? I'm also serving potato salad, baked beans and veggi trays, how much will I need of these also?

You need about 10 9x13 casseroles of each. I will be having chicken on the side for those who are not I am not even sure about the veggies I'm making a palm tree topiary to stick fruit into the base and they are wanting fruit arranged around the base of the tree to eat out of. Fresh pineapple, watermelon, cantalope, and grapes. I'm kind of lost of how much to order.

They are planning to serve people, but they thought to plan for for the fruit. It'll be over with the cake, and I don't think they wanted to plan it with the meal. Any ideas of how much fruit to order? I know the wtaermelon's I only wanted 1 or ANy help will be greatly appreciated. Use the recption smaller amounts. You want about 6 pieces of fruit per every person.

If you are looking for the recipes, try the search feature, or go to google advanced search and check the little box that says, check on ellenskitchen. I hope this was the question you were asking. The reception is going to be a "stand-up, walk around mingling reception" due to the space in the reception hall. What about lettuce and cheese?? I am having a taco bar for my daughter's open house in June. You will also need at least 4 cooks in the kitchn, bartenders, and at least a dozen servers.

If you want to email me privately, use the updates link at the bottom of the page for further discussion. Kathy, strange but true, the amounts for the baked potato bar for on this site are just about perfect for tacos for , especially if you add pounds each dry beans and raw rice cooked up. Want to serve cold slaw as salad. How much prepared slaw do I buy? The one that is ready but no dressing. I would make lasagna for 30, parm for , 1 small piece of chicken per person.

If no sandwiches, I would increase the lasagna to 40 servings. Then you cut the casseroles very small. Chrystal, these are covered in the plan for pages- you need 4 times the amount for I would roast the potatoes and reheat. How much chicken and ham do I need? I would allow about 85 legs and 20 poinds thin-sliced boneless ready to eat ham. Hey Ellen, I have been asked to cater a Greek Salad for - how much romaine, feta, ingredients do I buy? I don't eat raw onion, so I skipped it, but some sliced raw onion, possibly soaked in Italian style dressing, is customary.

I would not mix it in, but place so it could be easily removed. Possibly a few pepperoncini. Fresh dill, fresh oregano. No lettuce at all. How many pounds pots. Also how many cans sodas and bottled water for 90 people. I also will be having iced tea. How much will i need? I need to know how much of each item do you think we will need. Please read the "wedding dinner" start guide.

Even if you start now, you will be hard pressed to manage, especially with no previous experience. You need to consider having some items catered, or drop-off catered where the caterer makes the dish and drops it off ready to serve. How many pounds of each item would you recommend we purchase? The reception is the 11th of August so were rapidly running, of time, and believe me at this stage were running How many tomatoes and onions do I need to chop for the burgers?

Neil, are you trying to do this at your house, or do you have a rented commercial kitchen? You need about 3 cooks and 12 servers to set this up, serve the buffet table, and take it down!

It is WAY too many to do at the house- too bad you did not plan 4 smaller parties- if that is the situation, yur best and safest bet is to order the meet catered- cooked and dropped off ready to serve at party time- ready to eat, boneless, you want about 1 pound of thin-sliced roast beef for each 4 people PLUS 2 ounces each ham and turkey. If it is hot, be sure you have at least two hot side dishes beans, potatoes, rice, starch to slow down the meat consumption- set up the meats at the end of the buffet table.

See the plan for page for help with all your quantities. See the buttons at the top of the cook talk page for specific help with fruit or veggie trays, desserts, beverages, etc. I'm doing all the food for our daughter's wedding reception except cake - around guests. Looked at your "Big Pots" area, but am not sure how to plan quantities in this combinantion. Also, need to know how to figure on how many cans of beer will also have one keg from a favorite brewery and bottles of wine.

Thanks for your help. What time and service are you planning? You can cut down somewhat on the amount of meat by adding a big pasta salad easier to prepare than potato salad- can be made the day before and chilled. See the plan for page and the brisket and BBQ page.

I am making Gumbo ith rice and cornbread. I will also have side of pies or cake, and drink I will go to the bverage section for that. I am cooking for a small Flea Market to help raise money for a Food Pantry, I will be serving from I am nervous that I will make to much or not enough.

I am hoping that I will get at least to people or maybe a few more My question is, if I want to just cook for people, how many gallons of Gumbo would I need to feed when serving 12 to 16 ounces? This is a generous serving. Allow 1 gallon for 12 servings. I use smoked picnics simmered to make my gumbo base, yes even with seafood gumbo, and have had lifetime Mississippi Gulf Coast cooks ask for the recipe.

I'm using smoked beef links, but what is Smoked Pinics simmered???? I am not using seafood, just chicken and hot links. I know some people are allergic to shellfish. Another question please, can the base broth, roux, some seasoning be cooked ahead of time, to cut down prep time? And do you have a good recipe for Vegie Gumbo? How much of the following. The taco bar page will also give approximate amounts for servings of many toppings.

Soup or baked potatoes are excellent side dishes for fall salad lunches. Nan, Smoked picnics are the smoked shoulders, like hams only the front legs and less expensive. Simmered with onions and celery they make a terrific broth, and you cook till the meat just shreds, shred it while removing bones skin and excess fat and return to the broth. It will cut down on the amount of sausage you need, too. Yes the broth base can be made ahead and refrigerated, but pour it into containers less than 4 inches deep, or it will satrt to sour before it cools.

Look at the planning and shopping article. Once you have made your list, post it, and I will be glad to check it for you. I am having a Halloween Harvest at my church and am serving Sloppy Joes. How much hamburger meat do I need to serve between a nd people?

Also, ABout how many bags of tortilla chips should I get to have nachos with the sandwiches? As listed in several places, 8 pounds corn chips per people as a side serving. Use the bowl of red recipe in the recipe box, no beans. Samosas,stuffed mushrooms,asian spring rolls, cheese puffs, skewered shrimp, small chicken cabobs, " " beef cabobs, mini passaladiere Best.

If the event is only hors d'oeuvres with no meal to follow then serve 5 hors d'oeuvres per person for 1st hour and 3 hors d'oeuvres per person for subsequent hours. If the event includes a meal, then serve 4 hors d'oeuvres per person for 1 hour prior to meal.

From the number of hors d'oeuvres you are making, it seems that your party is hors d'oeuvres with no meal to follow, therefore follow the first formula and you will have plenty of food. Since you are serving an array of highly attractive foods, be aware that people are likely to try one of each, even if only there for an hour.

How does one weigh what will be eaten more as opposed to less and how to how much of what to buy when some of this can be itemised and some, like the prosciutto and Mozzarella and salads, can't?

It is professional level catering and cannot be done in the home kitchen or by an inexperienced caterer, and your not knowing how to estimate it suggests that it is too complicated for you. For example, there are too many oven and fried items for the home kitchen.

Estimating this level event is considered a professional service. If you are dealing with a caterer to obtain the dishes, they should be able to give you accurate estimates for the amounts. If you want to do it yourself, you need to reconsider the menu. You can email me at the contact address at the bottom of the page if you want to discuss it further. It is also caleed: Your best bet is to find a local oriental grocery, or order it online, or ask at a Thai restaurant if you might purchase a small amount.

For equivalent sweetness, if the recipe calls for a quantity of palm sugar, use a mixture of equal parts maple syrup and either soft brown sugar or black sugar depending whether you desire a lighter or darker-coloured result.

Measure the mix as called for in the recipe. Usually there is some left, but I don't run out, and the grilled items do freeze for a taste of summer later. Or the cooked patties make good chili if crumbled up. How many pounds of Shrimp will serve people? I want to do Garlic Roasted potatoes red potatoes for it, How many pounds will I need and also how many pounds of Pork Loin Roast for that many people?

Chirs, 45 pounds raw boneless top round per people, cooked low and slow to reduce shrinkage. Se my beef roasting page in the holiday cooking section of Big Pots.

Julie, 35 pounds red potatoes and 45 pounds raw boneless pork loin per people served. That's not all we are having, I just needed help with those 2 things Also how much potatoes for mashed potatoes are suggested for the same amount of people. How many pounds of fresh green beans should I purchase for a group of 20 persons?

I am having a New Years Day Party for about 20 people. What amounts do i need to do this. If frozen and ready to cook, 5 pounds is plenty for 20 people. Have a wealthy New year! Also read the planning and shopping for holiday dinners, in the holiday cooking section at the top of Big Pots. Ellen, I am having a bridal shower and don't know what and how much to feed everyone. Generally when I throw parties it is for Football games and I always end up getting too much food.

It is a lovely meal and would be great for this party. Has all the quantities listed. I have volunteer kitchen staff of about people. I'm cooking at an Elks Lodge certified kitchen. How much food should I order from the food rep. Order places on Tues Jan 29, Please help!! I'm not sure what you mean by making an initial estimate? I have 2 cooks besides myself and 6 people to prep.

The Elks Lodge supply all the serving,dishwashing clean up people. I don't have to worry about that aspect. I would be happy to pay for any advice you give me concerning the ordering part. You may contact me via email at mapleleaf vtc. I can't help you on how many people will want gumbo versus Jambalaya, and I can't tell if you know that both these are usually served over white rice, with soft Italian style bread on the side, or if you know that red beans are usually an entree over white rice, with sausage; dirty rice is a typical cajun side rice, but would not usually be served with gumbo, for example.

Salad and usually a vegetable would also be served. If you can tell me HOW MANY servings of each dish you want, I can try to help you; but I can't take the responsibility of doing your shopping list when the total needs are so unclear. Hi, How much chili and chicken noodle soup would it take to feed people. The value is great especially since the filters last for 12 months. I am definetly going to buy another when we upgrade to a bigger apartment or a house. Well worth the investment.

I've worked in laboratories which used HEPA filtration to keep the environment sanitary and free of cross contamination. HEPA filtration is far superior to other forms as it traps smaller micron sized particles. The first night I used it, my sinues opened up and I had an amazing night's sleep. Good for a bedroom size of 10 x 12 max. It was a little noisy at first but seemed to quiet down after a few hours of use. The two will give you the perfect, moist, allergen free environment for the best night's sleep ever!

I read all the reviews before I bought this product because I know nothing about air purifiers. I'm 60 and my husband and I don't smoke and I have been having trouble with pneumonia off and on for 10 months could not get rid of the infection ever since we moved to this apartment we live in now. Finally it dawned on me let's try an air purifier so I read and researched and came across this little gem and this has a ion with it, we could only order it online great price and we received it in 3 days I was so excited I plugged it in right next to my side of my bed, my husband dusted the room really good first and within one day I stopped coughing which I could not stop coughing know matter what the doctor gave me and the amazing part is the dust dose not come back like it did everyday here I had an x-ray last week and for the first time my lungs were completely clear!

It's not nosey or loud at all so don't worry about that, it comes with a hepa filter and another filter that you wash about every 3 months so you won't be paying a arm and a leg for filters So I read the reviews before I bought this and was slightly concerned about all the people saying how loud this unit was..

If this unit is too loud for you then you must have super sensitive ears or live in absolute silences.. Seriously this unit is not loud!! It did take about two days before I noticed a huge difference in the room but man it really cleans up the air. Even as your smoking you can see the smoke disappearing as you go and within one to two minutes after putting it out the smoke is completely gone from the room this unit rocks!! I never shut this unit off its runs day and night not sure if that makes a difference.

I got this after my old air purifier started to die and very happy with my choice even now. I do not need to change the filter for a number of months but I bought replacements and even opened up the back to see what to expect once i do need to use it and it seems simple enough.

My room is quite small so i usually keep the settings to medium and turn the ion feature on when im not home and everything is going well. Only complaint is i wanted it to be abit less noisy but hey atleast i can hear that it is working. LuvOOShop, June 15, A little loud if it is set on high. Great, February 17, LMMJ, April 29, I have allergies, but not sure what kind since I've never been tested. I have a room that's an optimal size for this "air cleaner", but I've felt no difference.

Not sure if it's supposed to smell different or cleaner in the room, but there is no change. There's 3 different settings; Really low, low, and really high. The 2 lower settings must be completely useless if the highest speed is optimal for a 9x9 room. The highest setting is quite loud due to air passing through the small chambers on the unit - visible just behind the grill in the picture I've had the unit running for 3 days straight and the filter has collected very little physical material.

I'm sure if someone thinks this unit works, it's the placebo effect telling them the air is nice.