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However, we do provide extra exercise periods if requested. Some archaeologists argue that some of these bluestones were from a second group brought from Wales. No, because this would make it impossible to keep the kennel heated or cooled effectively. At the time of the War of the Ring, Sauron had twelve Rings in his possession: We have a large selection of toys that develop intelligence and puzzle solving skills. A folk tale relates the origin of the Friar's Heel reference.

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And a little later, Gandalf makes the point again with more examples: It could make no further use of him: So now, when its master was awake once more and sending out his dark thought from Mirkwood, it abandoned Gollum. Only to be picked up by the most unlikely person imaginable: Bilbo from the Shire! Whether it was an accident, or a last trick of the ring before it took a new master, it was not on his finger.

This was not the first time that the Ring seemed to try to expose its new master to the Orcs. Recall its betrayal of Isildur in the River near the Gladden Fields: By chance, or chance well used, it had left his hand and gone where he could never hope to find it again. The evidence is open to interpretation. Gandalf meets this objection: I can put it no plainer than by saying that Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, and not by its maker.

Tim Howe [ r. Sauron may have programmed the Ring as we program a computer or a robot. Only some of what follows was in his article. We would think of Sauron not as programmer but as sorcerer, making these instructions part of the spell he cast when putting his own power into the Ring, so that it would eventually come back to him if he ever lost it.

Against this we must set the fact that Sauron did not seem very good at planning for unexpected contingencies, and ask why he would plan for being separated from the Ring when he had no reason to believe that could ever happen.

In less modern language, we can simply say that the Ring behaved a lot like a cursed object in traditional myth. A cursed object brings bad fortune to anyone who holds it, and the bad fortune often takes the form of a series of apparent accidents—the woodcutter chopping off each of his limbs over time, the Ring slipping on and off a finger at inconvenient moments. Some incidents in the story are hard to explain whether we think of the Ring as making choices or not.

The incident at Cirith Ungol perhaps helps us find a middle ground: It grew greater and more terrible as an object the closer it got to Mount Doom, and Sam benefited from that increased stature as anyone would have. The Ring seems to behave in many ways like a dog separated from its humans and making its way back across hundreds of miles.

On several occasion Tolkien writes that the Ring tried this or decided that, and the most economical reading is that the Ring did indeed have some will and sense of purpose.

Did the One Ring speak on Mount Doom? Thus Sauron did not simply transfer some of his existing power into the Ring. Rather, he used that power to make the Ring a master Ring, a Ruling Ring. Think of a man using a lever to pry a boulder out of the ground, or turning a key that starts a powerful motor. Sauron with the Ring was far more powerful than he had been before; but if it were destroyed then so would be much of his power, forever. Presumably he knew this. You might also be interested in a story-external reason.

Sauron did, most likely when it was forged. The letters ran over the inside and outside of the Ring, and began to fade after the Ring was removed from the fire. Sauron had two choices: But nowhere there would be safe, from his point of view: Sauron would never risk that.

All that means is that he first completed the new body, then turned again to his plans for world domination. Perhaps Sauron made the Ring invisible while he wore it. It seemed to be a normal trait of the Three Rings, that they could not be seen while worn. Or perhaps Ar-Pharazôn did order Sauron to hand the Ring over. If he did, we can be sure he could not enforce his command. We can only speculate what Sauron would do if the King demanded the Ring from him: Tolkien himself weighed in on this issue in a letter: The Elves kept the matter of the Rings very secret, as long as they could.

In any case Ar-Pharazôn was not in communication with them. Sauron no longer had a material body; how could he move a material object? Tolkien simply brushes the difficulty aside: We know that Sauron in particular had this ability because he created a body for himself several times. Though Tolkien never answered this question directly, most opinion in r. The Rings of Power except the Three made their wearers invisible by shifting them mostly into the Unseen world. His material body was something deliberately put on, as we put on clothes.

Sauron was naturally pure spirit, not a hybrid like mortals, Elves, and Dwarves. Ciaran Shanahan reminds us [ r. And the finger must have been visible; otherwise why would Isildur have thought to cut off the Ring? Gollum fought the invisible Frodo , but only because he first saw Frodo visible and then held on to him.

One wrong reason is sometimes seen. Some people argue by analogy: Gandalf wore a Great Ring and was visible; Gandalf was a Maia; therefore Maiar were not made invisible by Great Rings; therefore Sauron the Maia would also not be made invisible.

The trouble with this chain of reasoning lies at the start: There was no problem for Sauron as long as the Ring still existed; only if it was destroyed would he be fatally weakened. But his own power that he had let pass into it was still available to him as long as no one else claimed it and was powerful enough to keep it. Perhaps the chart below will help. Both Conrad Dunkerson [ r. Gollum Sméagol murdered Déagol and took the Ring around T. One would think he should have turned into a wraith by then, but he had not even begun to fade.

Compare with the Nazgûl. Sauron got the Nine Rings somewhere in S. So years is the outside estimate, but the actual time to create a Ringwraith could well be less than the years Gollum had it. And still sometimes he put it on, when he could not bear to be parted from it any longer, or when he was very, very hungry, and tired of fish. Second, Gollum was resistant to the Ring because he was of hobbit-kind.

One inference to be drawn is that the Ring gives long life whether or not it is used, but only makes its keeper into a wraith if used frequently. The two cases are rather different, and we may gain some insight from comparing them. Bilbo was eleventy-one years old when he gave up the Ring. As Gollum he kept the Ring for nearly years, and in that time kept his physical vigor.

Was this preservation effect permanent, or would it have eventually worn off even if the Ring continued to exist? Certainly Gollum seemed as strong and healthy eighty years later as he had when Bilbo met him, aside from the effects of a long time without enough food. Gollum himself predicted this: Gollum was no master of lore, of course; but his inference seems reasonable.

The effect may have been instantaneous, or more likely when the Ring was destroyed Bilbo rapidly began aging to where he would have been if he had never had it. It would be fascinating to know whether Bilbo in Rivendell was aware of the moment when the Ring went into the fire. We do get one hint. She must therefore have left Rivendell within a few weeks after the destruction of the Ring, yet in that short time Bilbo became noticeably aged and feeble.

For you know the power of that thing which is now destroyed; and all that was done by that power is now passing away. My thanks to Christopher Kreuzer for drawing attention to the significance of this quote [ r. Though Tolkien never tells us in so many words, the scanty evidence available suggests that the Ring grants its possessor long life not just while he holds it but for a considerable time afterward. They were utterly enslaved to Sauron and had no will of their own.

In other words, they were immune to the lure of the One Ring because they were so completely dominated by their own Rings, and they were dominated by Sauron because he held those Rings. These same factors also meant they could not be ordered to work against Sauron. Yes and no, but mostly no. At least in the short term, that thralldom was stronger than any commands a new Lord of the One Ring might issue. Second, Sauron knew that it would take time for anyone to learn to use the Ring.

No Ring-bearer, no matter how intrinsically great, could just pick it up and start issuing orders to the Nazgûl or anyone else except possibly to Gollum. Galadriel alluded to this in her conversation with Frodo after he looked in her mirror: If nothing else, Sauron himself could come and overawe the new Ring-lord into handing it over. Third, Sauron expected any claim on the Ring to trigger a civil war among his enemies. A newbie Ring-lord was only a potential threat to Sauron, and Sauron could take countermeasures.

In particular, a newbie Ring-lord like Frodo could not control the Nazgûl, and would be betrayed by them into a meeting with Sauron. It could have been Elrond, or Gandalf, or anyone. Since the Ring was not common knowledge, even in Rivendell, probably Elrond or Gandalf performed this task personally.

But merely touching it briefly did not seem to be dangerous. Most people think not. But it is definitely a matter of interpretation. The passage in question is probably worth quoting at length:. Then suddenly, as before under the eaves of the Emyn Muil, Sam saw these two rivals with other vision. A crouching shape, scarcely more than the shadow of a living thing, a creature now wholly ruined and defeated, yet filled with a hideous lust and rage; and before it stood stern, untouchable now by pity, a figure robed in white, but at its breast it held a wheel of fire.

Out of the fire there spoke a commanding voice. If you touch me ever again, you shall be cast yourself into the Fire of Doom. The crouching shape backed away, terror in its blinking eyes, and yet at the same time insatiable desire. Then the vision passed and Sam saw Frodo standing, hand on breast, his breath coming in great gasps, and Gollum at his feet, resting on his knees with his wide-splayed hands upon the ground. But most people on r. The Ring was the source of his power, and thus transformed his voice into one of command as it transformed his appearance.

If the earlier episode was explicitly stated to be a vision and not reality, and Tolkien explicitly linked it to the episode on Mount Doom, it seems likely that Tolkien also intended that second episode as a vision with Frodo speaking and not the Ring. But I think the clinching argument was offered by John Yohalem in e-mail 1 Nov To me this seems conclusive: At no other point in the novel did Tolkien give any indication of the Ring speaking.

Could the One Ring think, feel, and make choices? This interpretation is consistent with other story elements. We know that Gollum could not see a Ring-wearing Bilbo.

When he tracked Frodo he had been eighty years without the Ring, and he would therefore not have gained any further abilities from it. Frodo would not instantly have become master of the world. Claiming the Ring is just the first step in mastering the Ring. Tolkien expands greatly on this theme in a letter. Tolkien proposed two possible outcomes after Frodo claimed the Ring at Mount Doom, if Gollum had not saved the day. While he was distracted some of them would have destroyed the entrance to the Cracks of Doom so that Frodo could no longer harm the Ring even if he had repented.

Very soon Sauron would have come, taken the Ring, and crushed Frodo utterly. Possibly Gandalf might have done it: It would be a delicate balance. Tolkien is quite definite that, in a confrontation, not only Frodo but pretty much anyone would have handed Sauron the ring at once: But they would have done it by building up armies and defeating Sauron militarily, destroying him by ordinary force.

We are not told directly, but it seems at least possible that, if he had chosen to claim the Ring, Aragorn could have defeated Sauron militarily. Of course, if Aragorn had done that using the Ring, he would have become a tyrant worse than Ar-Pharazôn had ever been.

Powerful though it may be, the Ring is not unbeatable. Even its power of command is not absolute. Remember that while Sauron was using the Ring, his own armies deserted him. They were defeated not by force of arms but psychologically: If Sauron could be defeated twice while using the Ring, how much unlikely is it that anyone else using the Ring could win a military victory against him? And while Sauron still lived, the Nazgûl would have held to their loyalty to him , even for some time after someone claimed the Ring.

Remember that Sauron was confident enough of their loyalty despite the Ring that he sent them to hunt for it, knowing that they knew what it was. In purely military terms, the Ring was perhaps a threat to Sauron, but far from decisive. The real issue for Sauron was that by the time someone mastered the Ring enough for it to be a factor in the military progress of the war, Sauron would already have been personally reduced to impotence , just as if the Ring had been destroyed.

Tolkien wrote in a letter: Ohlmarks had produced an error-riddled Swedish translation of The Lord of the Rings , with an introduction containing such gems as the remark that Sauron was an allegory of Stalin. Tolkien did not consciously borrow from Wagner, he was not writing an allegory of Wagner or of anything else, there were major differences between the two Rings, and the two plots are quite different. But certainly there are similarities between the two Rings.

In a later article [ r. Anyone who wishes to claim that Wagner had no influence at all on Tolkien must somehow get past those facts. Doubtless there are other similarities too. At Stone Mountain Pet Lodge, we like to create a very home-like atmosphere for your pet while they stay with us.

This will be an added sense of comfort for your dog or cat no irreplaceable items, please. Easily washable items which have been permanently labeled with your last name are best. You can also bring your own food, if you wish, at no additional charge or discount. We provide this service in the form of the Pet Taxi.

Cost is determined by approximate distance from Stone Mountain Pet Lodge. We have no minimum age for puppies or kittens, however we do require that they have completed the entire series of vaccines.

This generally means that every puppy will be at least 16 weeks old. Sorry, we cannot make exceptions. We now accept many different types of pets. For more details, please visit Exotic Pet Lodging. Unlike some kennels, every dog has their own personal outdoor run. We don't let dogs go indoors because we believe that encourages bad behavior. No, because this would make it impossible to keep the kennel heated or cooled effectively.

However, your dog will get frequent trips to their own outdoor run throughout the day. A stay at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge includes a potty break every three hours five times a day, plus plenty of attention and love! However, we do provide extra exercise periods if requested. For a small fee see our Lodging Prices , your dog can have an additional 15 minute exercise session on our outdoor wooded walking path, 15 minutes of playtime in one of our outdoor play yards, or you can schedule some socialized play time in our Doggy Day Care program.

We like to maintain our guests' routine feeding schedule. There is no charge for additional feedings. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is pleased to offer socialized play times. Dogs are screened for current vaccinations and temperament. Visit Doggy Day Care for more info. Your preferred veterinarian will be contacted immediately. We will do as they advise. Any charges incurred in the treatment are your responsibility, while prompt, proper and attentive care of your pet is, of course, our responsibility.

In an emergency, if your veterinarian's clinic is closed, we will use our best judgment in responding to the needs of your pet unless otherwise instructed by you or your pet's physician. We strive to maintain up-to-date contact information including your home, cell and one other emergency number. We will try to contact you if a problem arises. In the event of a medical emergency, your preferred veterinary will be used.

Both veterinary clinics listed are located less than 10 minutes from Stone Mountain Pet Lodge. All dogs and cats visiting Stone Mountain Pet Lodge require these immunizations. Vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian. First-time boarders should bring veterinarian documentation showing the due dates of the next immunization, which will be recorded for future reference.

Although we do not have a required minimum incubation period between the time vaccines are given and the beginning of your reservation, we strongly recommend getting any vaccines done at least 10—14 days prior to arrival at our facility.

This gives the vaccine time to reach its full effectiveness to protect against illness. A deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system, usually spread by a bite from a rabid animal. Rabies vaccination is required by law for the safety of our employees and other animals staying at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.

A bacterial infection typically caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and two viruses called Parainfluenza virus and Adenovirus. The airborne organisms are inhaled by a susceptible dog and attach to the lining of the trachea and upper airway passages. Due to the airborne nature of this disease, neighboring dogs boarded at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge are susceptible to the disease. Also known as Canine Cough or Kennel Cough. Please note that many veterinarians administer Bordetella only upon request.

A highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of dogs, usually spread through airborne exposure to the virus contained in respiratory secretions of an infected dog.

Also known as Canine Distemper. A highly contagious viral disease caused by the feline parvovirus, usually spread when cats come into contact with the blood, urine, fecal matter, nasal secretions, and even fleas from other infected cats. A cat can become infected without ever coming into direct contact with an infected cat. Because this disease is easily transmittable and cats are in relatively close quarters, this immunization is required.

Also known as Feline Distemper. Does your dog need some entertainment during the day? After starting the day in a private suite, your canine will receive a one-on-one assessment with one of our trained professionals to determine his or her comfort with our staff, evaluate social skills and play style, and will only then be introduced to the other day care dogs to avoid overstimulation and make sure the group setting is the right fit.

Fill out the required paperwork ahead of time: The Doggy Day Care Program utilizes several different activities each day to add some structure to the program, stimulate your dog mentally and physically, and to make day care fun and exciting for the dogs as well as the staff. Drop off your dog for a day of daycare and we will ensure that they have a fantastic birthday!

Your special birthday pup will take a break from daycare to enjoy a frozen treat and take hope a special birthday cookie! Our trained staff will host the party where the pups get to romp and play with special birthday toys and pose for a birthday photo shoot complete with special doggy party hats.

Pictures from the party will be sent home with you at the end of the day so you can enjoy the party almost as much as they did! If your dog is experiencing any of the following symptoms please keep your dog home from daycare until they are feeling better; coughing, sneezing, lethargic, lose of appetite, loose stools or any other unusual behavior for your dog. All of the concrete surfaces that your pets may come in contact with are sealed with a three part epoxy coating filling the pores of the concrete, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and also makes it easy for us to clean and disinfect.

Bordetella and other illnesses are thought to result from airborne bacteria that is transmitted from dog to dog. Stone Mountain Pet Lodgehas four independent air handling systems to isolate the groups of pets within our lodging wings and eleven independent air handling systems throughout the entire facility. This isolates the groups of pets from each other. This reduces the sharing of recycled air from pet to pet.

Stone Mountain has in—floor heat in the suite areas that keeps the floor a nice 70 degrees so everyone stays nice and warm in the cold months. Floors dry completely and quickly when washed. This reduces the moist surfaces that bacteria like to grow on. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge requires Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations on the best advice of the veterinary profession. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge does not accept or allow association with the other pets, any pets that have any observable symptoms of Bordetella or any other illness.

Tour us anytime we are open and satisfy yourself that the suites are clean. This means that your pet will normally stay in a clean, rested suite. In spite of our best efforts, your pet may contract an illness before, during or after their stay at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.

We cannot guarantee your pet's health. Vaccinations sometimes fail to provide protection from illness. Putting your pet in any setting that puts them in the proximity of one or more potentially contagious dogs and the stress that results from a new experience can result in your pet contracting an illness.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge will engage the services of a veterinarian yours when possible to treat your pet whenever reasonably deemed necessary, and will bill you for any veterinarian fees. At Hot Springs Grooming Salon, we are driven to offer your dog the best grooming facility in the area! Our professional dog stylists and bathers are committed to providing you and your pet with outstanding service by using top-quality products and knowing the latest styles.

It includes a bath, blow dry, light trimming of the face and paws and shaving of sanitary areas. Puppies get the benefit of a positive grooming experience playing with a happy groomer and becoming familiar with the feel and sounds of the bath, the blow dryer, the kennel dryer, nail trimmers, scissors and the ominous but harmless buzzing of the clippers. Have a professional groomer give your puppy a bath, trim the nails, inspect and clean the ears, inspect the anal glands, and shave the pads.

If you would prefer to personally bathe your pet but don't have a professional bathing tub at home, bring your pet to Stone Mountain Pet Lodge! The following grooming additions are only available as add-ons to one of our Grooming Packages.

A grooming package must be purchased in order to add one of the following services. Then, a hydro-massage is given to relax tension.

If used on a regular basis, it greatly reduces shedding and pet dander and is highly recommended for people with allergies. This special package includes a luxury shampoo upgrade to hydrate and rejuvenate, a hydro massage to relax, tooth brushing and a breath freshener. This grooming addition upgrades the shampoo used in your grooming service to a premium shampoo.

Our groomers will recommend a premium shampoo specially formulated for your dog's coat and skin. Some examples of our premium shampoos are: Coal tar shampoo for dogs with skin allergies. Hypoallergenic, soap free shampoo for a clean canine with no soap smell.

Stop in between grooms for a Face Trim. Our groomer will brush out their face and head and clean up the inside corners of their eyes. We will trim the top and bottom of their head and trim ears upon request. This service takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is usually the drying that takes the longest. We use a combination of kennel drying and hand drying to get your pet dry then we have the haircut time or brushing time.

A grooming usually involves a hair cut of some sort other than just trimming the feet. A Bath is the same as a groom except there is no hair cutting. We trim nails as short as the vein that runs through the nail allows. Sometimes we can recommend coming in more frequent or using the dremel to get them shorter. The dremel is a sanding tool that allows us to take the nail shorter than just clipping alone.

Matting is what we call tangled hair. When your dog gets too long or there is undercoat that isn't being brushed out it can tangle and cause a lot of problems. It hurts your dog to try to de-matt that hair and shaving is usually the only way to get rid of the matting without causing your dog a lot of pain.

For most of your shorthaired breeds we recommend every months, for dogs that require a lot of brushing like poodles, shih tzus etc we recommend every weeks. This allows us to maintain the length and style that you like your pet to have without getting matted and needing to be shaved. Every Tuesday night from 5 to 7 PM, our tubs are your tubs. The shampoo and conditioner is pre-mixed, the towels are dry, and the drying suites are ready and waiting!

Schedule an appointment by calling All prices listed are BASE prices per above descriptions. These prices are for well behaved dogs that are groomed every 6 weeks. Charges could be 2 to 3 times the normal charges. A final price quote will be based on an inspection of your dog by the SMPL groomer at check-in , prior to the groom.

Extra Time Dogs Note: Baths and Grooms are usually completed in hours, Extra time dogs generally are large and or furry and will be completed in hours. The customer will be called when the groom is completed. Extra Time Dogs are assigned to 2 appointment slots.

When you leave town there are many things to get done before you go. Let us remove one of those headaches. With our Pet Taxi service, we will pick up your pet and bring them to Stone Mountain Pet Lodge where they will have a luxurious stay while you and your family enjoy your vacation.

We can even bring your pet back to your home when you return. On a tight schedule? Take advantage of Stone Mountain's excellent lodging capabilities when you groom!

Dogs will enjoy all the benefits of our lodging program including potty breaks every 3 hrs and you can pick-up and drop-off at your leisure. Cats are understood here.

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