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The type of bread you use affects the calories in your sandwich. Use pure maple syrup to form the gooey brown sugar and pecan mixture needed to make these heavenly bars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To mail, wrap small stacks together using plastic wrap. Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap. Chilling the peaches makes them easier to slice nicely and gives a refreshing edge to their flavor.

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As you stir the components together, the cereal thickens and develops the consistency of porridge. A single serving of Cream of Wheat is low in calories and can be a healthy, filling meal in a balanced weight loss diet. To get the most nutritional and weight loss benefits from Cream of Wheat, choose a variety made with mostly or entirely whole grains.

Some Cream of Wheat varieties are produced with refined wheat that has had its bran and germ removed, and its fiber and protein counts are lower as a result. The extra fiber in whole grains can help produce feelings of satiation, which can encourage you to consume fewer net calories and stay full for longer periods of time.

By itself, Cream of Wheat contains very little protein and fat. To minimize total calories, but create a better variety, serve the cereal with skim milk or yogurt and a handful of nuts or nut butter. Before using Cream of Wheat as a weight loss aid, or making any big changes to your current eating plan, talk with your physician or a registered dietitian.

Due to its relatively low level of energy density, Cream of Wheat can function as a healthy part of a low-calorie diet, but it will be most successful when you combine it with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy and other whole grains to meet all of your nutritional needs. Video of the Day. Amazon's Snack Food store has a variety of crackers for you to munch on. Whether you're stocking up your home or just looking for some office snacks , we have all the munchies your taste buds need.

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