Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

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Spaghetti squash, Acorn, Butternut and Pumpkin. Many people in your situation have had great luck using the Extreme Cycle http: I have a question can you switch every week or every 2 weeks your carb cycling plan? I have a couple reasons for gettin g healthy.. Heidi said that reword meals are important. I get around 20kk steps a day and I tend to workout at least once a day.

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December 4th, by Damian B. Great parts here, thank you very much I am looking forward to doing more business with you guys. August 3rd, by Luis E. Thank you so much for your advice's n outstanding costumer service, keep up the good work. July 3rd, by Blake B. Its on a lifted 95 z71 6. OD holds better, in town driving is more fun, transmission doesnt feel weak anymore.

I wholeheartedly recommend this for anybody with a 6. Super easy install, took me less than 10mins. And im a pretty picky guy.

July 3rd, by Brennen C. Super fast shipping and the product quality is great. Will buy all my future 6. July 3rd, by John C. Their parts were cheaper and still made in USA quality. A big thank you! July 3rd, by Steve D. Thank You for a great product. October 8th, by harold c. Annette you are the best. Products are excellent quality, no china crap. Walt,come to Canada and show them how to run a parts business,you blew my mind with a thank you card in one of the boxes.

UPS delivery took only 2 days. October 8th, by Ryan B. Pmd relocate setup Rating: They are all great products that get delivered to you right away, so your not sitting around waiting.

Great company, great products, and great customer service. Would recommend to anyone. April 23rd, by Brian O. Cold Air Intake Rating: Even had a mistake on one order where the wrong hose was sent due to very similar part numbers. Walt personnally resolved my issue and corrected the problem. I have no complaints at all, will be ordering again.

February 16th, by Greg B. I needed a filter replacement due to a damaged filter. I contacted Walt and, although the filter was way out of warranty new ones are warranted for a million miles but old ones were a one year warranty , he gave me a deal on a new filter assembly. That is taking care of the customer!

I also need to replace my SSDiesel exhaust system - guess who I will be calling February 16th, by Nick F.

I got an apology from the company for the delay even though it wasn't their fault. Received my bolts and a few were the wrong length. WOW, the owner responds?? Did his best to correct to problem free of charge, no shipping costs to me and new bolts on the way. Answers emails on the weekend even though the business is closed. Awesome company, and phenomenal customer service.

I will recommend this place to everyone!! Thank you Walt for having such an awesome business. February 16th, by Matthew T. Ordered the pmd wheat sync for the tow truck where I work 92 Chevy hd and before we would have to crank the engine forever and cross our fingers that it would start, after the install of the new pmd it will start right away every time even on the coldest winter days.

Also very pleased with the customer service at Ss diesel supply, very helpful and pleasant to deal with. When we received our shipment there was a small issue that was quickly resolved without problem and I couldn't be happier.

February 16th, by Jason V. Everything arrived packaged professionally, and on time. Will purchase everything from ssdiesel from now on for my truck. Thank you for having a great company! October 27th, by Amir W. I must admit that all of your staff and parts for years of our relations are excellent fit and well selected! With all Regards Amir Israel. October 23rd, by Brady B. Hope to make more purchases in the future! October 23rd, by John S. Was supprised on how much power I gained.

Walt has been excellent on answering the few questions I have had. Got all the parts within a few days after ordering them. I shopped around, couldn';t find a lower price on what I purchased.

October 23rd, by Brian b. I will also be getting the cooling upgrade and marine injectors soon. April 3rd, by Zachary C. Everything arrived in great time! I will turn to them for all my 6.

Shipping was quick from NY to FL!!! April 3rd, by Zachary W. Fsd heat sync Rating: I was suspecting ip failure from the symptoms and codes it was tripping but I contacted Walt and he said to give the pmd a try.

He was exactly right on his diagnosis. The quickness of his response, shipping, quality of the part, and knowledge of the staff at SS diesel is unmatched. I am a master tech at Mitsubishi and over the years I've learned that when you find a company with this great of customer service and quality parts that you stay loyal to them so that's what I plan to do. I plan to do many more orders in the near future for business and personal vehicles. April 3rd, by Steve S. I purchased the Induction Kit: I replaced the fuel filter also at the same time and I'm not sure if it was a clogged filter or the air filter, but I had a lot more power after doing both.

I plan to purchase marine injectors, gauges, glow plugs and exhaust for this truck from these guys also. Number 1 Best Customer Service.

I emailed Walt and he answered back with true honest answers. He wasn't trying to sell me anything and he knew he could since I am dumb to this engine. Instead he gave me honest answers and I have to say that completely sold me on these guys. March 3rd, by Jeff B. February 7th, by Brian P. PMD, cold air intake, etc. I have the PMD kit, the cold air intake, a new turbo, a new waste gate, a new glow plug controller, and all kind of other little things.

It's been a real pleasure dealing with them and the service is great. I just got the cold air intake and ripped my old factory box off.

The turbo sounds even sweeter and the power is awesome. Thanks SS Diesel for being a great place to shop and helping me keep this beauty running! February 7th, by Dennis S. I'm very pleased how you packed in the boxes no damage and everything was complete. You do a good job at SSDiesel.

Thank you very much again, trough you my 6. This probably not the last time i ordered from you. Dennis Sastra from the Netherlands. December 19th, by Jack T. I could not be happier. Along with the air intake kit, the Suburban sounds and performs amazingly. I strongly encourage any 6. You will not be disappointed. Also, the costumer service, shipping, and support from SSDiesel were incredible.

I will absolutely be purchasing more. December 19th, by william b. I would lilike to say thanks for having that help area and not just selling me the part.

December 19th, by Matthew S. I bought about a year ago after it had sat for 7 years to use as a farm pickup. I wanted to "use it" to haul bales, cows, ECT without burning it up and luckily stumbled across this site while searching overheating problems for 6. All parts work great, went on easily, and made a very noticeable difference.

Tech support was very savvy and courteous. Cooling upgrade took some modifications but works well. Looking to do injectors and glow plugs at some point. December 19th, by Don C. Waited 'till now to review to be sure problem was solved.

Installed easily and haven't had a single symptom since. Was leery of making purchase as my symptoms were not all that typical. Truck would occasionally "hiccup" at highway speed or suddenly accelerate briefly scarey at highway speeds. Always started easily and had good power and never "shut down" as typical bad PMD symptoms. December 19th, by Brian C. Glow plugs and controller Rating: Truck was hard starting in the cold. Installed new glow plugs and controller over the weekend. Parked truck at airport for two days - sat in degree weather, got in and truck fired up like it was 90 degrees out.

Awesome - should have done this along time okay. No more plugging it in all night or worrying if it will start after sitting outside all day. September 28th, by thomas s. Part by part, ssdiesel brought this thing back to life. Intake and exhaust came for a little fun but didn't wake her up until heat sync and 9 arrived. Those parts created a noticeable difference in pickup on both the bottom end and extended her legs on the top.

The IP was last to this point with an abrupt failure in the driveway, and after 1 email it was on its way. The IP arrived to Cali faster than expected I'm cheap and went in and started without issue. The combination of these parts along with the staffs knowledge, professionalism, and ability solve any issue will and does keep me coming back. I have a new computer and 80hp chip on order and due to me in about a week. I have no doubts it will perform as claimed and my satisfaction will grow that much more.

September 9th, by scott f. September 9th, by wayne c. I luckily found this web site and got the pmd heat sink and it made me happy with the truck again. I will be buying more of your products in the future because i got the truck for a project to begin with. July 10th, by Curt L. It has been an interesting project and the guys and girls at SS Diesel are top notch.

Their advice and technical knowledge on the 6. Every item I purchased from them helped me to solve a specific problem and thanks to them, I can consider this project complete. When I have other issues come up, I won't even think of looking anywhere else. July 9th, by Matt F. All my products from ss diesel Rating: I have a dually.