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What can i say! It never rests, it never quits. I was working is this good for skinny guys to gain weight from. I purchased double rich chocolate tastes pretty good, mixes pretty well and is nice and creamy. Was this review helpful?

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I use it post WOD with some quick absorbing sugar for optimal recovery. My current go to is 1 scoop of the new vanilla ice cream with 2 servings of Tang- so good!! This product is 1 in the industry for a reason! With all the different flavor options, you will never get bored with protein shakes. At ON we are proud to know that we are one of the few sports nutrition companies who own and operate their own production facilities. While it's true that ON is one of the world's largest producers of sports nutrition products, we remain focused on being recognized as the best.

In fact, our requirements for raw materials are so strenuous that it's not unusual for ON Quality Assurance Technicians to reject entire truckloads of raw materials that do not meet our high standards.

Optimum Nutrition's Award Winning supplements have consistently delivered the Highest Quality products to athletes across the globe -- Here is a brief look at how.

Skip to main navigation. Back to all products. Great taste easy to drink not like a thick shake works amazing. Excellent protein powder, the white chocolate is pretty average taste but still decent if your looking for a different flavour.

I am still on the way to using this protein, banana test awesome. Hoping get good results after this. Great product, did its job well and tasted great. Mixes easily and goes down well either mixed with water or milk, definitely a product that I would purchase again.

After only a couple of weeks of use, I can see why this product is rated so high. I am noticing the results already. The double rich chocolate flavour isn't half bad either. Have always used ON protein, works well for me, and great taste! Tastes good and good quality however other flavours are nicer. Would recommend a different flavour but this one is good if you buy a smaller amount. It is easy to mix, tastes great and doesn't weigh you down. It is really good value and the delivery is always fast.

Tastes great, mixes great and I'll never use another brand of protein. Best tasting whey and very easy to dissolve in milk. ON Whey is the best whey even though its on the expensive side because the taste is great. I always purchase this whey and every other brand I've tried just doesn't match up.

Double Choc is the standard flavour that tastes really good. Extreme milk choc is alright, Choc mint is great but mocha cappuchino is to die for.

Double rich choc tastes great, mixes easily, has a good nutritional balance and is good value for money. Honestly can't find anything wrong with this product. I definitely recommend it! Quality product, good value, great taste and fast delivery. Would recommend to lifters at all levels of experience.

Tastes great and always one of the most popular out of the bunch, great value too! Great quality protein with awesome taste.

Plenty of different flavours makes you not get sick of it. Has helped a lot as a protein sup, good gains. It is my staple. Can't go wrong with this protein, tastes great, mixes well, worth the money you pay for it.

Have been ordering from Mr Supplement for a while now, wont go anywhere else to purchase my supps. Great service and even better delivery time. Great variety of product that suits everyone's needs. By far my favourite protein powder, the 10lb bag will last ages and I always find ON protein super easy to mix. Shipping was super quick aswell ordered midday and received it by the next day. Have noticed a marked improvement in energy levels after training.

Have been using in between meals to prevent hunger spikes as well. The flavour is good and easy to take with water. Another great product from ON. Awesome service arrived on my door in 2 days. It mixes up so well and tastes good Will be buying it again. Very tasty and seems to be helping with maintaining lean muscle. Could not believe how quickly this got delivered. Will be ordering again too bad they don't have a subscription model so it just keeps coming.

Awesome tasting product, and mixes very well. Top product, mixes very well and tastes just as good. Great Flavour, with the rich double chocolate you cant go wrong! Great protein for whatever your goals are. For first timers starting out this is great to have. Just a good quality protein which gets the job done, I'm already 3 weeks in and not even sick of it, i absolutely love the Banana flavour.

I love using ON Whey. Its the best tasting on the market Double rich chic being my fave. It mixes into a really smooth shake and tastes like a sweet milky shake using just water. High protein and low carb, its the best on the market. A lot of people I know don't really like the taste, but who cares, because it works.

I like it because it's not too sweet, a thin shake so you can just scull it and it always gives me the goods when it comes to making gains. Good protein with a good taste, however, the Vanilla flavor gets a bit sickening after a little while and tastes more like white chocolate more than anything.

Will buy again but it'll definitely be a different flavor. Thought I'd give this a go just for something different but really struggled to finish it. Flavour wasn't that great in my opinion. Extremely impressed with how fast i received my order. Decided to try this flavor and I'm happy i did, Going to stock up on this!!

Trusted to always be the same. A bit like buying a Big Mac at McDonalds. I absolutely love the choc mint and caramel toffee fudge they are delicious and unlike other protein powders i have tried they do not froth when mixing and mix very well. I want to try the rocky road and whit chocolate next time! I label this product as the cornerstone of protein powders, nice quality, hardly any fillers, and does what you want it to do.

Choc tastes very similar to milo, i like them a little thicker, this stays bascially like water, taste is good though, the nutritional values are perfect but i am going back to arny's iron whey. I do like the 4. I use 2 scoops a day with my creatine pre- and post-workout. Taste is great when mixed with milk. Absolutely love this protein. Have had the Banana, Double Milk choc and the choc mint, and they are all delicious, with milk and water. Good simple, versatile product with no bells and whistles and the flavors are good, it's easy to see why this is so popular.

Really impressed by the speedy delivery up here, will be shopping with Mr Supplement again. Don't use anything else. This is the best, great range of flavours and top quality. This tastes just like a milkshake and really fills you up. I've stolen so much of this off my husband he finally made me buy my own! Really like the range of flavours and the great service at Mr Supplement. As someone with a mild lactose intolerance, I was surprised to be able to handle whey so well. This is a really good quality, clean product.

By far the best protein around, easy to mix, great taste and flavour and it's super high in protein to help with my Paleo diet. Would highly recommend the double chocolate flavour. Best tasting protein on the market, hands down. Ordered on Thursday night, got it on Friday. Will use you guys again and recommend you to my friends. This is the best whey protein I've been using so far, currently on my second tub and counting - reaping the benefits! Have been buying Gold Standard Whey now for four years and have never had a late delivery, problem or drama.

The email communication is always good and the protein always arrives well packaged. I used a couple of other retailers prior to this and some how they often managed to screw it up. Obviously I love the product as have been buying Optimum Whey now for years.

Found Gold Standard to be OK. I've had better protein powders yet I've also had worse. Think there's better value protein with some other brands. Great tasting protein powder. I used the double choc flavor and have been using 3 times daily so assist with recovery from a 5 day a week training schedule.

Very happy with this purchase and shall be back to order more when it's finished. Have been using Optimum Gold Standard now for years and it's my favourite protein. I guess what really gets me buying it over and over again is that Optimum's a brand I trust. This is my 3rd bag of Gold Standard and I love it. I especially like the strawberry and chocolate coconut flavors.

I bought my first bucket of whey gold by seeing its nutritional profile and BCAA content. There is a noticeable progress in my strength and lean muscle.

I am having it three times a day, if being critical the taste is a little of a disappointment French Vanilla. I will buy another but with with different flavor. I have tried many other products but whey gold is one of a kind, that is super soluble and mixes really well with my smoothies, juices, oatmeal, plain milk or just water.

The results are great. Can't ask for anything better, double thumbs up. Great product and I am definitely buying it again once my first bag is finished. Have been using it since the start of the year after using a few different proteins, and have settled for this one For value for money, nutritional content and taste Great post workout, mid meal snacks and everything in between. One of the best Whey protein I have used.

It helped me to gain 2. It easily dissolves in water and has a good taste. I will definitely order this again. By far the best protein supplement I have had. I have tried numerous flavours but my favourites are Cookies and Cream and Milk Chocolate.

The best tasting protein on the market and also jam packed full of goodness! Love the taste when mixed with skim milk, not so great with water double choc flavor. As a protein though, great results! Great quality and value. Mixes well and tastes good. Without a doubt the best protein I've ever used. There's a reason why it is the top selling protein- because it is the best!

Everything you need in a pre-post training protein. Once you go ON you never go back! Tastes great, mixes well. Good blend of proteins, and the 4. I highly recommend it! Mixes very well, just requires a bit of stirring no lumps while you drink, or gunk in the bottom of your glass when you're done. Even after a week or so of taking it every day, haven't gotten sick of the flavour a lot of other brands I've tried, start to taste too sickly or just plain boring after a while.

Overall, very nice chocolate flavour and good value for money especially in the 4. Amazing taste, Amazing gains, Amazing price! This mixes better than any other whey product I have tried and the taste is great. Natural flavours that mix well with other foods, shakes. This is my number 1 protein. Although I've used it in the past, I recently began working out again. Only been on ON Whey Gold for a few days and can already feel a difference. I feel so much better in my recovery and my muscles are looking much more toned and ripped after each work out!

Just received the ON Nutrition today which was purchased based on the many reviews on this site. It also doesn't seem to need as much as the other protein powders that I've tried so the bucket should last for a while. Hopefully the results are impressive as my first impression. One of the best proteins I have ever tried. It tastes great and is high in protein.

Only down side is that it is quite thin no matter how little liquid you use. ON is by far the best product out on the market right now.

It does not work. I purchased the Choc mint flavour first time around which was THE best!! But do not buy the rocky road flavour unless you like protein shakes that taste like lollie flavoured arse. This product is awsome, mixed well, tasted great and most importantly gave me great results.

I highly reccommend this product to anyone who wants a overall great protein. I purchased double rich chocolate tastes pretty good, mixes pretty well and is nice and creamy. The other positive is value, 2. I purchased the rocky road. Seems to work well, like the inclusion of BCAA's and glutamine to help. I'm a bit of a supplement sceptic, but I'm sold on this for a whey protein. Double Rich Chocolate is fantastic. I just opened my 2nd 4. Fantastic blend offering good amount of BCAAs and glutamine to assist with recovery.

Having tried most of the flavors available I can attest to their great standard of taste across the whole range. The powder also mixes very easily with both milk and water, and unlike a few protein powders out there, when mixing with water the end result is still a full flavored somewhat thick shake amount of water depending. Just an awesome product.

Great flavors and mixes well. Excellent protein powder, highly recommended!!!! It is easy to prepare the shake and the taste is always great,doesn't matter which one you choose I prefer chocolate or coffee. Each portion of shake contains 5. This thing works fine if you train hard and have a good rest. Great tasting, mixes easily, quality lean protein. Christian D , St. A quality and always reliable brand! It mixes almost too well and tastes fantastic. The gold standard is on my short list of go to whey protein supplements.

I would recommend this product to any athlete who is a novice or a veteran.. Great after taste has to be mentioned because I have sampled many other protein powders and none of them come close! After using it a few weeks I can see a significant muscle growth. After trying various different protein powders I find that nothing mixes better than ON. I even mix it with milk and throw in it with my cup of oats first thing in the morning. So far this is the product I have used all the time when it comes to protein supplement, I am not sure about others but I am telling you this is the one that works well for my muscles and my stomach.

After taking Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard for 2 weeks, I have gained almost 2kg and my body fat is much lower at about 7. I cannot wait until I am finished with my 4. This is truly the best protein for gaining absolute lean muscle. If you are looking for the aesthetic build, buy this and you'll never regret it.

Admin was really polite and negotiable. This stuff Tastes amazing, super quick delivery. This website is absolutely amazing, early next day delivery on an order placed at 4p.

As for the protein it's awesome rocky road is a great flavour, but chocolate and strawberry powders probably taste better. Must be mixed with milk as I find that water makes the taste pretty horrible, not sure what it's like with other flavours. I do recommend this Product, i was currently on Musashi Protein before this and i did recognise a difference. The recovery time is so more enhanced i feel i can do another workout 2 hours later.

Only Calories per serve. I always get the choc mint flavour, as it controls my cravings for ice cream. I recommended this to all my friends, nothing but massive results. You mix it with a bit of cold water and it tastes phenomenal, you could easily forget you were taking a protein supplement.

The price, flavour and results are great! Great texture, great taste, great product! Would definitely recommend great taste mixes well and is the best gram for gram compared to any other protein powder if needed for bulking I just mix pure carbs to get the added calories.

This product is amazing, it tastes great i got strawberry , mixes really well and very easy to take with no after effects such as bloating. Would really recommend this product!! It mixes really well with no staining on your shaker bottle with water or milk.

Tastes pretty good with a sort of maltiness to it and its great to drink anytime of the day. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid foundation protein blend. Optimum nutritions Gold Standard Whey is by far the best whey protein product I have used. It tastes great, mixes like a breeze and actually works! And as always, Mr supp has it for the best price. I have tried many whey proteins and this one is easily one of the better ones.

It Mixes well, and tastes good in water. Great protein for around workouts. I use this with a waxy maize carb supplement and it digests well as it does not leave me feeling bloated.

Great protein powder overall. Again Guys I cant thankyou enough.. Delivery in 2 days, Came with a free T shirt!!! I've tried all of the flavours and honestly they are all fantastic.

Great for putting on size without all the carbs and fat you find in most other powders. Look forward to making my next order with you guys. Keep up the good work! What can I say? Coffee and Chocolate seem to taste great, it mixes well and is great value.

I have been seeking a supplement that works for a very long time. After months of hard work at the gym and not seeing the results I was frustrated!

The Mr Supplement customer representative was great and helped suggesting the best Protein Powder that suited my training needs. Am I addicted you ask?? I tried the Rocky Road flavour this time round which is great with milk but the best is definitely Cookies and Cream. Very high quality protein with added bonus of glutamine and all those BCCAs, you just can't go wrong. I give it 9. This is the shit!!

There are several uses for this protein the main one being to supplement as part of a weight lifters or bodybuilders diet. Lastly I find it can be taken as a meal or snack replacement in conjunction with a good diet and exercise program aiding to decrease body fat.

Excellent all-round protein, the only thing better than the taste and quality of this product is the value for money. I have been a long time user of ON products and I must say without any bias that it is simply the best! It has worked magic with me.

Both the supplements have given me amazing results. It has been voted supplement of the year several times in major U. I was really happy to receive a sample of Mocha Cappuccino from Mr Supplement as I had never tried this flavour before. I must say I really love it! It tastes awesome and especially for those people who like coffee and who have their protein shakes in the morning.

I absolutely love this flavour! I've been taking this protein for the last month now after primarily using muscle bulk powders before. I am already noticing good cut-backs in weight without losing any strength, exactly what I was after! Anyway keep up the great prices and I will definetly be back for more soon. It is nice to have one that we both enjoy. We have recommended it to a number of friends also who have been very impressed. The chocolate flavour is so good that I have my girlfriend drinking it!

The value for money in the 4. This is by far the best protein on the market. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking to gain muscle or maintain muscle as the number one protein product on the market. I will continue to use this product until I can find anything to compare. This is a fantastic all-around protein. It consists of the purest proteins and has a minimal amount of fats and carbohydrates.

The flavour is great and the big plus that it also has Glutamine and BCAAs in the blend that speed up your recovery period. I give Optimum Nutrition my highest recommendation! I started taking 1 scoop in the morning and another scoop after each work-out. The taste cookies and cream is delicious and mixes very easily.

This is true but if the buyer shops around a little longer they will realise that there are products that have close to zero of all the bad calories unlike this product which has got 3 grams of carbohydrates. I have used many different flavours from this brand and none of them have lived up to what the public have been led to believe. A very satisfying protein powder. I have tried a lot of different proteins and have found this one to be of top quality. I now recommend this brand to all my personal training clients as well as the athletes I work with.

It has made a huge difference in recovery times allowing my clients to train more frequently and at a higher intensity. It is simply the most efficient and cost effective whey on the market today. Comprising of 24g of pure whey protein, 5. Furthermore it has virtually no fat, which allows optimum protein synthesis.

As with most people who workout, I've tried so many different protein powders looking for the one that is the right blend of nutrients, taste, and cost. Over time, I've come to realize that not only does Optimum Nutrition make the best tasting protein, but that "Rocky Road and Banana Cream " are just down right awesome.

This product offers a large variety of flavours and they all taste great! Optimum nutrition is packed with 24g of protein per serving as well as 4g of glutamine and more than 5g of BCAAs which your body needs to help build muscle.

Overall I recommend this product to anyone who wants pack on some serious lean muscle. It is a great post-workout drink simply because it works. When I wake up after a workout, my muscle soreness is less than it was before using this product, even though training intensity is the same.

I sometimes also have it before bed, and it makes a great night time shake because it has different proteins which release at different time.

This is important because if your on a budget, you can make do with just this protein shake instead of forking out more money for a casein product. I have experienced good gains from this product and would definitely buy it again. The only bad thing about it is I don't like the Cookies and Cream flavour; however I've had Strawberry as well and it is much better.

Leading a busy lifestyle trying to juggle work home and school I found it hard to cram that extra bit of protein to make any real progress at the gym, and while at the same time, not eating bucket loads of crabs and fats that would fuel my belly. Firstly all I can say this stuff has worked wonders and am now seeing real progress in the gym, the rocky road takes some time to get used to but I am now hooked on the stuff, an all round awesome product.

Also delivery was hassle free and arrived sooner than I expected.

Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey