Risks of a Gluten-Free Diet

Be Wary of "Fad" Diagnoses

Paul Jaminet September 19, at 7: As already mentioned, the Grapefruit Diet has been popular since the s, whereas the Hour Miracle Diet is the newest fad based on the same principle. I believe the elevated LDL on low carb is primarily caused by the higher intake of cholesterol from food. As for the diet itself, it is essentially no more than another low-calorie diet that in the long run is hard to sustain over time as a regular healthy diet. A detailed look at the raw food diet here.

Dangers of Zero-Carb Diets, IV: Kidney Stones

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Pauls Hospital dietitian Sinead Feeney for a paleo diet cage match. Should you eat like a caveman. Should you eat like Alton Brown.

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