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Compulsive overeating is a very serious eating disorder , particularly if it is accompanied by co-occurring disorders. Some of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor SSRI antidepressant drugs, like fluoxetine Prozac , sertraline Zoloft , paroxetine Paxil , citalopram Celexa , and escitalopram Lexapro , have been shown to be helpful in weight maintenance after weight has been gained, as well as having beneficial effects on the mood and anxiety symptoms that may be associated with the condition. Unlike other eating disorders, binge eating disorder is almost as common in men as it is in women. Do you drink alone? Using a stethoscope, a doctor listens for crackles, wheezes, or decreased breath sounds.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating

Progress on Children Eating More Fruit, Not Vegetables

Do you have any of these warning signs? Digestive Problems Stomach problems are common in people with depression or anxiety , especially in children and adolescents. Adults with depression also may have digestive issues, such as queasiness, nausea, and diarrhea.

Some digestive disorders, such as Crohn's disease , colitis, or ulcers, can be worsened by stress and depression. Headaches Headaches can have many causes, and sometimes they can be signs of depression.

Headaches that are related to depression are usually dull and generalized. Also, people with depression often report their headaches are worse in the morning and in the evening. They are likely tension headaches, which occur when the muscles in your neck and scalp become tense or contract. Problems Sleeping Trouble sleeping is one clue to diagnosing depression. Back or Muscle Aches Back or muscle aches can be another physical sign of depression.

Exhaustion and Fatigue Exhaustion and fatigue or lack of energy are classic hallmarks of depression , Haight says.

Changes in Appetite Are you eating too much and gaining weight? Or have you lost interest in food and are losing weight? Any change in appetite can be a sign of depression. Changes in Weight Fluctuations in weight can be related to changes in your eating habits and activity level. If you have unexplained weight loss or gain, talk to your doctor as it could be a sign of depression or another health condition.

Chest pain can be a sign of a heart attack or other serious heart condition. However, chest pain also can be related to your emotional health. It seems the past few decades of government sponsored nutrition messages to eat servings of fruits and vegetables per day have been lost in a game of telephone.

Somewhere along the way, people forgot that vegetables were part of that sentence and many people took it as an excuse to go way overboard on fruits in the name of health. Fruit is rich in a type of sugar called fructose. Unfortunately, many of us are not well equipped to digest and absorb large amounts of fructose. So instead of nourishing us, sometimes fruit sits in the gut and ferments with the help of bacteria. And the result of those bacteria feasting on fructose is a lot of gas and bloating that makes us feel pretty icky.

Now, glucose also present in fruit does help facilitate absorption of fructose, which many use as an argument to suggest fruit is fine and only refined fructose is an issue. Most fruits have been bred to be larger and contain more fructose than their great grand parents the original apple was about as large and sweet as a crab apple , so you can understand how the human body might not have the skills to handle it. If hefty portions of fruit leave your tummy in knots, chances are you have some level of fructose malabsorption and you probably should lay off the fruit.

Side note — In addition to fructose malabsorption, you can also have an inflammatory reaction to fructose. I tested reactive to fructose via the Mediator Release Test, which measures chemical and food sensitivities , so I have to be doubly careful with the amount of fruit I eat! Along with the fructose absorption issues I described above, which does commonly lead to diarrhea, let me explain another possibility for why fruit messes up your digestion.

It was solid berry seeds! And, no, I did not see a bear…. Many fruits like apples are also rich in pectin, a type of fiber that folks with IBS may have trouble fully breaking down. I agree that fruit is a healthier alternative to many desserts and junk foods, but if fruit is a staple item at every meal and snack, you may simply be eating too many carbohydrates to allow your body to lose weight.

In brief, any time we eat carbohydrates our blood sugar goes up. That triggers our body to release insulin to lower the blood sugar. How does it do that? By converting it to fat for storage! Also, be sure to read 4 and 5! What happens when our blood sugar tanks? We get hungry and we get cravings. For foods that will raise the blood sugar quickly; anything sweet or starchy. Aside from the blood sugar-hunger connection, the fructose in fruits has another seldom-discussed effect.

Fructose does not trigger the release of leptin, a hormone that signals satiety, and instead triggers the release of ghrelin, a hunger stimulating hormone. No wonder eating fruit makes you want to eat more fruit! So, do your body a favor and eat that apple with some peanut butter, those blueberries with some full-fat Greek yogurt or homemade, unsweetened whipped cream!

This sort of food combining is especially helpful at breakfast. When fruit is juiced and you remove the fiber, the remaining sugar is absorbed quite rapidly into your bloodstream leading to what I described in 3 and 4. A 12oz cup of fruit juice, even freshly squeezed organic OJ, has the same amount of sugar as a can of soda. By mechanically breaking up the cellular structure of fiber, our body has more immediate access to the sugars contained in the smoothie.

And not in a good way. Plus, when fruit is in a liquid form, we can eat a whole lot more of it. If green juice is your thing, juice only non-starchy vegetables. So, now that all the fruit-lovers have mysteriously vanished from my life, you may be asking…. If you really want bonus points, make one or both of those portions berries. Not half a watermelon or a jumbo bowl of fruit salad. Vegetables are far more nutrient-dense than fruits when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

And the classic nutrients that people use to defend high consumption of fruit are readily available in low-carbohydrate vegetables. Potassium is easily found in avocados, chard, mushrooms and kale, vitamin C in raw broccoli, bell peppers and tomatoes, and antioxidants are abundant in all vegetables, but especially the green and leafy variety.

Think of fruit like a dessert, not celery sticks. Do your waistline and digestive system a favor and aim for a few servings of fruit per day, not And if you need help making your new best friends aka vegetables taste good, be sure to grab your copy of my FREE ebook: Which of the above do you identify with?

Lily, this post really spoke to me. As a kid, I loved to eat half a watermelon. And for some reason my mom always suggested I eat whole grain pumpernickel break with it Russian tradition.

Now I understand why — if I eat fruit with nothing else, I start to feel a little edgy and light-headed. So I usually eat some fruit, wait minutes for eat to begin moving through digestion and right away follow up with some protein with veggies or protein carbs.

You may look at me weird when at brunch I order an egg and veggie omelette with brown rice and a side of fruit and and eat my fruit first, chat with you for a bit and then eat the rest, but I know that my body will feel great before, during and after the meal if I do that.

The kids love helping me make them. And I have to add that I love green juice with no fruit, instead using cucumbers and celery as a base, with greens kale, chard, spinach, etc. I have the same aversion to eating fruit in the middle or after a meal, especially a protein-containing meal. Turns out it alters the pH and enzyme environment of the stomach, making digesting a large amount of protein quite difficult.

For those with fructose malabsorption or sensitivity, that digestive upset can be quite uncomfortable! That may explain why most of my clients do best having fruit as a snack instead. Love your healthy smoothies and green juice! Cucumbers make a great base for green juice in place of fruit.

I eat raspberries, blueberries and blackberries around ten in the morning. I eat a combo of grapes, pineapple, and melon in mid afternoon…bought in a small container at an organic foods place etc. I am of good weight, but am concerned about sugar content. Yogurt and milk have sugar. I put two heaping tbsps of yogurt on my granola cereal along with milk. I am 86 and have no medical problems or prescriptions. I eat plenty of vegetables….

Lana, your comment spoke out to me! I remember that one year, I decided to fast for Ramadan. I never felt happier or healthier in my life. I had always imagined it was the fasting but your comment finally made me realise what made me feel that way! It was limiting myself to only eating fruit with meals and not over-doing the fruit! When I started the heart health diet I simply assumed that fruits in quantity were great — but guess what healthy proteins and a whole lotta leafy and green food did?

I lost 23 pounds in 2 months, exercise every day with at least a two mile walk and am starting with a trainer this week at the gym. Thanks for the information. Right on for me. The first day yesterday I sat on the couch ate lots of grapes than later had an apple and then a protein bar for lunch. Avocado in a flour tortilla. Well my IBS has flare up with diarreah, bloaded and weakness. Again thanks for the information and education. When should I start eating fruit again?

Among the things you mentioned, wheat, avocado, and apples are problematic. Wheat is high in fructans, avocados in moderation are fine moderate polyol. Apples are high in polyols, so I avoid them. I AM eating too much fruit. As often as I want. My weight loss has stalled out … interesting. But can I be sad for a minute? Interesting observation about your weight loss, Beth! I am very think all my life. Ear only fruit veggies nuts seeds. I love fruit do not like beg make myself eatveg.

Only protein I get is in greens and nuts and seeds. Been veg for 42 years. Have a lot of candida problems. Fruit makes me nervous but happy. I was told by a physic to not eat any fruit or grains. She said I can not digest them.

Blood sugar drops from many allergies. If I go off fruit I loose too much weight and am tired. I put fruit with nuts or seed or avacado.. Thanks for your help. Hell everybody my name is Inna and am frutoholic and nuttoholic Last night scoffed g of blueberries and g of strawberries and on the top of that u of Brasil nuts All this morning am not leaving my toilet I know its time to stop but or cut dawn but I CA NOT MANAGE THAT little snack packs of nuts and fruit is very expensive so i buy big ones and eat it at once am 55 by the way …… thank you for reading.

I used to be addicted to fruit! And it felt like blasphemy when I first learned they were not that good for my health. People enjoy the damn fruits, it grows from the earth. You need to use more reasoning in you reply.

Thank you so much for this fantastic article! I was one of those people — who ate crazy amounts of fruits because I thought it was healthy to do so. Again, thank you for the great read! I love how you listened to your body when it gave you the signs that you were having too much fruit. Your solution is rationale, healthy, and most of all, feels good for your body. I learned something today.

I have to share this with my mama and husband. I am a fruit fanatic. However, it sounds like moderation is best with everything you intake. Thanks for sharing Lily. This was super informative! I did cut out any kind of juice in the morning finally because of the sugar content, so that really rings true with me. Glad you found some pearls in here, Trista! Wow i realy lean something today,befor i eat tomuch of fruit but now realizing tomuch of fruit is a problem to me i will change.

Thanks for the insight! Yeah the fruit-only diets can be a metabolism nightmare. All that sugar leads to high blood sugar and high insulin, both of which signal the body NOT to burn fat. I highly suggest folks consider their adjusting their breakfast when attempting to lose weight or stabilize their energy. I started reading your post thinking: Fruit is good for you.

I digest it really well. No problems at all after eating fruit. I ran to the bathroom, climbed on the scale and… there it was: After a whole week of heroically and completely avoiding all kinds of processed foods. No more pasta for me. A whole week of meat, fruits and vegetables. And some yogurt too. But still… no weight loss. You got me there. I hear you loud and clear. I like them a lot better. I recommend doing some research on the glycemic index of foods.

Candy bars have far more calories than fruit does, but some fruits like bananas and watermelons and potatoes on the veggie side will spike your blood sugar and insulin much faster and higher than chocolate will. This is also why berries are recommended. Their fiber content reduces their glycemic index lower than most friuits. Peaches are awesome, but variety and moderation are better.

I hope that helps! Possibly also the salt in the meat causing water weight retention. Oh and I forgot to add that fats and carbs together?? Carbs for the win for energy and sustainable weight. Eating fruit compared to junk food helps a lot but I think to take it to the next level we need to keep the portions in check, like you have advised.

I eat way too much fruit! My gut is constantly doing somersaults recently, it is NOT happy with me! On an average day at the moment I eat an apple a pretty sizeable one , 6 or 7 strawberries, 2 bananas pretty large ones, I love my bananas!

Hurray, I may have just found the answer. Same here and loving serves a day…. Hmmm will have to ease up. I too am a weight watcher. Fruit is currently 0 points so i load my shopping cart each week and use it as filler. I also worry about too much fructose and overworking my pancreas.

My weight has plateaued as well. Gonna try to cut down fruit and use more veggies and protein as filler. But after 2 yrs my weight is reducing from 78 kilos to 52 with the help of my daily exercise routine. I run 4 kilometers 5 times a week. I too have been eating way too much fruit. I thought it was okay until I started listening to a friend who is dieting- she isnt eating any fruit at all she spoke about the carbs.

I have had a bloated stomach and have not lost any weight even though I have stopped drinking wine as well. On an average day I will eat one pound of blueberries yes I said one pound or one pint of blueberries, one pint of rasberries, some grapes, some watermelon and not sure what else. I am going to cut down to 2 pieces of fruit a day and try for more veggies. HI, I actually just started a whole foods diet and have been using fruit as a crutch the past 2 days to help me with my hunger and cravings between meals.

I have been way bloated, gassy, and always pooping. I thought this was just a transition phase from processed foods to whole foods. Avocadoes and tomatoes are technically fruit but you listed them as alternatives. Any other fruits that should be counted as a vegetable?

Also what about the fiber content? Is a fig or a prune a better option then say an apple? For the purpose of this article, I am referring to the usual fruit — those that are sweet and therefore naturally high in sugar.

Yes, fiber content helps lower the glycemic impact, which is one reason berries are so fantastic. I have just started drinking veg and fruit filled smoothies instead of porridge for breakfast and wondered why I put on weight!!! Similar to most of the posts. I have piled on the pounds. After reading the information, I would definitely say the information is not cruely written, I am so glad I found it, I now have to reduce my fruit intake, it is the only explanation I have for the way I feel.

Gassy and bloated constantly. I am not going to remove my beloved blueberries completely just reduce the amount I eat in the morning to a handful and not g a day yeah I know probably was too much. It was very comforting to read your advice as I have definitely been consuming too much fruit, thinking it was the best way to lose weight. Can also relate to the feeling of bloating so I will revise my diet and put in more greens and monitor the results. Hi thank u for this , I did actually ask someone the other day if u can overdose on fruit!

Iv recently had blood test back and have a foliate deficiency. My doctor said it was due to my diet. Iv started eating fruit and a lot of it. I use one of those bullet things and a normal smoothie consists of banana, apple, pear, kiwi, strawberrys , natural yoghurt , almond milk and porridge oats. Is this too much fruit? I have been getting pains in my stomach.

No adverse side effects from the study were found and people lost weight during the study. The only negative side effect was some bloating from eating some of the same fruits such as only apples to meet the requirements of the number of servings. While my 3 older ones eat the most of fruit with no problem I always give them as a dessert after meals , I have my fussy youngest 3 year old who refuses to eat anything apart apples and bananas.

So in order to be able to give him wider variety of fruit I started to make smoothies in the morning and evening after meals. The whole family was treated as reccomended but while I was researching about natural treatments along with traditional Mebendazole which is not good for any of us I came across to smothie with papayas, pineapples, coconuts, coconut oil and papaya seeds. I have been since making that smoothie almost every day for whole family every morning.

I also give them anti-flamatory smothies with carrot, pinapple, turmeric, ginger etc or berry smoothies after evening meals. I can see what are you trying to say and might explain all the bloating and gases but I grew up myself eating all day fruit as my Dad grew them in our huge back garden and never harmed me in any way.

Well that sure answers my current question. I have really cleaned up my diet after struggling for many years with food cravings. I gave up all processed foods, junk foods, snacks, lollies and chocolates. I eat plenty of vegetables nuts whole grains eggs chicken fish small amounts of dairy beef and drink plenty of water. And now I am absolutely bloated and always in pain….. Owww and I thought this was better than the junk. Hmmm maybe I will try fruits and see if it helps.

Thank you so much! Althought , I knew that information it nice reminder I think sugar, glucose is so addictive that people will come up with any reason to believe it healthy.. I have hit a weight plateau this summer.

I wish I would have read this article in June and not in August. I probably would have been more successful with my weight loss. I am definitely guilty of everything written and was confused why I stopped seeing results. Thanks for the advice. My weight have not dropped at all. I make fruit smoothie everyday for breakfast.

I have an apple and orange for my work snack. And veggies for both snacks and suppers. Will reply back in a month if weight finally dropps. I am so pleased I have stumbled across your article. The weight is mostly around his belly and has bowel issues as well. I will now cut right back on fruit and hopefully that will make a difference to both his weight and bowel problems. Thank you so much for this article! I have been eating WAY too much fruit!

My diet was so bad and I have been eating healthily for the past 10 months but in the last two months my fruit intake has gone sky high. I was thinking it was healthy snacking but the fact my stomach has started bloating lately gave me cause for concern and an internet search led me here. I would think nothing of eating 6 apricots, 4 peaches and a couple of apples in a day….

I now realise i was craving the sugar in fruit and eating more made me eat more!! I will be much more mindful and hopefully the bloating and binge eating of fruit will stop and my weight loss will start again. Well, it seems I identify with all of those signs, unfortunately.

I went on vacation with family for 8 days, and most of what we did was drive around and look at sites. Very little physical activity and NO working out. And we ate candy while we drove around. We ate three square meals a day, which I never do, so I ate more than I usually do.

But the only fruit I really had was prunes and orange juice. So I see a message in there……. Just when you thought it was safe to dip into the fruit bowl. But seriously very interesting reading thanks. I had to comment because your article resonated so clearly with my experience.

I would describe myself as a fruit junkie 6 servings easily in a day. I have been dealing with signicant issues of bloating and other unpleasantness. I had recently eliminated gluten to evaluate if that was the culprit but the problem persists.

Your article makes me think I cannot tolerate fructose in large quantities. I will immediately make this change and look forward to feeling better. I still wonder about the high fructose content in most processed foods? Is it the same? Given the reliance on these factory foods, I would think more people would be experiencing reactions?

Please write your articles in a slightly less ridiculous manner. Also, you suggest only 2 small portions of fruit a day while nearly all respected health organization, WHO included, suggest more. I guess they have much more authority for me. Hey this has been a very interesting blog and I am very grateful for your potential guidance.

Today I am eliminating all fruit from my diet for 2 weeks to see what happens. I was diagnosed with many food intolerances in October and have been avoiding foods like dairy, gluten wheat, avocado, nuts, soya potatoes and many more. However I have also been formally diagnosed with coeliac disease as confirmed through a gastroscopy and biopsy. But due to the inflammation and poor gut I have put on weight 10kgs from May to Aug.

I have now stayed around the same but since adjusting my diet, of eliminating everything, eating only fresh cooked foods no processed foods including gluten free products and breads I have not lost a lb!

But as you say this does not curb my hunger!!!! I have reintroduced milk to add to tea only as of yesterday and this seem ok so I am hoping I could so introduce eggs etc into my diet. I really hope that fruit has been my problem and I can lose some of this excess weight I have gained which makes me feel dreadful!

Good luck on your journey, Georgina. You may want to read this article about the top 10 elimination diet mistakes. I relate to eating too much fruit. Prob having about 6 serves a day. Thanks for your information. One year ago I was diagnosed with C-diff and it was horrible. My digestive system is still not normal. Before that I had a lactose problem now they tell me it may get worse.

I was also told that I now have IBS. So I have been trying to eat lighter and smaller meals. I have been eating a lot of fruit and I have a very bloated stomach by the end of the day. I told my husband maybe I am eating too much fruit. I have four servings a day. I have even almost eliminated gluten too. It has been very challenging and painful. I have discomfort almost every day in my digestive system.

I am going to cut back on the fruit to see if the bloated stomach goes away. Thank you for the information. I gave up refined sugar and grains last year and then decided this year ie two weeks ago that I would only eat one portion of fruit a day for January.

I used to eat about 6, plus 8 or so veggies. Definitely going back to my usual for January meals tomorrow — measuring my 80g of berries and not having any other fruits. I do NOT want to feel like this again! I wondered if I was because a few months ago I radically changed my lifestyle eating habits and whilst I feel as though my middle is a bit slimmer, I thought I would have lost more weight by now. So I googled it and saw your article. I eat fruit for breakfast every morning with nuts, thing is though I eat a lot!

Then when I come home in the evening I usually eat another pieces of fruit…. I am definately going to reduce my fruit intake…thank you. And, I have digestive issues anyway and have seemed more bloated. So, I think you answered my questions. After two to three weeks binging on loads of fruit,, i felt more bloated than ever and kept putting on weight i decided the only thing i was doing differently was eating lots of fruit and that had to be the reason. I only just realised that fruit has loads of natural sugars that could not have been doing me any favours.

Everything you said proved true for me. The more fruit i ate the more i wanted to eat. It was tho you wrote the article just for me.

Thank you and as of this morning, no more fruit for a while for me!!! I eat a minimum of 3 servings of fruit a day! I will eat an apple at break and lunch, sometimes a banana with breakfast, and then grapes at lunch, and an apple after dinner! I have eaten a lot more fruit the last few months, about 4 a day and I have noticed I have put on weight on my lower stomach area. As well I have had bad stomach pains too and bloating.

Will this be permanent? I just found this and everything I can agree with. I am ,in fact, eating too much fruit. Whoops, I have been eating about 3 portions a day.

I think I will stick to 2. I would much rather eat a bowl of grapes than a packet of potato chips though. But I hear you on the vegetables… I think I should probably focus on getting more of that in my eating habits. This might be a bit off topic but I personally am not trying to lose weight but rather I gym everyday and I eat fruit strictly for lunch. The reason being is its easy to throw some fruit into a lunchbox and cheap where I stay.

Its healthy and Im allergic to nuts so something like muesli and yogurt wont work for me. Now, if i get to gym everyday surely the sugar isnt an issue as it wont be in my system long enough to be converted into and stored as carbs and should be used up when I work out right?

Basically I want to know if this is a good idea or if im countering my workout due to the sugar intake? But with every lb. I got addicted to fruit smoothies and was having about 2 a day. Powder After about 2 weeks ,I awoke feeling like I needed to throw up and my stomach felt out of sorts for about a week. This is reason I looked up this topic. I found this article on a google search.

I am a recent smoothie convert and was concerned about my new Ultra High dose of fruits per day. I eat a lot fruit thinking it would help me lose weight. Sometimes I eat so much blueberries that my excrement smells like blueberries am I eating too many blueberries?

I am currently in severe stomach distress so I consulted my favorite physician — Google — for a diagnosis. Last night, I mindlessly snacked on a rather large portion 2 cups, perhaps of leftover fruit salad that I had made two days prior. I had trouble falling asleep 4 hours of tossing and turning and awoke just an hour later with bloating, gas pain and colic, bowel noises, nausea and diarrhea. An hour later, I am full on vomitting with runny bloody diarrhea.

Well, not only did I have WAAAY TOO much fruit, but I also learned that I could have easily misprepared the fruit salad by not washing the rind of the cantaloupe and using the same knife to cut the rind off as I did to cut it up, without so much as washing in between.

Google taught me that this alone could introduce bacteria including the dreaded e-Coli! I am particularly sensitive to e-Coli having been terribly affected and hospitalized by it six years ago. I nearly lost my life then when the bacteria attacked my pancreas and threw me into a sudden onset diabetic coma. I was warned then that the littlest bit of e-Coli could cause an e-Coli storm in my intestines — and I thought that meant I must avoid undercooked red meats, not my beloved fruits!

Sorry to hear that, Ellen. Might be helpful to read this article: I recently decided to keep track of the fruit I eat and discovered I can eat over g in 1 day! Definitely need to reign in my portion control. The amount of sugar I must be getting is crazy. Hopefully I will finally start to loose some weight as well.

I eat way too much fruit. Probably about 7 portions per day. Will this be the cause of my current skin issues? I make smoothie with one Apple, fresh aloe Vera, cucumber and about 60 grms of blueberry, I hope am not taking too high fructose levels doing that, I have been doing this for more than six months now, and being a athematic I must say my immunity has never been better, Though I think I have felt bloating issue many number of times, I recently have started taking two slices of full grain breads along with it, to give my smoothie some solidity, thanks for giving me idea of combining it with nuts, Would you like to suggest some tweek in my breakfast scheme?

It will be highly appreciable. For more info on breakfast, check out this post: Fruit is an amazing source of nutrition and there are NO adverse health effects of adding fruit to your diet and, actually, not really an adverse effects of adding fruit to your diet in regards to your weight. Also, I have maintained my weight after losing 20 pounds with eating pretty much unlimited fruit when I am hungry. I only eat until I feel satisfied…but some days I eat as many as 4- 6 bananas… and that is just bananas.

Fruit actually helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics when added to meals despite that fact it has god forbid natural fructose the devil, right?!

This is a very unfair way to characterise the article. You are not considering relativity. Certainly the spike in blood sugar from an ice cream cone is not the same that of a banana — but the banana will cause a spike nonetheless. It stands to reason that if the banana is a stand-out on the glycemic index for a person higher than the rest of her diet , that spike will have a greater effect than on someone who eats poorly.

Also, nowhere in the article does the author suggest starving oneself to be thin. It seems to me the author is trying to help people, not sabatoge anyone. Having read the studies you refer to, a very small amount of fructose in a meal results in lower blood sugars if it replaces an isocaloric amount of glucose.

However, if you just eat less glucose instead the effect is likely to be superior; and fructose in these small amounts is also supplied by carrot, beetroot, parsnip, sweet potato, and so on — there is nothing special about fruit. I laid off the fruit for a couple of days and I was good. Well last night I had 2 fresh pears and now my stomach is cutting up again.

I want to continue to have the fresh fruit and now I know what to eat and what not to eat. I believe I am fructose intolerant as well so this article was very helpful. I never thought about eating too much fruit before reading this article. I constantly have smoothies with TONS of fruit. Thank you for this article as it was really eye opening! Hmmm I am thin but now wondering if all my fruits are keeping my belly fat??

I eat healthy but love my sugar and I am a bit outside the normal sugar range which is Thank you so very much!!!!! How much they eat or drink or get enough in a day. I mmyself have health iissues. No one is really saying stay away from Apples red or green. Stay away from bananas. All I here are lies. And people contradicting there stories. From fitness trainers to movie stars. People have a basket full of everything. Like I was stating…. I also have COPD diagnosed in 07 never ever smoked a day in my life Been on steroids pill form 20mg it changes.

No judgement from me. Good look to everyone and their goals. My Dr recommend a banana 2times a day. I can put away 3 pounds of blueberries every day… way too expensive and I have not been able to lose weight!

I found this article very interesting. I do have a question tho. You suggest some smoothie combinations to lessen blood sugar impact — why do you single out coconut milk as opposed to other dairy-free options?

I usually switch between soy and almond. I just found your site through this article and look forward to coming back. I think that rather than hate you, fruit lovers like me are going to love you. I decided to googled this topic cause I recently started to work out and with that comes new better eating habits. I thought that eating fruit was good but now a days I sincerely do not know what good is.

I thought that I was eating too much fruit and you just confirmed it. I have been pretty much snacking on mostly fruits and I cannot go without my smoothies. You make excellent suggestions. I think that my lesson from reading your post is that everything should be taken in moderation.

This is my first time leaving a comment but what you wrote is so informative that I had to honestly thank you. I dont normally eat much fruit, am a veg person normally. But lately have been craving fruit.

I ate 6 portions in one sitting.!. The next morning woke with tummy ache and trots. Feal very bloated, and even put on wieght.. If I ate as much fruit as you everyday, I would be spending most of my time on the toilet with diarrhea. There is a lot of evidence that large amounts of fructose can cause harm when consumed in excess. However, this depends on the dosage and context and does not apply to fruit.

Okay, well you try explaining that to my digestive system then. Besides lactose, the only other thing to give me extreme digestive issues is fruit. No other high fiber foods cause as much trouble. Thank you so much for this enlightening article. I was craving for it but guess what? It also sure rings a bell about the impossibility to lose weight… will try it out! I just recently started making smoothies. With fruit, unsweetened almond milk, and protein powder.

I have one for breakfast and one for lunch and then eat a reasonable dinner. I was a fast food 3x a day person and never ate fruit. I cannot handle textures.. Made from organic powder in my home. I did a search on eating fruit and upset stomach and ended up here. I had a train journey to make last Friday and had consumed a punnet small one of blue berries a few hours before.

I ended up having to stand outside of the train loo for the last hour of the journey, feeling bloated, sick, hot, cold and really quite unwell. I thought I had picked up a 12 hour bug. Today I bought a pint of mixed fruit and eat the lot after a salad lunch and my god I am feeling it again now. I have been trying to figure out the culprit of my bloating..

I originally thought it was the beans, lentils and brown rice I was consuming. I have to asses my diet, reduce the fruit and add more veggies … Boy, I hope this helps with my digestion. I decided to eat cleaner, and I love fruit! I ate fruit in the morning, afternoon, evening and in between. I love fruit and figured its fresh, nutritious, unprocessed etc! Well, I began experiencing bloating, indigestion, burning sensation in abdominal area. This went in for a couple weeks. My husband just lost his job, so I had no insurance.

I was on web-md diagnosing myself with everthing from ulcers to cancer! Then at work I was feeling nauseated, and miserable! I tried to eat a chicen ceasar salad, but was just too sick. I ate two minuscule pieces of lettuce, sipped on some club soda and just could not eat. I found the club soda to be soothing The burning, bloating and nausea had gotten the best of me.

I didnt eat all day and the discomfort began to subside. Never did it enter my mind it could be my fresh healthy fruit. After all, I could live on fresh fruit and some protein.

Later that evening feeling some hunger pangs, but afraid to eat only sipping perrier. I finally threw caution to the wind and got a plain hot dog from as I was starving. I waited for the dreaded burning, bloating and nausea. I drank club soda and later had some brown rice and garlic shrimp and a thai ice tea. No pain or discomfort. I later had some cheese and crackers, no problem. I finally started to realize maybe it was all the fruit!

I began searching google and found this thread! This morning not a bite of fruit and my stomach is 90 improved. I will now be incorporating more veggies and easing up on the fruit to see how things go. I love fruit and I consume at least 7 portions a day but not shifting weight like I feel I should. Which is annoying because I do everything by the book. Then I get told I eat to much fruit.

Reading this makes me realise why. I do get bloated but not always. I will try cutting it down to 2 portions and maybe snack add some vegetables as I usually only have a day. Thank you for this article it defiantly makes me realise why I may not be losing the weight. Thank you very much for your very informative article. I am one of the many readers who binged on fruit and never thought it to be an issue as I am quite lean, very active and have no problems with my sugar levels.

But now, I know better and will try to cut back on the fruit. The difficulty is what else to eat between meals as I am a vegetarian, eats loads of vegetables including green juice and I try to eat processed food like rice crackers sparingly. After reading your very informative article, I fall under 1. I noticed that after eating a couple of peaches a day, I was very bloated and my sugar readings were slightly higher.

Also noticed weight gain, I guess from the bloating and I am pretty fit, but with the peaches I noticed a difference. I will be cutting out peaches! How funny is that. Even my blood test is perfect. The 5 points would be:. You are obese 2. You generally experience heart attacks 3.

You have sweet tooth after each meal 4. Your conscience is telling you to stop killing innocent beings 5. You tend to become ill more often. Of course these points are a bit edgy but so your points are. All of them are real concerns about consuming mostly fat and protein instead of carbohydrates, which fuels our body naturally. You even know that well if you have a degree of nutrition. I take a sandwich bag full of grapes and cherries.

I also have one smoothie a day made with 1 cup of blackberries, strawberries 1 bananak and vanilla yogurt. Also one scoop of greens. Is this to much fruit. I googled this coz I have had an increase in headaches, bad ones! I got very sick, and vomited many times, and I got so weak I could barely walk. Anyway, I am male, 54 yrs old and thought I was losing weight.

The bloating thing really hit true for me. Just an insight to my day — half a watermelon, 3 kiwis, 3 pears, 2 apples, 2 oranges, berries, a whole box of strawberries. I no longer drink sugared beverages and cut down drastically foods with table sugar but i now eat a lot fruit.

The results are no more IBS and i have lost weight!!! No bloating, diarrhea, exercise 3 days week, walk miles days week, but cannot lose desired 10 lbs midsection weight.

Should I cut some of the fruit? Hi Lilly Can you please explain how fructose raises blood sugar. I tried removing all common food allergens to see if my digestive problems would go away.

Between the diet change itself and all that healthy food I was eating, everything got way worse. As I eat loads of plums and peaches that my coworkers brought in from their trees, your post is a great reminder that natural does not mean unconditionally healthy, and it all comes down to moderation. I understand how blood sugar can be impacted but I am not aware of I what you mentioned in a comment about having difficulty digesting a protein-containing meal with fruit.

Right with you Lily. Fruit is advertised to us both in nature and marketing as being better for us than it really is. I think of this post every time I purchase fruit.

It is so true. Veggies can be just as yummy. Add some legumes or beans to a salad for a healthy dinner. I also love egg salad on a bed on fresh spinach for a quick and easy lunch. I live in FLA so am fortunate to have fresh fruit and veggies year round. Welcome to the PNW! Rob and I loved it there and we are hoping to be back next summer.

I know you will enjoy all the wonderful things the area has to offer! When adjusting my diet, I realized I was eating too much fruit through my sugar intake. So I actually switched out a high-sugar fruit which I was eating with the thought of getting vitamins and fiber , with a low-sugar, low-glycemic granola bar as my mid-morning snack. I had way more energy and my digestion got back on track surprisingly quickly. Though, that being said, the northwest cherries are amazing.

As always, thank you for your food advice! I eat 2 or 3 fruits every morning but not half cups of each.

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