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Idealshape vs GNC Comparison

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Skip to main navigation Skip to main content. Buy More, Save More. Hoever, the price and the taste of the GNC shakes seem to be lacking as compare to the Idealshape shakes. Your nutrition information on the GNC total lean shake is wrong.

I have the tub right in front of me for the cookies and cream. Fat 3 grams sodium g potassium g Carb 17 grams sugars 3 g Protein 25 Can I buy in a store? If so where Thank you You can click the Buy Now button on the table above to buy it. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. IdealShape IdealShape contains about calories for each serving, which gives you a lot of space to add extra ingredients for shake mixing.

The fact that it contains 22 vitamins and minerals which makes this shake a fairly nutritious meal replacement. GNC Lean Shake GNC shake is basically a protein drink that contain clinically proven ingredient that known to help burn extra calories as charging your metabolism for fast and energizing results. This cutting edge formulation gives you 30 g of pure whey protein isolate that help muscle recovery and build lean muscle. It is appropriate for low carbohydrate diets with only 11 g of carbs in total for each serving.

IdealShape When it comes to appetite blocker, Idealshape did a terrific job. To help you stay full till the next meal, the shake includes 5 g of fiber.

Simply by taking a glass of shake, you would stay full for several hours, which avoid you from snacking. Many people who have tried the shake said that their hunger stay under control for a good 3 to 4 hours, which help them make it through to the next meal. In addition, IdealLean BCAAs help you maintain lean muscle mass even while dieting, which is critical for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate.

Plus, your body has the ability to use BCAAs as energy during a workout so you can push yourself even further. You should take IdealLean BCAAs during your workouts, throughout the day on non-training days, and between meals on an empty stomach. IdealLean Protein with 1 T. Not only do IdealLean BCAAs come in 7 incredibly delicious flavors, they contain 7g of the highest quality amino acids in a proven 2: Faster recovery means that you can work harder each day and push your body to the next level!

IdealLean BCAAs provide your body with the building blocks it needs to rebuild and repair muscle so that you can get back at it even faster! This is NOT enough to make any significant change in your energy level.

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