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I used a green tea supplement years ago and lost 30 lbs in 2 months but im not sure what to do anymore! Schmidt, Sheila and Julianne share a passion for encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle to look and feel their best. There are no magic pills. What happens to lost fat? References Hensrud DD, et al.

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Losing substantial weight requires nutrition and exercise expertise in order to formulate a healthy, safe, and effective weight loss plan. Trained and certified dietitians and weight loss doctors can provide patients with the correct services and treatments for healthy weight loss. Diet counseling, also referred to as nutrition counseling, consists of a series of consultations with a diet doctor, who will make recommendations for daily food intake based on your current nutrition and weight loss goals.

During dietary counseling, patients and doctors track eating habits, assess individual dietary needs, and recommend changes as needed. Treatments will vary depending upon the individual, and may include using a portion control diet or meal replacement diet. Helping your clients lose weight using any one of hundreds of professionally designed meal plans. This weight management service begins with an initial consultation to collect personal profile data about your current body composition, goals, professional activity, exercise activity and eating habits.

From this data we will be able to provide the following information:. Often, when substantial weight is lost, individuals may be left with excessive, uneven, or loose skin.

To remedy this, weight loss doctors can use a number of treatment options to help contour the skin to a more appealing shape. The fat deposits can cause a dimpled, lumpy appearance on the skin, often on the legs or tummy. In the past, patients turned to invasive cellulite removal procedures to remedy this condition, such as liposuction. This body fat analysis machine scans your body and provides detailed information about your composition, including water balance, nutritional status, muscle growth, and fat levels.

This information is critical for helping to identify health risks and track weight loss goals. Diet and exercise are the key components to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For many, getting started with a fitness routine can be overwhelming. A beginner workout plan, or exercise guide, is a great way to get started with support from a trained professional.

Workout plans for beginners lay the foundation for a patient to get started with a successful new fitness routine. For best results, exercise plans should be mutually agreed upon by the patient and their weight loss doctor. Men lose weight differently than women — and often will drop weight faster. However, the basic principles are all the same — and Doctors Weight Loss can help you lose that extra 10 pounds or considerably more.

We are removing any and all fees for new patients. As always, there is no obligation, no risk, only opportunity. The opportunity for you to receive guidance and support from one of the most experienced obesity medicine doctors in the area! Your one-on-one consultation with Dr.

Our Difference Chances are you have tried other diet programs in the past. You may have gained weight back repeatedly and are feeling frustrated. You may even have health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure that are related to being overweight. You are ready for a positive change in your health and the way you look and feel.

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