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The Most Important Thing You May Not Know About Hypothyroidism

Talk to your doctor. You should see a change within weeks. Consider the type of thyroid medication you are taking. Synthroid, Levoxyl and Tirosint only contain T4, the less active hormone. Iron deficiency Iron deficiency is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in pre-menopausal women.

Be sure to check your Ferritin levels. Ferritin is the Iron storage protein and is an early indicator of Iron deficiency. When we have a lack or Iron, our body pulls it from hair, and conserves it for more vital processes. Balance your blood sugar!

Blood sugar swings brought on by eating too many carbohydrates and not enough quality proteins and fats can wreak havoc on your health and hair! Blood sugar swings encourage the conversion of T4 to reverse T3. Consider a Biotin supplement. The inflammation puts the adrenals on overdrive, depleting our Biotin stores. Biotin is an important vitamin and deficiencies have been found to cause hair loss.

Fatty acid deficiencies result in dry, dull, lifeless hair. Eating Omega-3 containing fish, taking an Omega-6 supplement like Evening Primrose Oil and even doing an Olive oil hair mask at home can help bring back the shine to your hair.

Ditch those processed hair products Opt for an organic shampoo and conditioner. Although I believe that healthy hair comes from within, shampoos that contain toxic chemicals and gluten can be detrimental to your scalp resulting in inflamed hair follicles.

Years ago they said it was alopecia. Though labs for zinc, copper, ceruloplasmin, B6, etc. Then you know where to start with supplementation pyrrole is due to a zinc and B6 deficiency as well as gauge progress with followup labwork. Primary care physicians only treat if your labs are abnormal.

The natural paths will treat if you have symptoms. Find an Integrative Medicine Doctor who treats the entire body. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 30, now Initially hyper thyroid, now hypo with weight gain, fogginess and hair loss.

My thyroid has totally atrophied to not seen on an ultrasound. Hi I just found this site and I am feeling like if I have ant chance of feeling normal again it is going to be by my own hand in research. I have been to so many doctors of many specialties and to no avail. I have had so many side effects from throid cancer that resulted in a thyroidectomy.

I have severe burning nerve damaged peripheral neuropathy that has really affected my quality of life. It started within 2 months of thyroidectomy. As well as blood sugar going into duabetic range, cholesterol etc.

After 5 years of research I have determined that gluten is a no no, exercise is a must, a contnual watch of vitamin absorption.

But above all there is definitely a direct relationship between what is happening in my gut. The only doctor that I have received some confirmation from was a neurologist on tv, Dr. Next step I think is holistic nutritionist. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. My feet hurt within 15 minutes of eating and I cannot sleep without a pain pill. I am not saying that every one who takes humira gets cancer. Please just be wary. First I like to thank you for the reply and recommendation.

Its hard trying to live on my own with numerous disabilities. My Thyroid level is coming close to the limit. So my cholesterol is still high, and I just got a frantic call from the Dr. Office that I need to increase my Vitamin D. Can the illness confirmed on this blood work test, and I know all doctors do not like to here the word LYMES and have an excuse for something else. But I was in perfect health until I contracted Lyme Disease twice.

Not everyone gets it bad if its caught right away but some do and it just stays with them. As of today, I am numb from my waste down and have taken several falls, still having my seizures, also the arms and the typical joint pain enhanced from all my accidents with broken back, arms, legs, ribs, 10 concussions i received from 11 car accidents.

I was the passenger hundred pounds slammed to the ground which took 15 min to get off. All I can say is smile if you wake up, if its a bed day or week whatever. God Bless and keep the faith. Hi John, thanks for the reminder about enjoying one day at a time. I was wondering if you ever contacted Dr. I saw a Lyme specialist article by Dr. Auwaerter who seems to understand the disease. Good Luck to you. I sent a relative info from somewhere on the internet a few months back regarding hyperthermal treatments for her lyme disease.

One site directed basically home hot bath type treatments. There are some centers that use such therapy but apparently the cyst form is resistant so it has to go on regularly to catch the spirochetes out of that form. Anyway my story is in 97 I developed the wonderful cyst you can get from LD. Had 8 surgically removed and actually was able to remove them myself thats how bad and disgusting it was.

But after numerous diasese treatments, Lupus, as, ms, and several others. After insisting treatment for LD after 9 months of the disease and medication games, i began to feel better Long story short, after the 4th massive bulls eye, it attacked my thyroid which had to be removed last year, we cannot get it under control going from hypo to hyper and visa versa. Im on total disability because of passing out driving, seizures,and 63 more out of the 85 symptoms of LTL, and other autoimmune diseases.

Im poked like a pin cushion every weeks. My question is when it ends up attacking the Liver is that basically it for people whom died from this disease? Maybe it will help people what to expect. And please this is no disrespect to anyone, and I apologize if I offended anyone. I take Nature Throid by Western Laboratories — no additives.

Best price at Costco, not kept in pharmacy inventory though, has to be ordered. Most pharmacies will get it for you as well. Western Laboratories also mfrs an alternate less expensive formula with less additives than Armour. For best results, take the tablets sublingually, dissolved under your tongue, to bypass stomach maldigestion issues.

I am a patient of and would recommend you see or consult with Dr. Foley, who was the first Dr. He is an Internal Med. Integrative Medicine MD so he does not accept insurance.

I had mine out in All tests are a good recommendation to others. I would add Amino Acid assay. Tyrosine is necessary for thyroid function. Thyroid affects lipids like Cholesterol, therefore the liver. I never thought to look for support online for hypothyroid. It took over 30 years to finally get diagnosed. For decades I was told I was borrderline and my symptoms were ignored. I have several autoimmune issues which began with endomitriosis.

Later I was just diagnosed with IBS, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, borderline cholesterol problem, Reynauds Syndrome and much more. Finally, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I have major intolerances to medication. I am allergic to Armour Thyroid and have had doctors tell me I cannot be. Out of 5 doctors, not one has ever said to not take it 12 hours prior to having blood testing done. I had lost weight but now no matter what it is coming back with a vengeance. I have major spinal issues and exercise is beyond painful.

I have not had anyone to talk to but i cope. Where do we go for true help with hypothyroid? My daughters dog has hypothyroid and the medicine she is taking seems to be working great for her.

How us it her dog gets better help than we do? You just asked the question of the century that no one seems to have an answer for. I dropped from 2. And I get the everything is okay blah blah blah. I wish the best of luck. I bet you the dog gets better because his medicine is something nutritional.

I came across the cause and cure for those hives recently but I just cant remember what it was. All the supposedly healthy oils like canola, safflower, vegetable, soybean,, etc.. That means no salad dressing or mayo because these are all made with soybean. Eating a clean diet with appropriate supplements help decrease the inflammatory response that many low thyroid patients experience. Hello, I have a 1. The doctors I have seen recommend I remove my entire thyroid mainly because they say the hoshimotos will evently burn it completly out anyway.

From what I read I could get the hoshi under control by diet. I have also read a lot linking leaky gut with Hoshimotos. Does anyone know anything about that either? I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and a cyst at age My thyroid has shrunk, but remains noncancerous. I know several people who had the complication of damaged vocal chords after surgery, and it affected their voice for life. They have a large obvious scar, besides.

Take Thyroid sublingually, without caffeine. Good luck on your decision. Hi Missy, Would you please advise what specific tests your Dr. I have read that L-glutamine and probiotics can help with leaky gut if offending allergens are discontinued. There is a 20 meal plan to go by and it helped me alot? Found a ton of triggers for me. Coconut oil, on the other hand can remain fairly well intact at high temperatures and is perfectly safe, and healthy to cook with, unless of course you have a coconut allergy.

Coconut oil for the things that you heat. I have been on thyroid meds for almost 50 years. It is an autoimmune disease. Which makes sense now that I read that thyroid problems are that. I had gastric bypass surgery thinking that would take care of the weight problem,but that lasted a whole 6 months. My metabolism is so slow. Candy, this is John. I started to having a hard time swallowing then I started to choke and almost died a few times.

Anyway it had nothing to do with cancer the cyst turned into this goiter which grew around my esophagus and trachea. Now thanks to them the entire thyroid had to be removed and cannot get it under control.

Seizure after seizure, almost into a coma. It feels like Chinese torchur. I just want it to end. So If I were you, I would have paid a doctor to remove it now. Wow i am so glad I stumble onto this article. First I have seen quite a few doctors in the last year in a half.

Eight months after my surgery and almost died of a bacterial infection I had to look it up on the internet and with the bulleted well I have lyme disease and cannot get it to clear up. Doctors talking to me and testing me like I am crazy be,side I have been saying it is an auto immune disease if would of knowthis I would t n.

Doctors talking to me and testing me like I am crazy be,side I have been saying it is an auto immune diseaseif would of knowthis I would of known this I would of let nature take it course.

People think I am on method and want nothing to do with me. And the pain is unbearable. An Immunologist told me that if your average morning temp. Did you try Natural Dessicated Thyroid. Also Selenium helps perk you up. Magnesium if I feel jittery. Low carb diet to lose weight. Hi Judy…your journey sounds identical to mine.

Feel free to add me on facebook- Jill Calderone — maybe we can help each other. Doctors and pharmacists are clueless about patients with pork allergies and their need to avoid Armour Thyroid. I made my all my physicians aware of my pork allergy and NONE of them were aware that the symptoms I experienced were related. I figured it out myself after first not realizing that Armour Thyroid comes from pigs. I encouraged them to be more assertive in informing physicians and pharmacists of the need for those with pork allergies to avoid Armour thyroid.

BTW, the reason I was put on Armour back in , was because I was also diagnosed with celiac disease and at that time I was told my synthetic thyroid med could not be guaranteed to be gluten-free. That has changed since then. I eventually went back on a synthetic thyroid med. I have had two carpal tunnel surgeries and know that pain well.

I have had 29 surgeries in my adulthood for varying medical issues, and those two surgeries were so worth it!!! It made a huge difference. You can make it through…. It first starts with a vela very organic diet. I was only diagnosed 3 yrs ago. You have to decide to make a commitment because with that disease comes lots of other organs to go under attack. Al-cat testing and hormone testing I suggest to do it to get yourself better to heal your cells. Sorry but you can blame the company Monsanto for all the crap in our soil today and foods you think are healthy from your local grocery are just killing your system.

Educate yourself clean your diet and taking vitamin D3 is a must. It took me about 3 yrs to really get better. Start by detoxifying your body. Go on a colon and liver cleanse. Drugs levothyroxin or nature thyroid is a must. You will probably never get off hormones either natural or synthetic, but rest assure Hashi disease can be reversed.

I got mine to optimal and i felt no better. I moved to France 2 years ago from Melbourne, Australia. I can say due to the autoimmune nature of my body, I find colloidal silver indispensible in my life. I now just turned 36 and my battle with thyroid issues has plagued me much of my life. I was my own guinea pig out of lack of choice and lack of adequate medical help.

I had lupus-like symptoms prior to going on NDT. I can only recount my own trials and errors. I feel strongly that we should have the right to chose our own course of treatment, especially given the blatant discrepancies. Becca…Perhaps you should also test for Lyme Disease. It is a Specialty Lab for vector-borne diseases that utilizes much more sensitive criteria to screen the blood.

Treatment for LD is usually an antibiotic protocol or an herbal protocol. You also need to get inflammation under control with diet; including gluten-free, dairy-free, non-processed organic food. You also need to strengthen your immune system. Best of luck to you! Vector Diseases Lyme Labss is one of the best. Fry Labs is one of the most advanced.

You can feel better. I am 41 and have been in your shoes. You are strong and you will get through this. I have had hyperthyroidism for 7 years after taking radioactive iodine because I suffered from hyperthyroidism.

I was on Levothyroxine for a long time, and often never felt better. I now take a natural NDT medication and feel so much better, although I am still struggling to lose weight. I keep reading that gluten is bad for you if you are hypo, but mine was not caused by an autoimmune, should I cut it out too? Or would I just benefit from cutting gluten because I am now hypo?

In The Thyroid Cure, Ms. Coley has had no anti-body response for 5 years after having anti-thyroid antibodies previously. She does take a small dose of T3 still. So I am scheduled to take out my gallbladder on Wed. I have dry skin and oily hair, bumps all in my scalp and my hair is falling out, terrible ear aches that last months and tinnitus. My pulse is high even at rest and my blood pressure goes up but then comes back down.

I have a bi polar body it seems. My rheumatoid factor is now up and about to start that route. I have 3 nodules and an appointment for that in another month and getting a biopsy.

Oh and some COPD thrown in there for good measure. I did that one to myself. I am not giving up coffee. I am no spring chicken at 46 but I hope that there is some hope for us. It bad enough to feel like death but do we have to look like it too? I have been on 50 mcg and 75 mcg of Levothoxine, i,e Eurothox. Intially, I was happy to recognize that my problem is not mental as I had problems concentrating, depressions and lethargy, later I realized that it was my hashimatos — was happy to see the cause of my problem.

After , i started the medication for a few days I was happy and everything was fine, and alter I started gaining weight and a hugs covering over my belly sack, made me a little depressing. I planning to stop the medicine, and counter it by healthy food and habits.

Also said something going on with my liver, no alcohol, no tylenol, herbs, or juices from other countries. I am unsure of the pills and her summary. My cholesterol very good, H and L. I did have lyme disease twice since and was not treated very long. Should I have a blood test again for lyme before starting this thyroid treatment and questionable liver? I am 61, weigh and have been more tired and cannot lose weight in past year. I question the cholesterol being so good in comparison to liver and also, gall bladder out since This would give you the best chance for an accurate diagnosis, as they specialize in vector-borne diseases and utilize much more sensitive testing methods, and analyse more blood bands to detect the Lyme bacteria Bb.

After about 2 months I had lost a total of 5 pounds WOW!!. Later October I began to have blurry vision, I was very tired, I had severe joint pain in wrists and knees, my face looked like I aged about 10 years from rash and wrinkles, my skin felt like leather, I would scratch until i made my skin bleed i would wake up at all hours of the night from itchy skin….

I became very irritable and not to mention ugly and mean can you blame me …. I saw a skin specialist, a joint specialist and they could not figure out what my body was doing, BUT that it was an Auto Immune disease!! I finally got a thyroid test done November and it was so out of wack… my TSH was So I started to see a nutritionist to help me stay on the right track and it seems to help my energy bit.

The doctors were awesome and had results for me the same day. When they did an ultrasound to see exactly where the nodules were to do a biopsy, they were nowhere to be found. I am very spiritual and know my heavenly father listens to me. I have awesome support from my husband, kids, family and friends… Dont get me wrong I still scratch and have sores that bleed, still losing my hair, and good and bad days… But I know somewhere else someone is worse then me and I pray that everyone gets well.

I know changing your diet, some exercise, and prayer helps…love Elizabeth. Hello All, I could really use some guidance. I am a 50 year old male. I had a substantial growth on my thyroid with abnormal biopsy results about 10 years ago. Diagnosed with Hashimoto at the same time, it was recommended by my GP and the endo that the thyroid be removed.

Foolishly perhaps, I went in that direction. I have been on synthroid and levoxyl and never quite felt right. My temp bounces between I am dismayed that the Alternative doc did not suggest taking my temps at all. Seems to me, the general consensus is that low temps are a excellent indicator.

He has run a thorough panel of blood before I started the wean and I hope to go again soon before I freeze to death. My general questions are as follows: Yes, switching to an NDT is a great idea. It makes sense that our thyroids need T3 and T4 which you are not getting in your current synthetic meds.

People stay on Synthroid way too many years — not feeling well. Yes low temps are a very good indicator that your thyroids are not healthy. When people begin to be optimal they do see their temps rise back to normal! Yes you should try to help fix your Hashimotos. It would be a good idea to seek out another medical professional — one that truly understands the thyroids and Hashimotos.

Those are usually the ones that are open to prescribing NDTs. There is an excellent website and or facebook forum that will be of interest to you. Thanks Val, All makes sense. I think I will see low levels of T3 and T4 which would explain my low temps. Hi again Joe — remember to NOT take your thyroid medicine 12 hours prior to your blood draw! Many doctors forget to remind their patients of this.

Too late……he told me to take as normal. Mark Starr, will not give it to his Hashi patients. Look into low dose naltroxene Aka LDN. I too have hashi. It has given me my life back. Good luck in your journey to good health. Sure you should be trying to fix your hashimotos because thats the cure.

Eat nutritionally dense foods from the cruciferous family and make sure you get iodine from some dried seaweed or kelp capsules… Its also very important to get Vitamin D, Iodine, and selenium in your diet. I dont recommend vitamin capsules but you can walk in the sun, or take cod liver oil walmart sells a good tasting type ,..

If you buy selenium tables make sure the source is from l-selenomethionine.. It will say on the back of the bottle.

Other sources are unreliable. For heavy duty iodine you can get lugols solution of iodine but i wouldnt recommend starting off on that until youve taken mcg of selenium a day for a month. Bottom line is you have to change your nutrition. You have to increase your intake of minerals and trace minerals and stop eating foods that deplete those nutrients.. And in order to do that you are going to have to eat things from the ocean.. I like Sardines and, herring..

Seaweed is probably the best thing you can do. Vitamin D and selenium should immediately give you improvements to your thyroid.. They will lessen oxidative damage. I actually felt worse. Hi I suggest you test for gluten intolerance if you are sensitive to it will be a must to get it out of your diet. I suggest a organic diet.

Also taking a supplement to clean your blood. Digestive enzymes after each meal. Who is your Dr. Etc, and all were normal. I finally insisted on a biopsy and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. So go with you gut and keep a close check on nodules, size and if they begin to multiply.

Unfortunately, if you have Hashimotos Disease, there is indeed no cure for it and most people are likely to have their thyroid slowly get more scarred. What this article seems to dismiss if fortunately, it is easily treatable for most people. Although i do acknowledge there are complications and uncertainties with the disease, such as people commenting on this site who complain they still have symptoms despite normal TSH.

For example, i am a more typical case. I had hypothyroidism, to the point my TSH level was somewhere around I felt terrible, with many of the typical symptoms. I was given Levothyroxine and then had blood tests for Thyroid Antibodies. They were present and it was confirmed that i had Hashimotos Disease. Within a few weeks i started feeling better… gradually… and within a few months i was completely healthy again. I feel completely healthy again due to being in a normal TSH range.

Therefore, the analogy that you are on a sinking boat to doom is completely uncalled for. Once treated for, most people feel much better again.

Ideally, i would look to the future for Stem cell treatment or Lab grown thyroid organs to replace my own damaged thyroid, but until then i am perfectly fine on my tablets. I do sympathise for those who have had complications but it seems no way representative of most people with Hashimotos. Hi Chris, I am doing a research project for school. I was wondering when this article was originally published as I have not been able to find that info here.

Your research is so great!! My daughter is 17 and has no thyroid. It was removed with radiation not sure the correct medical term She is on levothyroxine now. I am trying to figure out what she should not be eating. Her skin is so messed up and she eats nothing but JUNK. I try to explain to her but I am wondering if she should eliminate gluten and what other foods she needs to eliminate. Even though Synthroid is among the most prescribed it does not mean it has good results.

It only gives back to the patient T4. Our a normal healthy thyroid produces and requires T3 and T4. Natural Desiccated Thyroid contains both and is effective. Patients need to do the research and advocate for themselves. This has helped me understand what is happening with me and as you said the doctors just want to argue with what is going on.

I have been suffering with that condition for some time now. Looking forward to going back to the doctor to discuss this article and to compare it to what is happening with me. Thank you and God bless! Hello, my name is Marissa i am My last dosage of levothyroxin was. I am now on. My doc refuses to refil my script, and i am feeling awfull. I am honestly worried for my life. I am cold even when sweating, i get shakes, my s and feet go numb, i get sharp side pains on both left and right, i cant sleep throught the night but when i do sleep i get lethargic and almost comotosed.

I have moments when i get dizzy and light headed, almost to the pint of passing out, im nauses almost constantly, and constatly in pain all over. I supose my questions are Is this all due to thyroids? Can my doc refuse refils? Why havnt i been tested for other disorders like hoshimotos Is there a way to convince my doc.

Im not crazy and there is something not right. You need to find another doctor. I got rid of her fast. You will need blood tests to check your TSH levels for the doctor to prescribe the correct dose of meds.

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