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Nutrition for Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS, PCOD)
My only real regret was letting my work and kid schedule ruin my gym schedule for 6 months, and it is incredibly hard to get back into shape and feel as strong and vital as I had been feeling when working out regularly. I hope that helps! This is saying nothing for how much better everything tastes with a good serving of butter on top! The chemicals preservatives, flavorings, colors, texture-agents in these foods greatly impair liver function. I do eat tofu and tempeh. It also contains calcium-D-glucarate, which targets beta-glucuronidase enzyme activity.

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PCOS: How to Treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Naturally

Leave a comment below if you liked this meal plan and would want to see more! I love all of your support and if I can help in any way, please help me know! Interesting blog, good information given about the 7 day meal plan. Thanks for sharing the recipe, was very useful. Thank you for sharing all of these. It is very helpful for all the women out there going through the same issue.

You have s good heart. I have Celiac Disease and Endometriosis. I have heard however to limit dairy for endometriosis as it can cause inflammation. Just a heads up to anyone using the plan, green beans are missing from the grocery list.

I also had a question; what are cilantro stalks? Is that another way to say a cilantro bunch..? Thanks for sharing this! I have PCOS and spent a few years eating a high carb plant-based diet which was pretty detrimental to my health. Can you please suggest a vegetarian diet plan for PCOS? It will really be helpful. I was diagnosed with PCOS, but have an issue with being reliant on medication or birthcontrol to keep me regulated.

I know food can do both hurt or heal, so I am going to try your meal plans out for the rest of this year and see where it places me. Your blog post for these meals is out of this world! I do not have PCOS but have found out recently that I am gluten intolerant and your post has made my heart smile at the possibilities. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, story and your recipes with us! Quitting it is definitely hard, but there are lots and lots of gluten-free bread recipes out there so I'm sure you'll do just fine!

I suffer from PCOS and am looking for some ideas or tips you may have that could help with weight loss. I never lived on my university campus, but I did sometimes go to their restaurants and buffet style restaurant. Finally if you have a buffet style, that can be either the best or worst option for you depending on your self control. Any type of grilled things, casseroles were good. I like your 21 day meal plan a lot. It has simplified my grocery shopping.

Do you plan on doing more meal plans? I love your blogs! I was also diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. I was doing a bit well on the first year with my diet and exercise but now I just moved to a new country and stopped using BCP. Anyway, do you have an alternative meal for the one with prawns? Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting! I started this meal plan to introduce women with PCOS to a low carb lifestyle.

Once you are used to the recipes, you can follow my next meal plan here: For periods, I found that eating gluten-free, sugar-free and low carb were the biggest factors to getting my periods back. But more importantly, exercise. I simply ride my bicycle everywhere and this helps me stay in shape. For the prawns, you can use any type of fish or meat you want.

Cilantro lime chicken, or salmon is very good. Hi i m from india and i m vegetarian i dont even eat egg could u plz help me with similar plan i m searching it from a long time but i just get a non vegetarian version which i cant follow Anyways ur doing a great job. Hi, thank you for your comment. Maybe in the future. I hope it helps you! Another form of exercise to take on is yoga.

Yoga was recently shown to be more effective than other forms of exercise as it improves insulin resistance in those with PCOS. Yoga also helps to calm the mind and reduce stress, both of which are vitally important for balancing hormones. Once I started following the program, I started to see results in 6 weeks. My period returned within 2 months time although it took awhile for it to start following a 28 day cycle.

Some months it was longer, some months shorter. My skin cleared up first, then period normalization, and then my hair stopped falling out. It took about 6 months to see hair regrowth.

My energy returned, my mood calmed and my blood sugar balanced in about months time. Since I cannot make individualized plans for everyone, I have done my best to list all the various ways to address PCOS and its many varying symptoms. In order to get the most out of this program, you must follow the diet and exercise plan. These are essential and non-negotiable. These are the backbone for health overall, and have the most nutrients that support hormone balance when dealing with PCOS.

Without these you will be approaching your treatment on a more symptom-based approach, rather than a root-based approach. You need to make sure that your basic nutritional foundation is secure before moving on. Everyone needs liver support when dealing with PCOS, and our body will always improve when the liver is happy and healthy.

From there, simply choose the remedy that matches the symptom that you are experiencing. While it is best to use all the supplements you need to support your body, if it is not possible, I would work the program in steps.

I would take these for about 2 months or so in order to remedy any deficiencies. The goal will be to replace the supplement with food, but as I mentioned before, you will need to be very strict about this. You should be eating loads of veggies, and superfoods, and incorporating Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods daily.

Once you have the basics covered, you can then choose the supplement that best fits your symptom. For example, that might mean taking the Inositol and the OvaBlend. If so, it might be necessary to continue on them for longer.

You might have noticed that I have put a suggested duration for each of the supplement recommendations. These are merely recommendations and certainly are not the rule for everyone. I find that it takes about 3 months for the body to utilize a nutrient. In that time frame you should typically see some sort of result, even if it is tiny. Since not all of these remedies will be the key to your specific issue, be mindful of how you feel while on them.

If in that time frame you feel better, then it is working for you. If not, move on and try a different strategy. But remember, these are NOT pharmaceutical drugs and therefore do not work like them. They take time, as it takes time for your body to change. If you find that a certain remedy works for you, continue taking it. Therefore, continue taking it until you feel like you do not need it anymore.

You can try coming off of it and see how your body does. If the old symptoms return, go back on the supplement. I would suggest moving towards a version of the ketogenic diet. It is not a long-term diet solution, but if done correctly and strictly , it can help the body to lose the extra weight.

If you are going to do this diet, it is imperative that you only eat organic meat products. Non-organic meat products contain hormones growth hormones etc. For more details about this diet, feel free to email me at lauren theholykale. In addition to following the ketogenic diet, consider using a food tracking app like MyFitnessPal. This encourages you to watch what you are eating, staying accountable for the food you are consuming daily. It is a great way to motivate you to reach your calorie goals for the day.

Exercise cannot be missed either if you are looking to lose weight. Cardiovascular activities are always going to be the best way to lose pounds. This can be in any form that best fits your needs. Running, long-distance walking, swimming, dancing, spinning, biking, hiking, skiing, surfing…. I also like using a FitBit wrist tracker that helps you count your daily steps, miles, and calories burned.

This has shown to be extremely motivating in helping you to get moving! Try taking nutrients to support the pancreas like GlucoFunction , and consider taking a pancreatic enzyme like Pancreatic VegEnzymes. This will help to further support the pancreas and thus blood sugar.

It is also imperative that you follow a clean, and low glycemic diet to the T. Make sure you are not eating processed foods, fast foods, and are not eating sweets or drinking soda. These are some of the worst offenders. I also recommend greatly increasing your consumption of foods that help balance blood sugar.

This includes green tea, cinnamon, broccoli, oats, barley, spinach, kale, seeds, cacao unrefined form of dark chocolate , almonds, beans and apple cider vinegar. If you have followed the program above and have tried each remedy for at least months without any response, then I would get your blood work tested again. There might be a specific deficiency, or excess of a hormone that you are missing. Once targeted, treatment can be directed towards normalizing that one specific aspect.

In some cases, once everything else has been tried, bioindentical hormones can be utilized. Progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone cream are the most common bioindentical hormones used, but be mindful of how you are using them.

They must be taken with extreme care, and I recommend that your blood levels are monitored carefully when taking them. More often than not, bioindentical hormones can make your symptoms worse not better, since the blood levels of the hormones are not monitored leading to an excess of a hormone. When you are experiencing a balance of androgens, the gross symptoms of PCOS should be no longer present. You should feel calm, alert and confident. Your skin should be clear with minimal, if any, acne.

Your period should come every month within a few days of the 28 day cycle. The period should have a good amount of blood flow, and it should come without extreme PMS.

You will be at a good and healthy weight, one that reflects your clean diet and regular exercise routine. You hair should be returning to your head, and hopefully thinning out and disappearing on the body. In some cases, it is merely genetic and not related to hormones that are out of balance. There should be no longer cysts present on the ovaries and your body should be able to conceive when ready. Because of the readability of this piece I have chosen to not post them. If you are interested in furthering your research of this topic, feel free to email me directly at lauren theholykale.

I would be happy to direct you to the sources. Always always consult with your doctor before changing your diet or taking any supplements.

If you are on certain medications or have pre-existing conditions it is imperative to check with your doctor to make sure there will be no interaction with the new supplements or diet. My dearest wish is that you find hope, answers and change through this post. Please share your experiences, your fears, your challenges and your feedback below in the comments. The more that we can come together and support and encourage each other, the more powerful we become. This is a loving, nurturing and safe space, do not hesitate to join the conversation.

This information and any accompanying material is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional.

Anyone who wishes to embark on any dietary, drug, exercise, or other lifestyle change intended to prevent or treat a specific disease or condition should first consult with and seek clearance from a physician or other qualified health care professional. Pregnant women in particular should seek the advice of a physician before using any protocol listed on this website. All product recommended in this article are chosen because I know them to work from personal experience.

I am not working for any of these companies, and am not paid by them to recommend their products. Hello Grazyna, feel free to email me directly at lauren theholykale. Thank you very much for this article. I have a few questions on the hair and nails formula.

I am interested in herbs- but i do worry about their safety. I did some research and the primary ingredient in that formula has been shown to do liver damage. Do you have any thoughts on the safety of these products? Hi Hannah, Chinese herbs have been in question for a long time because they are not strictly regulated and many herbs from China have been found to have heavy metals.

The good news is that Dragon Herbs the company that makes Hair and Nails is highly regulated and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its safety. Feel free to give the company a call directly to learn more about their safety procedure. But it is because of this that I trust their company and have had no issue with their product line especially the hair and nails product.

I have seen a couple reports where liver issues were tied to He Shou Wu but overall I believe it is a safe herb when taken correctly. If you have pre-existing liver issues, like Hep C, then it might be best to talk to your MD. I have recently stopped taking my oral contraceptive..

I had been taking the pill for about 10 years to manage my PCOS, periods and of course as a form of protection. Hi Kelly, I am so sorry to hear about what you are facing. It is common to have side effects from coming off the birth control, especially since you were on it for so long and have PCOS.

The good news is that there is ways to manage and to get rid of the symptoms. The supplements you ordered is a good start, but just be mindful that the diet and exercise is also an essential part of the program, along with stress management. If you want to hear more about BC side effects, head on over to this post and read through the comments, I think it will give you motivation and hope.

Remember to be patient, these things take time and for being on BC 10 years it may take time to rebalance. Stay dedicated and hopeful. Feel free to email me directly at lauren theholykale. Hi Lilah, Definitely check with your MD before starting.

Saw Palmetto interacts with Testosterone. Thank you for this solid source of information. I found it so helpful. The calcium levels are a bit higher since you need more as you age, but other than that I think it is a great multi vitamin for all women. So glad to hear it! This article was really helpful. It is so frustrating and I just want to feel normal again. I will definitely try some of the supplements you suggest.

Thanks for dedicating time to this! Hey Suzy, so glad to have you here. Yes, start the program and see how you do. There are many options to try out, so stick with it until you find something that works with your body and chemistry. Let us know how it goes! Have you heard anything about the lignans and calcium D glucarate in this vitamin decreasing estrogen with negative effects?

Hi Alison, Calcium d glucarate does not directly change estrogen levels but rather works on the detoxification process of the liver. It supports healthy detoxification and cellular function. In the liver, toxic compounds are bound to glucuronic acids so that they can be eliminated in a safe form from the body in a cleansing process known as glucuronidation.

Beta-glucuronidase is a naturally-occurring enzyme found in various organs and cells, which can cleave apart these neutral compounds. D-Glucarate has been shown to help target beta-glucuronidase enzyme activity, supporting the process by which healthy cells eliminate waste and foreign elements.

It effects the hormones by supporting liver detox, thus helping it to excrete used hormones, such as estrogen before they can become reabsorbed. This is a positive process because too much estrogen is a major concern for women and can lead to a condition known as estrogen dominance, which is associated with a hormone related disorders.

The calcium d glucarate does not make your body produce less estrogen, it simply gets rid of it more efficiently when the body is done using it. With that being said, obviously something has changed which has led to the symptoms you are experiencing. Before we point to the supplement, are there any other changes you have made recently? Diet more dairy, soy, meat.. I want to start by saying what a good job you have done, i feel like by your article i finally know whats happening with my body.

And i would very much like to feel better as for the past few months my megrain attacks have become more regular like before and having IBS is not helping.

Me and my husband how ever would really like to have a baby soon hopefully in the beginning of next year, if God will grant us the blessing. Now to finally get to my question since last week my Doctor as given me Planfertile, for the Ovary Hormone that is low. I found a product that has both together Ovasitol. I would love to start using it and see if i can feel better and hopefully get pregnant.

Hi Mona, thank you so much for writing in. It is great that you are working on addressing your issues, esp. He would know best about potential interactions. I love this article and am so glad for all your knowledge and sharing. I noticed that you recommend pure encapsulations for a lot of your supplements. I am shocked that some of their products are from corn and soy!

Hi Jessica, yes I am aware. The first thing to note is that all Pure Encapsulations ingredients, including those derived from corn are GMO free. For some nutrients of particular concern, they have done PCR testing to confirm the absence of genetically modified material.

Therefore, the presence of soy and corn does not concern me. As for other companies that use GMO corn and soy in their products, in many cases the processing filters out the GMO fraction. Therefore, even if GMO corn and soy are used, the extensive process gets rid of any fraction of corn or soy.

It is so refined that in many cases there is no test that can even trace the final product back to the soy. Phospholipids and choline are also made from soy. As for corn, its cellulose or corn syrup is used as a base to make nutrients such as vitamin C. Almost all ascorbic acid vitamin C is made from corn. The cellulose or corn syrup is used as a base for microbial fermentation in the lab, which is then used to derive nutrients.

Thank you so much for this article! I have tried so many things and this is giving me to so much hope; I am excited to give these things a try and get off the meds! One question I had was in regards to the Weleda Marjoram compound. I found another version made my Hawaii Pharm, but wanted to check in before ordering. Hi Monica, so glad to hear that you have found this page! Yes, it really gives you so much hope to know there are options out there that do NOT include medication.

As for the Marjoram, Weleda is the brand that I have worked with previously so I can trust its efficacy. It looks like the marjoram is out of stock, but it might be worth contacting Weleda directly to see when it will come back in. The difference btn the Hawaii Pharm and the Weleda is that Weleda also contains other ingredients other than Marjoram. Here is the ingredient list: I was told it would be a miracle worker, but my symptoms have only gotten worse. I stopped taking birth control a few weeks ago, and have started looking into natural ways to balance my hormones.

But, when I take the Dim, I experience some gastro-intestinal pain and I get a headache. Is this a normal reaction? Hi Danielle, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through.

It seems like a long journey and I am so happy to know you are finally on the track to getting it under control. Are you taking the supplements with food? Also, are you drinking enough water throughout the day? These are two things that could be causing the discomfort. The DIM does have herbs that cause detoxification.

If the body is quite toxic, and the liver congested, when you take herbs that promote liver detox the movement of the toxins can cause headaches. In this case, you can back down to 1 instead of 2 DIM daily. Then move it back up to two in a week.

I would also make sure that you are eating super clean and following the hormone balancing diet. The cleaner the body, the less of a toxic body burden and the better the herbs can work to help the hormones balance.

Thanks for this informative article. The specific supplement you recommend is not available on Amazon, and when I did a search for marjoram supplements, only the essential oil is showing up. Hi Ashley, I know the Marjoram has become really hard to get a hold of.

I have been looking for an alternative. Have you tried Chaste Berry vitex or B6 yet? I do not have PCOS but have endometriosis chocolate cysts and uterine fibroids. Besides, juicing organic is really important because it helps to liver detox! I have no pain now and did not got colds since that day almost 3 years.

Hope it would be helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is great to see how someone has cleared their endo, a condition that causes a lot of pain for many. I am sure this will be invaluable to many in our little community here. Keep up the great work! For conditions like these it is always about sticking with the plan long-term. I took them for 10 years. Finally, I saw a doctor who recommended I treat it naturally with acupuncture and get off all the pills. I eventually went back on all the meds.

I came across this page and ordered much of what you recommended. I was so thankful and hopeful that it was not just a fluke. All this without my acne coming back. Before the pill and during my first time off the pill, I got a period only every 6 months or so and it was brutal. Having had 4 periods now, I know that something here is working. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you, because this article is the reason why I am achieving all of these results.

I went in for blood work to check out my hormones and all my hormones had normalized. I could go on and on, but I just had to take a moment to thank you. You have truly changed my life and given me hope that I can still conceive in the future. Thank you so much! What a beautiful note to wake up to. I too experienced such a remarkable change once using these supplements and it is always amazing how a little help from nutrition and herbs can give your body just what it needs to get back on track.

The body is truly an amazing organism and we just need to work WITH it, not against it to heal. Patience is always necessary as well, but I am so happy for you and the progress you have seen. My only advice would be to stick with it. Too many people drop off of their program as soon as they see results, but it can take a while for the body to fully heal and work on its own.

Cannot wait to hear of more successes from you in the future. I suffer from PCOS, have been trying to conceive for a few years now and just suffered a miscarriage. My main concerns are excessive hair growth and getting pregnant. Do you think the OvaBlend or MacaHarmony pills would be better for these two concerns? Hi Gabi, I think that is a great place to start. Unfortunately it is a bit of a game to figure out which nutrients work best with your body, but those are great ones to begin with.

You might also want to add the Inositol as well. I would also suggest purchasing the book Taking Charge of your Fertility to learn more about your cycle and to ensure that you are ovulating and have a sufficient luteal phase. If your luteal phase is too short which is common in those that have a miscarriage then the ovablend chaste tree vitex is very important.

Vitex along with B6 and vitamin can also help lengthen the luteal phase, thus helping to prevent miscarriage. It does this by boosting progesterone levels. Low Progesterone is typically the cause of luteal phase deficiency.

You might consider getting your hormone levels checked after using the products for 2 months to see where you are. Hi Lauren Thank you! What a thorough and well written article. It is obvious you did your research. My daughter is 14 and has been suffering with PCOS for over a year. Finally disgnosed last October. She has cleaned up her diet now and incorporated some supplements but Acne and other issues still persist so going to try your recommendations.

One thing I would like to share that truly helped regulate her periods is the seed rotation diet. Recommended by her Holistic MD. Everyone can google it. Within 1 month she started to get her period regularly again after not getting it for 5 months. Hope this helps other girls and women who suffer with this. Thank you Mary for sharing. For anyone looking into the seed rotation you can learn more here. It is about boosting estrogen in the first part of your cycle using pumpkin and flaxseeds, then boosting progesterone using sesame and sunflower seeds.

As for the acne, have you tried the MacaHarmony supplement? I have had great success with that product. I am a long time PCOS sufferer — unable to lose weight and losing a lot of hair: I was on metformin till recently, which had regulated my periods to a great extent. But I felt that it was wreaking havoc on my hair. So I thought to look up some natural ways to control my PCOS symptoms, which brought me to your website.

I am in India and the supplements that you have suggested are either not available or prohibitively expensive. Pure encapsulations do not ship to India and even if they did the retail prices are beyond my means: I am able to find some NOW Foods supplements which are a little easy on my wallet. So I was wondering if they can be used as substitutes. Hi Shirni, so happy that you found this post. Yes, go ahead and try to find supplements that best replace the ones listed. Hi Lauren, your post has been amazingly written.

Thanks so much for all of the insightful guidance and your support with your knowledge and experience. I suffer from PCOs finally diagnosed about 6 yrs ago. I have been taking Metformin to regulate my periods, and have managed to have regular periods with it since the therapy started. Nevertheless, I still suffer from incredible hair thinning. Furthermore, the last few years my libido has been extremely low and this only continues to get worse and is now having a negative effect on my relationship.

A few of my questions, I would like to follow your recommendation and start with the recommended supplements to help restore my hair and my libido. However, I am also vegan, and I would like to find a vegan supplement that covers your recommended Omega 3 recommendations EPA mg and DHA mg dosage, but most vegan supplements that I find do not even come close to this daily value.

Is there any vegan supplement that you would recommend? Also, are there any specific supplements that could help me restore my libido? Furthermore, I am schedule to have an insulin resistance test next week. At which point the Dr. What are your thoughts on such a change? Should I be concerned about taking Spiraloctane?

Hi Maria, thank you so much for writing in. I would also make sure that you are following a hormone supportive diet, and that you are getting enough protein. Hair is made of protein so if you are deficient, that can affect your hair growth. I see that you are vegan, and as being a former vegan myself I know how hard it is to get enough accessible protein.

Check out my article on being a healthy vegetarian this applies for vegan too , and see how you can ensure that you are getting enough protein. Depending on your reasons for being vegan, adding in eggs might be a helpful tool in hair regrowth.

Make sure you are counting your protein calories and adding in a protein powder daily too. I explain my journey with being a vegan and getting enough protein here. In addition, make sure you are using non toxic shampoos and conditioners.

I like Avalon Hair Thickening Shampoo and their conditioner. Also, avoid heat styling your hair curling, blow drying etc. Both of these things add to hair loss. The oil is derived from algae and it has comparable levels.

As for libido, you can try MacaHarmony , a maca root concentrate. It helps to balance out the body and hormones while reducing stress. This is a great place to start and see how you react. If after a couple months you see no difference, you might want to try Ginseng, in particular Ginseng Sublime by dragon herbs. Ginseng is a root that is a well known adaptogen. An adaptogen helps the body function at a higher level despite its current levels of stress. So it can help to promote energy, sexual desire, focus and concentration, and boost mood while combating stress and promoting sleep.

Ginseng can also be helpful in blood sugar balance. But, my hair is still falling out, some days more than others. Hi Danielle, have you gotten your hormones tested lately? If your testosterone is high than that can be the reason, in particular, DHT. If so, then taking Saw Palmetto would be a good supplement to start taking. Amazing deep knowledge and guidance. I really feel as if I have a good overview over these issues and most of all a way to implement changes. A lot of the information you said I can attest to — however, you mentioned a couple of products I have never come accross and new approaches!

You are so very welcome! I do hope those new tools can help you get on track. Please check back in and let me know how you respond! I have always had regular periods and unless on birth control pills were they irregular at times and I had a hard time getting pregnant because of the absent periods.

Last time I went on a 3 month birth control pill and then stopped again because the medicine was not curing my pcos nor making me get pregnant. I actually thought at a point that i was cursed that there is no cure for it, i was prepared to live like that till i read a testimony of a patient who suffered from pcos whose case was even worse than mine and how she was cured completely, I was amazed and at thesame time anxious and curious so i had to contact the doctor with the contact details that she left on the note.

The doctor gave me so much hope and confidence with her kind words of encouragement to believe in myself and i was lifted because no one has ever given me hope like that before. I ordered the medicine, took it for 8 weeks and to my complete surprise, all the facial hairs, weight gain and all disappeared within 4 weeks and I ended up getting pregnant within a few weeks of completing the treatment!

I was in shock. I think the main reasons it happened was that I never gave up and was ready to try alternative treatment so my body was back to normal. Before now i never enjoyed sex because it was very painful but now i do and my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me.. I hope this inspires some of you because I never in a million years would have thought that I would get pregnant and was getting frustrated and now our baby is due next month!

You too can reach her on [aletedwin gmail. Thank you so much for sharing your story and journey with us. It will certainly help others in their quest to find answers and natural solutions. But as you mentioned, believing that there is an answer, and a way out is the key. Congratulations on your precious child and enjoy motherhood! Im starting a list of supplements for my pcos and type 2 diabetes issues..

My question is can taking Chromium once a day at above dosage allows me to stop taking Metformin or either Januvia? Im not able to go higher than mg Metformin due to the GI distress its giving. Also, I started feeling a bit dizzy and disorienteed when i started taking Milk Thistle..

I understand that Saw Palmetto will reduce sebum level as well…so if i take SP…perhaps i can stop taking Optizinc as my multivits as 15mg Zinc as well. The vitex dosage on the bottle says to take 2 x mg capsules per day…but i dare not take such a high dosage..

Appreciate your reply on above as I really want to straighten out my PCOS supplements that I can easily get in Malaysia which is only above.. Can you reply to my inquiry to my email directly? Lauren, this was so very helpful. My husband and I want to start trying to have a baby as well, once my cycles get a little more regular. I have done a lot of research over the years and have the diet and exercise part down, but your supplement suggestions have helped me round things out.

In just a few days, the DIM Detox has made a huge impact on my acne as well as improved my sleep. The first day I did have some migraine-like symptoms, but I imagine that was just my body dealing with the detox.

Thanks again for this article and resources. Hi Jessica, I am so glad to hear you have been seeing improvements! Yes — the migraines are usually a detox sign. Epsom salt baths, infrared saunas and drinking lots and lots of mineral-rich beverages like coconut water and fresh green veggie juices will help ease them.

In addition, I would suggest tracking your cycle to see where your hormone levels are. This will be very important when trying to get pregnant as it will target your fertile days when you are ovulating and make sure you are having a proper post-ovulation stage to ensure a successful impregnation.

This is based on progesterone levels. A really useful book to learn how to do this is called Taking Charge of your Fertility. I highly recommend reading this and following the charts for tracking your cycle.

Hello , do you think maca will reduce excess hair not increase it? What do you mean think? The maca helps to normalize hormones by supporting the body.

The product that directly affects unwanted hair growth is Saw Palmetto. I would not be afraid to take the maca, it is one of my favorite products for PCOS. Inositol and turmeric should not have any direct affect to unwanted hair growth.

It could be a coincidence occurrence. If your unwanted hair growth is not improving, it might be worth it to get your hormone levels tested, esp. Hi Lauren and thank you for a very informative and straight forward post. I have two questions:

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