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Consequently, an engine sized to propel an aircraft at high subsonic flight speed e. US Airways Audio Edited, full convo. A group in Gila Bend, Arizona, USA is pursuing plans to create a "Classic Jet Airbase" there, with regular fly-ins and airshows helping to attract not only jet owners and operators, but spectators from nearby Phoenix and around the world. The aircraft came to rest on a street, after striking trees and a telephone pole. The aircraft's wing was damaged and its main landing gear was torn from the airplane in the accident.

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Cirrus SR22T: Tried, True, Turbo

The British space tourism company is participating in the X-Prize contest. The DC-3 was on a secret mission to track Soviet radar installations, and the incident had been covered up until The circumstances of the accident are unknown, but the pilot reportedly escaped injury.

Neither pilot was injured. Pilot Joe Vance was killed and his passenger was seriously injured after the aircraft hit trees just short of a pasture after an apparent engine malfunction. The aircraft was fitted with several external cameras, and the flight was intended to be an operational test of the equipment. Neither of the aircraft's crewmembers were injured, and the aircraft reportedly suffered only minor damage. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft flying low and erratically before it clipped the top of a house and hit the ground.

The wreckage of an Avro Anson from the Indonesian Air Force which disappeared in December, has been discovered in a swamp in Indonesia. The plane is believed to have been shot down by Dutch Ps during the country's war for independence, and was piloted by the founder of the Indonesian Air Force.

A salvage operation is planned. The remains of another vintage aircraft, this time an RAF deHavilland Vampire jet, has been discovered in a jungle. The aircraft, which flew from Tengah, Singapore with No. The aircraft suffered only minor damage. The pilot reported that he mistakenly retracted the landing gear instead of the flaps on final approach.

The aircraft suffered minor damage. Pilot Dale Snodgrass was not injured. The aircraft, owned by the Collings Foundation, sustained damage to the propeller and belly, but appears to be easily repairable. The pilot and one passenger were seriously injured; one passenger was killed.

The aircraft plowed through a commercial honey farm, and rescue efforts were hampered by the presence of tens of thousands of angry bees. The aircraft's wing was damaged and its main landing gear was torn from the airplane in the accident.

The passenger, Yeager's wife, was not injured. Forestry Service, crashed in the mountains northeast of Redlands, California, USA, with the loss of both crewmembers aboard.

A Max Holste M. No further information is available. The US National Transportation Safety Board NTSB has issued a letter to operators of Yak aircraft to be on the alert for foreign objects which might impair the movement of the elevator bellcrank behind the rear seat.

A recent rash of accidents has been attributed to this factor. The letter urges Yak owners to install Plexiglas skin panels so they can inspect the mechanism before flight.

The museum is actively recruiting volunteers who are interested in joining the restoration team, either through direct work on the airplane; donations of parts, manuals, or advice, or monetary donations. The pilot, Bill Johnson, was killed and the aircraft was destroyed. The aircraft had been involved in an air-to-air photo mission and was on final approach to land when it went down.

The cause of the accident is under investigation. The aircraft was observed to enter a turn, then a spin, before hitting the ground. Both the pilot and passenger were injured, but further information is not available.

Well-known warbird pilot John Herlihy was killed, and the other occupant was seriously injured. The US-based Commemorative Air Force CAF has voluntarily grounded its entire fleet of over vintage aircraft until 24 November while it analyzes several fatal accidents which occurred this year. This course, offered several times each year, offered both an overview of the skills and techniques used to restore vintage aircraft, and a chance to ride in a B Mitchell bomber.

The museum cites its increasing restoration workload as the reason for discontinuing the classes. The aircraft went down under unknown circumstances in a mobile home park, destroying three homes and injuring one person on the ground. Dan was a friend of ours, and our condolences go out to his family and friends. The sole occupant was not injured. Witnesses reported seeing parts of the nosegear doors departing from the aircraft after the blast. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has announced that they have developed a system which might contribute to the resumption of space shuttle missions, by using two WB planes carrying sophisticated cameras.

The WB aircraft, which are derived from, and closely related to the Canberra bomber, have been used for years by NASA, and would make ideal observation posts from which to watch for pieces falling from the shuttle during launch. Both crewmembers Don Wylie and William Eisenhauer were killed. The aircraft was operated by Texas Air Aces, an air-combat and upset-training company. It is not known what type of maneuver was being performed at the time of the accident.

A witnesses reported seeing one of the wings separating from the aircraft. The seven-man crew of a U. The crew's remains were identified earlier in Federal Aviation Administration FAA has ordered a "special inspection" of all Beechcraft T Mentor wing spars within days, following the 19 November accident in Texas in which the right wing separated from one of the airplanes during air-combat maneuver training.

Before crashing into a hangar, the airplane clipped the tails of two parked North American T Trojan trainers on the ramp, substantially damaging both warbirds.

The Ts are operated by Trojan Phlyers, Inc. In December, the FAA had demanded a day compliance. See News item above. The aircraft, a PBY Catalina , Vultee Vengeance and Vought Kingfisher, are partly restored, but the museum does not have the resources to complete the projects. A new aircraft, the Wildfire Unlimited Air Racer , is being built to compete head-to-head against the traditional WWII-era fighter aircraft which have dominated the field at such events as the Reno Air Races for many decades.

Powered by an R radial engine, it slightly resembles a Grumman Bearcat. A policy change appears to be underway at the Federal Aviation Administration FAA regarding the operation of some warbird aircraft types. Among other actions, the FAA seeks to restrict "flights for hire" of two-place aircraft which were originally single-place aircraft, such as the P and P, since they "no longer represent [the aircraft] operated during World War II.

These actions came to light when the Administration recently notified the Commemorative Air Force CAF that they could only operate their experimental-category P, P and T aircraft "for the purpose of carrying persons for compensation" though 30 November During its trip, it will visit more than 20 locations across the country.

The aircraft was advertised as being an ex-Blue Angel airplane, but it is not known how it came to be on the open market without being "de-militarized. The bidding for the Hornet project, which began at around one million dollars, escalated to an unrealistic 99 million dollars before the auction was terminated by eBay. The crash, the latest in a long string of incidents in the past few years, renewed public discussion about the maintenance reliability of the 's-era fighters, which make up almost half of the country's fighter inventory.

At least one crewmember parachuted to safety, but the fate of the other three is unknown. The Administration took these measures partly in response to a November accident in which a TA in Texas lost its wing due to apparent overstress.

Aircraft which have not complied with the required inspections by March 15, will be grounded. Aircraft operators, restorers and owners of fully restored vintage aircraft in original flying condition can enter.

Entry applications, details on eligibility and judging criteria are available at http: Pilot Chris Timms, a former Olympic gold-medal winning yachtsman, and Kerry Campbell, the chief executive of the Ardmore Airport, were killed when the aircraft dove into the Firth of Thames. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft in a spin prior to hitting the water. A group in Gila Bend, Arizona, USA is pursuing plans to create a "Classic Jet Airbase" there, with regular fly-ins and airshows helping to attract not only jet owners and operators, but spectators from nearby Phoenix and around the world.

Forest Protection Limited , operators of a fleet of TBM Avengers which were converted to firebombers in the s, has decided to sell three more of the vintage aircraft, along with maintenance and flight-training packages. Threat to Warbird Rides: The Federal Aviation Administration FAA is considering revising regulations which govern the operation of vintage, antique and warbird aircraft used to give rides.

The proposals would effectively eliminate the ability to give rides in the USA. Several large aviation organizations are battling the proposal, and your help is needed. You can learn more about the FAA's proposal and find out how to comment by going to either the PlaneRide. After checking in with the Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center, the pilot radioed that he was having fuel transfer problems, then the aircraft disappeared.

State Police and Civil Air Patrol teams located the crash site after a two-day search. A Florida-based company, Warbird Adventures, Inc. Navy has filed a lawsuit against a Minnesota warbird restorer who salvaged the wreckage of a rare, Brewster-built F3A-1 Corsair from a North Carolina swamp in The aircraft, which went down in , was stripped of armament and instruments by the Navy shortly after the crash, then abandoned.

The Navy now claims ownership of the airplane. The Brewster version of the Corsair is extremely rare, and it is believed that its historical value is the reason for the Navy's legal action. Restorer Lex Cralley has vowed to vigorously defend his ownership of the airplane. The Swiss-based Super Constellation Flyers Association has announced that their Lockheed Constellation , long under restoration in the United States, will soon be ferried to Europe, where it will be flown on the airshow circuit for the public to enjoy.

Flight training and ground training sessions will take place, and there will be plenty of socializing and good food. For more information, see the All Red Star web site. The wreckage of a lost P Lightning found off the coast of France has been positively identified as that of the airplane last flown in by famed writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of such classics as "The Little Prince" and "Wind, Sand and Stars.

Saint-Exupery disappeared during a wartime reconnaissance mission. Photo submitted by Virgil Belk. The troublesome Notice of Proposed Rule Making NPRM , if passed into law, would effectively shut down hundreds of smaller sightseeing operations, many utilizing vintage, classic and warbird aircraft types.

Damage to the aircraft is fairly extensive, but it is thought to be completely repairable. A Jet Provost T3A and a Lockheed TA were rolled into the large facility, marking the beginning of a process which will culminate in more than a dozen aircraft eventually being on display.

Forest Service, made a forced landing in a wheat field near the Hemet-Ryan Airport, Hemet, California, after losing engine power during a maintenance ferry-flight. The pilot suffered minor injuries. North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is credited with using his political clout to get the Navy to transfer the aircraft's title to Cralley, and to drop the lawsuit.

The pilot, Donald "Pappy" Hinz, was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, but passed away from his injuries on 30 May. The aircraft was apparently scheduled to take part in a Memorial Day formation fly-by near the time of the accident. The pilot was not injured when the aircraft slid off the left side of the runway. The sole occupant was killed. The pilot was unhurt, and damage to the aircraft is unknown. A newly-restored Focke-Wulf A8 was test-flown in Germany, the first such restoration of a Fw The airplane was restored by Flug Werk GmbH of Germany, and the test flight was conducted by pilot Horst Philipp, who reported that the airplane flew well.

The plane, which was enroute to a parachute competition, was scheduled to appear at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, later in the month.

Three of the five people on board were killed. White One, the replica Messerschmitt Me jet which suffered a landing gear collapse in January , has made a successful third test flight in Washington state, USA, after a long repair process.

The body of the pilot was recovered two weeks after the accident, but the plane was never seen again until today. The plane is reported to be in amazingly good shape. The Associated Press has reported that the wreckage of a Douglas C which was shot down in China in , and possibly the remains of its crew, have been recovered.

The aircraft, operated by Civil Air Transport, went down near the town of Antu after being hit by anti-aircraft artillery. Two CIA operatives onboard survived, and were held captive for more than twenty years. The pilot was not injured, but the aircraft's wing and left landing gear were damaged. A Florida-based warbird flight operation, Warbird Adventures, suffered a setback as a tornado spawned by Hurricane Charley collapsed a hangar and severely damaged two of their North American SNJ trainers and two helicopters.

In related news, a Douglas DC-3 undergoing restoration at Orlando Executive Airport, Florida, was picked up by the hurricane and blown into a number of hangars at the airport, destroying it and the structures. A member recovery team returned the remains of a U.

The aircraft has had a long, convoluted history since its recovery from a Russian Lake in The aircraft came to rest inverted in the water. Aircraft restorer Mike Davey unveiled the restored cockpit of a Spitfire fighter which was recovered from a bog in Acklington, Northumberland, UK. The cockpit section will be displayed at historic Hooton Park airfield , the same airfield where the plane was based until it crashed in during a formation training mission.

A new bill H. House of Representatives which, if passed, would have severely restricted all types of General Aviation in the United States. Thanks to an overwhelmingly negative response from the aviation community and other politicians, the sponsor withdrew the bill on 15 September. The pilot was not injured and the airplane appeared to be in good condition.

No injuries were reported to the two occupants of the airplane. The aircraft was heavily damaged, but the pilot was not injured. The airplane caught fire but it was immediately contained the Fire Department.

Four of the five occupants were uninjured and one was treated for minor abrasions at the scene. The tail section and engines of the airplane sustained major damage. The plane was created from a Hispano H. Test pilot Walter Eichhorn made several "flybys" and pronounced the airplane as an excellent flyer.

The aircraft came to rest upside down in a field. The Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport, Michigan, USA, suffered a catastrophic fire during the night which destroyed the historic hangar that housed the museum, as well as the museum's collection of artifacts, photos, books, and some aircraft which were under restoration. Museum personnel were able to save the collection's airworthy B , B and C by rolling them out of the hangar, and the outside static-display aircraft were untouched.

The museum has established a restoration fund; information is available at their website. Owner Rocky Stewart and passenger Scott Smith are presumed dead. A replica of a Nakajima Ki "Oscar" fighter, the first of four exact replicas planned to be built by the Texas Aircraft Factory in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, suffered the collapse of its landing gear during a high-speed taxi test, and was substantially damaged.

The aircraft is owned by the Champlin Fighter Museum. Another threat to the warbird community in the USA: This could halt efforts to remove old aircraft wrecks and restore them to airworthy condition.

EAA and other aviation organizations are fighting the bill. The landing gear collapsed, but the pilot was not injured. After restarting the engine, the pilot reportedly taxied the airplane back to the airport. It is not known if the pilot sustained any injuries. The simulator, located in a flight simulation arcade in the mall, will help the Red Tail Project fund the repair of a rare "Tuskeegee Airmen" PC, which was damaged in an emergency landing in May The pilot and passenger were not injured.

No injures were reported. Witnesses reported seeing a wing separate from the plane. The accident is the second T structural-failure accident suffered by the company in thirteen months. The day will honor WWII veterans, and will include a large gathering of Corsairs, historically-accurate factory displays, flyovers and even a narrated "test flight.

Another test flight is scheduled later in the month. The AD grounds the American T community for the second time in just over a year. More information is available. An important milestone flight of a replica Messerschmitt Me fighter was accomplished in Everett, Washington, USA, as the aircraft, called "White One," successfully retracted and extended its landing gear for the first time since its previous test trials in , when the landing gear collapsed on landing.

The aircraft nosed over due to soft soil and came to rest inverted. The pilot was seriously injured. The pilot reported poor braking action on the wet runway. Cralley, along with Department of Justice officials, are working to sort out the matter.

The FAA considers the T to be just one of several high-interest aircraft which may experience a growing rate of structural-fatigue accidents. Event organizers expect to host Unlimited Class, T-6 Class, and Formula One Class races, as well as flybys and aerobatic demonstrations from various warbirds and airshow performers. For more information see the event's web site at http: The aircraft's propeller, engine, and left wing were damaged, but neither occupant suffered injuries.

The aircraft, which was owned and operated by the Aero Union Company, was on a forest fire training mission. A charitable trust has been established which hopes to get an exemption to the regulations in time for Sally B to perform her traditional Memorial Day flyover of the American Military cemetery at Madingley.

UK residents are encouraged to contact their MPs in an effort to get the law changed. For more information, see the Sally B website. Navy veteran Michael McDonough was killed, and an un-named year old volunteer was hospitalized.

The two people on board suffered minor injuries. Air Assets International has announced that they have signed an agreement to have two Messerschmitt Bf fighters restored. The restorations will be undertaken by the same company that is presently building several flyable Me replicas near Seattle, Washington, USA, and it believed the two Bf s will be restored to flyable condition.

Excavation of a road intersection in London is scheduled for 30 May in an effort to uncover the remnants of a a historic Hawker Hurricane fighter that crashed on 15 September , during the Battle of Britain. After running out of ammunition, the Hurricane's pilot, Sgt. Ray Holmes, intentionally rammed his airplane into a German Dornier bomber. His actions are believed to have saved Buckingham Palace, the bomber's target. The excavation of the Hurricane's crash site, to be broadcast live on the UK's Channel Five, is the result of the work of Chris Bennett and Steve Vizard, aviation archaeologists who researched the crash of the Hurricane, and contacted the pilot, now The flights, scheduled for September , will commemorate the two airplane type's significant combat involvement there during World War II.

In a move reminiscent of the actions taken after a series of Beechcraft T accidents, the U. Federal Aviation Administration is now considering adopting hour inspections of lower wing attach angles on North American T-6 Texan aircraft, following several inflight wing separations on the famous WWII-era trainer. T-6 owners, operators and type-clubs are being asked to comment on maintenance experience with the T The deadline is 4 June The plane will now be re-painted in the wartime colors and markings of its original squadron.

AD requires immediate and repetitive inspections of the inboard and outboard, upper and lower wing attach angles of both wings, and, if cracks are found, replacement of the cracked angle with a new one. The three occupants escaped serious injury, but the aircraft was destroyed. The recovery project, carried out largely in secret, resulted in a largely intact, apparently-restorable airplane. Both the pilot and the pilot-rated passenger were killed.

Witnesses reported that the aircraft struck a tree. Remains of the pilot and passenger were found, along with personal effects. Both aircraft sustained substantial damage. Both the pilot and passenger suffered injuries; further details of the accident are not known at this time.

The pilot was not injured, but the aircraft suffered substantial damage. The museum's Wessex, Canberra , Jetstream and Gannet were carefully maneuvered into the western end of the hangar. Two further aircraft, a Meteor NF12 and a Saab Draken , will soon be moved into the eastern end of the new hangar. The aircraft was participating in warbird flybys at nearby Oshkosh Airport when it disappeared from a formation of Ps that was preparing for another pass over the EAA's AirVenture fly-in.

The left landing gear collapsed, but the plane was not seriously damaged. The two people on board were fatally injured. The aircraft was damaged, but there were no injuries to the eight people on board. The chapter will now restore the airplane. The aircraft, known as "Tango-Tango," made a successful flight at the hands of pilot Wolfgang Czaia. It will eventually be delivered to a new owner in Germany. The administration building and an adjacent building at the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino Airfield broke out in flames and were heavily damaged.

Several historic exhibits were destroyed. A Grumman S-2 Tracker , operated by a French firefighting agency, crashed near Valgorge, France, killing the pilot and trainee. Pilot Andrew MacKay ejected safely after the engine failed while the airplane was inverted. The plane crashed on 4 December during a training mission, killing both crewmembers. The body of radioman David Herget was recovered in , but the pilot, Robert Pinz, was never located.

A local potato farmer, John Prosser, and his neighbor, Jerry Maxwell, undertook the search in an effort to bring some closure to the brother of the pilot, year old Morton Pinz. No sign of Robert Pinz's body has yet been discovered. The aircraft flipped over, but neither occupant was seriously injured. The bomber crashed on April 4, during a training mission, and the crew escaped safely, but the exact location of the plane was not established until The plane will eventually be restored and displayed at the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Alabama.

It crashed through a fence off the departure end of the runway and went into a field. After an in-flight assessment made by the aircraft's owner, who was flying an L Albatros jet, pilot Jack Shultz made a textbook gear-up landing at nearby Norfolk International Airport see photo below. Photo by Pamela Smith. Thanks to Ed Dillingham. Roy Shoffner, the man whose dream was responsible for the recovery and restoration of the P Lightning named "Glacier Girl," has died at the age of Shoffner was the driving force behind what became one of the most challenging and nearly-unbelievable warbird recoveries in history.

Vance reportedly attempted to make an emergency landing on a highway after engine trouble, possibly caused by hitting a power line. Crews at the U. Until recently, the airplane had been on outdoor display in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Belle gained fame as the first mission bomber to be recalled to the USA for a goodwill tour, and was the subject of several movies and documentaries.

One person on board was killed, and one was seriously injured. During the landing, the aircraft clipped a power pole and became inverted. Neither crewmember was injured. A North American P Mustang allegedly made a low, high-speed pass over a college football game in Missoula, Montana. Authorities are attempting to learn the identity of the airplane and its pilot. The pilot, who was not injured, reported that the brakes "locked. Several aviation organizations in the United States have submitted objections to the latest Federal Aviation Administration regulatory revision Draft Order Under the FAA's proposal, aircraft would only be allowed to make passes in one direction.

Also, credentialed photographers would only be able to shoot from outside the air show's aerobatic box, greatly decreasing the type and scope of photos they could get. Other changes would establish Temporary Flight Restrictions around certain airshow locations, and require FAA Inspectors to approve changes to airshow performer lineups. Neither the pilot nor passenger were injured, and the aircraft sustained only minor damage. Hawkins and Powers Aviation of Greybull, Wyoming, operators of one of the United States' largest fleets of vintage aircraft, is liquidating and closing up shop.

British vintage aircraft collector, former Red Arrows leader, air display pilot, and founder of Duxford's Old Flying Machine Company , Ray Hanna, passed away in his sleep in Switzerland at age He was a great man and a great pilot. The aircraft was substantially damaged but the pilot was not injured.

This will be the first Buccaneer to be privately operated in the UK. It should make its first flight in the spring of The aircraft was with the Sabena Old Timers association for many years, and has been carefully restored in its original Royal Air Force colors. One person on board was killed, and another was seriously injured.

A replica Messerschmitt Me fighter jet, the second one built by Everett, Washington-based Legend Flyers , has reached Germany after long a long delay caused by the U. The deal was scrutinized for 60 days because officials viewed the replica aircraft and its fake, replica guns as a weapon of war. The aircraft will be reassembled in Germany by the Messerschmitt Foundation and flown again.

The pilot, Stephen Freeman, was killed after attempting a low-level ejection while preparing to land. He was found yards from the crash site. The aircraft was reported to have had recent maintenance problems and was allegedly the subject of a repossession at the time of the accident. Several people on the ground were injured, but none seriously. The Federal Aviation Administration has accused Eugene Mallette of being the pilot of the "Mystery Mustang" that performed a high-speed pass over a college football game in Missoula, Montana, USA, as well as at least one other event in the last year.

The North American P was seen flying very low and very fast over St. Cloud, Minnesota three months before. The pilot returned safely, and the canopy frame was found in a local resident's backyard.

Owner Mike Kellner and his crew of volunteers hope to one day fly the aircraft again, after what must be one of the most ambitious B restorations ever undertaken. A nearby building containing war memorabilia was un-damaged, as was the company's huge outdoor cache of aircraft and aircraft parts, which are often used in movie productions. The family of Ohio pilot Jerry Shiffer, who died in an aircraft accident in November , has decided to continue the restoration of a Boeing B Flying Fortress bomber that Shiffer began shortly before his death.

The project will be directed by aircraft restoration expert Tom Reilly. The aircraft's two occupants, Skip Robertson and Terry Fregly, were killed. The aircraft was on a low-altitude aerial filming mission involving two other aircraft when it struck a hill. The crew steered the bomber off the runway and into the grass to prevent blocking the runway. They were able to change the tire in less than one hour.

This non-event captured the imagination and irresponsible attention of many press outlets around the U. We mention this piece of "news" here only to provide the real story for those who want to research the matter from an authoritative source.

The aircraft was part of a multi-plane flyby practice session for the U. Air Force's "Heritage Flight" program when the incident occurred. The F, operated by the "Planes of Fame" Museum, was not believed to be seriously damaged. The Supermarine Spitfire marked its 70th anniversary. In Southampton, England, five Spitfires flew in a "V" formation, 70 years to the minute after the first flight.

National Park Service has announced that it may lift its tight restrictions on access to the wreckage of the "Lake Mead B " which crashed and sank on 21 July during an atmospheric research mission east of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The wreck's location was kept secret for decades to discourage recreational divers, due to the nature and depth of the site. Aviation archeologists are concerned that the historic aircraft will be pillaged and further destroyed if the public is allowed access.

In May , the aircraft was damaged after the main landing gear retracted upon landing at Van Nuys Airport, California. Aluminum Overcast will begin a busy flying season at the end of March. Neither occupant was seriously injured. Environmental Protection Agency EPA for cleanup fees relating to the company's inventory of government surplus aircraft instruments, some of which contained trace amounts of radium.

It was one of approximately 18 airworthy Wildcats, but its "airworthy" status will most likely be negated by its transition to a static museum display piece.

Pilot Wyatt Fuller made an successful emergency landing at Maxwell AFB on the two remaining gear, and the aircraft suffered only minor damage. Damage to the aircraft is unknown. Prosecutors had apparently claimed that the aircraft were capable of carrying live rocket pods when, in fact, they could not. The seizure resulted from a tax investigation.

A private restorer has been granted salvage rights to the mostly-intact wreckage of a Canadair Sabre Mk. The aircraft, serial number , was being ferried to Europe in March when an engine failure brought it down on the ice. Tango Tango is the second of five Me replicas to be restored in the United States. The museum hopes to make the ultra-rare aircraft airworthy in the next few years.

The Commemorative Air Force's Boeing B Superfortress , "Fifi," after flying for six to eight hours after an extensive refurbishment, has reportedly suffered some mechanical setbacks that might ground the bomber for the remainder of the flying season. At least two and possibly all of the aircraft's four engines are showing signs of unexpected and premature wear.

Now, he's angry and wants a refund because legal experts have informed him that the aircraft, located in Idaho, USA, would be "almost impossible to ship back" to China. Interestingly, the terms of the auction specified that the aircraft could only be shipped to the USA or Canada.

No one was hurt, but the falling canopy damaged the roof of a home and a destroyed a small food stand. The pilot continued miles to his destination without further incident. Neither person on board was injured. Federal trial involving Alaska-based Security Aviation has found the company's owners "not guilty" of possession and transport of illegal rocket launchers.

The government had said the company's AeroVodochody L Albatros jets could have been armed, but defense lawyers argued that the pods were just for show. A further charge of conspiracy involving the hazy concept of "militarizing" is still under investigation.

The pilot was not injured, and damage to the aircraft was minor. The new aircraft will be called the Legend Combat. The owners of a rocket-car made from the fuselage of a North American F Starfighter displayed the vehicle in Palmdale, California. They hope to drive the car, the North American Eagle , to a new land speed record in July of The F, which was once flown by such test pilots as Scott Crossfield and Chuck Yeager, was purchased from a scrap dealer in Maine.

Neither occupant was injured, but the aircraft was substantially damaged. Damage to the airplane was reported as minor. The aircraft suffered only minor damage, and the pilot was not injured. The aircraft exploded, destroying at least one home and heavily damaging several others. No one on the ground was injured. Bob was a wonderful man and a huge advocate for aviation of all kinds. He will be missed. Our condolences to his family and friends.

The four people on board were rescued. The aircraft was not damaged. The passenger suffered minor injuries. No injuries or serious damage were reported. The pilot suffered minor injuries but the passenger was unhurt. The Collings Foundation and Air Assets announced this week that they will soon be offering orientation flights and flight instruction in the legendary Messerschmitt Me jet fighter. More information is available at the sponsor organization's websites. Both the pilot and the firefighter passenger were killed.

The crash sparked a three-acre wildfire which was extinguished by the fire crews who were battling the main fire. The airplane was almost completely destroyed, but miraculously, both occupants walked away from the crash.

Neither the pilot nor the passenger was injured. The pilot, Martin Van Straten, was killed. A man who purchased a rare Commonwealth Wirraway on eBay claims the seller failed to deliver the aircraft because he'd already sold it to another, local buyer for a higher amount.

The matter has ended up in an Australian court. Thus far, one aircraft has been slightly modified in order to lower cockpit CO readings to a safe level. The aircraft was being operated by a company named Jet Fighter Flights, which provides "adventure flights.

Fifi was grounded earlier this year after metal shavings began appearing in her engine oil. The MiG pilot initially reported that there may have been a collision between the two aircraft, but no damage to the MiG was found after landing. All five people aboard the Cheyenne were killed.

An Antonov AN-2 Colt biplane operated by Uzbekistan Airways crashed in poor weather near Tashkent, Uzbekistan, resulting in the loss of all 13 passengers and two crewmembers. The passengers were military personnel on a training flight.

The pilot was killed. The pilot survived the crash and was rescued. Polish historians have announced the recovery of the remains of a Halifax bomber and more of its seven-man British and Canadian crew. The aircraft crashed on 4 August in Dabrowa Tarnowska, Poland, and the crew was buried in Krakow. Organization members discovered that the aircraft was originally intended to be a BA, but was converted to an LB early in its life. The project is due to be completed by 12 May The Flyng Heritage Collection 's new facility will open to the public in the summer of , after an extensive remodeling of their new hangar.

The aircraft, on long-term loan, flew into RAF Cranwell last winter, and was trucked to the museum for reassembly. The airplane suffered relatively minor damage, and landed safely. Featured in the museum are vintage aircraft that fought in the Pacific theater, including a rare Zero fighter and an F4F Wildcat. A Cavalier T Mk. Neither the pilot nor the passenger were injured, but the aircraft was substantially damaged.

Neither occupant was injured. The Stearman's propeller apparently struck the tail of the Waco. The Stearman pilot successfully returned to his home base, Torrance Airport. The pilot of the Waco landed in shallow water near shore, where the plane flipped over. Neither pilot was seriously hurt. The aircraft had been active for the past 40 years as water bombers in Canada, and were retired last year. Initial plans are for one aircraft to be displayed in Port Alberni, Vancouver, B.

Elion Krugman-Kadi was performing a loop when he entered scattered clouds and apparently lost sight of the ground and pulled out too low. This week, search crews will visit several sites identified by sonar that might be the resting place of a Douglas DC-4 missing over Lake Michigan, USA since Teams of searchers, one financed by author Clive Cussler, have been combing the depths of the lake on and off since The pilot of a Boeing PT Stearman that hit a power line over a Wisconsin lake in , and whose passenger died in the subsequent crash, has been charged with "homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle.

The passenger walked to safety after spending the night at the remote crash site. BAE has been providing QF-4s to the military since The F will participate in flights intended to help analyze various launch trajectories that might be accomplished from NASAs three-mile long Shuttle Landing Facility. Flight profiles will include supersonic noise-footprint assessments.

The crash was made semi-famous after several newspaper articles and books reported that the bomber was carrying fragments of "flying disk debris. The pilot, well-known warbird financer Wally Zook, made a successful forced landing in a field. Neither the pilot nor passenger was injured. The aircraft was reportedly in formation with another T when its engine abruptly began spewing flames.

In , team member Keith Evans was killed in a mid-air collision, and a subsequent lawsuit against the team and another pilot was dismissed. This new suit alleges the team was negligent in failing to implement certain formation procedures that might have prevented the accident.

The owner of the aircraft, which is named "Liberty Girl," crashed the airplane in Japan in during an around-the-world attempt. Miraculously, all five occupants survived the crash. The aircraft was destroyed, partially by the crash itself, and also by a forest fire triggered by a downed powerline at the crash site. A newly-restored P NRJ , flown by Ed Shipley, will accompany him, and the adventure will be broadcast to the public using special satellite communications gear.

The crash site of a Lockheed P Lightning that crashed in the Oregon desert has been declared a Federal historical site, protecting it from further defacement and "parts-poaching. See 3 June entry above. Operation Bolero II has been postponed. Crews unearthed a chunk of riveted metal, a burned parachute, and some bullet casings while digging a trench near the site of a long-defunct airport. The aircraft was substantially damaged, but the pilot was not injured.

Witnesses reported seeing the plane bounce into the air and subsequently roll over during a touch-and-go. The accident occurred during the pilot's first solo flight in the Mustang. Both occupants escaped with only moderate injuries. The aircraft was mostly destroyed by a post-crash fire. The pilot, airshow performer Bill Leff, was scheduled to perform at the event.

Neither Leff, nor his son, who was a passenger, were hurt. The aircraft's right wing was slightly damaged by a road sign. The sole occupant was not injured and the plane suffered only minor damage. The two aircraft had just completed a race demonstration and were touching down when they collided. Odegaard escaped with minor injuries. The aircraft came to rest on a road. The pilot and passenger suffered only cuts and scrapes.

Rather, they were making separate approaches, and were apparently not aware of each other's presence until the collision occurred.

Vin Thomas, who sold his Commonwealth Wirraway on eBay and then backed out of the sale because he had sold the aircraft to another person for a higher amount see 3 October entry has been ordered by an Australian court to hand over the aircraft to the original eBay buyer, Peter Smythe.

Neither the pilot nor passenger were injured. The airplane is reported to be repairable. Remains of the crew have been located along with several personal artifacts. The pilot was not hurt. The aircraft were operated by the SkyTypers aerial demonstration team. Pilots David Burdine and Steven Hildebrand were killed. Burdine was known in the airshow community for his excellent MiG flying display. Neither occupant reported injuries. The accident occurred as the team was pitching out to land.

The accident aircraft appeared to continue straight ahead instead of "breaking" to the downwind leg; it then impacted the ground. Both Wings magazine and Airpower magazine, which have been published since , have ceased operations. The publisher cites small subscriber lists and increasing financial pressure as the reason for the demise of the magazines. Federal Aviation Administration FAA and other groups have expressed concern about keeping the approval and documentation processes viable for older aircraft.

A new website, ClassicAircraft. Two people were killed: At least 23 people on the bus were injured. The pilot was also injured, not only by the crash, but allegedly by bystanders who kicked him while he was still strapped in the cockpit.

It appeared the aircraft may have been caught in the wake of a preceding aircraft. One of the two occupants suffered a broken leg. Owners and operators of vintage or rare aircraft in the USA are urged to comment on an FAA draft order which might result in changes to how "abandoned" and "orphaned" type certificates are handled by the agency.

More information is available here. Warbird industry groups, after months of hard work, have announced that the U. Federal Aviation Administration FAA has agreed to issue waivers to the and nautical mile operating radii previously issued to piston and jet warbird owners. The change is not "automatic"; owners must file paperwork to get the limitation removed. For more information, please visit the Warbirds of America site. No injured were reported. The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends event is believed to have been the largest get-together of the type since the war.

It is the world's only flying Vulcan. The Vulcan Operating Company TVOC team will complete a thorough analysis of the airplane, then begin displaying her distinctive looks and sound throughout Europe in Congratulations to the entire TVOC team, trustees, and contributors!

The airplane and two cars were damaged in the incident, but neither Jenkins nor his passenger were injured. He once owned approximately vintage aircraft, although about half of his collection had gradually been sold over the past few years. The wreckage of a Lockheed P Lightning has been found on a beach near Harlech, Wales, where it has lain for over 60 years.

Recent low tides and surf action have uncovered part of the wreck. Authorities have not yet made a decision about if or how the aircraft will be recovered. Owner Art Nalls successfully flew the aircraft twice from the St. During the second flight the aircraft suffered a hydraulic failure, and during landing at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, an outrigger collapsed and the plane settled onto its side.

Damage was minor and the plane is expected to fly again soon. Nalls plans to eventually display the aircraft at airshows in the USA. The Bournemouth Aviation Museum in Christchurch, Dorset, UK has announced it will be forced to close on 16 December due to airport re-development plans.

The BAM is noted for its flying displays of airworthy aircraft, as well as a wide and unusual selection of aircraft. A grassroots effort is underway to either allow the museum to remain in its present facility or locate a new one.

The formation aerobatic team, which gave over 2, performances over the past 28 years, flew Boeing P Stearman biplanes. All 10 people on board survived. The pilot of a Boeing PT Stearman that was involved in a fatal crash in August see news item has plead "no contest" to negligent operation of a vehicle.

He faces up to nine months in jail. The Arizona Skyfest airshow has been canceled due to liability concerns arising from the threat of a lawsuit following the October crash of a Piper Cheyenne that was flying in formation with a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG fighter.

Among the four individuals lost in the Piper were the executive director and the operations director of the event. The families of several of the crash victims are the plaintiffs in the suit. The Prescott Air Fair Association, which runs the event, was named in the suit as being partly to blame for the crash.

Also named as a defendant was the pilot of the MiG Liberty Girl was damaged in Japan in during an around-the-world flight attempt. Lex Cralley, the owner of a Brewster F3A-1 Corsair recovered from a swamp in North Carolina, has placed the aircraft up for sale or trade. The pilot was not injured, but the nose gear and left main landing gear collapsed in soft soil, causing substantial damage to the aircraft. Digital content laws in the United States and elsewhere are causing trouble for aviation artists and illustrators whose work allegedly infringes on copyright and trademark law.

An example recently came to light when 3D illustrator John MacNeill's digital model of a Consolidated B Liberator was removed from an online database by a legal order from the Lockheed Martin corporation.

The pilot for the test flight was Steve Hinton. The aircraft will be a flying member of Allen's Flying Heritage Collection. Damage was minimal and neither occupant was injured. A rare flyover by vintage warbirds is scheduled for April 10, over Washington DC, in commemoration of the thousands of U. A tornado touched down at the Stevens County Airport in Breckenridge, Texas, USA, doing heavy damage to numerous aircraft and hangars, including some at the facility of noted warbird restorer Nelson Ezell.

The aircraft was substantially damaged in the intentional gear-up landing that followed. The pilot was not injured, but the passenger was slightly injured. This same aircraft was substantially damaged almost exactly one year ago during a landing accident.

Damage was considered "minor. A Hawker Sea Fury T. A Yakovlev Yak , N, crashed shortly after takeoff from a private airport near Vancouver, Washington. Both the pilot and passenger were killed. Zayac is the president of the T-6 Racing Association and was flying his airplane to Reno to sell it at the time of the accident.

The same aircraft and pilot were involved in a successful off-airport landing in Photo courtesy of Eagle County Sheriff's Department. An Antonov An-2 Colt biplane crashed and burned in southeast Romania. One of the pilots was killed, and the other was injured.

The plane caught fire and was substantially damaged, but the pilot escaped unhurt. The pilot and passenger suffered only minor injuries. The airframe was relatively undamaged, but since the propeller struck the ground, the engine's condition is unknown. Damage was reported as minor.

The pilot suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized, and the passenger was unhurt. The airplane's landing gear collapsed during the incident, but even more damage was allegedly done later by a vandal, who apparently smashed the plane's instruments and canopy, and set fire to the aircraft's wings. The aircraft was formerly Lefty Gardner's "White Lightnin'. The collection features numerous rare and historic military aircraft, most airworthy, restored to the highest standards. The aircraft was destroyed, but neither occupant was apparently injured.

This particular aircraft was one of two personal trainer aircraft assigned to HRH Prince Charles during his Royal Navy pilot training in Damage was classified as "minor. These regulations require, among other things, oxygen systems, escape slides, and weather radar -- three systems the vintage Dakota neither carried nor needed for the types of sightseeing flights it carried out. The EU's march toward bureaucratic totalitarianism appears to be going well.

European fans of vintage aircraft should enjoy whatever shows and sights they can take in, as these opportunities might not last.

The plane ended up on its belly against an airport perimeter fence. The aircraft was mostly destroyed. The venerable jet trainer entered service in Photo courtesy Pensacola News Journal. The aircraft, which was to compete in next month's National Championship Air Races, was substantially damaged, but the pilot was unhurt.

Federal Aviation Administration FAA has issued a draft advisory circular AC that "provides guidance for substantiating parts or materials substitutions to maintain the safety of old or out of production general aviation GA airplanes.

The text of the AC is available here. The two occupants were unhurt, but it took three hours for rescue crews to reach them and lower them to the ground using ropes and pulleys. All three persons on board were killed.

The aircraft was enroute to battle a wildfire in nearby Inyoe County, California. It was operated by Neptune Aviation of Missoula, Montana. About a dozen of the flyable aircraft were previously flown out of harm's way. No one was injured. A North American Harvard Mk. The pilot suffered only minor injuries. The implications of such measures on warbird operations are obvious, and several organizations are studying the matter.

Nalls' Harrier is the first one to fly in private hands, and its airworthiness is a significant accomplishment considering the complexity and expense of this type. A Focke-Wulf P. Thanks to some expert handling by the pilot, damage was minimal as the left gear collapsed upon touchdown. Since it is under restoration and cannot be moved, it may have to be dismantled and shipped to the CAF's home base in Midland, Texas, unless a new home can be found. N was flown to the museum from Graybull, Wyoming, where it had been a fire suppression bomber with Hawkins and Powers Aviation since the s.

The new defense minister announced that the government would be considering the action shortly. The sale of seventeen Douglas A-4 Skyhawks to an American contractor is still held up by bureaucracy at the U. The world's only remaining restored Handley Page Hampden bomber was badly damaged by heavy snowfall at the Canadian Museum of Flight. The left wing structure failed under the load of the snow, and separated from the airplane. The wing then fell onto a display case containing one of the plane's original engines.

Austin, who has worked tirelessly on many major efforts including the CAF's B and B , is noted for leading some of the vast improvements in the way the CAF maintains its fleet of vintage airplanes. The Russian-owned plane was carrying vehicle parts for a British expedition when it apparently crashed into the ice. All four survivors were evacuated on a second airplane. Skeletons in the Closet. Taking Candy From a Baby Comics. Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars.

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