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Guys like Clark, Irvin, Lynch all showed they wanted it on the field. COM , set on a small, bean-shaped lake just north of the village, to mountain bike, run, or cross-country ski—on guided tours or independantly—the miles upon miles of of unpaved farm roads and forested trails surround this former boarding school. A former NASA investigator who has spent more than a decade tracking missing moon rocks is closing in on his goal of finding all 50 lunar samples gifted to U. Eventually they will probably add someone. For barrier island homes that survive Florence's assault on the Carolina coast, it's only a matter of time as they face a disastrous long-term threat of sea level rise.

The 2018 Seahawks draft review

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The other travel redemptions on their website are gift cards and gift certificates for several Canadian hotel operators, VIA Rail and itravel Trading up AND using a pick on a punter both just seems kind of weird to me. Does make me question the value of the pick and especially burning a pick on the trade up. He is supposedly the best punter to come out of college in years. If it means we can not have to worry about the position for the next years, are you really going to quibble over a 7th?

John Ryan needs competition after a lackluster Ok I understand, but dropping the F-bomb on me as a response to my question gets my blood pressure up. But yes, the idea would be that he has great length and size at a lower height and therefore would win more leverage battles inside. He gets under the pads of O-line guys and gets after the quarterback. Skylar Phillips and Ponta Ford two nice udfa to come and compete for spots in the trenches. Either guy would have been a good day 3 draft pick.

Guess the Hawks are more confident in their WR group than I am. Really the only are we never addressed. Still a long way to go. If nothing else for competition for the young guys.

Grayson being anywhere other than the practice squad would be a miracle. Need to not count him as anything but a wing and prayer. I want to sign dez or Brandon Marshall on a prove it deal. Ifedi is no lock to be the starter next year IMO he better be having a big off season and ready for camp.

I just think he has to be such a dominant run blocker if he can get his head on straight and technique sorted out. My fingers are crossed he figures it out but I have a feeling he is on a short leash if they are talking about Fant as an RT. We have some good quality prospects now.

We valued him way higher than any other team when he was drafted. And he has put nothing on film that would have teams give up resources for him. If he was cut, there might be teams willing to give him a chance on a lowball contract, but no one would trade for him.

It was also very obvious that she was the boss in that family. Updated UDFA list https: Sebastian Janikowski, Justin Myers, 2 Punter: Jon Ryan, Michael Dickson, 2 Long snapper: Tyler Ott, Tanner Carew, 2.

Jalston Fowler 1 TE: Sebastian Janikowski 1 Punter: Michael Dickson 1 Long snapper: I had Skyler Phillips and Pugh in my mock.

Getting them as UDFAs is even better. Best one since I think Penny pans out. Pumphrey also had mega production in that system, including a with over 2, rushing yards. If you ignore that, and just look at his in a vacuum, he is Melvin Gordon: Agree for the most part.

Penny definitely has the size-adjusted speed to make the most of the holes the OL gives him. His excellent production in the return game makes me think that he has excellent vision and the ability to find seams in the defense, which, coupled with the size-adjusted speed 4.

Tape, athleticism, and box score all make sense. I think the special teams stuff, humility, and his durability through all those carries were the big deciders. I also think he accepts 1st round status better than any other back. Maybe Michel is pretty humble bur that ortho grade had to have scared us. Then we can get a steal at the end of the round when everyone else is going DL. If next year really has a crop of big-time defensive line talent, then the premier talent at other positions will fall farther than they really should.

I thought it was easily our biggest position of need outside RB but slightly more than OL and DL , and would have liked to see a big bodied guy.

Courtland Sutton if we invested early capital, Equanimeous St. ADB is an elite slot guy, but if none of these guys can stretch the field and make plays deep consistently, this season is going to be a series of long days for Penny and Co. It just feels like we will see another year where RW is either starved for protection along the OL or weapons in his WR corps.

Brown or Justin Watson. Lockett, barring injury will be fine. I like Lockett, especially in the return game, but P-Rich supplanted him last year the year he finally popped , and Lockett has consistently put up about yards in the pass game, though he has been less and less productive since his rookie season.

I suspect not, and is why I think he is relegated to WR3 duties behind Baldwin. Trust me, I would love to see him come close to that with as a guy mixing it up between go routes and quick-hitter stuff underneath.

Get him the ball in space and let him use his speed. I was saying there is greater than a zero percent chance that he actually goes to NE next. We will have to see how our WRs develop.

Not a lot of star power, but that room is ridiculously deep. While I liked the way the last couple drafts initially went, this is by far my favorite draft since the class. I really liked the Penny pick, but I loved the Green pick.

Shaquem the Dream Griffin is the icing on the cake. Anyone who remembers that name should be really excited about this addition. All picks to add to competition. Suddenly, it feels like the competition is on, and if they are saying Fant will be looked at as a RT, the competition is on at that spot.

Poona Ford looks like he has some interesting tools that may keep him on the 53, and this team rarely carries 5 DTs. While I felt some relief that the speculation of a Earl Thomas trade is maybe behind us, I am not entirely comfortable there yet. Something feels like if Seattle and Dallas were in talks all the way into the third round, Seattle still has a desire to deal for the right offer. A lot can happen between now and the start of the regular season.

They will have tons of cap space in to extend RW, Clark if they want, and ET, if they can reach a deal with him. They won by running the ball, and playing fast on defense. Ed Dickson is a blocking TE.

Will Dissly is a blocking beast of a TE. Rashaad Penny is a big freaky fast runner with extra gears. Barkavious Mingo is a fast edge rusher. Rasheem Green is a lightening quick interior rusher and 5 tech. Shaquem Green is a ridiculously fast edge rusher.

This might be a 2 year process retooling to get back to status, but this is a really solid start, IMO. I saw some chatter up above in comments about maybe the team focusing more on the run is a signal that they may move on from Russell Wilson. I have finally learned to be patient with this sort of chatter, because there seems to be an undeniable portion of the fanbase, albeit probably a small portion that supports this idea, and they are likely not going to go away.

I will simply say this; there is not another QB in the league I would want more than RW on a team that is focused running the ball, not Brady, not Rodgers, not Ryan, not Wentz, nobody. Russell Wilson and a strong run game is deadly, and terrifying to defensive coordinators. Power run, play action, deep shots down the field when defenses are tired. Agree that this is a 2 year process. I will never get the anti or non-RW. Once we unburden him with that responsibility, we will start tearing it up.

I would much rather defend against a pocket passer than a mobile QB who can throw it. Just too much to think about for 4 full quarters. Some have called Russ an outlier. I can call Brady an outlier. Brady is exceptionally rare. Russ is exceptionally rare. Both need to be used the right way. Russ needs to be used with a run game, so that he is not the run game. You get him doing that, defenses will have fits. I like the picks they have made. I see it as a two year rebuild also.

Wide receivers next year, though there is still hope that the Seahawks can sift through UDFA and even players who were cut in preseason. Hopefully they will find everyone they need. I am happy that Thomas is still with the team. He should be a great leader for all these rookies. There is value in good training and leadership too.

Could be a great opportunity to grab one of them. Tons of roster spots to be won. Especially DE I feel like. Yeah those backup spots are all wide open. Hunt has competition, and now Rees and Roos have their own separate competitors in Skylar and Viane. Then you got wide open RT which I think Fant wins. This Troy Williams guy from Utah throws a nice ball. I like his touch and ball trajectory, knows when to zip it. Plus mobility, and I like his footwork. Need to do more scouting but he looks like a solid developmental guy.

Troy was promising coming out of high school, but he was passed at not only UW, but Itah as well. How do you do, last chance U? Interesting he has a 4.

I was upset at first at where they took Penny, but not at the player. They correctly predicted that the run on backs was about to begin. They obviously liked him best. Neither ran the agility drills, so we assume they are probably below average. Zeke had more reception in his last 2 years by about 20, but Penny had 8! His return prowess also probably bodes well for the fact that he can find seams in the defense and exploit those as well.

You can make this same trait for trait comp to all kinds of players from Zeke, to Melvin Gordon, to Guice and Chubb within this class. The point is that Penny has the size-adjusted straight-line speed to hit a hole, and that is a trait we have seen work for some of the NFLs most productive RBs in recent years. His vision that he demonstrates in the pass game is just a bonus, and I would argue that one of the only reasons he was a reach in the 1st is because he went to SDSU and the media said he was a reach.

If we were to cut guys off the 90 to make room for these signings, would that not be announced until Monday with the UDFA announcements? Big boy with a very physical demeanor Loves to hit and loads up his lead shoulder with heavy action into his targets Has ability to handle third-down duties as a pass-protecting back Nimble feet with the ability to get out of the backfield and into his route quickly Developed into a short-yardage specialist with a high success rate Finished his career with 13 rushing touchdowns including 10 in Churns his legs into the pile and keeps them driving to push past the chain Has experience as fullback, tight end, and special teams worker.

I think I have a new man crush. Khalid Hill can really adjust to the ball in the air, low, wide. Tough runner who gets low. Nose for the goal line.

The last few seasons have felt pretty sloppy, all been a bit slapdash and reactive. Rees Odhiambo, Jordan Roos C: Doug Baldwin turns 30 this year for those keeping score…that means he will be a year-old receiver rolling into Will Lockett get paid like the recent WR market?

WIll he warrant a solid contract from Seattle? And I know Wilson takes foooooreeever to warm up to change so last year may not be on Darboh entirely. I just have to see it if Seattle has any talent on the roster past baldwin, and sometimes Lockett. Johnson and Stephens seem to be rentals. Clark and Jordan are both in contract years. I would have to imagine DL would be a big area of focus in Just looked at a way too early review of the class and there are some serious names next year.

But you never know it only takes one great season. I think next year will be kind of like this year trade down a bit, pick up a third, that kind of thing. Sure do we know what the 53 man roster will look like, no of course not. Harry has great size and looks fast. He is lbs, and a former 5-star recruit.

He has a couple of highlight videos on youtube. Yeah, but Hill is one of my favorite prospects in a while. Excellent receiver skills and a real true blocker at FB. I had him penciled in for a day 3 pick.. I would have been stoked if our last 5th round pick was Kalid Hill. Nobody on this team has his team for sure. He could be a sleeper scatback type, hes a nice little runner. Runs with strength and can drag tacklers forward.

His pass blocking woes he is terrible look to be largely about technique and recognition. He drops his head, uses a narrow base, and blocks the edge rusher first. He does show effort, so there seems to be a somewhat decent chance he can develop there. With that acceleration he definitely has a chance to make an impact in the passing game and as a returner.

Put him in the I formation behind a good run blocking unit, and he might be able to be quite good. It is a strange thing. Keep in mind the metric he led the nation in was missed tackles forced. Which is broken and missed tackles, he forced a lot of missed tackles, less broken than the number would suggest, still not a guy a DB is gonna wanna tackle. His acceleration really is remarkable — maybe in their charting they are accounting for him beating defenders to the spot, where another RB would get cut off?

He runs full speed all the time, so yeah, DBs will tire of seeing him coming downhill at full clip. Can you think of a team that needs a guy like that? BTW Penny was 1….. Penny is simply the best in the nation at getting the most out of what he is given.

We need that badly. When evaluating Penny, we need to go back to our roots. A successful running play is 4 yards. Hes likely to either get you the 4 yards or break off an explosive play. Hes only been starting 1 year, means hes only been practicing against his own level of competition for 1 year, doing that from now on is going to aid his development and make him better.

More of a playmaker than a load, she say Lynch was more of a load than a playmaker. He was gone at 78 anyway but that would have been a dream scenario. Dangit Lane we could have had Ronnie Harrison or Yiadom! We have a process that we follow but we have to adjust. Take an aggresive approach in our evaluations Nothing changes except our aggressiveness Teams around the league committing to run, tough d, kick game Inseason additions were not for a closing window Never gonna sit back Biggest regret is how the penalties affected us so dramatically usually we overcome that.

Runners need to come back to life. Make it more competitive. Durability issues have been so trying for us at the position. Scrambling to catch uo when he got here. Excited about DL rotation. Quality of life issues for both. Mentioned ByMax without being asked. Asked about Quill Sherm was huge for teaching Shaquill the scheme. Nothing but good stuff from Thompson and Hill.

Earl had some media glitches. Took thrir guys before the run on their positions Run, tough D special teams? Not Kerryon or Nick or Royce etc. Loved ByMax, Shaquill, and Coleman? Got a day 3 db before the run. Confident in safety depth? No concerns Darboh and Moore impact players? Why draft another WR? Nick made a jump? Add another blocker to assist the run game. And Brown is not exactly a proven star either, or else he would have stayed in Aiz.

I thought the hawks draft was good, not great. It would have been great if they addressed the WR need since Richardson and Graham are now gone. Now imagine if in the 6th round they instead drafted a tall speed WR in St Brown. Look at this guy on youtube and imagine what he would bring to the Hawks with a new running game. Instead Green Bay picked him late in the 6th rd, and Rogers will be throwing to him.

He reminds me of Randy Moss. The Hawks ignored the WR when they are missing two guys that left, and St Brown was there in the 6th rd. I would like the Hawks to use a high pick on an impact WR for once to help Wilson. Seldom does he use a high pick on a WR, and only now did he use one for RB. Thanks for hearing me out, always interested in what you think. As Pete said, they really like Darboh and Moore which explains no pick at the spot. They think they have a full room of 5 or 6 guys. Probably just gonna have one spot for a special teamer.

They got some tall speedy projects in udfa and there are still tons of snaps to be won in a really open competition for the third receiver duties. Something tells me Dickson comes out on top.

Dissly and Vannett will battle for the 2, but I think Dissly could be better long term, just because of his massive size and natural ability to anchor. That WR room is bursting, guys are going to be fighting like hell just to get a seat. Sure, no one is proven beyond Baldwin, and less so Lockett and Brown. But there are a lot of young guys who have a chance to step forward. I like this draft.

I still think the draft will pan out to be a better draft class but I like this one. The punter pick is excellent. Hekker is a pain in the arse for his play and his attitude. Having a baseline for athleticism is fine in theory, but there are plenty of OL that possess middling athleticism but have superior technique and awareness.

Happy to see our FO finally prioritizing the latter over the former. Good luck to the Raiders where Tom Cable is still enamored with athleticism over technique ie Kolton Miller.

It was quite simple. And due to the complete dearth of talent beyond the top 20 and the fact nearly ALL college OL need to learn the pro game from scratch a fact the Seahawks decided, logically, if they were going to coach guys from point zero they might as well have a really high ceiling.

People act like there was an alternative and yet when you run through the list of pro bowl linemen drafted after round one in the last eight years you find about five names. A little late to the party here, but holy moly I love this class. Its so rare to be high on so many picks before the draft. I think they did the right thing picking a the top of the cliffs rather than the bottom this year, Penny before a run of RBs, Dissly before a run of Y TEs, even Dickson before a run of Punters.

National media will lament us for not going OLine early, but who cares? And on top of that they got bunch of guys in UDFA I was keen to draft, notably Poona, Skyler and Khalid all great first names so Im never gong to refer to them by their family name.

The dynamics in locker will change a lot. Earl may have also not liked where things were going or wanted a fresh start. Maybe he wants to be around a more positive vibe. He could benefit from this new locker room and forget about wanting to go home. While those 3 picks may have been viewed as reaches, JS got their pick of the cliff litter-not the crumbs. To knit pick… The only? Still like the pick of Green though. It was take a RB at the top of the cliff, or wait till 76 and see what was left at the bottom.

The head scratching pick was the QB. The 3 WRs they grabbed…. Been watching some McGough this morning. Good mobility, keeps his eys down field when escaping the pocket and has got a really nice deep ball. I think he fits what we do really well and has a decent shot of being the back up when the season rolls around, or at least being on the 53 as a third QB. A lot of ill advised throws in that video, but he gets away with them at that level.

He does have mobility and a very strong arm. Wow has this been mentioned https: I think they just have a very dedicated analytics department thay does some tracking stuff similarly to pff. Very interesting to hear their process behind Penny with the durability grades and humility and stuff. Also PC is a lot of things good and some things bad. But year in and year it he says a position or area is getting fixed they work pretty hard to fix it.

Or a style of approach needs to change. Look at the running game and Griffin. Need to get faster, need to run the rock. Fluker, Dissily, Penny, Jones. And then Griffin and one of my favorite picks in Flowers. We had so many of them, even UDFAs, on our radar this year. Listening to the end of day recaps. Schneider mentions analytics department a lot. More than he has in the past.

It sounds like either they beefed up the dept or putting a bigger emphasis on it. They hit on every position of need, except WR. Looking at how the draft fell, its pretty clear that the pass catching cliff fell off after Chark went at Our native pick of 49 Miller, Geodert, Washington, and Chark were all on the board-Kirk going 2 picks earlier at We missed out on hitting a big WR talent because of the lack of a 2nd. Have to thank Rob and the SDB community on another fantastic lead up to the draft!

For a draft with so many needs I sure felt confident , while watching the draft unfold, on who we would pick position wise at the very least. Personally I got excited and thought we should have taken him with the Green pick. It worked out perfectly! It was a good year. Way less BS than normal. There have been some truly face palming years up to the final days of the draft but this one was pretty awesome. If you like to read the comments and thats all, cool as well. But more voices, opinions, and hidden draft gems are appreciated.

For any of you cap nerds like myself, here is how much cap space will be used by our draft picks. Then you have to bump down the current guys sitting at spots 49, 50, and 51 so that these guys can enter the top Thats how much cap space our draft picks used in The players drafted in rounds wont have first year cap hits high enough to crack the top Thats correct, we also still have the Chancellor and Avril situations as well.

Our cap situation is fine. Especially given the seeming commitment to improve it this offseason. Player they were most surprised to see still available when they picked him: Watching the Griffin brothers yesterday, two things became indelibly clear: Perseverance through adversity and dedication to team. Could there be any more important intangibles to a team sport? Their example of family will spread through this locker room, and this team will come together like never before. The best part about that was the part about his combine interview.

Now we know he told them he was going to beat his brother…and he did think they might have had the same time, actually, but when you consider he was a good bit heavier, he gets the edge on the tie. I thought it was the other way around. Also, reports on the internet are saying the clock started late on Shaqems first 40, and that may be one reason he didnt go higher.

I dont care one way or another. He has insane field speed. Same with Earl Thomas. Shaqem is gonna be a good if not great pick. And hopefully he spends a long career here with his bro. Feel great about our draft after getting Shaquem Griffin and a fantastic blocking TE yesterday in Dissly.

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