63kg Jennifer Thompson Benches 317.5 lbs for New IPF World Record

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Tazzie became one of our favorite WPW models since that time, and is still going strong today, competing recently at about pounds at 5'7". Marie was in great shape, and hits the poses in bikini, one-piece and dresses, then she really surprised us in the gym where she knocked off 60 chinups the most we had seen before was about 30 at a strength show , benched for 4 reps, and curled for 7 reps, all this from a pounder! Footage includes posing in the yellow one-piece- a photo from that sequence was used for the cover of the July WPP magazine. This appreciation has led me to be part of the NC Conservation Network. At the contest she poses in swimsuits and dresses, showing off her top pro physique, including perhaps the best lower body of the time.

Meet the 14-year-old weightlifter who can lift more than TWICE his own weight

Powerlifter Jen Thompson Benches 144kg at -63kg for a New World Record

There are so many companies that have gel packs easy to apply to your body that there is no reason to skip it. It makes a gigantic difference in your injuries. I often have people ask me how I am different from other athletes, what sets me apart? I honestly think I just work harder than everyone else.

I am not made for this sport, I have long legs and arms which are disadvantages in all three disciplines. I sleep eight hours a day with a thirty minute nap in the middle of my day. I eat large amounts of protein and small amounts of carbs. I drink water all day long. When I workout, I push myself to the extreme. After two days of hardcore training, I take two days off to let my body heal and get ready for the next two days.

I believe these core ideals set me apart from others. Training and workout programs are always changing. Everyone is different, and exercises will effect everyone differently. My training is constantly changing, we will add in a new exercise or change the repetitions.

As soon as you fix a weakness another one will pop up that you need to work on. But my core principals of training never change and I think that is the most important part.

You have to act like a champion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My most proudest moment was when I bench pressed lbs. I had been chasing it for years, coming close, but never quite getting there. It was the highest wilks co-efficient in history for men or women.

I did it at The Arnold Classic which is an amazing event. The crowd is lively and my family was there to watch. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. That was my most important miles stone, however, nothing compares to winning a I.

I won my first I. World Championship in I beat the Japanese competitor on D-day, I will always remember that. You travel as Team USA. You have team uniforms and get a sense of representing your country. The competitions have over lifters from over 30 countries. Your weight classes are stacked and you have to perform your best to come out on top. Then at the end of the competition, they play the National anthem of the winning athlete.

There is no feeling that can compare to standing on the podium in your Team USA uniform, with your flag raised and the National Anthem played. I get overwhelmed with pride every time I achieve it. My personal goals for raw powerlifting is to help it get recognized as a mainstream sport and inducted into the Olympics. Raw powerlifting is the true representation of strength.

I think we have always had a great sport, but we are fractured by the various organizations and disagreements about how to measure the lifts. This committee is one of the steps needed to get a place in the Olympics. But I think the true vision should be raw powerlifting in the summer Olympics. As for the actual lifting itself, I would like to get my squat into the range, bench and deadlift I would like to continue to be a good example for women in this sport.

I like to challenge my students and incorporate community service into our lessons. We just worked on a No Smoking Public Service announcement. I love the outdoors. We hike up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I just love the beauty of it all.

This appreciation has led me to be part of the NC Conservation Network. Mostly, I am passionate about my family. My husband and I have been married for twenty years. We have two boys and they are so much fun. I love spending time with them and introducing them to new things. I take my role as a parent seriously and work at helping my boys understand how important having integrity is. All ten women featured were in contest shape and pose in bikinis and dresses, and light classical music was used to score the silent video.

The following women are featured: The intro board for this DVD says 'Stars from ' but we are pretty sure all of the 12 women featured here were filmed in with our Super 8 camera.

In any event, the 12 women include Jeanne Splittergerber later known as Jeanne St. All women pose in swimsuits and dresses and classical music is dubbed over the posing scenes. We had a few Super 8 sessions with Janice in , and all of that is now on WPW , which also includes material taken of her with 'real video' in The Super 8 transfer material is dubbed with classical music during Janice's posing scenes in swimsuits and dresses.

Deanna and Shelley were two of the top women in Canada when we filmed them in Super 8 in Each woman poses in swimsuits and dresses and classical music is dubbed on to the footage. As a special note, Deanna was only 19 here, making her one of the best teenagers ever. Elaine and Peggy were two of the 'biggest' stars in the northwest during the 's, and we say 'big' as at about 5'9" pounds in contest shape, they were also two of the largest women on the scene.

Candy and Karen were two of the most popular national caliber women on the scene in the mid's- Candy, from Arizona, was noted for her lean and vascular condition, particularly in her upper body. This release featured our Super 8 transfer of Cory taken in , and , and 'real video' of her taken at the time of the Ms.

Olympia, where she posed in several bikinis, did some gymwork and was interviewed. This is now on WPW , which also includes all of Cory's footage from our video session with her in This was the first time she hit bodybuilding poses, but took to it right away and posed in several swimsuits and dresses, worked out heavy in the gym and was interviewed. Video runs about 1 hour. She had just competed in the 'Superbowl' bodybuilding event, and was in terrific contest shape at 5'2" pounds.

This entire video, featuring posing in different outfits, gymwork and interview, is now included on WPW , featuring Renee Casella as well.

This was the first contest we ever taped and nearly all of it is actually very good quality. Wally Boyko promoted this, and the 'Strength Expo' contests, and we taped several of them until the time that the Extravaganza Strength Shows were held in New Jersey starting in The lifts include the battery hold, 45 pound plate carry with 'pinch grip', dumbbell carry, beer keg lift, bench press and tug-of-war. Also, there was a couple's event man and woman pose together.

This is a 3 DVD set, running a total of almost 5 hours. The strength show and bodybuilding finals are on two of the DVDs- the third features the bodybuilding prejudging only- the picture quality is good, but there are some 'bad edits' as we didn't really know what we were doing yet.

However, the historical value of including this is very worthwhile. Video runs about 5 hours. Kay, and Georgia Fudge, were the first two bodybuilding stars WPW did work with, shooting Super 8 film of them as early as We did our first 'real video' with her in , and that footage is here- gymwork, posing in many outfits and an interview, and the video quality is pretty good.

Though originally released in , this was the last footage WPW taped with Super 8 film in WPW contains Super 8 films produced by another company. The eight women featured here were all national caliber, in top contest shape. Aside from a few 'light' scenes, the picture quality is actually pretty good for Super 8 transfer, and the women pose in bikinis and dresses, with classical music dubbed on all the posing scenes.

Video runs about 45 minutes. We taped two shows in the first was this USA contest, then also the Nationals. In future years we would tape those two shows along with many Jr. In addition, 'Couples Posing' was a popular event at the time, and there were about 10 Couples routines, including those of Sally Sims, Jeannie Splittgerber, Peggy Bertelson, Janice Graser and Diana Dennis with their respective partners. The entire prejudging and finals are included on this 2 DVD release and the video quality is very good.

WPW started taping the NPC contests in , and taped nearly all their top national contests through The entire pre-judging and finals are included and the picture quality is very good.

DVD runs 3 hours. Mishay was a rising star in California in when we had our first video session with her. She did gymwork, posed in many outfits and was interviewed, all in lean, contest shape. This footage was taken at the time of the 'Expo Strength' contest, which she was in.

At 5'3, pounds, she had size and was also in hard condition, showing off her thick physique in several swimsuits and dresses, lifted heavy and some repwork in the gym, and was interviewed. Her footage runs about an hour, and is followed by Marya, who was one of the tallest competitors ever at 6'1".

She competed mainly in California, and for only a short period of time, but we had this one video session with her. The pounder worked out in the gym, posed in a bikini and was interviewed. For Teagan, we did Super 8 film with her in early and we are still looking for a copy of her WPW-4 Video , and again later in , where she made quite the transition.

She was huge but not really cut the first time, but here, she changed from brunette to blonde and was in terrific contest shape.

She was planning to do the Nationals, and would have given Cory Everson a real run for it, but due to an organizational snag, she was not able to compete, but guest-posed instead.

Anyway, she hits the shots in a black bikini and white dress, and the film transfer is very good quality. Many 'name' women of the era competed: Dona, Suzanne and MaryAnn were top women during the mid-late s and all were in top contest shape in when this work was done with them. For Dona, we lead of with gymwork and posing in bikini and dress when she was in off season condition, but she and the other two were in great shape for the rest of the work, done at the '85 US Championships.

MaryAnne and Suzanne do tandem gymwork, then all three pose in bikini and dresses, and all three are interviewed together. So, make note of that. In addition, the opening footage for Dona is average quality, but the rest of the tape is very clear quality, even the black and white sequence. For this event there was a bodybuilding contest, but that was really a side event to the strength contest. The bodybuilding event featured mainly local women, though a few 'name' women traveled to compete- a 19 year old 'Athena', Lindy Champion, Yolanda Hughes and as far as we know, this was the only contest Doughdee Marie was in, lean and with deep abs!

The strength event featured 10 women doing 8 lifts. Running time is 4 hours. Both were in off season shape. Kelly dropped out of the scene soon after this, but Dorothy continued to do well on the national bodybuilding scene, gaining fame as one of more massive women on the scene.

We have Dorothy in top contest shape on WPW We have that year's second best amateur contest, the U. Championships on WPW , and here we have the top show of the year, with more than women competing in this bodybuilding event. Included is the Couple's Contest very popular back then , then introductions for all the competitors, 10 prejudging routines for all four classes, finals routines and awards. The picture quality is decent for the time, but the sound system for the music was way too loud, resulting in horribly distorted music, so we sadly had to dub light synth music over the routine music.

The MC microphone was OK, so you do hear him introduce the women, etc. A terrific, historical contest tape on two DVDs. This video runs about an hour and features Diana in top contest shape at the time of her big victory at the Nationals. She opens up with gymwork in a leotard, poses in two bikinis and two dresses, and is interviewed. Meanwhile, all of her original full length DVDs are now available.

Running time is 1 hour. Jill was a top competitor in the 'other' bodybuilding organization, the AAU, and she won that overall title at least once in the mid 's. This footage was taken in when she was in near contest shape, featuring great muscle shapes, size and definition for someone still in her early 20's.

She did repwork in the gym, posed in several swimsuits and dresses, and was interviewed. A few of the posing scenes are on WPW , but the original title here is the way to go if you want it all. This was our only session with her, and she dropped from the scene soon after this. This was the second time we did 'real video' with Cory, after doing Super 8 filming in The first real video was done with her at the Ms.

Olympia, and here we have more of her in top contest shape at the time of the Ms. Since the show was held in November, it was too cold to go outside, so footage includes Cory working out and posing in two bikinis in the gym only, and an interview is also included.

Please note that all of her previous footage- the Super 8 and video footage, originally released on WPW , is included here. The entire WPW is now included on WPW Clare was one of the top pros in the sport during the mid-late 80's, and this work was done with her at the time of the Ms. This was the second 'Superbowl' strength contest we taped, and we are still trying to get a video copy of WPW , which featured the contest.

The stage lighting at this event was not the best, so the video quality here is only fair, even for the era, and there are some 'dropouts' during the bodybuilding event. But, the 4 hour event is viewable and we are releasing it due to impressive field of women and historical value. The events in the strength contest include the dumbbell carry, leg press, battery hold, bench press, chinups and tug-of-war.

Video runs about 4 hours. We met Rhonda at a national contest in , and she was invited to take part in the 'Superbowl of Strength' contest in early , when this footage was taken. She was invited to that show based on her considerable strength, and she shows that off during her gymwork here, followed by posing in two dresses and her interview. Please note that the dress posing, but not the gymwork nor interview, is on her 'compilation' video, WPW Sandy was in the Superbowl Bodybuilding event, and the beauty from the northwest showed off a lean, defined physique while doing repwork in the gym and posing in her bikini and two dresses.

An interview also included. Note that the posing in one dress and her bikini are also included on WPW , featuring other women as well. Also note that one small dress scene is poor quality due to darkness, but the rest of the video is very good quality. This was our second release for Doughdee, and first for Raye. We paired them on this release as they had similar style physiques- both were in impressive off-season condition. But, for those fans who may want the two different women on one tape, and to have all the footage, we offer the original release here as well.

After her retirement from the stage, she began running The Emerald Cup contest, which to this day is one of the best regional shows in the country. The picture quality is mostly decent, but there is one scene which is poor quality dark - we did get new equipment within about a year after our early tapings.

Video running time about 1 hour. Juliette started her career as Juliette Meyer and was the top woman in Holland in the early-mid 80's, then became one of the top women in the world during the time of our first video sessions with her here in and , when we had three different sessions with her. In fact, many considered her to be a real challenge to Cory Everson once they would meet head-to-head in the IFBB pro shows.

Well, Juliette never beat Cory, but had an impressive pro career nonetheless, retiring from the stage in the early 90's, only to make one comeback several years ago, around or so. Here, Juliette works out in the gym, poses in several outfits and is interviewed twice.

She ranged between being in top contest shape to somewhat off-season. Some of the posing footage is on her WPW Compilation DVD , but if you want all the posing, gymwork and interviews, Juliette fans would want this original video. As for Juliette, Hannie was able to turn IFBB pro in the latter part of the 80's and had a good stage career in the early 's as well. Leny and Peggy did not stick around long, and although they might have attained pro status by winning top shows in Holland, they did not have an international career.

WPW Magazine editors Steve Wennerstrom and John Nafpliotis made a few trips to Europe around this time, and in taped all three women in top contest shape. America' contest, then switched to the NPC where she had success as well. Cathy was an elite powerlifter who competed in bodybuilding shows on occasion. Jennifer and Jane were both national caliber physiques in the mid's, but as far as we remember, neither stuck around long enough to make a mark in any national shows.

Both women were in strong off-season shape here, with Jane checking in at a lush 5'2" and Jennifer at 5'8" pounds. Jane, from Arizona, was one of few women at the time known more for her lower body than her upper, including incredible calves. She does a mix of reps and strength moves in the gym and also poses in several outfits.

These were our only sessions with them, and the footage, taken in , is very good quality. Each woman had a different 'look', but both were very impressive and could have done some real damage on the national scene had they continued. This may have been the first contest California promoter Wally Boyko ran, and it was a physique show only.

The picture quality is very good and the contest featured some famous names from the early days- both competitors and 'staff'. Sadly, the videographer must have been changing his tape and Dennis' routine is not shown, though you will see her in the posedown and awards. Lynne Pirie guest poses and the tape ends suddenly after that. Running time 40 minutes. A WPW colleague did a small newsletter in the early 's called Lady Athlete, mostly featuring competitive bodybuilders.

They also released some Super 8 films during that time, but never had them transferred on to video. We are not even sure how many films they did, but we 'bought the rights' to the ones featuring the 12 women here. Classical music was dubbed over all posing scenes. Appearing in order on the video are: The picture quality for these transfers ranges from above average, to pretty good, to very good. Video running time 2 hours. All three were in top contest here- for Tara, there is posing in many outfits, some gymwork and an interview, but please note, all of this footage of her is also on her WPW DVD, which has later material of her as well.

We only had this one session with Tonya, who was still barely in her 20's and had not become a superstar yet she was a top IFBB pro and a Gladiator a few years later , and her footage includes posing in a bikini and three dresses and an interview.

Karen poses in a bikini, one-piece and dress. So, if you do not have WPW or WPW , this is a great look at three of the best and most beautiful competitors of the late 80's.

DVD runs 2 hours. Sherry was a top regional competitor with some success in national shows, and was also very strong for her 'look', competing in one or two of the Extravaganza Strength Contests. Kathy in guide photos and Peggy were paired here for reasons- both were top competitors for a few years in the mid's, and both were among the largest women of the time- each was about 5'8" pounds. We had two sessions with each women in and when they were in top shape and then off-season.

Gymwork is included for Kathy, both women are interviewed and there is a small bit of their Super 8 footage from a couple years earlier. Both women hit the shots in contest shape and off-season in bikinis, one-pieces and dress items. Please note that our first video equipment was used from or so- the picture quality is good, but not as good as our quality from about onwards. We had several video sessions with the big Texan Brenda during and nearly all the footage is very good video quality, though there is some camcorder footage of her 'on location'.

She was in terrific contest shape for most of the footage, and she was in very decent shape for the off-season session as well. Brenda poses in many outfits for all sessions and there is live gymwork and interview. During the 80's we tried to tape as many women as possible at the contests, and in many cases the videos released then feature posing only, no gymwork or interviews.

Mary, Lisa and Alicia were very good amateurs but did not stick around the scene long. Laura, of course, became a very top IFBB pro soon after. This was a 'superstar update' video as it features six women with whom we had already done work with once before.

And, only Santos was interviewed. So, Santos' footage runs about 35 minutes and the other five women get about 15 minutes each. All six women had brief, successful stage careers, but only Dona took it a step further, competing as an IFBB pro for a while. Again, six top women are featured here- five in very top contest shape and Dona off-season.

Video running time about 2 hours. We have the three other contests on DVD as follows: The strength event featured 10 women competing against each other for dumbbell carry, leg press, battery hold, bench press, chins, curls and tug-of-war. Competing were many 'famous' strength athletes: Due to a quirk in the judging, no matter who did the best up to the tug-of-war, it was that event only which decided the winner, and for some reason the awards were not taped, so we will include the final three with the DVD.

In addition, the entire event lasted forever, so most of the dumbbell carry was deleted in order to fit this on a 4 hour video.

The picture quality varies from good to average. For several reasons, we stopped traveling to California to tape these, as Wally was getting more involved in his Ms. Running time 4 hours on two DVDs. We taped her in ripped contest shape, then somewhat off-season, and all of the footage is now on WPW together with more of her taped in For WPW, though, all of the footage is on her compilation video.

Later footage taken in the early 90's is on WPW Rhonda was one of our favorite models during that era as she combined it all- a lean contest ready physique, beautiful looks and hair and was very strong, having competed in several of the strength contests, including an early Superbowl of Strength- one of the best total packages ever. The footage shows Kay posing in a red bikini and gold dress, and that footage is on her WPW compilation video. Added to this is Jerry and Norm Cohen's camcorder footage of her in when she was in her early 30's, but looks about 20 here!

As an added bonus, Cammie Lusko is also shown posing and doing some of her heavy 'odd lifts' in the gym. Historically, this is interesting footage as it shows a relatively slender bodybuilder just starting out in , then, at the end of her career.

Sadly, Kay was killed in an auto accident in Kay Baxter was the 'point of comparison' for a woman bodybuilder in the early 80s, but starting around other women started to pop up challenging Kay for the title of 'most muscular competitor'. One of them for sure was Sue Ann, who was a martial artist, developing her physique largely through that activity early on.

The 'real' video session was done at the time of her appearance in the Ms. Olympia and features gymwork, posing in several outfits and an interview. Her physique showed a lot of size, vascularity and hardness, with unreal arm, chest and back poses in particular for the era, making her the point-of-comparison at this time, but watch out, Renee Casella was making her emergence on the scene! The Super 8 transfer quality is pretty good and the real video is decent quality, but not perfect.

We met Raye and Doughdee around , and they were two of the first women to become noted for getting huge during the off-season. That look was popular so we pursued the off-season look for tapings once the contest season had ended. She was in off-season shape for her second session, as were the other three women. Doughdee poses in two bikinis and many dresses for her two sessions and Raye poses in four outfits.

We did much more work with them after this- well into the 90s. The ex-ballerina showed off a very impressive lower body when posing in four outfits. Connie is back again, this time in huge off-season shape, lifting heavy in the gym, then posing.

No interviews and the video picture quality ranged from fair to very good. Julie was one of the top pioneers of the sport- we did Super 8 film of her on WPW , but she never got the 'real video' treatment that her sister Valerie got in We had two sessions with Valerie- the first at the time of the Nationals when she was in top contest shape, then in early when she was off-season.

Footage includes gymwork, posing in many outfits showing off the 'McNew family biceps genes and is interviewed. This was our final work with her, and she never looked better than she did in in top contest shape throughout topped off by a very attractive blonde highlighted hairstyle.

She posed in a green bikini one photo from this scene made the cover years later on the Winter WPW print magazine and black leotard, and was interviewed. Clare was also in the Ms. O and was in fabulous shape, posing in two swimsuits and two dresses- a complete physique including a very densely muscled upper body and a beautiful face. Clare was living in New Jersey at the time, but soon after left the sport and moved back down south where she grew up.

The footage of Dutch star Leny was taken at the time of the 'Superbowl' bodybuilding contest, where she also was in very hard and defined condition, posing in three outfits. Note that Cory's footage here is also on her WPW compilation video. To put it mildly, Anja was the top German star of the era, with all the muscle magazines thinking she would overthrow Cory as Ms. Well, that never happened it was done by Lenda Murray , but Anja made quite the impression during her brief career.

Sadly, she dropped from the competitive scene soon after this. We did several Super 8 film sessions with Diana from , and all of that footage, originally released on WPW-5 , is included here.

The 'real' video was taken of Diana in top contest shape at the time of her Pro Worlds contest, then a small amount slightly off contest shape during the summer, when we also taped her 'Diana Does Delaware' on WPW At the contest she poses in swimsuits and dresses, showing off her top pro physique, including perhaps the best lower body of the time.

She was one of the best pros ever, and was known as the most innovative poser as well- for us, we could point the camera and she would take it from there. Diana is pushing 60 now in and looks as beautiful as ever- she can be seen on her website and sometimes at booths at the big contests.

We are still looking for a copy of Diana's WPW video, in order to do a complete 'compilation' video of her- if anyone has a copy, please let us know!

This video was co-titled "Diana Does Delaware' as we followed her around and taped her at many interesting locations in that state, most notworthy, 'old' New Castle. A camcorder was used no portable digital back in , so the picture is not quite as good as for our other videos of the time, but we never had any complaints when the video was originally released.

Diana was in great shape and poses in many outfits, with some 60's pop songs used for 'scoring' some scenes. Joanne was a Brit living in Florida when we met her at the Nationals where we had a 'photos only' session with her. The contest shape footage features Joanne hitting the shots including what most believed were the best calves in the sport- ever in two dresses and a bikini, and she was interviewed.

For the off-season scenes she works out in the gym and poses in more swimsuits and dresses. Video footage runs about 75 minutes. Sue Ann McKean, also from California, was considered by many to be the most muscular competitor in , but things were changing fast and Renee quickly became the new 'point of comparison', though Lenda Murray was on the horizon Renee's footage contains gymwork, interview and posing in swimsuits and dresses, where she showed off a total physique package, but a truly incredible upper body- all of this footage is now on WPW together with Chris Porter's footage from WPW Phylis was a regional Ohio mainly sensation for a time in the late 80's, mainly by virtue of her incredible arms.

We had one video session with her in when she was in very good shape, posing in many outfits, gymwork and interview. Video footage is very good quality. Rhonda, Leona Juliette's sister and Lori were all in impressive off-season shape here in Leona competed for a while in her native Holland for a while, but before and after these sessions with Rhonda and Lori, we never heard about them again.

Rhonda is 5'8" pounds here, and showed off in the gym via curling pounds for 10 reps, etc. She then hits the shots in a dress and bikini, showing pretty good leanness for her size. Leona and Lori each hit the bodybuilding shots in three outfits.

Note that the picture quality for Leona is excellent, but only fair-to-good for Rhonda and Lori. Each of the women pose in different outfits, but no interviews or gymwork. Some of the posing footage here is on WPW DVD with other women , but this was the original video, which also contains gymwork and her interview. For her 'off-season' session, she works out in the gym and poses in many outfits. When in her very defined contest shape, she poses in more outfits and is interviewed.

Video quality is good, but not perfect. This video features the five women in top contest shape at the time of their contests in Diane and Suzanne were top national competitors for a few years and Sandy became a very top pro soon after her taping here. Janine and Lynda were regional competitors from New Jersey. Janine and Lynda pose in a bikini and two dresses, Diane in four outfits, Suzanne in five and Sandy in six. We were only able to spend a limited amount of time with each, so it is posing only- no interviews or gymwork.

Mona was one of California's top women in the late 80's, placing very high in several national contests. We had two sessions with her in one when she was in excellent contest shape at the US Championships in the summer, then later in the fall when she was off season. She continued to compete for a while as Mona Arvenites, but dropped out of the scene in the early 90's, only to resurface again recently in Southern California doing Over Masters Bodybuilding shows.

Mona had it all- a perfectly balanced physique with very good size, density and definition for the era- and great looks and hair. We are sure she could have turned pro for sure if she hung in there for a few more years.

This DVD shows Mona posing in swimsuits and dresses, and she is interviewed. All of her contest shape footage is also on WPW with other women and her off-season footage is on WPW also with other off-season women , so be aware of the duplication of footage.

The interview is only on this DVD. The weight lifted was a percentage of the woman's bodyweight, so you get to see who was the strongest pound-for-pound. For a 'local' show, the quality of the field here was pretty impressive, and in fact, three of the women in this bodybuilding event- Raye Hollitt, Phyllis Padur and Lindy Champion- competed in the strength show as well- on the same day!

In addition to those three 'name' women, this show marked the emergence of Marissa Brown, who incredibly was only 20 years of age at the time Raye was only 23! She poses in several swimsuits and dresses and is interviewed, and this entire tape is now included on her WPW compilation DVD. The sport was still rather young at the time and there were not many women competing who were pushing 40 years of age, so Velma was unique in that respect.

Of course, years later it has become very common for women to be competing in national contests. We did not get the chance to do gymwork with her, but she posed in two swimsuits and three dresses, and was interviewed. She displayed a balanced physique, but as for many of the women of that time, her upper body was superior to her lower, featuring good size and definition in her biceps, chest and back.

In addition, the promoters of the Extravaganza invited her to guest pose at the event, and we did some 'live' video with her for the first time. Footage includes posing in a bikini and two dresses, and for the first time fans can hear her voice on her interview. Ditto for the other women here, all of whom were in contest shape at that show. No gymwork or interviews, but lots of great posing of the women hitting shots as follows: Picture quality is great! Marie was one of our most unique physique models as she was a top martial artist and a national quality bodybuilding competitor as well.

In addition, as a byproduct of all her training, she was pound for pound one of the strongest woman we have ever done work with. Marie was in great shape, and hits the poses in bikini, one-piece and dresses, then she really surprised us in the gym where she knocked off 60 chinups the most we had seen before was about 30 at a strength show , benched for 4 reps, and curled for 7 reps, all this from a pounder!

Then, she works out with the 'heavy bag', and breaks cinder blocks with her hands and feet, then also breaks several wood boards together. No gymwork as we did the work with her at contests. We met Cyndie when she was in defined shape at the Extravaganza Bodybuilding show, but did not get to do work with her at that time. Fast forward a few months and she was in huge and strong off-season shape at 5'7" pounds. Her gymwork was very strength oriented very heavy squats, curls, etc , then she poses in several outfits and is interviewed- a perfect 'off-season' physique model.

Tara posed in several swimsuits and dresses both times, and is interviewed. All of this footage is now on her WPW compilation video along with previous and future tapings.

We had full tapings with each of these women in the past, so we considered this 'update footage' featuring the four posing in different outfits and for two- Juliette and Cathey- we had brief interviews. These were our last sessions with Cathey and Sherry, but we continued to do more video work with Rhonda and Juliette as they remained on the scene for a few more years. The tapings were all done at the time of each woman's contest in No gymwork this time.

Of these three women, Debbie had the most distinguished career, winning the Junior USA Overall, and eventually turning pro. She is in top contest shape here, as the taping was done the day after the contest- same for the footage for Rita Hatch, who was in just incredible shape, very lean and defined throughout, including terrific lower body for the era.

Jodie was from Maryland and our two sessions with her here were done in contest shape at the show, and more in near-contest shape shortly after. All three women pose in many outfits and are interviewed. Diane didn't hang around long on the national scene, and we never got to tape her in contest shape. We did this off-season work with her in when she was a spectator at one of the contests down south. The video picture quality is very good and has the beautiful blonde hitting shots in all the outfits and an interview.

Two of her stage routines taken by camcorder provided by her is also included. Our pro-quality video camera was used for all but 15 minutes, with the camcorder session done 'on location' where she posed by a classic auto in a dress. The rest of the of video has Joanne posing in swimsuits and dresses, indoors and out. She is also interviewed, but no gymwork this time. For those who would be satisfied with having most, but not all of the footage, then WPW would be the best value.

Cheryl, Linda and Judi were all top level national competitors in when we taped all three in contest shape, with one off-season session with Cheryl also. Cheryl leads off with her contest-shape posing in two swimsuits and two dresses, followed by her off-season footage. She was from the mid-West and competed for a few more years as Cheryl Rath-Rivers until she then disappeared from the scene. Linda and Judi were both New Englanders who were both in very lean, defined shape here- Linda's biceps were considered the 'best peaked' ever, and Judi was known for her impressive back.

Both women hit the shots in bikini and dresses, but no gymwork or interviews. She poses in many outfits, both indoors and outside including some camcorder footage 'on location' by a stream , though for some reason we did not do gymwork or interview, so it is all posing, with most of it 'live'. One of the photos taken during the camcorder scene was used on a cover of our WPW print magazine.

For the past 30 years the NPC Nationals has been the top amateur contest each year. For this event, the entire prejudging and finals are included on two DVD discs, for a total of about 4 hours. Running time 4 hours. There have been many women in the sport who arrived on the competitive scene like a comet, then left just as quickly. Our first session with her was in February when she was a power-packed 5'7" pounds, and her footage includes very strong gymwork reps with pound curls and pound squats, etc , posing in several outfits and interview.

This was originally released on WPW , but all of that footage is included here, together with her September scenes when in top contest shape- no gymwork this time, but lots of posing in a bikini and many dress items, showing off very impressive size, shapes and definition, including great arms, chest and back. Cyndie competed in the Extravaganza Strength show on WPW , but soon after that, she left the scene for good.

She was in top contest shape then, and we followed that up with off-season footage a few months later. We can't explain now why there was no gymwork during the off-season session, but an interview was included along with a lot of posing in many outfits for both tapings. In addition, Jerry and Norm Cohen did some 'amateur style' camcorder footage with her around this time, posing in three more dresses.

If you want all of her footage, you should get this WPW , if you would be satisfied with her best footage from different tapes on WPW , that would be the better value- your choice! Denise was competing locally in Texas, then California, when she traveled to New Jersey to compete in the Extravaganza Strength Contest- she was in huge shape at 5'6" pounds.

She displays a lot of thick muscularity while posing in four outfits, and she is also interviewed this time. She works out in the gym and poses in five different outfits, showing off outrageous size, shapes and hardness, particularly for her back and legs.

All of this footage of Cathey is also included on her WPW compilation video, which also includes our contest shape session with her. So, to help you make your purchasing decision- if you want the variety of three women on one video, this WPW is the way to go. This work was done at the time of the Extravaganza Contest- two of the women here competed in the show- Lori Grannis flew in from Oregon and was in top contest shape, as was Annie, who was competing in one of her first contests and she is still going strong today as a top IFBB Pro.

Marci was not in the show, but was a local NY bodybuilder who was in near-contest shape. The three women pose in different outfits and are interviewed.

Carol Mock arrived on the national scene in , but did not stick around long. We had this one session with her at the time of the '88 Nationals, where she place an impressive 2nd to Lisa Lorio in the MW class. Donna was 4th in the same class and our contest-shape footage here includes posing in three outfits. We also have off-season footage of Donna from as well as for contest shape scenes with Mimi, Jackie, Lindy and Terri, all of whom pose in one swimsuit and dress.

Juliette needs no formal introduction to long-time fans of the sport- she is probably the best and most famous Dutch woman in the sport, and one of the top women of all time. This was our third video of her and contains the best footage from her two earliest videos WPW and WPW , which we may put on DVD sometime in the future from and Added to this was her session the day after that year's Ms. Juliette competed from the mid's to about , then took some time off, and made a very successful stage comeback in the early 's.

For all three sessions here, she poses in bikinis and dresses and is interviewed each year. The footage is average picture quality, but the and footage is fine. We followed that up with off-season work with her at about pounds- she really showed off in the gym, including reps with pounds for bench presses- not too shabby for a 20 year old! Soon after this she starting using her Nikki Fuller married name and was a top pro for many years.

She can currently be seen in TV ads for t. Julia was from Hungary but lived in New York City during the late 's when she competed locally. She was one of the smallest women we ever did work with about 5' pounds , but pound for pound, one of the strongest. She poses in many outfits in contest shape, and her strong gymwork was taped when off-season, maybe pounds heavier. Video is good quality. This contest featured many regional quality women, some of whom were on the verge of going national big time.

Among those who continued to do well includes Sharon Canady, and particularly Vicki Gates and Nikki Garner-Fuller, both of whom became very top pros. Nikki was not in the top-five here, but very soon after she became one of the best women ever- and, as we are typing this in , she is featured in a national TV ad for t.

We are not sure now why these two women were paired here, as they have vastly different looks despite being the same size 5'5" pounds and age Her four posing scenes in swimsuits and dresses display one of the most attractive physique models of all time- excellent size, shapes and definition topped off by startling facial beauty and great hair.

If you are only interested in Bernie, WPW would be the best value. For Wendy, we can't remember many details, but she was a very top track star, and her leg development from that sport rivaled or exceeded most of the top women bodybuilders of the time. Her footage, taped by camcorder also, features her sprinting and hurdling at a track, training her legs in the gym, and doing some bodybuilding style posing in a one-piece.

The muscularity and definition in her thighs and calves are clearly shown at the track and in the gym. No gymwork for Bernie, and no interview for either, just a lot of good posing.

Video running time about 80 minutes. Of the three women featured here, Janice was by far the best known and went the farthest in the sport- we had several video session with her before and after this one in She was in off-season 'for her', as she never was one who got huge, but at 5'3" pounds she was about 10 pounds over her contest shape.

She poses in a one-piece and three dresses, showing off her classic bicep shots and overall beauty. Janice was a top IFBB pro, and Tommie was considered by many to be the most muscular woman on the amateur scene at the time- check out our contest-shape footage of her on WPW Here, Tommie was off-season at 5'4" pounds, featuring very impressive size, shapes and hardness- she poses in two swimwear and two dress items.

We were able to catch up with Eve only one time for video, here also in when she was in very lush shape, showing off size and shapes not often seen. We started to 'repackage' some videos in the early 90's, so some of this footage had already appeared on earlier videos, though aside from Herrera, none of those are yet available. Claudia had the longest career and was the most well known, the other three women competed for a brief time only. All footage here was taken from , and each woman is in contest or near-contest shape and poses in different outfits No gymwork or interviews.

Picture quality is good, but not our normal great. This is a 'compilation tape' featuring posing footage taken from the original releases which we had deleted from stock at the time.

Peggy and Kathy pose in five outfits, and Elaine two, all from their tapings. Gymwork and interviews are not included and the women vary between contest shape and off-season. This is a 'compilation tape' featuring posing footage taken from original releases which we had deleted from stock at the time. Negrita and Mona were top national stars at the time and Phyllis was a popular regional competitor. All three women are in top contest shape for these sessions- Mona poses in four outfits and Phyllis and Negrita pose in seven each.

Some footage of Negrita taken 'on location' with a camcorder. Again, the original footage also appears now on our re-released ' Archive DVDs ', so be careful of duplication. Gymwork and interviews are not included. The six women featured here were all top national stars in the mid-late 80's and they are all in contest shape.

Jill poses in four outfits during her session. Velma's four outfits were taped in Gymwork and interviews not included. We met Crystal, Tania and Chris at the Junior Nationals, where we did all of this work with them. All three were top national women at the time but left the scene soon after.

Crystal, from Virginia, was in very tight shape here and poses in three outfits. Tania was from South Carolina and also poses in three outfits, with the mid-Westerner Chris hitting the shots in four. No gymwork, but all three women are interviewed. When we did this work with Virginia and Illona in it was noteworthy to mention that each were 'mature' women in the sport, despite both being only 35! Obviously times have changed as there are tons of women competing at age 35, 45 and older competing now, it is common, particulary at the Masters Nationals.

Norm and Jerry Cohen did the camcorder session with Virginia, and she was in top shape, posing in four different outfits and an interview. We taped her with our pro equipment at the contest, when she was in terrific, lean shape. Then, a few months later, when she was up 10 pounds, we did some camcorder footage of her in her former back yard in NJ. No gymwork, but interview included. All of the camcorder footage is good quality, but note- the video copy we had to make our DVD master had a few 'glitches', where the picture 'rolls', but the problem does not last long.

This event was held during the 's, but this was the last year of this show- since then, the national show for Teens, College women and Masters is The Nationals.

The Junior Nationals has always been a great show to find new national level talent, but the version was particularly noteworthy as it introduced Lenda Murray to the national scene. The entire prejudging and finals are included, and the video quality is great.

We just received a copy of this video and it is now available for the first time in DVD format. If you accidentally order one of those three, you will automatically receive this WPW Note that Clare's footage here is also on WPW 68, but with two other women, so some may want that title also. OK, what we have here is both sessions with Clare in great shape at the time of the and Ms. Olympia including some repwork in the gym, posing in many outfits and an interview.

Note that the picture quality is not that good for the session, but the stuff is fine. Clare and Janice were paired here as most who followed the sport in the mid-late 80's thought the two looked much alike facially and physique-wise, and so did we- two of the best and prettiest women on the scene then. Running time almost 3 hours. Some camcorder was used 'on location', but we used our good equipment otherwise, for great quality.

Mishay was from California, and competed during the same era, though she was doing national shows at the time.