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You are responsible for providing a secure shipping address. Or am I going to eat. Add to the facts that there are reports on the web with regards to Amazon sending out items that are used as new and you will find that there is no point shopping with Amazon. Presentations are well done, hosts are professional and very personable. Each metal Christmas tree sets up quickly, stores easily. What interstate highway travels through the most states.

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Ordered it at the website and it was available for store pick up almost immediately. Very satisfied with Offers. A really good buy. Now I just hope the order arrives before Christmas. I am pretty sure it will.

We post the offers as we receive them and have no control over a merchant's delivery of products, subscriptions or services.

We appreciate your feedback and hope that you will be able to find a great deal from among the thousands available that will fit your needs. Thank you for shopping with Offers. I found a great buy, to good to pass up because my husband got in on the purchase. I've not used Offer up until now because they advertise for selling Uggs, down and fur. And until they stop I'll continue to have a hard time pulling the trigger to buy from them. So super easy and a great website.

I will be coming back for more holiday shopping. Great price on ladies boots. Purchased five pairs for five of my girls. First time using Offers. Will order again if the price is right. Didn't know what to expect for a first time user? This was my first time using Offers. It was an excellent experience, so far. My product is due to arrive on Wednesday. Price was the same in the store. I would expect better pricing from offers. The nice thing is that it did alert me to the special.

I can no longer wear them because brake down of material. I wanted to contact you before I throw them away. Your help would be appreciated. Moisturizer was wrapped; pore cleanser only had wrap on top of lid. I order 2 tops on July 10th which have been paid by Pay Pal Invoice I have not received the order. Is the order still in the mail or has something happened? Please let me know. Thanks Mary Ann Van Cleave. I recently ordered a food dehydrator and was really excited to try it.

The first time I tried it, It stopped working within an hour. I let it cool overnight and started it again. It immediately stopped working again. I am very disappointed. I will not be ordering from you again. If someone could please email back and let me know if there is any information or not, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and help, and I hope to here back from someone soon. Am currently an excellent customer for ordering from Zulily almost every day! Please respond to this for me!!!

The paint set was changed and delivered, but I never received the shoes. I emailed you to ask about delivery on the shoes and then checked my account. It said the shoes were in transit. I checked again today and find that the order was cancelled. I never received an email stating that the order was cancelled or why. My credit card as not been credited with the amount that I paid for the shoes. This is not acceptable. It is now August 15 and I have not received a response to my previous email or an email stating that the rest of the order was cancelled.

I will be expecting an immediate explanation as to why this occurred. I do not wish to be added to your daily email list. I did not realize this at the time of sign up. Please remove me from your list. I will contact you tomorrow concerning this matter. My orders will not go thru. I always the most inexpensive shipping. I am very unsatified with your service. I order on Aug. Also one of the tops I order was damaged.

What will you do about that and also will you refund my money on the merchandise that I have not received. Today I received only a partial of my order. I had ordered, among other items, Grapefruit Spoon-Set of Four. The package with the spoons had been torn and 1 spoon is missing. I only have 3 instead of 4. I want my spoon back and how much longer do I have to wait for my other items? So far so good.

If I have any constructive comments, it would be to speed up the shipping process. I had ordered 2 items on the same order. Both items came out of the same city.

One item is already here and is exactly what I wanted…. I would prefer not to have my items visiting every po-dunk stop. Shipping is the only serious flaw I have encountered so far. From the other comments, I am assuming your company is in desperate need of a manager and a few less chiefs.

A call center is useless if you lose your customers due to failure to deliver and fulfill the transaction. Growing a business is useless if transactions cannot be completed. Word of mouth…can be your friend…or your enemy. Returned the other persons order, who like me, will not get their order by Christmas.

Zulily, as well, no longer has the items I ordered. Absolutely unreliable and no effort to make it right for me. I will stick to my other stores that I have always ordered from. A very disappointing experience at a horrible time for it to happen. Order at your own risk. Today I received the third of three maternity tops ordered on December 4th.

The others were delivered yesterday and the day before. They clearly missed the Christmas giving. They almost missed the birth of the baby. It is an absurd amount of delivery time. Three days short of eight weeks! I would not recommend buying from you. I will go on all relevant websites and let them know that if they plan on buying anything from you that they should be prepared to wait two months.

I want it shipped over night. Have waited since last September for an answer from Zulily and a refund on multiple items. The CEO of Zulily is a billionaire. Time will tell if what I was told about a return comes to be. Ordered 2 blouses in the same size. Need to return please.

Need instructions on how to return items. What is so troubling is that the rip can be seen through the Cellophane.

I am through ordering. Will never order from them again. It took almost a month for me to get my items and they all came at different time. Also after I washed my clothing they came out the wash looking like they had been washed 20 times. And I am still waiting on a dress that I order when I ordered all these other items.

I have been very pleased with all of my orders.. I ordered a wall scounce and the scounce has a big piece broken out of it. Very disappointed for it was beautiful. I called customer service and spoke with Michelle. She was very helpful.. Very pleased with the help I received. I have been asking to remove me from your email list over and over again with you doing so.

This is the final request to be removed before I seek legal help. Just opened a box containing my glass teapot…no bubblewrap and the pot was broken into pieces.

I called Zulily and spoke to Tayna…she was very helpful and took care of my problem without question. I order a lot of merchandise from this company and have only had two problems with breakage…both which were resolved to my liking. Item was not as presented. I wore the bracelet one time and the beads are no longer silver but have a brushed white appearance. The only portion of the bracelet that retained a shiny silver appearance are the areas between the beads.

Clear case of misrepresentation or false advertising of this product. Advertisement did not state sterling silver plated and even then it should last more than one use. I hope to hear from you regarding this case of misrepresentation and false advertising?

I recently ordered 2 black and white, geometric print wrap dresses from Christina V, size 1x. I double checked the size chart—it said no specific info on these clothes, but general guidelines.

I just received my dress. I have ordered 3 dresses they are Velzera differant colors I have got one them it goes around the neck. I do NOT want the other two please stop this order.

Everything is way to small for the size and takes way to long to get her. The same dress came up for sale again so we ordered it.

The order was placed on August 12th and we received the item yesterday but it was the wrong color. I have never had so many problems getting the item I want from Zulily and have been very satisfied with my many other orders. I would really like the color of dress we ordered and not its black and white cousin! Please renew my faith in my favorite shopping venue, Zulily!!

Would like to return, get refund or change size to 44B Due to busy signal, have been unable to get through to customer service. Please return call and advise I had ordered a sterling ring. It is all bent out of shape. I think it would be wise to ship jewelery in a little box, instead of a loose envelope. I recently purchased several items of your sterling silver jewelry. This was to be a birthday present to myself. Imagine my surprise when all pieces looked like something my young granddaughter might wear.

All 8 pieces including the plastic bags they came in weigh barely an ounce. This is nothing less than a rip off. Where can I return this for credit? The only number I have for identification is a shipment ID. May I have the courtesy of a reply? I recently ordered 3 tops. I need to return 2 of the tops as they run too small and the material was not as represented. There were no instructions inside the package for returns. Please furnish information as to how and where to return the unwanted merchandise for credit to my credit card.

What do I have to do to get you folks to take my name, my email address and most importantly, my credit card information off your site???? What the hell is going on there. I ordered a pair of pajamas — ordered medium womens top and large womens bottom. Received the correct bottoms but the top was a junior medium which did not fit. One phone call to Zulily service solved the problem! I was told by a very pleasant person that the proper size would be in the mail and I received it in 3 days.

I did not have to bother to return the first one and was told to give it away or donate it. Thank you, Zulily for wonderful customer service! I jusy placed an order. I have pkaced several orders recently had no trouble please cancel one of the pants. I have been up all nightI work the night shift. I will do so, thank you. I need to return items that are the wrong size. However there is no information on site where to send returns? Hi, I just received by box of purchases but will need to return the boots- not enough support, although cute.

How do I return these items? What is going on? I called your customer service number and was offered a deal to buy a credit voucher and when I refused I was cut off.

I need to exchange an item for a different size. How am I supposed to get a hold of you. I need to know how to go about returning the wrong size garment. I need to return a garment that is the wrong size. Please contact me with instruction. Your customer service number is a joke. I am withholding payment until I hear from you.

I was very unhappy that it was taking a full month to ship these items. It was NOT my order! It belonged to a customer in Colorado! I live in Florida! Now I have to go all the way across town to a FedEx facility to get it back to you.

The girl I spoke to, Nicole, when I called about the problem was unable to even tell where my order was because the computer told her it was delivered!! So here I sit, not knowing when and if my order will arrive some of which I needed by this Saturday. I am so unhappy about this. Your system of checking orders before they ship needs a major overhaul! I would have thought that I would have been told that you would overnight the order to me.

No, I have to sit and wait to see 1. You have just lost me as a customer. I have received 1 article of the 3 I ordered. It was listed as a tunic. Please cancel the other 2 orders: These items will not reach me in time. Do not ship them. I will not accept them. I intend to tell my credit card company to remove the charge. I have never dealt with a company that charges a customer before merchandise is received.

I received my Vera Bradley lunch bag and am not satisfied with it. It is not what I expected. How do I return it and get a refund? I returned a pair of Cobb Hill shoes about a month ago. They were I the wrong size and wrong color from what I had ordered. I returned with the address you sent me, which I printed off your site.

The package also contained the form you directed me to return with it. I have not received credit thus far. I recently purchased my 1st Ryka sandals-two pairs. Love the quality and sandals, but using the size chart, I ordered a half size too small. I do not know if they are not returnable, but I would love to exchange them. Please email the address needed for an exchange, if available. Please replay with instructions on returns. I am unable to wear these items as they do not fit. I need to return to 2 orders: I have been very disappointed in many of my purchases, especially in children sizes.

The outfits and dresses are not true to size. They are usually very large. The last dress I ordered in 18 month size would fit a 3 year old. This would not be such an issue if they could be exchanged or returned. I now have several outfits that are of no use to me because of sizing. I love looking but I am not sure I will be doing anymore buying from zulily. I just checked over my orders and realize that one of the items is the wrong size.

Seeing that I ordered the dress and jacket at the same time the size is way off from what was ordered. This order was made on I ordered a size 8 dress and 8 jacket. The receipt says size one for the jacket. Just had one of the most positive customer service experiences ever. I regretfully had to return a dress that did not fit.

The zulily customer service representative, Denice, could not have been more helpful! I will never buy anything from you.

First, I want to say that I was excited to receive the winter white Dress. It looks very cute in your add.

It is way too small, the fabric is not as represented and there is a green stain under the arm. Also, I first saw the dress for about half the price I paid but you would not allow me to buy it.

I ordered a second dress that I would like to cancel please. It is way too small, the fabric is not as represented and there is a stain under the arm. I usually do not have any complaints regarding your services or products; however I do now. I ordered a package of bras recently that were suppose to be 44dd they were not.

The cup is so small I really believe it should have been labeled 44c. Now I feel that you guys should be willing to help me out since I am a good loyal customer, and offer me store credit or another lot of bras. I will of course return the bras that are to small. Please take this to your attention being it is the Christmas Season. I am sick most of the time and that is way it took a bit to get around to email you.

Thank You Kathleen S Rowley. She represented Zulily with the same top quality service as your merchandise has. She even sent me an e mail to help me reset my password so I can order again without having to call customer service to do it. You should feel privileged and honored to have someone of her stature and professionalism representing Zulily. I sincerely hope you acknowledge her in some way for the quality she delivers as a customer service representative.

Please acknowledge her for her excellence. I am a very satisfied Zulily customer and she assisted me in that continuity. Thank you for attending to this matter of recognition for me. But my order arrived today. I had ordered one each of two different jackets. But what was sent was one of one style and three of the other! I would have hoped if there was an error on the order somebody might have verified that before sending out three of the same jacket!

I will send the additional two back and would like to know if I will receive a company credit or a refund. I am confined to my home. Either too large, too long, too small, or too big. I keep on trying and they are willing to take things back for credit. I tried to set up an account so I would not have to pay shipping…but your system continually said it would not be able to process my application….

Thank you and happy new year, Janie Borgman. To Whom it May Concern, I have placed an order with the notion that I qualified for free shipping, but upon ordering, I noticed that shipping charges were added. Order number is I made a mistake and ordered 1 pair of children boots and 1 pair of shoes in the wrong size. She loved the boots and wants the same ones.

Can you help me? Just wanted to say thank you for getting all of our orders before Christmas. Everything we ordered was in great condition, no problems except 2 shirts I ordered are too small. I feel this year was so much better than last year as far as getting everything on time and even the quality of merchandise.

I just read a lot of dissatisfied customer e-mails. As I said I thought this year was so much better and it was!! So again, thank you, and look forward to continue shopping with Zulily.

I received my order of…. Thank you Christa Moise. Please contact me as soon as possible about a replacement. Thank you, Darla Ryan I received carmel buckle logan boots size 7. I always wear size 7 but these boots are WAY too small. Can you please advise how I should proceed?

I order from Zulily all of the time and this is the first time that I have been unsatisfied. Recently ordered 2 Swarvoski necklaces from your site. One crystal appears to have water spots.

I placed 2 orders in November, I returned all items in December, I never received any information about the return, no refund or anything. All I can figure is that you think its okay to steal from customers.

If you do not give refunds, you could at least give a merchandise credit. Seems like quite a few people are disappointed in your business. A total ripoff business. I would never have ordered if I knew that. How many unsuspecting people are you ripping off today??

I received my order today 1. I want to return them but you did not give me a return label I do not like how they fit. Please I need instructions and a refund of my purchase. I am finding it very difficult to E Mail Zuzilly it has put me off ordering from them again there is no return details in with goods and the fact that you have to pay postage back I think is disgusting no other company does this.

I am finding it very difficult to E Mail Zuzilly it has put me off ordering from them again there is no return details in with goods and the fact that you have to pay postage back I think is disgusting no other company does this I need instructions how to return an item, reading other reviews this seems to happen all the time.

You have over chartered me for cancelled items and sent cancelled items and charged me for them. I want the remainder of my purchases deleted and my money back in my account. I have a bathing suit bottom being delivered and I do NOT want it and want it to be returned and my money reimbursement..

I tired of being screws around with this company. I have a lawyer retained to make sure this company refunds all my money. Bought leggings had holes all in the rear of them this company sure sucks… Contact me and return my money. Looks like I may have difficulties returning shoes that I purchased that are to wide. I agree with others above that I should have been notified before my order was processed that there are no refunds.

I would not have ordered shoes online if there was not a return policy. I hope that I am able to return the shoes ordered. In it was 15 feet of plastic packing. You could probable do other things with your money. I am your constant customer and why I have pay twice for delivery if between my orders there is no much time. I have been satisfied with my purchases. My shipment I received yesterday,had at least half a cup of a dark sticky fluid im hoping it was coffee.

Luckily my clothing was individually sealed, and was not damaged. My comment is regarding quality and shipping control? Took forever for order to come and was so excited. However, it did not fit. I am an employee of QVC and my 20 percent employee discount is not showing on my orders when I check out today.

They showed up on my orders for Dec. I would like to place an order today before an event ends today. There was not even a packing slip enclosed with the order. I sent an email to customer service last night and, as yet, have not received a response. Not so this time. Please contact your financial institution for information. But I remember that I have already used it several time, this week with no problem. So I asked my husband if I could use his card. It stated the same thing. HIS also did not work.

What is going on. PLUS tomorrow is Sunday. Our bank is closed on Sunday. Now I am afraid that I am going to lose my 3 items which I really want.

Can you have someone contact me. I requested to have my password reset yesterday and you and you sent a link. The problem is that I have not been able to change my password.

Are you having trouble with your website. My router keeps saying that the site does not exist. I was doing online shopping and put 1 item in my basket to go on shopping. I went to delete the item and had an email saying my order had been received and was processing,. Can you give me some feedback on it. I await your reply. Have questions about last order no one answered telephone numbers could not connect to service either.. Hello, I orderd Beige Leggings, size M sku …..

My order arrived yesterday and there is no way I can wear these….!! Made in China and geared for tiny Chinese people….!! I normally wear size M but these look like a size 0…! What do you suggest I do? Hi, Order I placed this order a few minutes ago. I gave my daughters address for a ship to. I noticed at the end when they showed the final order they said-the ship to was to myself.

Please check into this and let me know if your sending items to Fla. Can I return them, please? I received my order today of a pair of crocs. They are too wide and too long even though I ordered the correct size that I wear. Can I return them? So I hope the information I received was correct. If not,my info is out there,and that bothers me.

Please let me know what to do. Today on my invoice I noticed that I ordered a silver tier wire shelf and it came ito my home in black.

Do you think uyou should have informed. I already started to put it together, so I cannot return the shelf. I am glad it will be in a closet instead showing elseshere. Any comments Thank you mk. In opening my invoice today, I had ordered silver five tier wire shelf in silver, but was sent me one in black. Good thing I am putting it in a closet instead of in a room, since I already started to assemble it.

Wonder why you did not tell me of the change?? And you did not notified the change??? R Thank you MK. NO WAY is it a large!!!! Very unhappy with results!!!!!!! This was my first time on your site. You have many items I would be interested in buying. However I will not be buying. Please take my name out of your email address book Thank you. One item has showed-up in the mail. Summer is coming and these items were purchased to wear within the next few weeks.

I am shocked that this is taking soooo long! I wish Zulily would forewarn customers of this dilemma! I have two clothing items I need to return. I received 2 dresses, same size and style and I only wanted one.

I just ordered a dress that looks like it has been made out of fishing net; and the ribbon is frayed on one side of the dress. They should have checked the dress before putting it into the bag to be shipped. But, of course if I could see the frayed ribbon, so could they. I feel duped and just plan taken advantaged of.

I received my order of a king size bed ensemble. It is definitely not king size. It just barely covers the top of my bed. There is not enough to cover the sides or foot of the bed. I am very unhappy with this order and feel it was poorly represented in your email order catalog.

Do we have to pay for that? They are always so helpful. I have never had any problems with ordering or on occasion, returning any type of merchandise. If something is damaged, they will give a credit and usually send another product, if available. I know I can always expect excellent service when I call Zulily. Why did you cancel my account? What contract aspect did I supposedly violate? You said violated so you cancelled. I need HELP figuring out the mess my credit card bills are in.

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