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If this is not the case, then call the animal agency that handles your area to make a report during their regular business hours. Filing fees must be paid by cash, money order, cashiers check or an attorney trust account check. Ricardo Estok, has over 20 years of experience driving sustainable Operations, Commercial and Business Excellence Transformations. At various times, the pound sterling was commodity money or bank notes backed by silver or gold, but it is currently fiat money , backed only by the economy in the areas where it is accepted. Democrats have this one cold and in the bag. Holly has a 34 year history with Farmers Insurance, with a prior background in project management and business analysis, legal work, marketing, and actuarial reporting. For example, the gold sovereign was legal tender in Canada despite the use of the Canadian dollar.

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With the HandiFueler, a single daily trip is all that is necessary to service ground support equipment fuel, fluids, and tires. The open design of the pump platform provides easy access to all controls and safety equipment, without trapping dangerous fuel vapors.

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Solderability testing pertains to the process of evaluating the solderability of leads, terminations and wires on an electronic component. The solderability of a lead, termination or surface is defined by its solder wetting characteristics. He will be responsible for managing existing independent sales representatives to make sure their needs are met while developing new partners within North America.

Tom Baro can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In these positions, he honed his skill set and areas of expertise including manufacturing needs, process integration, sales and sales management.

I am confident that his experience and knowledge will help cultivate our customer centric sales model and drive our company goals. Gold, silver and especially platinum. Why is platinum so valuable? Uma, Thank you for adding this and I agree.

I have followed Dr. Faber for more than a decade and never heard a single bad thing about him. I booked him because I still think he is a good man and a very smart investor with vision.

Certainly getting interesting here on the revenue front. I see where there was an idea floated to limit k contributions and now it appears that there is a chance the home mortgage — interest deduction is at play as well.

I have seen reports that high end real estate is no longer moving very well in certain select markets. Similarly rising rates are not going to be good for bond prices. Furthermore, rising rates are going to increase the costs of corporations ability to service debt and conduct business.

Greg, IMHO — the bubble is about to burst — get ready as it appears that all asset classes are in trouble. Gregg Thank you for your courage to have Dr. Marc Faber on your show. It shows that maybe freedom of Speech is not completely dead. Greg, glad you had Marc Faber on, especially after the politics, personally I think he got a bum wrap for expressing a opinion.

So he was not politically correct, big deal. Different people are good at different things. Africa and Eastern Europe, it is messed up over, so the gold standard of measuring success is North East Asia. The world is an Ala-cart menu, so I am going to pick and choose the best, and throw the scraps to the side. The propaganda may be getting hot.

I believe these drills have a reality that exceeds the imagination of Daily Mail. Thanks Greg, Dr Faber always has good info. The comparison of present day market conditions to was excellent. Bottom line is that we are being set up for really bad times. Doing the right thing however that is defined only means that we will still be dragged down, but maybe not so deep. There are also the unknowns, true black swan events. They are way to quick in passing judgement on those who have a different perspective.

Many mutual funds did just as well. The Chinese devalued the Yuan in August causing global markets to decline. Most index funds had a negative return in Do you smell the FED during this period? Thank you for the interview you had with Mr. He knows his history and he should have been a teacher. Great interview and there is always an underlining current when folks states their ideals that make sense.

I hope you have him on again. Explanation of what I meant: Other such as MSM will try and debunk or encourage nonsense. I love Marc Faber He saved my rear in by methodically predicting the housing collapse. Sold my 2 investment homes based on his research. You know … we have people running around accusing Dr. Faber of being a racist because of some supposedly politically incorrect comments and we have other people running around taking down statues, paintings, flags, etc.

To them it is all about color. To them, if you are white, you are a racist. None of that matters. Its only the color of your skin. Ironically, this is the exact opposite of what Martin Luther King preached judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

In fact, the vast majority of blacks today come from families that never were slaves! Only the color of our skin matters to them. Forget economics, its all about color. How can you have an intelligent conversation with someone who so clearly has their ears shut? Abortion is probably supported for the simple reason of backup birth control.

The elites think the world is overpopulated and want to bring the numbers down. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can work out that the world is over populated. World population growth v World food production is an interesting set of graphs. Plus the reduction of forests, the increase in rubbish in the sea, the overfishing, the short cuts in farming, the appalling conditions for some farmed animals and..

The list in nearly endless. Every FIVE seconds a child dies of starvation or malnutrition. Churches talk a good story and are very wealthy but the clergy achieve little apart from increasing choirboy molestation numbers whilst preaching to smaller and smaller congregations. Nick, You are a godless New World Order idiot to think the world is overpopulated. You should be the first to fall on your sword.

Abortion is not a big deal to you but to God the Father it is murder. Reading my previous posts clearly proves I am not Godless, a supporter of the New World Order, a globalist or an idiot.

Are you saying that the wold is NOT overpopulated and our planet has enough resources to support 7 billion people and rising? In the year 1 AD the planet supported between and million people , we are now at around 20 times that. We live on a finite planet which is already struggling to cope with this amount of human life. Other life forms are becoming extinct due to constant human expansion. Please explain to me why a living breathing child dying every five seconds somewhere on this planet raises NO comment but the termination of a undeveloped non breathing foetus is so wrong.

Should women be forced to carry babies and raise them and be reminded of being a crime victim for the rest of their lives? Some religions clearly push for world domination by forbidding contraception so that their flock grows, is this sustainable?

Why kill those people but not save those children currently starving to death at a rate of twenty a minute! Most of these are innocent blood and a lot of babies too. I clearly stated I have not got the answers.

I live a decent Christian life and am very prepared for what is coming in all aspects including my beliefs. I have been given free will, that means I can question the churches motives. Yes Nick, I am saying the world is NOT over populated and you think it is, then by all means, step off a 10 story building and show us how committed you are to depopulation.

By the way, abortion is murder. It proves you are an idiotic and typical Brit. The white race is being genocided in Europe by immigration, in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi blueprint for Europe which was formulated in the s. The white race is on the path to complete eradication and libtards like you only care about poor Indians stepping in doo-doo because so many of them miss the toilet out in the street.

BTW your religious analysis sounds very low IQ, like someone who eats too much junk food in front of their computer reading atheist web pages all night. Very low quality thoughts there mate. And I suppose all that child abuse never happened in the church organisations.

Must be great to be so naive. Do you want white genocide? Are you a Kalergist? I know old men who grew up in orphanages decades ago. They all said the abuse they suffered was from the older boys and from the nuns in charge.

They said the men in charge were OK. Ive enjoyed your comments and thoughts, your being from the old country we Americans must appear to be the ugly American. Americans first off resent Europeans because we feel you guys think your better than us and somehow more sophisticated. Nick your comments would sorely be missed. Dee — its so far out on a tangent as to be in its own zipcode! And BC … with all the new wars being planed by the warmongers in Washington N.

Paul, You are off base here to invite a nuclear holocaust on U. WTF are you thinking????? No more comments like this. By the way I would not wish a nuclear strike on ANY country. You should try to get her on your show to see how she really feels. I was shocked to see that because of certain comments he has made, he has been effectively banned by the PC media idiots.

A shame really, because what he said was absolutely true. America was settled by Europeans who started the seeds of the Industrial Revolution and left the purely agrarian behind for other countries. It is not racist to say that Africa and the rest of the world except portions of Asia could not have competed technologically at that time without the educational and trades infrastructure that was well underway and established by the 18th century all over Europe.

These Europeans, educated at least in some math and science and well established trades built America far better than African tribesman or middle eastern nomads could have.

Yes in 2 centuries, these other than European cultures have made great technological progress but at the time referred to by Dr. Faber, they were no match for the higher educated and skilled Europeans. All efforts to create biased tests that whites score lower on have failed. Any lordy lordy how they have tried! Explain this adequately, or shut the hell up about subjects you know nothing about.

You are looking like a fool. They are an irrelevance. Are you a liar TSI, or just ignorant? Come on, be honest if you can. Can you be honest? Admit you are ignorant in this topic. That is the scientific facts. Brain size is actually measurable. Then they write down the numbers. Then liberals like you go all crazy for years.

Why are you so hung up on brain sizes? LOL, what science are you referring to? Scientific experiments conducted in s Germany? I notice you never post any links to the plethora of studies you claim to exist in your ramblings. How can brain size be linked to IQ? What are you implying? By the way, you started with the moral posturing first, with your attacks on Eric Sprott. Your opinion is just as valid as mine and society needs a diversity of viewpoints.

I often referred to it as ridiculous and racist, especially considering the demographic time bomb of an aging society that they will have to deal with. I have also talked about how Bollywood is racist as it only employs actors of a single colour tone because of its cast system. I am NOT one of those individuals who believes that racism is a white disease! I also believe that Mugabe is a twat that is destroying Zimbabwe and that uncontrolled immigration in Europe is a nefarious globalist plot to undermine the sovereignty of national governments.

When Brigham young was sending his missions into deseret to tame the desert, he sent the Swiss Mormon Missions into the most desolate parte it bloom. They made roads, bridges, ferries, farms, orchards, vinyards and churches.

They made the desert bloom.