Outrageous Diet Fads

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According to the diet plan, you're to skip one meal to stare directly at the sun for an oddly precise 44 minutes a day. And who doesn't want to eat more tasty sandwiches? He advocated chewing incessantly, until the food was purified, and then spitting out what remained. Latin ladies looking to drop a few pounds may follow the Werewolf Diet , also known as the Moon Diet , which advises people eat according to the moon's phases. Beware of any diet that rules out entire food groups.

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The 11 weirdest fad diets in history

Their conclusion sums it up quite nicely: …Garcinia extractsHCA can cause short-term weight loss. The magnitude of the effect is small, and the clinical relevance is uncertain.

I agree.

9 Of The Weirdest Vintage Diet Fads That’ll Make You Sick