What is Nutrition Response Testing?

What is Nutrition Response Testing™?

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Please try again later. If you are a "medical misfit" this book could be the alternative answer. The results obtained were compared to lab results and computerized isometric muscle testing. It is just a fragment and will not have the same effect, if any. When I was going to school for Massage Therapy , my mother was really sick.

What is it and How Can it Help YOU?

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I heard about a doctor whose nurse helped patients through vitamins. My mother was getting worse so, with her consent, I made an appointment and took her to see them. They found out she had H-Pylori, a bacteria in the stomach.

If the other doctors had bothered to look for the cause of her ulcers, they might have found the source of her problems. The nurse recommended certain supplements to help her body fight the bacteria. After a year of proper diet and supplements, she was feeling a lot better. The supplements were from Standard Process. My youngest daughter had stomach problems since she was in grammar school with pain in her sides. The doctors kept saying it was growing pains.

It came to the point that we hated to bring her to the doctors because we would be paying them just to hear the same things. They hardly ever took tests to see if anything was wrong. Every time she ate, her food would get stuck in her stomach and she would only feel better if it came back up. I brought her to a chiropractor for problems with her ankles and we told him about her stomach problems.

He said she has a hiatel hernia. Time went by and at 17 years old, her IBS developed into full blown Colitis. At that point, her gastroenterologist wanted to remove her Large Intestine saying that she would eventually have colon cancer if not treated correctly. At that time, she was on 42 pills a day for the colitis.

When she started college, she was in the hospital getting fluids once sometimes twice a month. In her second year, she developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. They gave her two heavy duty antibiotics and it killed whatever good bacteria she had left. I kept talking to her about the doctor and nurse that saved my mother and she finally agreed to see them. After just one weekend, she was finally able to get up and walk around for more than 5 minutes. With the proper diet and supplements, she went on to graduate from college, she still has her Large Intestine and is feeling much better.

Years ago, the chiropractor that I was working with told me he was going to start offering supplements and I asked him which ones. He said Standard Process. I decided to find out what is was all about. For the first time in my life, I felt that I had a true calling. When I talked to my oldest daughter, she was afraid I was getting into some kind of voodoo.

I decided to take my husband to a workshop with me and he realized it was for real. After going through the classes and advanced training, I learned that your body can actually let you know what is going on, what it needs and in what order.

This is truly an incredible process with incredible results. I was overweight, depressed and was asthmatic with allergies since I was 16 years old. I was on Allegra D, three different inhalers and Sudafed.

If I missed a few days, I felt like I had walking pneumonia. I have been stuck not knowing what to do. This workshop had very good content, was well organized and full of truth and honest procedures. And increase my income and improve results. I got the best organized and workable information I have ever had the honor to receive and an actual patient management protocol! And it is workable! I have found A LOT of kidney infections with low back pain.

If chiropractic schools taught how to disinfect the kidney, graduates would have a busy practice and profitable business. It is very easy to understand and has excellent information! One person found this helpful. By Joyreins on October 31, It gets to the real basics of human health and the WHY most people are not healthy these days! By Jayne O on June 2, Everything just as expected. By Christine Sullivan on August 17, By Aerostar60 on June 27, If you are a "medical misfit" this book could be the alternative answer.

The book is written in simple language to be easily understood. It has been a great help to me and to my wife. By Kaylene Luft on September 14, Good book, just what I wanted. By Amazon Customer on May 30, Customers also viewed these items. Going Back to the Basics of Human Health. Introducing Nutrition Response Testing. Food to the Rescue: There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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