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McDonald's initially downplayed the new sandwich, with a spokesman stating that there was only one place to get the real Big Mac. Against McDonald's struggles, Burger King's successful introduction of the Big King was later paired with a newly introduced, improved type of french fry in November of the same year.

Along with these two product introductions, the company began a massive financial investment in product development across all parts of its menu which, in total, provided a boost in the chain's market performance.

Burger King's share rose a percentage point, to By , Burger King's chain-wide sales were lagging. Corporate indifference from parent Diageo coupled with lagging sales at larger franchises caused by declining consumer demand for its products led the company to initiate a menu redesign to try to lure customers back into stores. The company decided to introduce a series of new product launches in a planned menu revamp.

Burger King changed ownership in when Diageo sold its interest in the company to a group of investment firms led by TPG Capital. After assuming ownership, TPG's newly appointed management team began focusing menu development and advertising on a very narrow demographic group, young men aged 20—34 who routinely ate at fast food restaurants several times per month which the chain identified as the "super fan". The Stacker line was part of a series of larger, more calorie-laden products introduced by the company to entice the super-fan into the chain's restaurants.

These new additions helped propel same store profits for more than sixteen quarters. The Stacker consisted of anywhere from one to four 1. Customers would create an "Octo-Stacker" sandwich by purchasing two quad Stackers and mashing the two together sandwiches to create a sandwich with eight patties, eight slices of cheese and sixteen half pieces of bacon.

With the onset of the Great Recession in —, this narrowly-defined demographic-based sales plan faltered and sales and profits for the chain declined; Burger King's same-store comparable sales in the United States and Canada declined 4. The sandwiches featured a new 3. The three sandwiches included a larger version of Burger King's Rodeo Cheeseburger , one made with sautéed mushrooms and processed Swiss cheese and the Cheeseburger Deluxe. The cheeseburger deluxe consisted of lettuce, pickles, onions, American cheese and Stacker sauce in a combinations similar to the King Supreme.

The sandwiches were a part of the new ownership's plans to expand its customer base beyond the to year-old demographic which it had been targeting over the previous several years. After 3G purchased Burger King, its new management team refocused on a broader menu strategy to lure a more diverse customer base.

The first major change to the product base was a reformulation and name change of the company's chicken nuggets in January Along with other new products such as smoothies, wraps and chicken strips that broadly copied McDonald's menu once again, the chain reintroduced the Big King as a permanent menu item in November of the same year.

The new version of the sandwich was originally made with two of the chain's 1. The sandwich was introduced nationwide in the U. While the chicken version of the sandwich was new to Burger King, it again copied a product from McDonald's—in the Middle East the competing chain offers a Chicken Big Mac sandwich. A primary reason the product was brought back was because of a new approach the company was taking regarding new and limited time offering LTO products.

Instead of putting out large numbers of products that may only appeal to a small audience, it would only add a smaller amount of products that have broader market appeal. In many cases the reintroduction allows these companies to utilize older advertising along with its existing supply chain which is already established to deliver the product ingredients while catering to the public's feelings of nostalgia for these products.

The limited-time offers allow chains to bring "new" products to the menu without adding permanent complexity to their kitchen operations. Burger King accredited the reintroduction of the Big King as helping the company regain a limited domestic same-store comparable sales rise of.

It joins a group of sandwiches from other vendors that are designed as counters to the more well-known McDonald's sandwich. This includes the Big Shef sandwich originally from now-defunct chain Burger Chef and occasionally produced as a LTO from current trademark owner Hardees. The Big King was introduced at a time when McDonald's was planning a similar move with a direct competitor to Burger King's signature Whopper sandwich.

The Chicken Big King was added April This new variation on the original Big King sandwich was part of a corporate menu restructuring that began the previous year.

This was part of Burger King CEO Alex Macedo's plan to introduce simpler products that require few or no new ingredients in order to simplify operations. This new sandwich uses the company's existing Crispy Chicken Jr patty in place of the beef and adds an extra layer of King sauce to ensure that the product stays moist.

It is one of their late-teen to young-adult male-oriented products. The attack ads were the result of the comparatively strong sales year for Burger King in coupled with domestic sales problems for McDonald's, leaving BK acting in a "cocky" manner towards its main rival.

The price cutting promotions by Burger King, and number-three chain Wendy's , forced McDonald's into its own price cutting program. According to Salomon, the burger segment's price wars would have a detrimental effect on the profits of segment leaders, allowing other smaller chains such as Sonic Drive-In , Jack in the Box and Carl's Jr to position themselves as attractive alternatives to the big three chains.

Advertising for the Big King was spearheaded by a national television program from APL that debuted on September 1, The ads pushed the company's lunch and dinner periods as the best time to have the sandwich and had King doing a voice over in which he alternately talked or sang about the sandwiches. The second ads were for both the King Supreme and the company's other copycat product, the Egg McMuffin clone called the Egg'Wich Muffin sandwich, while the second ads were for each product individually.

On the radio side, and second spots had King discussing the new sandwiches and singing their praise. The tag line for the ads was "BK and BB let you have it your way," a variation on the company's motto "Have it your way. Shortly after their debut, the ads came under fire from several fronts. Fans complained that the legendary musician was debasing himself by doing the commercials, that he was selling out by allowing his image to be used to peddle fast food.

Other groups such as the American Diabetes Association pointed out that King, known for having weight issues and poorly controlled diabetes , was a questionable spokesperson for a burger chain that sells products that are not part of a healthier diet. The ads for the XXL bacon double cheeseburger described the XXL as a Whopper "with two enormous portions of flame-broiled meat that will give you all the energy you need to take the world by storm," and used the tag line of "It's awful being a vegetarian, right?

The ad was sung entirely in English; all signage, including road signs license plates on vehicles, etc. The company's online advertising program in Spain described the BK XXL line as being made "with two enormous portions of flame-broiled meat that will give you all the energy you need to take the world by storm. The government claimed that campaign violated an agreement with the government to comply with an initiative on curbing obesity by promoting such a large and unhealthy sandwich.

In response to the government's claims, Burger King replied in a statement: Our philosophy can be summed up with the motto 'As you like it,' in which our customers' taste trumps all. It was reassigned in to a California-based ice cream manufacturer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the hamburger.

Burger King advertising and List of Burger King ad programs. Big Mac while Price Positioning Continues". Retrieved 23 February Retrieved 17 September Losing 10 pounds every month is an achievable goal that is also very healthy. I know there are hundreds of quick weight loss diets and miracle pills that promise you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days and sometimes they promise you will lose even more fat faster. You you have to choose which way you want to go.

Do you want to lose weight fast , destroy your metabolism in the process and get even fatter later? Or do you want to lose weight at a slower pace, increase your metabolic rate, get healthier eating habits and keep your stunning looks forever.

The choice is yours. I am going to teach you in this article the basics you need to know if you want to even stand a chance to lose 30 pounds. You have to eat at least 3 meals per day, each at fixed time intervals. You have to create for yourself a meal schedule and do whatever it takes to respect it.

In our hectic modern life we usually eat on the run which probably is why we are getting fatter and fatter. Also after each meal you should take a 10 minutes siesta to let the food settle down and the digestive process start. You should also eat 2 small healthy snacks between those meals. Never ever starve yourself. The purpose of all the above mentioned meals is that of keeping hunger away all day long.

Many people do the mistake of not eating anything all day long and at night they binge like mad. One meal per day is a super unhealthy eating habit. Eating just one meal per day slows down your metabolism and your body will to whatever it takes to store fat because it believes there is a hunger in the world. Giving your body food frequently it will start burning all those excess calories because it know there will be plenty more in the near future.

You have to eat enough food to make the hunger go away without feeling stuffed. It is a delicate balance that you might not hit at first but in time you will be able to do it effortlessly. A good habit you should acquire is that of always leaving some food in your plate.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cook your own meals and avoid eating in restaurants or fast food places. You should also limit the intake of highly processed foods like cold cuts, pastries… basically anything that comes wrapped in a plastic package should not be eaten if you want to lose 30 pounds or more.

The less processed the foods you eat are the more healthy and nonfattening they are. When your eat your whole attention should be dedicated to the act and process of eating. By chewing your food slowly and putting your fork and knife down between bites you will eat fat less food at each meal because you will notice faster when you are full.

A super simple but super efficient weight loss trick is that of drinking one glass of water when you feel hungry. Frequently our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. So when in fact all your body needed was a glass of water you gave him food.

Guess what your body will do with them. You guessed it, it will turn those excess calories into fat. I know people that lost a lot of pounds just by doing this little but powerful weight loss trick. Also remember to hydrate yourself by drinking at least cups of water daily.

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